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amyjoy - March 21

Aurora- so sorry! Hang in there!

K_jarosi- I did 100mg clomid this cycle, too and I was frustrated because it took forever for my follicles to mature. Every other day for a week and a half I would go for an ultrasound and my ovaries were so tender! I had 6 follicles, all over 20mm. So, try and be patient. I did an IUI. won't find out until Tuesday if it worked. I have no symptoms and dh's count was really low (which is not normal) so I'm not too positive about this cycle. You have a higher chance with IUI than just intercourse because the sperm is deposited into the uterus and by-passes cervical mucus, which can be hostile. Let us know how this cycle goes!


amyjoy - March 21

Oh, and you are NOT less of a just feels that way right now. I, too have pity parties for myself and I cry and ask why I can't even do this right, but remember that whatever the is TEMPORARY!


k_jarosi - March 21

I know it is just so hard right now, I feel like a pin cushon...talked to the DR today he said that my
estrodile(sp?) levels are low, they should be 200-300 per good follicule but mine are only 157...said that he will raise the clomid next cycle to 150 and see where that goes....well lets see what we can do untill then, maybe it will still work this cycle...


amyjoy - March 22

I know what feeling like pin cushion is all about! All too well. I'm sticking myself daily with Lovenox injections and getting blood draws every other day. I don't know much about estrindol. My levels were at 1800 when I took the trigger shot. I never asked about it, the nurse just said it's fine. I think you can take up to 200mg of clomid. Did you have any side effects? My ovulation was painful and I was a bit more crabby than usual! ;)


Freshstart - July 1

wow...i just learned about my predicament and was told to checkout this board. i wanted to thank all of you for sharing your stories. i feel a lot better just knowing that we are all in the together. have a great month everyone!


newbeginnings2007 - July 4

Have a great 4th everyone!


irishmom - August 21

Hello ladies. I'm new here also and so glad to find a place to talk, share, and support each other through this journey. I am just beginning my journey of ttc. I am 34, have antiphospholipid syndrome, and suffered a a stroke 3 years ago at age 31. Because of these things I am not even sure if it is possible, or safe for me to conceive. My primary could not answer any of my questions and is therefore referring me to a high risk OB who I see next week. I'm praying she gives me the green light to get started. I'm prepared for a bumpy road, as long as they tell me its safe to do it. I think I'll be devestated if she tells me I cannot as I have no children now and desperately want a baby. Good luck to you all.



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