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KAL - November 7

Where do I start... I have a 9yr old, he has no children, we've been together for 9yrs and have no children together.We have been TTC for several years. DH has had testing done 3x. The tests concluded low sperm count decreased sperm motility and increased numbers of abnormal sperm (abnormal morphology). The doc suggested I have a HSG done. I did in Oct 05, it came back that both tubes were blocked! I thought "how could this be?". Everything that I read regarding blocked tubes did not apply to me. I know that I wasn't relaxed and I also felt alot of pain. I've read that muscle spasms can often occur and cause incorrect test results. So we decided to do the test again. This time I was really relaxed. I was a rx for 2 600mg ibuprofen and 1 Valium. I was beyond relaxed! However, the doctor said my tubes still look blocked. Next week we have our follow up appt. I'm so anxious I can't hardly wait. Because of the male factor IVF has been suggested for higher chances. We were considering IUI. I don't know if that's possbile now. Any comments, advise, suggetions or experiences? :'(


CIN - November 8

Blkd tubes as I'm sure you read are often caused by previous infections, surgeries, cyst etc. The last test I took showed one blkd other partial. Dr. then did laprascoy (however u spell) simply 30min surgery and he found I had basically his words were a MESS near my utures couldn't even get to or near my tubes, suggestion was surgery to open but as u will read in other links here the chance of tubal preg is HIGH. so my next move may be IVF avoid surgery (out of wrk 6wks etc) and get this process going.


Fortyfour - November 8

It sounds like IVF with ICSI may be the way for you. Good luck with this crazy making process.


KAL - November 8

Thanks for replying Cin... it's comforting to know others may have similar cases. My Doc suggested laparoscopy if we decided IUI instead of IVF. This is when we decided to do the 2nd HSG. As I mentioned, our f/u appt is next Tuesday. I feel as though I do want him to do the surgery instead of going straight to IVF. I will find comfort in knowing what's causing the blockage(s). I have to verify that downtime. That's pretty long. I thought that they make a small incision in/near your belly button. This is certainly an emotional roller coaster. I never imagined that I would have difficulties getting pregnant. I'm a little suprised about the results because I get yearly exams and etc... I never had any known infections or issues. Well see... How are things with you now? Good luck!


KAL - November 8

Thanks for the advise Fortyfour.

31 w/ 1 child- 9yrs been with DH, 33 for 9yrs no kids/ 0 children together. TTC for several yrs. We always thought our timing was off. Recently (Sept 05) we started this process.


cin - November 8

hello again Kal
The surgery or process u speak of is the incision near belly button and lower abdm this doesn't hurt and only 30 -45min and at that time dr. can determine what is in the way. The next process for me that I mentioned 6wks out of wrk is a major surgery (sesection) to actually open up my tubes BUT I will get w/dr. here soon! The emotional part for me accepting or hearing the dreadful words (can't have one) is behind me after 2 or 3 yrs non stop trying. I left the issue alone for while accepted that I may not be able to have a kid and will stop trying after 32 yrs of age. AGAIN though finding this site has given me this glimpse of hope to give it one last shot... so i hope we all succed. Please keep me posted on info your dr. provides and ask questions and get plenty of options> IF THERE BLK CAN WE OPEN? WILL I BE ABLE TO CONCEIVE AFTER THERE OPEN? IS THERE ANY USE IN OPENING IF TUBAL PREG EXPECTED? IF I CHOOSE NOT TO OPEN CAN I GO STRAIGHT FOR IVF? IS THERE ANY OTHER PROCEDURE TO AVOID SURGERY FIRST? let me know.. good luck cin


KAL - November 9

Hey Cin... I found this wesite extremely comforting during this crazy ride. We have to keep our heads up & stay positive and hopeful. We'll both conceive!!! Much luck to you. I'll keep you updated on any new info.

KAL :)


CIN - November 9




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