Fresh Sperm AI Timing: Did we miss it??
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repsac - March 26

Hi Dr Jacobs ???

I did an IUI cycle this month instead of IVF due to a some strange developments with my follies. ( I had 4 - 11-12 cm follies at baseline u/s on CD2, so we decided to move forward with injectibale iui effort anyway._ Strangely they disappeard by CD5 and i ended up with 6-10 mature ones). ( age is a factor.. so we are not really concerned about multiples)

My iui ended up being done at 12 hrs past trigger due to the easter holiday (yuk, I know). But the washed sperm sample which was voluminous was pretty good - Its contained 235 million pre wash & 93 million sperm with 95% motility after wash.

Because of logistical and other issues, AI was done at 13 hrs past trigger and intercourse followed at 24 hrs past trigger. I typically ovulate at 40-42 hrs past trigger. I felt the typical ovarian cramping right around the 40-41 hr mark which I assumed was ovualtion.

I have read all sorts of conflicting information on how long washed sperm can live. We had to use frozen previously due to logistics and I read that 12-24 hr max was the lifespan. But I have already read that fresh lives longer than frozen.

What is the real expected life of fresh sperm after it has been washed and used for AI?

Is there a significant difference between fresh and frozen after washing/

Do you think we completely missed the window of opportunity? I know timing is important.. but the holiday schedule really left us at wits end.

I hate the idea that all those super soldiers could have been wasted. I am kinda disappointed that we weren;t able to keep half of it stored overnight for use the next day, which would have been right at 36 hrs post trigger. (regret sucks!!!)

If the results from intercourse made it thru ( certainly less potent as we has abstained for 3 days to get a good sample) could that have been within a close enough time frame ( it was about 24 hours before ovulation)

help.. Dr Jacobs.. I am driving myself crazy.

Gratefully submitted
Crazed Older Wanna be Mom


lenlance - March 26

I had a failed cycle this month. well today is cd7 and i have EWCM. Is this normal or am i going to ovulate early. should i get my estrogen level checked for irregularities? please assist


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 27

Typically, ovulation occurs about 36 hours after the hCG injection. With IUI, you have a "window" of about 8 to 10 hours either side of ovulation when conception is likely to occur. Washjed sperm do not survive as long after the washing process. They are "hyperactivated", and use up their energy stores faster.
Good luck.



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