Fertility and Ear/Neck pain, any relation?
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faith2006 - May 30

Dr. Barry – Is there any condition relating to fertility that causes someone to have an ear infection type pain especially towards ovulation and after? I’ve had 2 pregnancies in the past with no problem although I didn’t keep them. In the past 2 yrs I’ve been trying but it seems I have egg quality issue based on all the procedures I’ve done.

I’ve noticed that in the past 2 yrs since I’ve been trying, I get this ear infection type pain every cycle towards the time of ovulation and after. Sometimes pain in my neck too for a few seconds. A few times it turned into a full blown ear pain where I had to go to the hospital and always they tell me it’s nothing on the inside. It might look a little inflamed but that’s it but I’ll be in such terrible pain that I couldn’t let air blow on my ear lobe. The pain feels like it’s on the inside and outside. Is it just a coincidence that this ear pain happens every month since I started having fertility issues?

Any comment will be appreciated.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 30

I am sorry, but I know of no relationship between ovulation and ear pain. You may wish to see an ear, nose and throat specialist about your ear pain.


mdhjs - December 3

Please help me I just stumbled across this while desperately searching to find a link between this excruciating ear pain and why it would be so regular every month and around ovulation time. Your description and symptoms describe exactly what happens to me. Mine started 5 months ago just before I gave birth to my baby. It has now recurred bang on a month later every month I can predict the day it will start. Now my body is more settled I realise that it recurs in line with ovulation. What is this and how can I get help/ treatment? My GP is not interested and just says he can't see anything except an inflamed ear and just gives me codeine. But I am sometimes howling in pain. I can't do this every month and also don't know how to get a referral to the ENT dept. Any help would be massively appreciated. Did your ear pain ever settle down. Did you get a diagnosis or treatment?
Thanks Hannah


cassandraben - June 4

Even I think that ear specialist would recommend you proper advice and medication. May be these are the symptoms of other diseases you should check it early.



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