starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - December 11

hi again,
I just wanted to let you guys know af showed two days early b--ch!! lots of baby dust to you both


summer - December 12

((((((((((((()))))))))))) Alison that old witch Mrs Mumu shud stay away!!!!!!! she shud know that she is not wanted sorry gal.

i'm going for more bloods on the 18th to see if i ovulated or not, so heres hoping that the egg burst from the folly.

Alison wen dod do you go for your laparoscopy? is that going to be your next step?

take care of yourself


alison29 - December 12

Hi Summer,
Thanks for yelling at the b...Do you take temps in the morning that can usually tell you if you ovulate right? I hope so that is what i have been going on. I am not sure if i will have to do the lap. My next step is the new doctor but i couldn't get in until Jan 23 a two month wait. So there must be a lot of couples like us here too. So I have to wait and see what she says but until then i have two more cycles on Femara UGH! it feels like i am just spinning my wheels with this stuff. So i will think positive for you on the 18 of Dec keep in touch


summer - December 14

Alison- its good to yell at the biatch so that she knows she's not wanted..hehehe i used to temp but i found it a bit stressful so i just left it. do u temp yours?

Jan is almost here, so keep on keeping on. Hopefully the Femara will do the trick and may not need an appointment to the fert specialist. take care of yourserlf and your DH.

I am waiting to go for my bloods on monday. i want to know if i have ovulated or not, am juss keeping my fingers crossed this time. if not, oh well nuthing i can do there but to drown ma sorrows in bubbly this christmas.


alison29 - December 14

I know what you mean about the temps i have only been doing it around o time and before af it does just cause more obsessing though...Oh and Christmas is a time to drown our sorrows isn't it. DH mother puts out the family christmas bs letter and picture we are the sad family with just two people his brother just had beautiful gerber baby in april, his sister has two year old and one on the way i feel bad but it made sick to hear them (his sister and husband) bragging about their fertility how they just might have ten if this keeps up. I don't want another xmas with just us it is so lame i really cheesed out and just put up a 12 inch christmas tree i mean who is there to care. WAH WAH WAH it is enough to hit the wine. But having burdened you with all that we must go on cause we have no choice take care woman let me know how the bloods turn out.


summer - December 15

I hear u gal. Holidays are very hard and difficult and i am not looking forward to them. Your SIL and her hubby are quite inconsiderate. Do they know that u guys are trying? If so its just not fair if they keep on talking like that. i wudnt spend a day close to such pple.

am not looking forward to mine as it will be full of frends and family and everyone has got 2 or 3 kids or preggo. its gonna be a nightmare i tell u :-[

its ok for u to let it out here Alison coz we ladies care for you and will be here for you coz were exactly in the same situation.

As for me i have decided to do an HPT on the 24th so that i know my fate b4 the day. if its a BFN will juss drown ma sorrws in a bottle of bubbly and block all the baby talk going around me.


Jade - December 17

Hi everyone. I finished my first round of clomid on friday. I took it cd [email protected] 50mg. Can anyone tell me when I should ovulate. Usually without clomid I ovulate day 21 or more. I hope it is earlier with clomid. When do you start using OPK's?? I have heard using them too soon after finished clomid might give you a false positive. ANy suggestions??? I didnt have any side effects with clomid. Thank God..... I was really worried about that. I am using Rob. 3 times a day.


alison29 - December 18

Hi Jade,
Welcome :) You sound like me i was ovulating around day 20-21 or so w/o meds. Well with clomid i ovulated 10 days after my last pill (I don't think this is normal though). The first month i took at as doc recommended cd 5-9 and didn't ovulate til cd 19. The second month i decided to try cd2-6 and o on day 16... I would start the opk around day twelve just to be sure. I don't think you will get false positive because it has had 4 days to get out of your system. Summer-I think that is a good idea to do a hpt on 24 at least once you know you can plan either way. I have never even had the chance for hpt damn af. wb after your appointment


Jade - December 19

Thanks Alison. I took your advice and started testing today. Negative for opk but hopefully sometime this week. What CD are you on????


alison29 - December 19

Hi Jade,
I figured it wouldn't surge yet but i like the piece of mind that i am not missing it which reminds me i need to buy some opks...I am on cd 9 so a few days ahead of you. Let me know when you surge i am curious if it will take you ten days too.


Jade - December 19

Hi Alison,
I tried again today but no surge yet. I hope it won't take 10 days but I read it could be anywhere from 5-12. So 10 days seems normal. I am on cd10 so we are right around the same cd. I took my cd3-7. When did you take your clomid? Were you on 50mg? I have to go in for a progestrone test on day 21. So i called to make an appt and they will be closed until my cd 25. Do you think that will make a big difference? I dont really know what i should do about that. Have a great night!!!


summer - December 20

Hey guys

i went in for my bloods on monday and yay i ovulated. so they told me to wait 7-10days before testing and if AF arrives then will move to another cycle. If not then they will organise a blood test for me. so am keeping my fingers crossed and i will do an HPT on the 24th anyway.

Jade i took my clom from cd2-6. i dont know why they vary it coz some pple actually take it from cd5 onwards.

Alison how are you and how is the Femara treating you.


alison29 - December 20

Hey Summer,

I am glad it finally worked whoo hoo!!! On the website success stories at week wait there are people that it worked for on the first month so i am hoping you too such a lovely christmas present that would be but at least it works :). The Femara seems fine and last month it helped me ovulate 7 days after last pill (i am pretty sure but was kinda lazy about the bbt) and I noticed more cm so that is positive too. So Welcome to the two week wait. I will start mine i guess on Christmas(if ovulate 7 days after like last month) so this New year will be a an alchohol free one thank god we are home bodies these days. good luck and check out that website if you have time it has lots of ladies success stories.


summer - December 20

Alison- i am so keeping my fingers crossed that Santa give me a goodie present in the form of a BFP. Please do pass on the link that ur talking abt ,i need to read those success stories. at times its very encouraging.

Oh i am happy the Femaara is working for you. Keep on doing the temps. me i tried but i never got anywhere. At least that way u can pinpoint when ur ovulating which will be good.

i never knew the 2 week wait could be this hard, gosh.
Enjoy yourselves this holiday. u never know by this time next yr u will be having your bundle of joy in your arms, so enjoy as much as u can with DH.


Jade - December 21

Summer~ That is great that you O'd. I know you are excited about that. You said you would test on the 24th? Would that be before you missed period or after? I know you can hardly wait. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I am still waiting on positive opk surge. Anyday now I guess, It has been 6 days since last pill.


summer - December 24

Jade and Alison

guess what u guys? i tested on the 23rd and i got a B.F.P. wooohooo. I am so excited:) i cant believe it. i am still in shock myself.

Even DH he still cant believe that we got a BFP(not that he knew wat it means)

I will keep on praying for you guys that Clom works for you Jade and the Femara for you Alison. If not fingerscrossed for your specialist appointment.

Have a merry christmas and a blessed new year and may the Lord Bless :)



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