starting Clomid..anyone else?
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summer - December 2


jnt010- with this round oc flom ur on isnt your doc doing any blood tests or scans to tell u wat is going on? with my 1st one they did some scans and lots of B/Ts but of course i ddint develop any follicles and didnt ovulate. but anyway he're s to wishing u some luck and it not over until the fat lady sings..huh.

alison and the others how are u doing?

i go for my scan and bloods on wednesday, i'm juss praying that this round works for me.


jnt010 - December 3

Hey Summer

My dr. did want some blood work on day 21, but it was Thanksgiving. I called after I didn't start and he had me come in for a preg and prog. test. both came but neg and my prog. was 2 which is really low. Af did arrive today though. Next time I will go in when I need to. the holidays make those days hard.


alison29 - December 4

Hi Summer,

I am doing okay just trying to stay positive however this morning i felt first symptoms of PMS another month bites the dust. How are you?? Did you ovulate yet? Wb to let me know i had lots of positive thoughts for you on your new dose of clomid.


summer - December 4

I'm so sorry jnt010 about that. its just like me my prog levels were way to low and was told it has to be anything above 20 that can maintain a pregnancy. The holidays make it a bit hard coz everyone will be closed and there's nothing we can do. its not fair at times

alison- i'm going tomorrow for my bloods and scan for this round. i will let you know if there are follicles that have developed. i wont give up on you until the ugly red witch rears its head. i will keep my fingers crossed for you.


jnt010 - December 5

Hello Ladies

How is everyone doing. I start clomid for the second time thursday my Dr. bumped the dose to 100mg. This time he is going to do the blood work.


alison29 - December 5

Jnt010 I hope the new dose helps you ovulate :)
Summer-what did you find out from your tests?


summer - December 6

Hi guys

we found one huge follicle which is growing and measuring around 14mm, so the doc said it sounds good and he was quite positive. this one was in my left ovary and there wasnt much in the right ovary. so am just keeping fingers crossed that it works.

we go back on friday for more bloods and scan. they want to see if it grows any bigger

jnt- at least your doc has upped your clom dosage, that shud help in this next cyccle.

alison- wat is happening with you gal. are you ok?

take care ladies


alison29 - December 6

Hi Summer,

Yes finally a folli :) You deserve that after all these months with no results from the clomid i am really glad you are responding. As for me just starting to prepare dh for the next phase of all this ie possible laproscopy, and IUI. I was telling him about i IUI and asked is that the same as IVF? Hello it is not even on the same planet as IVF like i would just spring that on him he he. have to go for now


jnt010 - December 7

hello ya'll

summer that is great. I hope this time works.

Alison- Have you already done the laproscopy?Good luck to you too.

Lots of baby dust to both.


alison29 - December 7

hi Jnt,
No i haven't done the laproscopy I am not even sure i will need one. I am starting at my fertility clinic at the end of January. I haven't had anything invasive done so far to check to make sure my tubes are all right and to check for endo. so i was thinking they would want to do them before moving on... I am not sure what requirements there are for them to do the lap. Do you know? It sounds kind of painful but i know a lot of people here have it so why not me. Have you had any of those tests? ugh Lots of baby dust to you and summer for 2007 babies i hope the new year has miracles for us all I am turning 30 in may which is the magic number for decreasing fertility (like it could get any worse :( lol


alison29 - December 7

oops, I take that last statement back I know it could be worse. My husbands cousins wife who is probably only 27 has been told she can NEVER have kids for sure. I am so sad for them and of course dh didn't get the reason why but anyway i feel blessed at least still have hope.


jnt010 - December 8


Oh that is horriable. I could not imagine this is hard enough for me.

My Laproscopy was done early but he though something was wrong cause I was having horrible periods. It's really not that bad. My husband had to have a vericele repair and it hurt him alot more that my surgery.I hope for 2007 babies to for all that would be great.

What test are you asking about ?


alison29 - December 8

hi JNT

I was asking about the lap and the test to check your tubes to make sure they aren't blocked. Sorry for the 20 questions but were your periods incapacitating? I get cramps and without advil it is very painful but i can function with 3 advil. I have heard of women who are in the fetal position for a couple of days. I hope you are better now. take care


summer - December 9

Alison that is horrible to be told that you will never have gosh i dunno how i will take it. And also its good u'll be going the fertility clinic in january, they will be able to help u and hopefully we will all have babies in 2007.

JNT- How are you doing chicky. have u started your clom as yet.

as for me i went back for some more bloods and scan and the follie had grown to around 18mm so we were given the go ahead to start "bonking " as from saturday ,3days non stop. i go back for some more bloods on the 18th to see if i ovulated and if there's anything happening.

lots of babay dust to us all and may Clom be our answer to all these frustrations...


alison29 - December 11

hey Summer,
Sounds like you had a fun weekend sometimes my dh gets freaked out cause of the pressure that HE HAS TO you know...You made me laugh with the terminology bonking (I caught myself saying boink a couple of weeks ago definitley a throw back from junior high) But anyway the clomid worked i am so happy for you :) Now you will be in dread tww. I am pretty excited about switching doccs. Take care


alison29 - December 11

hi again,
I just wanted to let you guys know af showed two days early b--ch!! lots of baby dust to you both



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