starting Clomid..anyone else?
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summer - December 24

Jade and Alison

guess what u guys? i tested on the 23rd and i got a B.F.P. wooohooo. I am so excited:) i cant believe it. i am still in shock myself.

Even DH he still cant believe that we got a BFP(not that he knew wat it means)

I will keep on praying for you guys that Clom works for you Jade and the Femara for you Alison. If not fingerscrossed for your specialist appointment.

Have a merry christmas and a blessed new year and may the Lord Bless :)


Jade - December 24

WOW That is great news. Merry Christmas to You!!!
I am sooo happy for you. That gives me hope that the clomid will work for me too. I got a +opk yesterday so I was pretty excited about that. I didnt see much cm so I am worried that the clomid may have messed that up. Now i start the 2ww. Keep us updated on the pregnancy. Did you have any symptoms?
Merry Christmas Ladies!!


alison29 - December 26

Hi Summer,
WELL HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! CONGRATULATIONS WHOO HOO... This is great you will have your 2007 baby. I know you will probably be writing on other forums now but keep me updated. Have a happy healthy pregnancy (as if you won't be happy). Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me i need it.

Jade-You could have made your bebe on Christmas how cool is that. As for me i just had my opk surge today (two days later then i expected) You keep me updated too. We will both be in the tww wait together.


Jade - December 26

That is great Alison that you had your surge. 2ww is always hard. Tell me about Femara. Is it like clomid? I dont think I have ever heard of it.


alison29 - December 26

Hi Jade,
Yep Femara is like Clomid basically it was originally for breast cancer and doctors figured out it would help women ovulate. It supposedly has less bad effects then clomid. hmmm but i am still not pg after one month on it.
I am thinking there might be something else involved in my infertility other then late ovulation. Have you had any tests done?


summer - December 27

Thanks Alison and Jade.

Even now i still cannot believe it. Its like a dream come true. I am so keeping my fingers crossed and goodluck to the both of you. I am praying for u guys to join me.

I go for Blood works to tomorrow to determine my HCG levels and to also check which i am at. I'm not really sure myself.

Good luck to you my frends. You so derserve BFPs and am praying all three of us be preggy buddies!!!


Jade - December 27

I am switching to another RE. My appt is Jan 2nd so I am really excited about that. My dr now is not that great. I know I wasnt ovulating and so she put me on clomid. She has done no real tests or anything except the usual thyroid and other blood work. So I just feel like they should be monitoring me closer on clomid. I dont feel like my cm was great this month with the clomid. I used preseed and mucinex, but i dont want to continue to take clomid if i am just wasting time. I am sure the Femara will work for you. Are you going to have any more tests done??

Summer~ I know you are so excited. Let us know how your bloodwork goes. How have you been feeling (besides excited) any sickness or symptoms?


alison29 - December 27

Hi Jade,
You are lucky to see your new doc so soon it took me 2 months to get in so my appt is jan 23 I can't wait to hear what they have in store for you (you must keep in touch :) I was scared about clomid too UGH but look at our summer it worked on the first time with her so I guess everyone is different. Yep my doc stunk too. She only ordered a progesterone test and it was before my o :( I still haven't made sense of that one and she tested my cm to make sure it wasn't killing dh swimmers that my friend hurt and i am sure that is not the last of the discomfort to come. She said my tubes were probably fine because she didn't see anything wrong in my vag ultra sound (that is NOT good enough) and what about endometriosus (some people don't have really bad symptoms).So I have alot of questions too. I don't feel like i have been thoroughly evaluated either so can't wait for them to start digging around eww! sorry gross. I also know that getting pregnant is hard for women in my mom's family so thank you Schofield genes....SUMMER~ I hope we can be pg buddies too. Do keep us updated when you get time


Jade - December 27

It took me 2months too to get this appt. I have been waiting forever. I know what you mean about not dong enough. Did you try clomid?


alison29 - December 27

I tried clomid for 2 months at 50mg and then she switched me to Femara (I think the bad side effects with clomid increase with usage) I have searching the web here and driving myself crazy with what ifs. I read this one ladies story in SAN FRAN and she went through 5 IUIs and two failed IVFs THEN they decided to test her for endometriosis. HELLO what is that 20,000$ later yikes! I definitely want more testing they found she had it and she got pregnant on her own after the surgery and after they already adopted ugh!!! How can some doctors be so *&%$^%$#^ stupid...I am off for the day i must get away from this computer take care


Jade - December 28

Alison~ I know what you mean with wanting some answers. I just hate to spend all this $ on pointless fertility treatments when it is not going to help. I dont mind taking the clomid, but if that is not my problem then I shouldnt be on it. I didnt have any side effects from my first round of it. I am supposed to go on day 21 to see if i ovulated, but their office is closed until jan 2nd. So i guess I will go on the 2nd. Do you think it matters from day 21 to 25? Have you had any side effects from the femara? Do you take it the same as clomid (5 days of your cycle)? Hope you enjoyed your day off.


alison29 - December 28

Hi Jade,
I am back. I think it at least has to be after ovulation but they should be able to detect the increased amounts of progesterone the corpus luteum is making even if it is a later then day 21 because i know the temps stay high until a day or so before af (which is a direct correlation to progesterone production) So YES i think it is ok gosh can i ramble any more? No I didn't have side effects from femara I think the clomid made me kinda b---chy but i am moody anyway so who knows. You also take it 5 days of your cycle. I am not even sure if i have ovulated yet because my temps have only raised a little but yesterday dh said i felt "dry" so who knows. He was talking last night like i must be pg and as soon as he gets the word he is cranking up the hot tub. I don't think so baby but i guess staying positive is what it is all about (and reading less on the internet about nonsuccess stories). Oh how i wish we hadn't bought that hot tub it is a ttc nightmare. I didn't know that it killed all sperm so we were sitting in it ttc for about 6 months before i learnd aye!!!


Jade - December 28

I heard that too about the hot tubs. We have a whirlpool in our bathroom, but it is off limits for DH right now. I heard it can take 90 days for new healthy sperm to come in. The things we do. LOL
How many cycles have you been on the Femara? Does it make you ovulate any earlier? I know the clomid helped me ovulate earlier. CD 16 as opposed to cd23 or more. That is a plus. At least I will have shorted cycles. I don't feel too positive this cycle. I think my clomid made my cm hostile. Dont know for sure bc my dr sucks. Oh well. It is so depressing seeing preg. people all around. Ya know?


alison29 - December 28

It is good to know my dh is not the only one "suffering" I also heard it takes 90 days to create good sperm those suckers can not be the least bit warm. The Femara made me ovulate earlier last month around 14-15 which is way earlier for me normally it would be around cd 21. This month it was different and i am not even sure it worked ARGH!!! Which is funny to think that for 3 years while trying not to conceive we would time abstinence for around day 14 (3 days before and after) so really we have been trying the whole 6 years and not even known it which is really troublesome. It is really depressing seeing everyone pregnant and at my age 29 EVERYONE is. Especially those people that talk about how it was an accident i mean some women get pg when their husband look at them. Both of my sisters were adopted and have had abortions I wish they could send some of their uber fertility my way....I feel like a walking defect like the one I SHOULD be able to do i can't and there is not one d--n thing i can do about it other then be a health machine...What is also depressing is this time of year not having a little one to buy presents for or make Christmas fun, then there is the easter egg hunts (seeing all those little ones toddle around so cute and depressing all at once) i guess it will always be something until we get our little miracle. I don't feel positive about this cycle either but at least you used preseed and muccinex which helps people get around the cm thing. So keep your chin up and know that you are getting help the 2nd yeah!! It will be more of a P.I.A but it will be so nice to be monitered properly oh and i will say it again to my doctor SUCKS too :( Keep in touch i want to hear all about your appointment and vent when you need to (I would drive dh crazy if he had to hear about all this) so thanks for being here no one understands until they go through this GRRRRR


jnt010 - December 28

Hello Ladies I am sorry it has been so long my computer has been down b/c of remodeling. i haven't had a chance to catch up but I did read that Summer is prego. Congradulations!!!

I have a question. I went in for a preg test on Cd20 and mt prog level was 31.1. I read that normal is 10-28 and preg. is 10-47. Could they mean that I am preg or should I just wait. Tomorrow is the last day that I could start but last month I was 2 days late but no ovulation (prog. was 2.6)

Well good luck to all and I will try to keep up better.
Have a happy new year!


alison29 - December 28

Hey Woman,Welcome back i was wondering what happened to you. I would test those levels sound great (i have never had the testing) GOOD LUCK and let us know if we have yet another 2007 baby



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