ttc after m/c
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tracylee - June 22

I am charting, to answer your first question. Have not tried pre-seed, where can I get it? Noticed that I seemed "dry" compared to normal, but wasn't sure. I will definately pay more attention this month.

Up until a month ago, I never received any indication that anything was wrong, just wasn't happening. No problems with me, none with DH, and now, this new doctor says or, you are PCOS. I don't know, I have a list of questions to ask the next time I'm in there...

I'm not sure why this doctor put me on Clomid (and Metformin, also), I guess because I got pregnant one, YEARS AGO, on it, he thought to try again. I was okay with it, to try for a couple months, and see. I'm going to look into seeing an RE maybe a month or two down the road. I check with insurance today to see what they would cover (not much, big surprise). So we'll see....

All sounds well with you, and you are optimistic which is great! Baby dust to you as well!



liz - June 22


The website you can find the pre-seed is There is alot of very useful information on that site. Is this your first month on the Clomid again? I know they say usually you have thicker mucus the longer you are on Clomid. My personally it started on the first cycle, but again I didn't have the "perfect" cm before going on the Clomid. They told me when the perscribed the Clomid that it can make your cm thicker which in turn does not allow the sperm to swim to where they need to go.
I am pretty fortunate with my insurance they cover 6 lifetime cycles of ovulation induction therapy, which only covers the blood work and ultrasounds. It does not cover meds so that is completly out of pocket. I just paid $511.00 for 10 viles of Repronex and an HCG injection to induce ovulation. Ouch! I figure every day I go in for an ultra sound and bw it is $700.00 and I do that everyday for 5 days or so. That can really add up.
I can understand your thinking about your options and finding an re. It is a big step and to be honest with you I am not sure that I would have made it yet, but after my miscarriage in Dec. (my 3rd) my gyn referred me to the inftertility clinic in their office. It was so easy for me on day I was talking to gyn the next infertility. I love the office, the women are wonderful, very helpful and very very understanding. What state are you? I am in PA.
Keep in touch, I am thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed this is our month.


Slatka - June 23

Hi all -- Just dropping in before the weekend -- my husband and I are looking at houses tomorrow (our first house!). It's going to be great to get out of this apt.! I've lived in the city for far too long...

I'm trying an ovulation predictor this month; I think I am ovulating sooner than average..though we try to cover all the bases (like starting trying on day 9 of my cycle), I think I'm not in "ovulation mode" soon enough. Or at least that's what we're thinking this month! What do you do when the doc says that nothing is wrong, just relax, you probably won't m/c again anyway...You sort of have to take it into your own hands. Anyway, I'm off to the fertility center in August if nothing happens this cycle.

Liz, I've heard a few almost immediate success stories with Repronex; Bravelle was also mentioned -- a few women used that if Repronex didn't work well for them. Much good luck to you.

It's going to be an interesting and hopeful couple of weeks for all of us. We've all waited so long and worked so hard.


tracylee - June 23

Have a good weekend everyone!



liz - June 26

Good morning ladies. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Ok here except for the rain. It has been raining on and off for the past 3 days. I am tired of it now. :(

How did the house hunting go? Your first house that is aweseome. I am sure you are very excited.
What day are you on with your cycle?

Today is day 11 for us! How are you doing? Temp ok? I had an ultrasound this morning. One follicle 13 on the right and one on the left 10. I will get my bloodwork back early afternoon, so we will see where we are at. I am hoping for both to mature to olulation, but we will see. My re thinks my estrodiol might not be high enough to support 2 so we have to wait and see.

Hope everyone is doing good.
Baby dust to all! It is going to be an interesting couple of weeks for everyone.


weazie - June 26

Hi All

Just checking in to see how everyone is and hope everyone had a great weekend.

Liz and Tracy I am CD13 just a couple days ahead of you in my cycle. Waiting to ovulate....the last two cycles I ovulated on CD 13 so looks like it will be CD 14 or 15 for me this cycle. My spirits are good so far and feeling relaxed. I have my ultra sound on Thurs to check for cysts since last cycle I had a dull pain in my left side for 4 or 5 days...I've had cyst in the past. Then I get to go see my doctor next week to go over the ultrasound and discuss other options and testing to get me pregnant. I guess thats my spirits because I feel if it doesn't happen this cycle at least I will have new insight once I see the doctor.

Trina I hope you are so right in your feeling that it will happen for one of us this month. I wish it could for all of us but I think if this was the month for one of us it would just lift everyone's spirits knowing it can and will happen eventually for us all again.

Slatka I think you could be very right in your thinking with the timing of ovulation and the car accident. Yes it is you thinking but it also makes sense. It sounds like it was a serious accident and you might have missed your ovulation but you both made it out safe and unharmed.

Thinking of you all


liz - June 26

Hi Denise,
Great to hear from you. You are right Tracy and I are just a couple of days behind you.
I know what you mean about a doc appointment. It always seems to give me hope! I know when I see the doc that there is another avenue we can take or something different to try. I am very fortunate in that when I have an ultra sound they tell me right away how things look. I don't have to wait which is great for me since I tend to be a little on impatient side. (bad trait)
I am wishing you a "great" cycle this month and hopefully a BFP in the end. Its great that you are relaxed, I am trying to stay calm but it is so hard for me. In May when I was on the Clomid it was easier, now after the problems last month I am finding myself more nervous then normal. I guess sometimes the more you know can hurt you!
Looks like there are 3 of us so far that will be in that dreaded 2ww together.
My dh said the funniest thing last night. We were getting ready for bed and he says "so this is the week that I have to preform on command!" I had to laugh because it is so true, but in a way so sad. Sometimes it does take the fun out of the bd!

Take care. Boat loads of baby dust to all!


Slatka - June 26

Hi guys!

It's raining here in DC, too -- way too much! I keep telling myself that rain is a good sign of fertility (ha, ha) and this is good for us. Then I have to slosh through the flood...

Tracy, Denise and Liz -- you are definitely the cycle sisters this month. Now, I've had that happen with girlfriends I've roomed with or colleagues, but over the internet? Pretty cool! I'm on Day 8, so I'm a little behind you all, but I'll be started the awful 2ww as you guys are in the middle of it. Ok, so now all 3 of you just must get a BFP to inspire me, lagging behind!

We're in the early stages of looking for a house in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay, probably. The house itself really isn't an issue, it's finding a good location. And, despite current circumstances, I am checking out the school systems in the area...perhaps I'm trying to project good hopes and wishes into the future: I will need those good schools for my children to come.

I echo you, Liz and Denise -- interacting with the doc, getting more info, being involved as much as you can with the medical process feels empowering to me. I have an annual pap July 7 and I plan to set up further appts. re: fertility then. A question: normally I know you're not suposed to have intercourse before your pap, but what if it's right around your ovulation time? I'm not going to put off trying to conceive this month just because of this exam (I've always had normal paps). Just wondering if anyone else was in that situation...I'll probably call the nurse to check.

Hang in there! This is the time to somehow achieve that miracle balance between being focused and relaxed. You/we are doing all we can to conceive -- be assured in that, and try to let it just "be." I need to take my own advice!
Talk to you soon - Slatka


liz - June 26

Hi all!

Slatka, I am in PA, we must be getting the same terrible weather! If rain is good for fertility I want it to rain till we all get BFP! haha.

You are not to far behind on the cycle. You may be starting your 2ww wait we are in it, but we'll all be in it together. :)

There are a lot of really nice areas around the Chesapeake Bay. I am somewhat familiar. My dh and I are into boating and have spent some time down there. I love St Michaels and Annapolis. (my favorites)My cousin also just moved to Baltimore. I am looking forward to spending some time down there with him.

Thanks for your encouraging words. I truly my very hardest to stay calm and not worry so much, what is meant to be will be and it will happen. It can be so hard, which I am sure you know. It is so nice to have this site, I think it helps us all!

Take care and try to stay dry! ha


Trina76 - June 26

Hello ladies how are you guys doing this week? Me, I'm cool.... Just taking it easy, trying not to stress myself out. today is CD15 for me we have been VERY ACTIVE since CD12, trying to cover all bases!!!!! You guys be good !!!!!!!!!!!!

Boat loads of babt dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!


liz - June 27

Hi Trina,

Glad to hear you are doing well and trying to stay relaxed! I have a great deal of trouble staying calm!

I am really pulling for you and a BFP in a couple of weeks.

Take care,


liz - June 29

Hello everyone. This board has been quiet lately. I think that must mean that we are pre-occupied with the bd?! I hope everyone is doing well.

I had my 3rd ultrasound this week this morning. I have 2 follicles one on the left and one on the right. The one on the left has reached 17 and the one on the right is now 19. My lining is 13 which is also good (I sometimes have a problem with my lining not being thick enough). I will get my blood work back in the early afternoon, but it looks like we will do a trigger shot tonight and let the fun begin. They say you usually ovulate 30-36 hours after the shot. I am both extremely nervous and excited, it is quite a roller coaster ride.

How is everyone doing? Tracy, has ovulation occured yet? Today is day 14! :)

Take care everyone and lots of baby dust to all!


Slatka - June 29

Hi Everyone -- Tracy, Denise, Liz, Trina....

Nothing much to report...have been feeling "quiet" lately, trying to keep myself occupied with other issues as we enter our ovulation period (actually, I enter it, but my husband certainly does too!). I keep trying not to think ahead, take each day as it comes. As I re-read the most recent posts, I see lots of nerves and excitement: let the excitement and hope overwhelm the anxiety! Things are looking good.

I'm trying yoga geared toward fertility and conception: has anyone tried this? I do a regular yoga practice once a week or so, but these asanas are supposed to enhance bloodflow, relaxation, etc. to the uterus and ovaries. No miracles or promises (that's what I like about it -- it's not overly "mystical" or making promises, just another tool to help me along), but I feel I need to try everything I can, that I can do on my own at this point.

At the very least, I'll be flexible!

Hope everyone has great Fourth of July plans with family and friends who dont' make stupid comments (like the examples on the other thread).

For Liz -- I know July 5 is coming up. You'll be sad (as I will be in October, as others have been on their dates), but I believe -- for what it's worth -- that no life is lost. A soul cannot be lost or disappear. This is how I try to think of my m/c: that life still exists. It wasn't for me to bring into the world in a physical way, but the soul was created and cannot be destroyed. And I think it will come back (not reincarnation, exactly -- hard to explain), perhaps not to me, but to someone else who will love and nurture that life. It will never really be gone, and I think of that in a positive way. If I ever get to have children, they will have had an older brother or sister, who has, in its short time with me, changed my life. See, now I'm crying! However strange it sounds, I see hope in this.

Well, in my fumbling way, all I'm saying is that I'll be thinking of you, as I am sure the others will be, too.

Take care -- Slatka


weazie - June 29

Hi All

Just checking in too see how everyone is. I think you are right Liz everyone has been pre-occupied with BD. I know I have been and I am getting a little exhausted and frustrated. Today is CD16, I have had 7 days of high on my fertility monitor and no peak yet...I still haven't ovulated. The last 3 cycles I have ovulated on CD 13 just wondering why it hasn't happened yet. I just feel as if it has been a long week and suppose I am just being impatient.

Will check in with you all soon.


Trina76 - June 30

Hello ladies, how's it going???? I too have been trying to take it easy, one day at a time (and bot is it hard!!!).Liz, it looks like things are looking good for you let's keep our fingers crossed (and your legs open:)!!!) I just hope and pray you meet your quota (pregnant by your orignial due date) I told you guys July is the month for someone I feel it :) Slatka, try to do anything uder the sun to take you mind off of getting pregnant go jogging, read a book, girl, I painted the kitchen. Now I'm on CD19, going into the 2ww. Guess I'll paint the house this time. Make sure you take your temps, and BD but please try not to stress youself out over this , it will happen all in perfect timing. Weazie, it is so hard , just be paient (try to be paient). In the midst of all of the bding let's all be prayerful....
Boat Loads of Baby Dust to All!!!!!!!!!


liz - June 30

Hi ladies! Glad to hear from you all!

Slatka, When I read you post I sat here crying. Your words were amazing and yes you are very correct. No soul is ever lost. Our babies will live inside of us always.

I think it is only natrual for us to "remember" they due date of our babies and mourn the loss. No matter how great things are going this month with me I still just can't get my mind off of my lost baby. I am trying and keep telling myself that I am going to have another baby real soon and my little girl (we knew) who never made it into my arms is an angel looking over all of us. She is watching out for me mommy and little brother or sister even before they are born.

Denise, I can understand your impatience. I am a very impatient person at times and it this process to motherhood is very frustrating. I wanted to share this with you because it might give you something to think about. In my Clomid cycle (May) they were monitoring me very closely with bw and ultra sounds. On day 12 for me my follicle measured 20, my estrodiol was 398 but no lh surge. They told me that the follicle was ready and we needed to do a trigger shot since I was not ovulating on my own. Of course I had to ask questions since I always ovulate how could it be that I am not surging the month. They told me that sometimes you do not surge until it is late (which can increase the chance of an egg that is over mature) or to early (not mature yet). In my case it has to do with my messed up hormones. Anyway I just thought I would let you know about that, something to think about. I definatly don't want to sound like I am telling you there is something wrong because most likely there is not I just wanted to make you aware of my situation in case you needed to expore this further. I also did not surge this month on the injections, we had to do the tigger shot last night. There is also a chance that you could have ovulated already. I know when I was doing my temp it never seemed to surge, but yet when I went for day 22 bw they said I did ovulate. Again, my hormones are out of wack.

Trina, you are wonderful! You always make me smile when I read you posts. I am glad to see you are doing well! Good luck painting you house, hey if it works to keep your mind off of it go for it girl! ;)

Everyone I know it has been a long week, I am thinking about each and everyone of you and praying that all this bd'ing will work this month. By the way Trina I am praying you are right and not just someone gets the bfp, we all do. I am so glad that I found all of you. You have been quite an inspiration for me over the last weeks.

Take care, have a great weekend (Slatka, I think we are finally going to be dry :), have a great 4th of July, stay patient, remain calm and most of all keep up the bd'ing.

Talk to you soon,



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