ttc after m/c
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gavinsmommy - September 12

Hi June_First_2006,

I just wanted to tell you Happy Happy Birthday. Keep your chin up buck-a-roo!!!!!!



liz - September 12

Hello Ladies -

Helen -
I am so sorry you are having such a rough time with Holly's teacher. I don't want to overstep my bounds but if I were you I think I would have to put a call in to the school. I think it is horrible that the teacher would not let Holly blow her nose. My God that is horrible. I can understand why Holly would be confused right now. She was taught a certain way to act and then she goes to school and gets punished for somethin like blowing her nose. Again I am not a teacher or a parent, however it just does not seem that something is right here. Why would the teacher tell her to put her hand down when she raises it? I really think I would have to call the school if I were you. At the very least atleast you could get the teacher side of the story, which by the way I am not suggesting Holly is not telling the truth, I just think it would be nice to hear what she has to say about the problems. I would also have to question the whole 20 min to eat! I don't know many 6 year olds that are capable of getting their lunch and eating it in 20 min. They are children! Now you got me fired up. lol
Anyway, how is Holly feeling today? Is her fever going down?
With everything going on in your life right now I can understand why you would be losing track of where you are at in your cycle. I guess we just keep crossing our fingers and saying a prayer for you and a bfp!

How Pumpkin doing?

June First -
Happy Birthday to you! The big 21, wow I remember that b-day well although it has been 11 years now! Enjoy.
Did you take another preg test? I had some cramping liek af was about to arrive any second before I got my bfp. I think that is one of the most common preg. symptoms out there. Take extra care of yourself, you could very well be carrying a little bean in there.

Lila -
Congrats on making it though your bed rest. I didn't realize it was for only 2 days. When do you test? Keep us posted on how you are feeling. Any symptoms? I know it is probably to soon.

The house is coming right along. They got the walls up yesterday. I got home in time to see them stand up the front wall so I was excited. I am very anxious to go home today and see what they have done. It is such an amazing process, everyday brings a new look. Unfortunatly with me being so tired I don't spend as much time out there as I would like. Another 4 weeks and I should be able to get some energy back. They say the 2nd trimester brings more energy. Hopefully they are right.

I must run, I will talk to you all later.
Hugs, prayers and baby dust to all!


gavinsmommy - September 13

Hi Liz,

You sound so excited about the new house. I am so happy for you. I giggled when you said everyday brings a new look because I am sure that it is the same with you. I am sure you have a nice lil potbelly going by now. That is great that you get to watch them build your dream home. Pretty soon you'll have some of your energy back. You will still have to take many time outs.

Holly is feeling a lil better today but now the twins have it. I feel so sorry for them because they don't know how to blow their noses yet. I knew it was going to spread like wild fire. I think I am even getting it. Pumpkin has her days and nights mixed up. Last night at midnight she wakes up all fool of energy. The poor thing is still on Russian time. There is a 12 hour difference from here to there. I didn't get any sleep between her wanting to play and the twins crying from not feeling well. I am so beat out these past couple of days.

I spoke to the teacher today and she told me that she tells Holly to put her hand down because she knows she already knows the answer. I said to her how do you know that it was the right answer, and then she paused and said nothing. I also spoke to her about the tissue incident and explained word for word what Holly told me and she said that it was exactly the way it happened. So then I asked her what the point was of taking her tissue away and not leaving her have any and she said that it is her classroom and her rules. I then told her that it made no sense to what her point was . I don't think she liked that to much because she told me she had to go. My dh has set up an appointment with her on Thursday. So we will see how it goes. You rest and take it easy and I praying for you and your lil beans.

Lila, how are you feeling? I hope you are being a good chicken and sitting on those eggs. Take care and I am praying and thinking about you and your lil eggies.

How are all of our MIA buddies? I hope you are all doing fine and finding the strength to keep going.

When are you going to test? let us know either way.

Mega hugs,prayers, healthy babies, extra sticky cooperative eggs and baby dust!!!!!!


June_First_2006 - September 14

I tested this morning, once again I got a bfn. I'm going to have to wait a week out. The last time I found out I was pregnant was when I tested 38 days from my last cycle, and even then it was faint a couple days later it was brite and bold. Cramping is definitely still here, food craving are ridiculous. If I'm not pregnant then I'm just having another one of my fat month' I stopped taking ovulex the day of my birthday just in case. When I start my cycle then I will continue with the ovulex. Other than that how are the rest of the ladies doing?


gavinsmommy - September 15

Hi buddies,

Sorry I have been having trouble logging in on this site.

Well I struck out again this month. I feel like a defective egg hatcher. I thought for sure I did it this month. My body for some reason felt like I accomplished the deed. Wondering if it is ever going to happen.

Liz, how are you? I hope all is well with you and the wee ones. Hope to hear from you.

Lila, how is the egg hatching going? I hope you are resting and nesting. I will be waiting to here from you.

June_First_2006, Sorry to here about the bfn again. Maybe it is to soon. I am still praying that it all turns around for you.

Take care all.

Mega hugs, prayers, healthy lil babies, cooperative bodies and eggs and extra sticky baby dust!


June_First_2006 - September 15

Like I have mentioned in the post from before. You have to STOP TRYING!!! I was trying for 15 months...nothing. I know it's hard because all you want in your life is a little person to care for and call yours, but I use to do the ovulation tests and basal body temperatures etc. Not only will it stress you out mentally but physically also. Have fun with it, get a little freaky with your other every now and then just because, I swear to you not I conceived the last time outside of the supposed ovulation period. That's why we didn't know how far I really was until I delievered and the doc's were off by a month! Just keep cool, go out to dinner and have that one on one personal time as often as you can and enjoy time with hubby, because as soon as you do that you will end up not having time for him, and constantly having o take care of yourself so you can have a safe pregnancy...Trust me.


gavinsmommy - September 25

Hi Lila,

I haven't been able to log on the past few weeks and I was wondering how you were doing. I hope you get to see this and reply to me.

Take care,



Trina76 - September 28

Hello to all the ladies in cyber land, just peeked in to say hi, I'm doing fine.Still taking my break, in November I'm going to start 100 mg of clomid and possibly the ovidrel shots...Congrats liz,..... Hi Gavinsmommy, and to everyone else, hand on in there!!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!!! I be back in full effect in November.



Lila - September 28


It is so wonderful to see your post this morning - you sound like you happy and healing well from this summer. I am still so sorry that you had to go through all that but congratulations on coming through the other end even stronger. I am glad you have a plan for Novemeber - good luck with Clomide and trigger! Enjoy your break and do all those wonderful things that we give up when we cycle - you deserve some fun right now and Nov will be here before you know it. Hope your little boy is doing well - I am sure he is doing his best to keep you more than occupied! It was great to hear from you again and hope you are well.


liz - September 28

Finally....................... It feels so good to finally be able to post!

Trina -
Hi there, I am so happy to hear from you. I hope you are doing ok. I have been thinking about you often, hoping and praying all is well.

Lila -
I am going to respond to you on the thread Helen started for you.

I hope everyone else is doing well.



gavinsmommy - September 29

Hi Trina,

Oh my God I am so happy to here from you. I want to let you know that even when you were not on here you were still in our thoughts and prayers. I am so happy you have picked yourself back up and are going to meet this bull head on. I know I have my money on you that you are going to lick this. Your turn will come soon because you are not a quitter. You take care and I will be looking forward to hearing from you in November. I hope you get a lil itchy and pop back on here before then. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!



subaru143 - March 15

how long after a miscariage does the doctor want you to wait before trying to get pregnant again?


lili246 - March 16

My doctor recommended to wait atleast two regular periods. Did your doctor told you anything about when you should be ready to concieve again?



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