ttc after m/c
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Trina76 - June 17

this is somewhat off of the subject but..... have you girls read anything about Real Egg Whites and conception? with my sensetiveness,I'll end up with the mother of all infections..


weazie - June 18

Hi All, hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Trina good to hear from you. That is great that you went on a road trip with your family. I hope you really enjoyed yourself even if AF did arrive. Maybe that is what you needed to get away and less stress to get her here. Congrats on the new job I think it will really help with keeping you busy and your mind off of trying to conceive.

As for the Egg Whites I have read about women using them. I have heard that they work and have also heard that you can end up with an infection as well. I've also read some funny stories about couples using then such as cracking the eggs right out of the fridge and the whites being super cold. As desperate at times I have felt I just couldn't bring myself to trying it. If I were you I would order some preseed or check their website to see if a drug store in your area carries it. I tried pre seed last month and did really like it since I seem to have no EWCM ever. I know in taking charge of your fertility there is something in there about using Egg Whites, I will look it up and get back to you.

Slatka I would tell you too wait to test but I know I would be giving out advice that I don't follow myself. I feel like I am addicted to POAS and it is like a fix for me.

Hope everyone is well, thinking of you all!!


liz - June 19

Hello all, I hope you all had a very nice weekend.

Trina, It is so good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you, hoping all was well and you would stop back to let us know how you are doing. I am really glad to hear you got a little break, sounds like you had a very nice time with you family and hopefully got some good deserved r&r. Congrats on you new job. Sounds like things are really looking positive for you. Hopefully with a little prayer and luck you can get another positive real soon.

Lots of baby dust to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Slatka - June 19

Hi Everyone!
It's so good to hear all your voices and recent updates. Trina, it sounds like a lot of good things are happening in your life -- a great trip with family, a good job offer, finally getting through that 41 day cycle and on to the next try. You -- all of you -- are endlessly resilient, always finding the positive, even when it feels dark for awhile. I need that lesson!
Denise and Liz -- I'm waiting to take the hpt, but I don't think I'll need it this round. I was due for af yesterday, but also today and tomorrow would be on schedule (I'm so variable post-m/c).
All last week I felt bone-tired and hot, which was unusual for me premenstrual: I usually get tired during af, with heavy ankles and cramping, but this was all about 7 days before I was due. I am spotting lightly now (brown -- tmi, I know), but no cramps and felt nauseous this morning. I really feel af is coming (so much so I'm enjoying a diet coke right now!), but these symptoms are way different and longer than pre-m/c. What I'm thinking is, that my body's reaction to my cycle has changed after the m/c. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm pregnant; the spotting alone seems to cancel that out. I knwo what you feel, Liz, when you said you were glad when af came on Friday: Ok! Good, let's get started on a new cycle. That's what I want now, for my period to just start (you probably knwo this feeling, too, Trina, though for a long, tough time).
Liz, I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday at your appt. So you're doing one more round of Clomid? I pray that will be the charm and will "work." There are other options, I think, after that, though I am uneducated about it. I'm sure you'll go over all that with the doc. I always feel a bit better after an appt., like I'm taking charge of this thing the best I can -- and that's what you're doing.
I appreciate being able to write to you all -- I cried and cried yesterday all day as I was certain my period was coming. Today, I just feel sad and quiet, wondering how we could've missed it this month. Take care - Slatka


Trina76 - June 20

Thank you ladies so much for the positive inputs- Lord knows they are much need, Seems like the last few days (or hours) of the 2ww are the worst!!!!!(Trust i know the feeling). My A/F left Friday, my hubby is ready to try again (Right Now!!!!-He is really enjoying this sex on demand thing especially since we have TiVo), I can say I'm really ready too, this is my first real period since our m/c and I kinda have a good feeling about it. So today I started back on the God Awful, Geritol tonic and Robi, I'm not due to ovulate until the weekend, so, by then i should have excellent quality EWCM.(I'm terrified of the real egg white thing).

Baot Loads Of Baby Dust To All!!!


liz - June 20

Hi all, hope you are all doing well.

Slatka, Thank you for your positive thoughts for me on Wed. I had a baseline us this morning (day 5), they wanted me to have one before I started the Clomid this month. It turns out my overies look great no cysts which is a blessing, however my lining is much to thick. It is a triple 9 which is what it should be around ovulation. I will get my bw back this afternoon so hopefully we will know more. I am very anxious for my appointment tomorrow since I know I will be able to look to the next step since Clomid does not seem to agree with me.

Hang in there sweetie. I know you have had quite a rough 2ww. I am sure I am repeating what you already know, but sometimes that brownish discharge could be a good thing, it could be im bleeding. Also, the tiredness could be a side effect of prego. When I was first pregnant I was soooooooooo tired I could not make it though the day without a nap. Try to keep you head head up and keep positive the best you can. Lots of baby dust and prayers to you!

Trina, I am thinking about you an praying for you. I truly hope this month is it for you.

Baby dust to all!


weazie - June 21


I'll be thinking of you today!!



Slatka - June 21

Hi All -- Of course, AF came a few days ago...I knew it was coming, I could feel it, but of course there's this tiny little seed of hope that this time, maybe, you've done it.
I didn't tell you all this, but on June 4 my husband and I were in a car accident where the car was totalled (everyone involved was completely fine -- we were hit at just the right spot where the airbags deployed -- cost too much to replace the bags, so they reckoned the car a loss). Anyway, counting back, I can see that I probably ovulated that day or the next. I wonder if the shock of the accident also "wrecked" our chances...In the end, doesn't matter. It's just me looking for an explanation again...

Liz, I'm very much thinking of you today. It's a great sign that your ovaries look clear and healthy. You have already shown so much courage through this journey -- now it's on to the next step, which you'll handle with grace. You're just getting closer -- you are going forward. Keep us posted when you're ready.
Hello to all -- fingers crossed and good wishes that this cycle is the one!


liz - June 21

Hi all - Especially Slatka and Denise,

First off Slatka I am so sorry to hear of af's arrival. :'( I know how badly you were hoping for a positive this month. It is always such a disappointment when things just don't go the way you wished.
Know matter how hard it is keep you head up, there is always another month. I know it is much easier said then done, trust me I know. You have to be strong and courageous to achieve your ultimate goal. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Denise and Slatka - I can not tell you how much it means to me to read these posts and know that you were thinking about me today. I was a nervous wreck going in, but now since it is over I am feeling much better. It also helped that dh was along. You would have to know him, he is a jokester and always gets me to lighten up.

The doc recommened that we move on to injections (Repronex). The medicine is diffrent from the Clomid in that is does not go though my brain it goes right to the overies and hopfully stimulates a good quality follicle to ovulate this month. The Clomid just didn't seem to work the best for me and I was very nervous about trying it another month (although 3 months is recommeded) I had a bad feeling, the side effects were awlful for me and since I had the problem last month with ovulating too early and cm problems we decided injections were the next step. I am very nervous, scared and apprehenisive. My insurance does not cover the meds so this is the first time we are paying out of pocket in our journey to parent hood. It is hard not to worry about the money, but I am really trying not to think about it. Dh is wonderful in that aspect he says whatever it takes and I also feel the same way. Soooooo we are going to do my first injection today, then again tomarrow and Fri I go for bw and us.

I hope you are all doing well. Let me know how you are doing. Take care! Lots of baby dust to all of us!



tracylee - June 21

Best wishes to you Liz! I'm going to stick it out with the Clomid for this month and next and then I am moving on. We'll see....(fingers crossed). I had been checking the posts and wondered what was going on with you, due to your lining being too thick. Again, best wishes- And to all!



liz - June 21

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the positive words. I was thinking about you too. How is everything going with the Clomid? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. We are still on the same cycle so let me know how you are making out. I will be thinking about you.

Best of luck this month!


Trina76 - June 22

Hi ladies, how's everything going? Just wanted you all to know that, I'm thinking about all of you, in our journey to parenthood (Smile). I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up, but, i just feel like this is the month for one of us. I don't know who, or maybe it's just a feeling that I should push to the side, but, in July someone fequent to this online conversation, is really going to be blessed!!! I'll be prayerful to the situation, and you guys do the same......

Boat loads of baby dust to all!!!!


liz - June 22

Hi Trina,

Hope you are well. It is good to hear from you. Your positve energy is very uplifting for me and I am sure all the other soon to be mothers! (Positive thinking always)
I hope your feeling is right, actually I hope that everyone could get a BFP this month.
I am thinking and praying for you :)



tracylee - June 22

Hey Liz, my CD7 friend! Things are okay, with the Clomid, we'll see. Thought about it last night and this will be the last month of Clomid, take a break and get on my own cycle again, then see an RE. We'll see, I am still optimistic to some extent, but whatever shall be shall be. I am accepting today, may not be tomorrow, but today I am okay!



liz - June 22

Hi all - Tracy,

CD 7, approx. 7 more days till ovulation for us. Since you are not having us to check on the follicle size or bw are you going to use opt tests or are you charting?

In your message you sound a little on the down side, or maybe it is frustration. I can completly understand, I am sure we all can. It is very hard to remain optomistic through this process, but I do think it is very important to try.

Are you using anything like pre-seed to help with cm? I know I had a cm problem from the Clomid. I think it was just the way my body reacted to the med. I always seem to have thicker then normal cm and the Clomid just made it worse for me. I decided to buy some pre-seed and see how that will work. My doc did tell me that the injections are the opposite of Clomid's side affect on the cm, so it should make it really hospitable for the sperm. We shall see. I am not sure if I will use the pre-seed or not, I am going to wait until closer to ovulation after they evaulate me and see what I am going to do.

Just out of curiosity I see that you have been on and off Clomid for years, did they ever tell you why you are not having good luck? My re told me that if you don't conceive in 3 cycles of Clomid it usually means the med not work for you. I don't want to oversetp my bounds and I definatly don't want it to seem like I am questioning your doc I am just curious.

Take care of yourself, let me know how you are doing.
Lots of baby dust to you!


tracylee - June 22

I am charting, to answer your first question. Have not tried pre-seed, where can I get it? Noticed that I seemed "dry" compared to normal, but wasn't sure. I will definately pay more attention this month.

Up until a month ago, I never received any indication that anything was wrong, just wasn't happening. No problems with me, none with DH, and now, this new doctor says or, you are PCOS. I don't know, I have a list of questions to ask the next time I'm in there...

I'm not sure why this doctor put me on Clomid (and Metformin, also), I guess because I got pregnant one, YEARS AGO, on it, he thought to try again. I was okay with it, to try for a couple months, and see. I'm going to look into seeing an RE maybe a month or two down the road. I check with insurance today to see what they would cover (not much, big surprise). So we'll see....

All sounds well with you, and you are optimistic which is great! Baby dust to you as well!




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