ttc after m/c
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liz - July 22

Gavinsmommy -

I am so sorry to hear about your little girls nightmares. That is awlful and very scary. I can imagine your concern. She must be scared. Have you and dh considered discussing it with her peditrician? Maybe he/she could give you some advice.

That is very strange how she is describing your dh's Mother and has never seen her. It's also amazing how well she is describing her to you, she must be a really bright lil one. I will definatly keep all of you in my prayers!

I did just see your reply about your girlfriend. I must have missed it before. Sorry. Thanks for the info, it sounds like she may have had the post colital test that I will be able to hopefully have this month. In a way I am actually hoping that it is a cm problem so atleast I would have an answer. I hate the feeling of not knowing why I am not getting pg, it really makes me feel like a failure.

Sorry to hear you are on an emotional roller coaster. I can relate to the mood swings. The past few days have been awlful for me. One min. I am crying the next I am like you say "biting someones head off". My patience is at 0 and I seem to hate everything. I attribute mine to low Estrodiol, I get this way every time my Estrodiol drops. I am doing the Repronex injections, today will be my third day, so my Estrodiol should start to jump up and I can go back to being a normal person for a few weeks. Do you have any idea when af is due for arrival?

You have a lot on your plate right now, I am so sorry things are so hectic for you. Emotionally you must me having a rough time of it. All I can say is I will pray for you and if you need to vent please feel free, I am always here to listen and help any way I can.

Take care,
Hugs and baby dust,


Slatka - July 22

Hi Liz, Trina, Denise, Gavinsmommy and everyone!

I'm on for a brief moment before I head to this wedding this afternoon. I missed the daily chatter on this forum! I enjoyed catching up on the posts of the past few days, though I really should be thinking about shaving my legs before we head out! See my priorities??!!

Trina -- I hear you! I hear you! I hope now, a few days later, you're doing better. Sometimes I lay in bed and scream in my head for mercy, for help with all that's going on for SOME kind of positive change instead of the endless cycle of disappointment and waiting. I fear, too, tonight that my relatives will be hinting, strongly, about my own lack of children. I will try to handle it gracefully, with a glass of wine in hand, but inside I'll want to yell...and cry.

Denise - yea, it's weird, this period was shorter than usual, cramping was tough for one day. Right now, I am on CD 5 -- and blissfully nothing is happening at all: no cramping, no period, nothing. I'm in the honeymoon before the crawl toward ovulation begins and the "let's go! gotta get on the intercourse schedule" begins to take over. I echo Liz -- glad you have an appointment and can get things moving.

Gavinsmommy -- I've heard about young children who "see" people we cannot. Sometimes this is in a positive, loving context (a child is 'visited' by a loving aunt who has passed or a grandparent) where the 'vision' are harmless and in fact may give the child a sense of protection and connection to the past. What you describe sounds a little different, though. It's nto good if the child is frightened, however harmless the vision is. My father's side of the family (and some of my mothers) believe in spirits and visitations in a positive, everyday way (you know the kind of thing, you lose your aunt's favorite necklace, then you find it on the bed where you know you didn't put it: she is watching over you. Or a grandparent visits you in a dream...that kind of relatively benign kind of thing). Well, you can either ignore it, confront it or try to reason with her out of it. It depends, too, very clearly on your own belief: what do you think she is seeing? This must be very hard -- I wish I could help.

Oh boy, time has flown. Liz, I have a book for you later! I've done some reading on Luteal Phase Defect, too, and want to talk more with you. And thank you for thinking of me while I am away. And I'm so glad you don't have any cysts!!! When I was on Long Beach on Thursday, I was thinking of you and wondering how the appointment went.

Well, I should be back on Monday! I hope to catch up more then. Missed talking to you all --

Take care -- Slatka


gavinsmommy - July 22

Hi Liz, Slatka, Trina and Denise,

Liz I wish these were nightmares only. My daughter is wide awake when she sees her. She will sit in her bed and talk to the baby and play peek-a-boo. The baby I am glad to hear about because she likes her. The lady scares her. It is just so strange how she describes in detail the lady and the puppy. My Dh almost fell over when she started telling him about it. He did not believe it at first until she started describing things to him.
My cycle HMMMM, let me see, well if I go acording to the start of last month that would be the 14th. If this is the case then I am late. Then there was the bleeding that started around cd 8. If that is the case then Af is about do. I have know idea. I have been so emotional lately that I can't stand myself. I think it is from all the confusion on my Af and lack of sleep. I am sending you a big hug right now because I know what you are going through physically and emotionally. I really appreciate that you are here to talk to.

Slatka you just made me smile, it has been a couple of days since I have done that. I believe like you also that there are spirits that look out for you and protect you. The only thing that concerns me is that she says that she is going to have blood on her and not to cry when she walks with the lady. That part made the hair stand up on my neck. My father suggested going and lighting some candles, I think that I will give that a try. Dh and I have tried to convince her that there is nobody there, and she says she is. Its kind of cute when she tells us that the lady told her not to tell nobodys, the way she talks cracks me up. I hope you enjoy yourself at the wedding and have a glass of wine for all of us. LOL

Big HUgs And Sticky Baby Dust To All!!!!


liz - July 24

Hello all - Welcome to Monday morning. :(

Gavinsmommy -
I am so sorry I didn't respond sooner, I hate a busy weekend.
How is your little girl? I am sorry, I misread and didn't didn't realize that these were just nightmares. I feel so badly for you, your husband and your little girl. I can't imagine going though this. I am not as familiar with the spirits thing, but I would have to say that I agree with Slatka on that one. I have heard of it and agree that anything is possible. Please don't get mad at me for asking this question or offened but have you given any thought to the little girl is your little Aiden? As soon as you first posted that was what I felt inside. I just wish that your little one was not scared of the lady, that is I am sure heart wrenching and scary for you. I think the candle idea is a good idea, anything at this point would be worth a shot.

I am sorry to hear about your messed up cycle. I guess it is really hard to pinpoint where you are at, not to mention that your dealing with the other situation. Well, I guess you will have to wait it out and see what happens. ??? In the meantime many prayers and lots of sticky baby dust to you and everyone else in this journey.

Take care, hugs to you


gavinsmommy - July 24

Hi Liz,

I know what you mean about a busy weekend. It seems like you have to cram everything from the week into 2 days that needs to be done.

I thought the same thing at first about the baby. I wonder if it is Aiden. She is telling me it is a lil girl in a pink dress. I didn't know the sex of the baby, I wonder if this is a way of letting me know.

My cycle is another story. I feel like I am going crazy not knowing what is going on. I wish the ovulex wouldn't of messed me up last month so I knew were I was right now.
Do you know how long some of the other ladies were late? I think some were about a week, and I am not sure if others are still waiting after a month.

How are you feeling? Do you still feel the need to rip out your own hair or better yet someone else's? I hope things are getting better for you.

Slatka how are you doing? I hope the wedding was nice and that they went easy on you.

Denise how have you been? I hope all is well.

Trina we miss you and need you back. We will be waiting here for you.

Take care and Mega Sticky Baby Dust!!!!


liz - July 24

Gavinsmommy -

Well, I am not sure what to say about your cycle except hang in there! I am also not sure of the amount of time women waited for af on Ovulex. Something makes me think that some of the women had posted that it was a couple of weeks, some longer, some less. :( Again, since everyone is so different, it is hard to tell. Did you think about giving them a call Ovulex again? Maybe they would be able to guide you as to when you might be able to expect normal cycles. I can imagine that this is driving you nuts, I know I would be around ready to go off the deep end. :) Have patience (easier said then done) and have faith, it will all work out, hopefully sooner than later.

You are right, maybe this is a way for you to know the sex of Aiden. Anything is possible.

I have been feeling better. I had rough Thurs. and Fri., but I think I am finally over tha pity party. I picked myself up again. I also talked to the nurse this morning when I went in for my u/s and told her how moody I was. I normally get like this when my Estrodiol is down, but it was the beginning of my cycle so the Estrodiol should have been down. She asked if I had a heavier then normal af, she said that may have something to do with the moodiness. Oh, well atleast that is over and I made it without pulling my hair or someone elses out. :) How about you, are your moods any better?

I will talk to you later,
Take care
Prayers and lots and lots of baby dust this week for everyone.



Slatka - July 24

HI All --

Just checking back was a nice wedding, my cousin Laura's second marriage. Her new husband seems like a good guy who has two twenty-something sons; they will be excellent older brothers for her own two young children (who really need some older male role models). I had two (count 'em, two) apple martinis and some wine with dinner! My female cousins were quietly sympathetic about my m/c (I hadn't seen them since that time); I also found out my cousin Frank's girlfriend had a m/c herself with her first pregnancy, about 30 years ago -- it was kind of her to tell me. And she went on to have 2 children, about 9 months later. And I ate like a pig. A starving pig in heels.

Gavinsmommy -- have been thinking about your daughter and her visions (I don't know what else to call them). The blood thing is scary and points to a less positive interpretation. Now, I don't have kids and have no experience reasoning with them or knowing how their minds work so take my advice with many grains of salt. Could you help her lose her fear of this person? In other words, de-fuse the fear element, say, oh, she's just being silly, don't be afraid of her, call mama when you see her. In truth, the vision cannot harm her; it won't hurt her in any way, but it does scare her and that is what can perhaps be stopped. Perhaps play up the possibilty that it is Aiden, her older sister visiting her, a peaceful, loving image. I read somewhere that children do grow out of this as their minds/brains mature and change, but that doesn't help now. Maybe lighting a candle will help, and have her participate with you and be a part of it. I've lit many candle at the National Cathedral (it's just up the street); there is something cathartic about it.

Hi to you Trina and Denise! Hang in there everyone; I think soem of us move into the big Ovulation stage in about a week. Take care!



gavinsmommy - July 25

Hi Liz,Slatka,

Liz I am glad to see you are feeling better and that your body is going a lil easier on you now. You are not to far off from BD time. DH has been trying to keep my mind off of things but it doesn't seem to help. I still feel like I am on the emotional roller coaster. I don't like that the ovulex messed me up last month because now I am clueless to were I am at.
We took the twins to the zoo yesterday and they really enjoyed it. It felt really good not think about anything for awhile.
Thanks for the information that you give me, it really helps. We have to get a positive real soon or we might just go bonkers.

Slatka, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the wedding and that you were surrounded by compassionate people. Dh and I did take our lil girl with to light the candle, we told her it was to help the lady rest. I truly appreciate your knowledge and suggestions, it is very kind and helpful. I will try just about anything right now to help her through this.

I just want you ladies to know that you really help me on days like these and that I am so thankful for you.

Mega Hugs And Sticky Baby Dust!!!


weazie - July 25

Hey Ladies

Just getting a chance to post a message. I had a busy weekend and from what I have read sounds like we all did.
Gavinsmommy I took ovulex for 3 cycles. I have one bottle left but decided not to take it anymore. My cycles were longer after the D&C so I was happy the first two cycles it regulated me back to 28 days and I ovulated. My 3rd cycle was 34 days long, waiting to ovulate and then for AF totally stressed me out last month. I quit taking it because I don't want another long cycle due to the ovulex. From what I have read most end up having longer cycles but then they seem to regulate again. I guess it if delays ovulation then we are too expect a longer cycle. Plus this past cycle I took it I gained 5 pounds and I didn't eat anything more then I normally do. Not sure if it was the ovulex but my weight always stays the same and that is without watching what I eat. Anyways I thought I would give this cycle a crack on its own without the Ovulex. I've found too since I have stopped taking it my moods have been horrible like I have severe PMS which I don't, once again it may or may not be related to the ovulex.

Liz glad to hear your spirits are up. I just keep telling myself that once I get pregnant again all the emotions I carry right now will be washed away and totally worth the blessing I will have for life.

Slatka, good to hear you enjoyed the wedding on the weekend. Your right the ovulation count down is about to begin. I think Liz, yourself and I are all 1 day apart in our cycles. Out of our small group we have here I am hoping this is the month for at least one of us if not all five of us. We need something to lift our spirits and keep us all positive.

My appointment is not a long wait at all. Three weeks thats it and I am not how my doctor managed to get me in so quick but I am so grateful. I spoke to my friend who went to the same clinic and she waited 3 months to get in. She said once you have your consultation they get the ball rolling quickly so I am counting the days down until I go plus I still have this cycle. My friend had great success at the clinic and was blessed with her little girl in Feb.

Talk to you all soon and baby dust too all.


liz - July 25

Good morning everyone -

Gavismommy - I am glad we can all we here for each other, it really does make a world of difference having people you can talk to who know what you are going through. I honestly believe that if it was not for this site I would have lost my sanity in the ttc roller coaster over the past few months.
I know how frustrated you are with you cycle being screwed up and quite possibly from the Ovulex. Have you considered stopping it? I can imagine that you are really hoping and counting on a postivie outcome from it, for me it would be a hard decision to make whether to stop or continue. From everything that I have read it really seems cause some cycle troubles in most women. I had read, not sure if you told me or not that Ovulex said it can take a couple of months to get your body regulated. Quite possibly you could still be in that adjustment period. ????? Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Denise - Great to hear from you. I think this summer is keeping us all pretty busy. This could be a good thing, maybe it helps to keep our mind off of the ttc stuff. Yeah right!
Aug. 14th is right around the corner. I bet you are excited to keep moving forward. I hope these next couple of weeks fly by for you!
Today is day 10 for me. What day are you on, I lost track. :(

Take care everyone
Lots of baby dust to all


Slatka - July 26

Hey All -- Liz, Gavinsmommy, Denise --

Nothing much new here in DC. We are still in negotiations for our new house in Annapolis -- lots of paper and phone calls! I am trying not to get too excited yet: we all know that lesson about getting hopes up too high, then begin disappointed. But perhaps this will be a good luck turn...

So what's this furor over Ovulex? I had never heard of it, but then Gavinsmommy mentioned it, I think the other day so I looked up its website. It sounds promising, but on other posts here I read that there are side effects like weight gain, long cycles and other discomforts -- hell, if it gets you pregnant, we can survive that! But DOES it get you pregnant? It sounds to me like a cycle regulator or "cleanser" that tries to re-set your cycle. It would be interesting to really see its effectiveness, or whether women eventually get pregnant because they are getting the nutritional supplements they need from the Ovulex. IN other words, is it the Ovulex or the overall increased vitamin health and possibly the slight weight gain that helps one get pregnant? And does it delay ovulation? For me, I need my ovulation earlier, not later, so I don't think it would be for me anyway.

I don't know -- it's just interesting to me. I'm willing to try any avenue, so I guess I'm just thinking it through and doing some reading. I AM worried, though, that it takes a few months to get in sync with your know me, counting each cycle.

Well, hope the day is good for you all. Oh, and let's all applaud Liz for her special test this morning! What early morning fun!
Take care all --


weazie - July 26

Morning All

I am off to work soon, not in the mood for it I was off yesterday and of course we had thunder and lightening storm for the most part of the day.

Liz I am one day behind you in my cycle. Thinking I am going to ovulate on time this month though, so I should on the weekend.

Slatka I hope all goes well with the house deal. I think Ovulex is a good supplement but for me I didn't like my dragged out cycle last month. It is hard to say how it would react with your cycle could prolong it for a month and then shorten it?? Seems to react different on everyone. I think alot of the ingredients are the same as what they put in menopause herbal supplements, balances out the hormones. It seemed to balance out my cycle for the first 2 months then delayed ovulation by a week, I like to get as many cycles in as possible for more I would try it again but figured I'd stop taking it this month and then I have my appointment anyways right after this cycle.

Hope you all have a good day, thinking of you all!!



liz - July 27

Good mornign Ladies -

Denise -
It is always hard to go back to work after a day off. I can relate big time.

I am going to ovulate on Friday. I had to do a trigger last night. My follicles were ready and my estodiol is 559. That is the joy of injections, they monitor you so closely and when it is time they just take over and make it happen, even if your body is producing the lh surge.
What day are you going to ovulate? (Sun????) I see lots of b-ding in our futures! :) Slatka I believe is 3 days behind me, so she will be sharing this aweseome 2ww with us. I dread the wait, as I am sure you do too.

Anyway, I must go get to my work, After all I believe that is what they pay me to do. haha

I will be thinking about you. Lots of sticky baby dust to all of us over the next couple of day!

Take care,

Gavinsmommy and Trina -
How are you? I miss you both. I hope all is well. Please knwo you in my thoughts are prayers.

Talk to you soon,


gavinsmommy - July 27

Hi Liz,Trina, Weazie and Slatks,

I am sorry I haven't been able to get back here until today. Things have been a lil crazy around here.

Liz I just wanted to let you knowthat Af finally showed up. The past 2 days I had some light spotting and now it seems to be getting a lil heavier. I am praying that things go better this month on the ovulex. I really hope I am regular and normal. If things get out of control like last month I am going to stop taking the ovulex. I am really praying for a normal cycle this month.

I guess this explains the mood swings. LOL I bought a statue of St. Michael The Archangel and put it in my room. My lil girl woke up crying last night because she said the baby can't come back in the room. She said the baby is crying in the frontroom of my house.
Dh and I had some guest stay over the other night and one of them told us that they felt someone tugging on their shirt. In my front window the same person said that they thought they saw a small round shaped image of like a childs head. They did not know that we were having this situation with our lil girl. As I said things have been a lil crazy here.

I hope all of you are doing well and I am sending Mega Sticky Baby Dust your way!!!


Slatka - July 27

HI Everyone -- Liz, Gavinsmommy, Denise, Trina...

I'm just saying a quick hi and bye: we're off to visit my husband's parents in Toronto from this afternoon until Monday. We haven't seen them since the beginning of February; in fact, I conceived at their house around the end of January, but then of course lost the pregnancy March 1st. So we haven't actually seen them since the m/c (too far away, too expense to visit often) should be interesting. I'm sure it will re-awaken the only slightly dormant emotions about the m/c. But in a way, that's ok; we all need to deal with it.

And hey, who knows? Toronto may be a charm for us. As Liz mentioned, a few of us are moving into ovulation phase within the next week!

Well, I am totally running behind, so must go. I will miss chatting with you all over the weekend, but will be back soon. Please take care of yourself -- and extra 'protection' to you, Gavinsmommy. Some unusual things are going on for you that must be very challenging. I wouldn't see all of them as negative, though, but it isn't within the usual, that's for sure. Again, what seems the most difficult is that your child is scared -- that's the bad part.

My thoughts are with you all! See you soon and good luck to all dancing over the weekend!



liz - July 27

Gavinsmommy -

Great to hear from you. So sorry about the craziness. This is beyond my knowledge, but I do know it exhists. I can only imagine the stress involved here. I wish I could give you some ideas, unfortunatly I am not to knowelegeable in this area. Have you ever had any of these experiences before? I can tell you I am here if you need to vent and I will keep and your family in my prayers.

I guess af is a good thing for you right now? I admire your desire to give the Ovulex one more try. You are stronger then me, I think I would be to scared, but then again thats me, always a little hesitant.

I have high hopes for you that this month is going to be right on for you. You have been on the Ovulex 3 months now, correct? I remember you telling me (I think) that sometimes it takes several months to get your body regulated. I have a feeling you might be there. Has it been about a month since your last af visit? I was trying to remember in my head and thought it might be. If so that is very promising. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I will talk to you soon
Take care and many hugs and prayers to you,



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