ttc after m/c
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liz - July 27

Gavinsmommy -

Great to hear from you. So sorry about the craziness. This is beyond my knowledge, but I do know it exhists. I can only imagine the stress involved here. I wish I could give you some ideas, unfortunatly I am not to knowelegeable in this area. Have you ever had any of these experiences before? I can tell you I am here if you need to vent and I will keep and your family in my prayers.

I guess af is a good thing for you right now? I admire your desire to give the Ovulex one more try. You are stronger then me, I think I would be to scared, but then again thats me, always a little hesitant.

I have high hopes for you that this month is going to be right on for you. You have been on the Ovulex 3 months now, correct? I remember you telling me (I think) that sometimes it takes several months to get your body regulated. I have a feeling you might be there. Has it been about a month since your last af visit? I was trying to remember in my head and thought it might be. If so that is very promising. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I will talk to you soon
Take care and many hugs and prayers to you,


gavinsmommy - July 28

Hi Liz,

Thanks for lending me your ears and your shoulder, even though they are virtual. LOL. I really do appreciate you and everyone else on here for listening.

I have never had things happen like this before, that are going on with my daughter. It is really stressing us out. Yesterday she told me the lady's name was Patty or Tricia, and that blew my mind. That is what dh's moms name was. She never heard the name because no one ever mentioned it.

This will be my third month on the ovulex. It has been 29 days from the start of the last bleeding that occured. I hope you are right, that this time will be the time. Hopefully it is straightening out.

I am really praying that it does not go bonkers like last month.
How have you been holding up? I know how stressful this is even though we try not to let it get to us.

Oh My Gosh I just noticed that this is bd time for you. That really moved by. Probably not for you though.

I hope you have your bd moves down, because I think we all have been practicing long enough.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you and dh enter into this wonderful stage.
Remember extra sticky Baby Dust!!!!

Take care and I will talk to all of you later.

Mega Sticky Baby Dust and Big Hugs!!!!!!!


Lila - July 29

Hi Gavinsmommy:
I am sorry to barge in on such a developed thread but I have been reading about everything you are going through with your daughter and just wanted to say I am so sorry this is happening and I am wishing a speedy and positive conclusion to the situation. A friend of mine had a sort of similar experience (however it did lack quite the specifics your daughter is able to add and the fear). In her case she lost a pregnancy at 6 months when the baby’s heart stopped. About 18 months later she had a healthy baby girl. When her daughter was about 3 my friend became pregnant again. At that time her daughter started talking to an invisible friend. It was a baby and she called her Grace – exactly what they had planned to name the first baby. My friend had never used that name to her little girl and was shocked when she heard it. In fact my friend did not talk about Grace at all to anyone after she had given birth to her daughter. They also had not told their daughter that they were expecting again as it was too early for her to understand. This went on for a couple weeks and my friend was completely stressed out as her daughter kept giving her “messages from Grace”. She finally decided to talk to a counselor about this and the counselor offered to talk to her daughter. It turns out that even though my friend really thought they were shielding their daughter from the information and emotional distress she and her husband had experienced that the child, as kids often are, was so sensitive and perceptive to what was going on that somehow she was just intuitively trying to offer comfort with her “messages”. No one know how she came up with Grace but somehow she did and somehow she had picked up on how stressed her mommy was being pregnant again. Amazing. My friend said after that she was not so freaked out when it happened and felt so blessed that her little girl would be the one to try to take care of her that much of her stress and fear seemed to lift away and then within another week her daughter never mentioned Grace again. I do not know if this helps you at all since your situation seems so much more intense but I thought I would offer it out to you. My friend said it really can be surprising the things you never think you say to or around your kids but somehow they still pick up on the information. Best of luck and I am sending good and happy thoughts out for your daughter.


gavinsmommy - July 29


I just want to tell you thank you. You are very much welcomed to jump in on these threads. I really do appreciate all the information that you have given me. Thanks so much for taking your time to tell me. I am willing to take any advice I can get at this time.

My daughter has not told me the baby's name yet. My husband and I have named the child we lost Aiden, it is a name that we have given to the child's soul. It was a decision we made together and no one else knows in the family, only some of the ladies on here know it.

We did not know the sex of the baby so we chose a unisex name. She is telling me that the baby is a girl though.

It brings me some comfort to hear from other people that have dealt with this. I don't feel like I am going as crazy then.

I cannot thank you enough. Welcome aboard!!!! I hope to be talking to you again.

Many Thanks And Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!


liz - July 29

Hello ladies -

Gavinsmommy - How are you doing?

29 days since your last af, that sounds really promising to me. Oh, I hope this is it for you. You have had so much to deal with lately the last thing you needed was these issues with your cycle. You know they always say the 3rd time is the charm, since this is your 3rd month on the Ovulex maybe, no postive thinking, it will be a good one. :)

I am doing very well, actually I am surprising myself that I am really calm this month. I am not sure where it came from but I am not complaining. We have bding the past 3 days, most of all we are having fun with it. I just feel so much more relaxed and of course that makes it easier. Instead of being a "job" which happens so much with us, it is a "fun" time this month. I just hope I can continue to stay calm though the 2ww. The time has gone by so quick for me, I feel like I was just in the wait and here I am again. Tonight I start those wonderful progersteron supp. Yippy, all those great side effects. :) Oh, well it is all worth it. I have faith that it will work and we will finally have our bundle of joy. I can't say when, I wish I could, but I know we will.

I wanted to ask how is your son holding up with all this excitment with your little girl and how is your little girl? I have been thinking alot about you and praying everything is going ok for all of you.

Well, I must start dinner. It is so humid here and I am exhausted, I think it will be a quick meal tonight. :)

Take care, and I will talk to you soon.



gavinsmommy - July 30

Hi Liz,
Oh my gosh you sound great. I am really proud of you. I know it feels like you just flew through these past few weeks. You have the right attitude. It is great that you and Dh are finally getting to enjoy each other, that makes a world of a difference.
My son is doing good, he sees the lady also but he says he doesn't want to talk to her. He will also tell me that she is here when he sees her but then he walks away.

We had sub sandwiches for dinner, it is way to hot to cook anything. Hopefully the heatwave will bring us all Bfp's. We had enough rain to moisten the soil now it is time to plant the seed and watch things grow.

I really hope you are right with 3x's the charm. I feel the same with you right now.

Good luck with the yucky progesterone supp., it isn't bad enough are hormones play games with us. Will you have to do the shots also?

Has your weather been as hot as ours? If it has just put on the A/c and bd your heart away. Who knows maybe we will all have a black out and you know what they say happens 9 months afterwards. LOL.

Gosh you just made me smile knowing that you are doing good.

Take care and Mega Sticky Baby Dust To All!!!!


liz - July 31

Hi Gavinsmommy -

Thanks for the kind words and support. I am amazing myself that I am actually this relaxed. Well, I am definatly not going to question it, just take it for what is worth and enjoy it. :) I had to laugh at dh tonight we were driving to get some Rita's and he said "so are you knocked up yet?" I just laughed and told him it was too soon to tell, he said "well you are a women, you are sopposed to know everything." Yeah right, I wish I could predict that. haha

That is really amazing with you son and seeing the lady. I think it is amzing how it affects your daughter one way and your son the other. For your sake and his this is a good thing.

Our weather is horrible. It is like living in the tropics. I don't know if I told you before, my dh and I are building our new house (on land we currently live on), we are breaking ground on Aug 21 (very soon). We have been busy outside working, getting ready and this heat is just a killer. Today I was out from 10:30 to 1:45 when I just could not take it anymore. I felt bad that I couldn't help anymore, but I don't want to overdue it right now. My body was telling me to take it easy and I did. We were moving rocks and making rock walls/gardens. My Dad and Brother came to help since I can't lift heavy ones. Dh has a backhoe, so once my Dad left I was driving the backhoe around and dh was picking up the rocks and loading them in the bucket. Fun, fun. :)

I really dosen't look like we will be getting a repreve from the heat anytime in the near future so I guess we must just grin and bare it and drink lots of water. Thank goodness for ac. :) Bd would have been inpossible without it.

I will talk to you soon,
Prayers and lots of baby dust!


gavinsmommy - July 31


I didn't know that you are building a new home. My gosh it sounds like you are working your butts off there. This heat isn't helping either. Just standing and moving 3 feet and your melting. You better take it easy you don't want to over due it. You will certainly be rocking that lil baby.LOL

Driving the back hoe huh, that definately sounds like something I would do. We just did some remodeling a few months ago and my favorite part was the wrecking. LOL. I am just so glad that you sound peaceful and excited with all the new things that are about to come.

New home new baby, yep that sounds good together. Don't you think!!
I have the french bulldog puppy I told you about, and he hates this heat and it is so dangerous for him. He just sits there and looks so miserable.

Have you heard from the other girls yet? Is Trina always gone so long after the let downs? I am really worried about her.

Its kind of funny your DH asked you that, maybe he knows something that we don't. I really hope and pray that he is right.

Stay cool and don't melt, and you better take it slow!!

I will talk to you later and take care!!

Mega Baby Dust And Prayers to you and to all!!!!


Trina76 - July 31

Hello ladies, how in the hell are ya? Good, Good, hopefully highly favored in the name of baby making.....So good to hear for everyone, so glad you guys are still thinking of me and my delimas...My road trip was wonderful, at the time, just what I need. Okay now I'm back at home and the "trying to conceive, thought" is setting back in. (When I left for the road trip, I left all charts and charting and charting tools at home. I am on CD50 (still, no A/F ) Okay-Way TMI Alert!!!! Sometimes before I actually start to flow, I spot, like after a bowel movement (lately I've been really constipated). The spotting happened on the 28th, it was just enough to see on tissue-after that, nothing. I felt like I was about to start flowing, any minute for like the rest of the day and all day the next day, so far nothing. My breast feel heavier,and a little fuller(yall know I don't have room for that) a little tingle here and there but negative pregnancy test-I spoke with a nurse at the local health department, she told me to test evey 3 days, for the next 2weeks, or until I have a period, after that make an appointment with my obgyn. A friend-who started the Geritol Tonic afer I conceived, is now pregnant -9 weeks (lucky trick!!!) but it wouldn't show up in her urine she had to get blood work done to know for sure. She felt pregnant, I don't feel nothing. I don't know what to do. I'll be testing again on the 3rd, I'll keep you guys posted.

Boat loads of baby dust to all


liz - July 31

Good morning ladies -

Gavinsmommy -
I have been "listening" to by body and not overdoing it. I know how important this time is and I would not want to do anything to jepordize the possibility of a little one. I follow the rule of lifting no more than 25 lbs. I figure since that is what they tell you when you are pg I will do it now as well. I have been following that pretty much for the past 4 months. Thank you for your concern, trust me I am careful. :)
My little beagle hates the heat. She walks around outside like she is in the desert. Yesterday she was out for about 2 hours and I had put her in the a/c to relax. She relaxed all right, right up till this morning! haha.
Yes, We are very exceited about the house. My dh is building it himself with some help from a couple contractor friends and family. We are contracting out some of the jobs, liket the masonary, but that is about it. Here is one for you to ponder... When my dh's Dad was building their house him Mom was pg with him!! They moved into the house when Frank (dh) was 6 months old. I can't help but think that maybe history could repeat itself??? I actually forgot about that until dh reminded me the other week. I think that would be awesome.
How are you feeling? Af depart yet? I bet you are anxious to begin a new cycle.

Trina -
Welcome back! We missed you! Glad to see you had a much needed break from everything. I hope you are feeling better.
Boy that is a bummer about not af. Usually we hate her arrival, this is a little different when you don't know what is going on. If no af are you going in for some bw? Some of your symptoms really sound like possible pg, it's just really strange that it is not showing up on a hpt. Fuller breasts, wow you poor thing. I am not sure you can afford that. haha

It was great to hear from you, take care of yourself.

Talk you all soon
Lots of baby dust to all


gavinsmommy - August 1

Hi Liz, Trina,

Liz sorry to be getting back to you so late. I have been going all day in this heat. I just got a chance to sit down now and check in on you guys. I was so glad to see that Trina has come back to us. I was really getting worried. You sound like your really busy to.

I am glad that you are taking it easy, that is the safest route to take. Its funny Dh has been giving you these lil comments. Maybe he is getting the vibe along with us. I really hope that you get that bfp just like Dh's mom. What a twist of fate that would be. Lord knows you deserve it and need a break.
Af is still here, I hope she is more considerate this month and realizes I have some baby making to do.

Trina I am so glad that you are back!!!! You are one amazing lady. Ready to face the battle head on even when you take a hard blow. I am really praying that you get a Bfp. I think you have had your share of heartache, so hopefully you will get the happiness part now. I read on one of your threads about what happen to your family member and then your loss. I am truly sorry about this.

One thing about you is that you take a blow and then you get back up and are ready to go again. That is inspiring to all of us. My gosh your poor back with your bb's. God bless you for carrying them around all day.

I will talk to all of you later, hopefully today will be a better day and a lil less busier.

Mega Hugs And Baby Dust to all!!!!!


liz - August 1

Hi Gavinsmommy -

Sorry I am just getting back to you. My phones line is down at home since I have dsl I can't access the internet. I am soley relying on work time to check in. I called the phone company and they told me that the anticipated date of repair is 8/3. Apparently they have a major problem (cable failure they say). Some of the people on my street have been without phones since last Thurs. Thank goodness that wasen't us (we lost ours Monday early morning), I would be in trouble, withdrawl would definatly have set in! :)

That is a bummer with af. How many days has it been now? Oh boy I am praying that you are not having another one of those 20 some day af visits. Are you still on the Ovulex?

I got some good news today :) I had to go for my 4dpo bw. My Estrodiol is 274 and Progesterone is 24.7. That is great for me. Last month my Estrodiol had dropped to 103 at 4dpo, so we are still going strong this month. yeah! I am not getting my hopes up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a good one. Only time will tell. My beta test is 8/11. It will be here before I know it. I am so busy lately that the days are just flying by. Good for the old 2ww! I forgot to answer your question about the suppositories. I do not have to do injections, just the yucky supp. I have been doing just fine with them and really it is just an added precaution for me. I normally had high enough prog. in the second half, they are just playing it safe since we still have the 2 unexplained m/c. I actually get used to them after a few days. Sure they are a pain in the butt, but who knows it could all be worth it and a very small price to pay.

I hope you are a little less busy today. It is unbelievable how busy life can be. I can hardly believe it is Aug. already. This year is going so fast.

I will check in tomorrow morning unless my phone is back up, that would be nice!

Take care,
Lots of baby dust to everyone, I am also praying for af's departure for you Gavinsmommy



gavinsmommy - August 1


We need them to fix your DSL!!! I hate when ours goes out. You never know how much you miss it until its gone. Thank God for work or we would have know way to keep in touch.

I am so happy to hear your levels are good. Now they have to stay there. My friend I was telling you about who was trying for 10 years had to do the progesterone also. They also did it for preventitive measures. She did for the first trimester. Hopefully you will have to do the same this month.

I can feel so much energy and excitement when I read your threads now. It makes me smile. I am so happy for you.

Af has been here for 5 days right now, so that isn't to bad yet. I really do appreciate your prayers for her to go easy on me this month. I am still taking the ovulex, I am kind of afraid not to take because of what happened last month. So I guess we will see.

How did your post coital results turn out? I hope everything went well. You need every part of your body to cooperate when you are ttc. I can' t believe how some people think it is so easy to get pregnant. There is a lot of work involved, kind of like landscaping not just planting a seed. LOL

I myself cannot believe that it is already August. I just said it to dh last night. It seemed like it was just Christmas. They already have Halloween stuff out in the stores.

I am really praying that af goes easy this time so that we can hopefully be due date buddies together!!!!


p.s. I hope you get your dsl back, we have important things to keep up with!!!


Trina76 - August 2

Gavinsmommy-OMG!!! Halloween is right around the corner? I've been so busy with school shopping.... What are the twins going to be for halloween? How's your little girl doing-bless her lil' heart, I sure hope and pray everything is going alright??

Liz, things are sure looking good for you. I'll be sure and pray extra hard for you tonight, so that thing go great tomorrow.

I'm doing pretty good, I want to test so bad, but I'm gonna wait it out. Today the heat has been unbearable, I told my hubby I sweated so much today while running around I think I lost 7lbs of fluid.(Wish it could have all been boobs!!!!)

Slatka-hope the baby making is going on and on and on and on....Send you n' laws out for massages, and try in every corner and crevis of there house!!!!! Remember--have fun, be playful; not demanding (But demanding is a nice game to play, also...)

Babt Dust to All


gavinsmommy - August 2

Hi Trina,

I am so glad to hear from you. You sound great, even stronger now than you were before. I am so proud of you. You make me giggle my butt off reading your threads. The twins were bam bam and pebbles last year so I am thinking of making them Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat and The Hat, will see though because something else may catch my eye.

Keep the strength and try not to test until your goal date. I know it is not easy. I am hoping my Af is not going to go nuts again this month on me, she gave me a run for my money last month.

The heat here in Chicago has been insanely hot without the a/c there would be no bding. I like the heat but not when I am sleeping or bding. LOL

My lil girl has been so so, there are days when things are calm and then there are the crazy days when she seems to be tormented. I know the dear Lord above is probably saying what do you want now.

Slatka I hope that you take Trina's advice, especially the demanding part!!! LOL.

I will talk to all of you later.

Mega Hugs, Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!


Slatka - August 2

Hi Everyone -- Liz, Gavinsmommy, Trina, Denise --

Well, house "stuff" is moving along. I forget if I've written here the good news?? We got the house in Annapolis (after a long struggle it seemed to me, though it was probably perfectly normal and brief). It will be our first house! We're very excited, but can hardly believe it will be ours...we had our major inspection on Monday (I haven't been on the forum as much as I would like -- it's been very crazy in a good way) and things looked good. I stood in the kitchen (which is about 6 times bigger than our little apt. kitchen and the stove is wider than our tiny foot and a half antique!) and tried to imagine myself actually living there. Wow!

And of course this is all around ovulation time. We did the best we could... who knows? You hear the stories of women getting pregnant after having sex 4 or 5 days before ovulation, because the sperm hangs around; then you hear of women doing it every hour, practically, and nothing happens. We did the everyday thing. At the very least, my ovulation seems to have moved up a few days, from CD 17 or so to CD14 or 15. This may help, especially if I have luteal phase defect. It shows I have some potential!

I've been catching up with all of you on the posts and I'm glad to see you are surviving the heat with humor!

Trina -- good luck -- when do you test? In a few days? Hang in there! We'll all be behind you!

Gavinsmommy -- I hope your daughter is having a good day (and you are too). Would you consider taking her to see someone, a counselor, a pastor? Someone maybe outside of the family circle she can trust? I hope this will all pass (and, really, it probably will), but just to make it more bearable as she is experiencing things...Thinking of you.

Take care all! Talk to you soon-



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