ttc after m/c
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gavinsmommy - July 19


I forgot to tell you that the rollercoaster ride is better than the Merry GO Round! LOL So hang on tight and don't let go.


liz - July 19

Hello everyone -

Gavinsmommy -
Yes I am happy that my re is going to try something different. He seems to be quite aggressive in treatments, not to mention that the nurses all know my wishes to be aggresive. After all I am not a very patient person. This is a killer on me.

Well yes the roller coaster is better then the merry go round, but atleast with the merry go round you can jump off when you are tired of it. The roller coaster is too high in the air for that one. haha. :)

I don't know if I mentioned before that I had very little cm and it wasen't what it should have been (I think), it was one of the reasons the doc wanted me off the Clomid, but anyway this past month they had told me that looking at the ultrasound it looked ok. I thought this was kinda hard to tell on an ultra sound?? If you don't mind me asking how did your girlfriend figure out the problem with the cm, what did they do about it and how long did it take her to conceive once they figured all that out? Sorry for all the questions, I am just very curious and have never heard of anyone who experenced it or knew someone who did.

So, where are you at now this month? I keep losing track. :( Sorry, my mind is a little mussy these days. I am really having trouble focusing. Just today I was changing my table cloth and want in the other room to get something the next thing I new I was organizing papers! I completly forgot about what I was doing in the first place. I wonder if I am to young for losing my mind. :)

Prayers, hugs and lots of sticky baby dust to you all!



gavinsmommy - July 20

Hi Liz,

She had a vaginal swab done were they tested the cm and found that she either had to much PH or it was to acidity. Once she had the laporascope done to clear up the endometriosis she was able to start bding after the 6 weeks. It took her 2 more months after that to finally get pg. That was after tens years of trying invitro and everything else. Her dr. she first had never took her serious, he basically took her money and her time for ttc.

Your Dr. sounds like the kind I like. He or she is not playing around and going at it aggressively. I myself have no idea right now were I am at in my cycle. I am totally baffled. I am kind of just waiting and seeing and hoping for good results.
See once again we have something in common, the losing the mind part. I walked in the kitchen with the twins sippy cups and said what did I come out here for, and my daughter said juice mommy and kind of gave me a funny look. LOL You are not alone. Oh I forgot to mention I don't know how or if they can check your cm from an U.S.. Try and ask your Dr. and see what they say. Talk to you later and take care.



Trina76 - July 20

Hi people, how's everyone doing? Me, well it couldn't get too much worse. Today my unmarried sister, gave birth to an 8lb3oz boy at about 11:15am, 3rd child, 3rd baby daddy, Yeah, good for her. I am soooooo PISSED....
She called me all morning begging me to come to the hospital, why I don't know,6yr age differance for me and her, we're not close at all. I mean we tolorate each other but that's about it. So doing the sisterly thing I got to the hospital put on my happy face, armed we balloons, a very nice gift, and camcorded, I make it there in time for the birth.....And everybody wants to know .....Trina what are you waiting on, It's your turn, your clock is ticking, blah, blah,blah...and all that Bull Crap....I managet to hold it in for about 30mins.....Then all hell broke loose......I told everyone to listen uo I'm only going to say this once: Excuse me for setting goals in life for myself, and educating myself. Excuse me for waiting on the man that I prayed for and wanting to be married , have a house, and ficinancial means to support a family and a household. Excuse me for thinking that's the way it was supposed to happen.....
Now if you guys don't mind I'm going to take the little religion that I have left and go back to my house, the only place that I will have peace.....My hubby was very upset , with my family, and he let it be known and we left the hospital.....We rode around for hours in complete silence.....It official I am CRAZY!!!!!!!!


Trina76 - July 20

I really am loosing it- look at all the typo!!!!!!!!!


Trina76 - July 20

OOh ,and by the way- to all of the ladies at least know that you can start over, a new cycle, another chance, my hpt are still negative and still no a/f..(dragging me and my emotions on a long ride)....I have prayed more this week, than a Bapist Minster during revival week. I haven't even been working out , just sleeping or laying in bed I have the worse backache ever!! And this lazy thing was very easy to get into....Depression is very close behind...I mean I went to the salon, the carlot
purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima Loaded, leather, seats sunroof,6disc cd changer,I'm thinking road trip Hot Springs,AR to the water park, then Birmingham,AL to visit my cousins, and I don't know what all...


liz - July 20

Trina -

Oh my gosh. You poor thing. I am soooooooo sorry that you had to go through that today. Wow you must be stressed.

First off you are not crazy! You tried to do the best thing you could and then you get caught up in all the family trying to "get you pregnant". Obviously they do not understand what you are going though, but don't feel about that one. Until you have walked in these shoes you have no idea!

Secondly, I admire you Trina. You held you head high and did what any wonderful, loving, caring women would do. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to walk into that scene. You should be proud of yourself, you are remarkable women and you proved it today.

Try not to be to hard on yourself. Vent all you want, we are here for you!

Take care,


gavinsmommy - July 20


You poor thing. There is nothing wrong about expressing your feelings back. I know when I suffered my m/c in 2002 alot of people said alot of things. I just took it long enough and then that was it. I feel if someone can say something so hurtful to you then you have the right to express your feelings back. God Bless you for putting your right foot foward. Take all the anger that you are going through and try to turn into a positive feeling now. The anger will destroy you and do you know good. Please keep your chin up you are just fine. Every now and then everybody needs to leave off some steam. We are all here for you.

Much Baby Dust and Hope for you!!!!


liz - July 20

Trina, Wasen't it the last time that you went on a vaction af arrived? Maybe a little vacation is just what you need right now.


tracylee - July 20

I just want to know if I can come with you Trina! Road trip sounds great!

Really, I am sorry you are going thru all this right now! It's amazing how insensitive people are, including family!



weazie - July 20

so sorry to hear how you are feeling right now. Hopefully now after expressing your feelings to your family they will be a little more considerate in the future with you. You are not going crazy but I totally understand why you feel like you are. I honestly told my dh on Monday I think I am losing it and going crazy. It is the WAIT that is getting to you and all of us at times. We are waiting to get pregnant again, we wait to ovulate, we have the two week wait, we wait to test then we wait for AF to show or not. We wait for doctors appointment, test results and the list goes on. I've been having insomnia for 2 months now and just realized it is from all the waiting. Once AF shows I have a great sleep for about 4 or 5 days then my wait begins again for the repeated cycle we go thru every month. The worse part is we can't make it happen, we can do our best in making it possible but have no control on getting that BFP at the end of the month. So we wait and wait and wait...........

Slatka I read your post that AF showed up. It sounds like you were prepared for her like I was and let the tears out ahead of time. I am interested to see what this cycle is like for me. I had all that cramping before AF arrived and once she did I had no cramps at all and have had a light period. This period is what my cycles were like before my D&C. Maybe this is a sign that I am slowing getting back to normal. Dh suggested maybe because I pay so close attention I have been noticing the cramps. I would love to agree but the cramps I have been having with my cycles would not have gone unnoticed if they existed before my pregnancy.

Hope all is well and keep your chins up ladies!!


liz - July 21

Denise -

You are so right about the wait! I feel like there is only 4-5 days a month that I actually sleep well. Of course that is when af is here! It stinks, I wish that I could be more relaxed and "go with the flow" instead of trying to control the outcome. I hate having to be in control. I feel like I am obsessed with "trying to make a baby" what ever happened to the good old days when people never even tried?

Sometimes I really have to wonder what is causing all this inferility. To me I think there has to be something. How can so many women have all these problems getting pg. Reproducing is sopossed to be a natural part of life, so then why is it so hard for some of us? I swear sometimes that it has alot more to do with age then they credit to it. Part of me really thinks that something hormonally changes inside women around 30 and causes so many unanswered problems. Sorry for my babble, this is just stuff I think about often. Especially when I can't sleep at night.

Trina -
I hope you are doing ok, taking care of yourself, whatever it takes.

Gavinsmommy -
How are you? I haven't heard from you in a couple of days. I hope all is well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Lots of sticky baby dust to all of us this month!



weazie - July 21

Hi Ladies

I am so happy I finally got my referral appointment set up today for Augsut 14th. When I went to see my family doctor I was a little disappointed as I thought he would get the ball rolling on some testing etc. He gave me the name of the doctor he was referring me too and only stated she was a Gynecologist. Well I got my letter in the mail today for my appointment and it is for the Infertility centre at the top hospital in my area!!!! Finally I feel like I have something to look forward too. Both dh and I have to attend the appointment so they can start consultation and testing that day on us. I am sooooo happy!!
Just wanted to share my news and I feel like I have some kind of direction now for the first time in months.

I hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend!!


liz - July 21

Denise -

Congrats! I am so glad to hear you finally have an appointment scheduled. Aug 14, thats awesome, not such a long wait for you. I know any amount of time seems like an eternity, but thats short in the world of fertility appointments from what I have experienced. I am sure you are overjoyed. I know I always feel so much better once I feel like we are doing something instead of just sitting around waiting. Have an appt. with the fertility center should bring you lots of hope.

Best of luck to you,


gavinsmommy - July 22

Hi everyone,

Liz I am sorry I haven't got back to you until now. Did you get the information about my girlfriend? I have been so up and down emotionally these past few days, I don't know what is wrong with me. One minute I want to cry the next I want to bite someone's face off. I don't know if it is AF going to show up or what. I am so thrown off from last month. Things have been kind of hectic here, my daughter has been telling me that she sees this lady that is in our room and that she has my baby.

The woman she is describing really scares her and my husband said it sounds like his mother who had passed on in March of this year. She has never seen her because my Dh did not have much of a relationship with her because of past experiences. I never met her in the 6 years we had been married. She had no use for me I guess.

She keeps saying that the lady wants her to walk with her and that she is going to have blood on her and not to cry. She says she is going to go with her. This all started back in April. I thought at first that she had an imaginary friend. She told me that she sees the baby and that it is a girl wearing a pink dress. She said the lady is wearing pink also and that was what my Dh's mom was laid to rest in. She even describes a puppy with the lady that my husband owned as a child, down to the curly hair. I think I am going to loose my mind.

She is very afraid of the lady and she says she is bad. I haven't had much sleep because of this. My lil girl is very reckless and full of energy and is always getting into things. You really have to keep your eyes on her at all times. I amsorry to be going on so long. I hope al of you are doing good. Please pray for us here that this stops. That is what Dh and I have been doing. Take care.

Much Baby dust and Hugs To All!!!!


liz - July 22

Gavinsmommy -

I am so sorry to hear about your little girls nightmares. That is awlful and very scary. I can imagine your concern. She must be scared. Have you and dh considered discussing it with her peditrician? Maybe he/she could give you some advice.

That is very strange how she is describing your dh's Mother and has never seen her. It's also amazing how well she is describing her to you, she must be a really bright lil one. I will definatly keep all of you in my prayers!

I did just see your reply about your girlfriend. I must have missed it before. Sorry. Thanks for the info, it sounds like she may have had the post colital test that I will be able to hopefully have this month. In a way I am actually hoping that it is a cm problem so atleast I would have an answer. I hate the feeling of not knowing why I am not getting pg, it really makes me feel like a failure.

Sorry to hear you are on an emotional roller coaster. I can relate to the mood swings. The past few days have been awlful for me. One min. I am crying the next I am like you say "biting someones head off". My patience is at 0 and I seem to hate everything. I attribute mine to low Estrodiol, I get this way every time my Estrodiol drops. I am doing the Repronex injections, today will be my third day, so my Estrodiol should start to jump up and I can go back to being a normal person for a few weeks. Do you have any idea when af is due for arrival?

You have a lot on your plate right now, I am so sorry things are so hectic for you. Emotionally you must me having a rough time of it. All I can say is I will pray for you and if you need to vent please feel free, I am always here to listen and help any way I can.

Take care,
Hugs and baby dust,



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