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lili246 - April 23

wow so what is your due date? wow are dilating wow it seems that you are due anytime now. I am so happy for you and I bet you you are so axious to meet you lil bundle of joy. Keep us posted on what the doctor says tomorrow. I am sure everything is ok aswell. Have you though of doing a being induce now that you are full term now? wow I can't believe that time has pass that fast and you are almost there girl hang in there I know that those last weeks are the hardest when it comes to sleep you have a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable. I hope that you get to meet your lil one very soon.
Are you still working?

I was very patient because god told me that he was going to bless me once again and I beleived him and look I am blessed once again and I am sure this time will be a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I have so much faith!!! :)
God is big and he is protecting all of us!!

I am happy that you had a great baby shower I told you not to worry when you mention that noone might showed up and look you had a great one. I am so happy that everything turn out great.

Girs thanks for all your support have a great night!!

Love Lili :)


Mahogany Heart - April 24


DH is going out of town to work. He really didn't want to go but I told him to go on. I know God will allow him to be here for the birth of his son. I'm sure he will be home before June 5, 2007.

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for their bundles of joy.


Charity - April 26

Hi Lili,

I am due May 7th and it seems like forever! Everything was fine at the doctor. Nothing new to report. Everything is still fine – blood pressure, weight, size, etc. I am still at 1 ½ cm dilated and 80% effaced – no change from last week. She doesn’t think we will have the baby this week and said she would see us next Tuesday.

How are you feeling?


lili246 - April 26

That sounds great girl. Keep on the good work. You are getting so close what is just 2 weeks wow I am so excited for you, soon you will be with your lil bundle of joy :)
So did you stop working yet? Do you have everything ready?
Best wishes and Good Luck!!

I am feeling good the nauseas are kicking in and getting hungry all the time :)
But I am doing good thank god. My insurance is taking forever and hope they can get their act together so that I can go and see the doctor ASAP.

Have a great night!!

Love Lili


NANCY - April 27

Hello all!!!

First congrats to you Lili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I am glad to hear that everything is going well for you.

I am glad to hear that everyone's showers went great!! You all had a good time. I have 2 showers to go to in June.

How is everyone feeling? Just think some of you will be holding your little one's soon.

Well for me things are going really good with the kids. Myself I know that I may seem a little selfish but I am really down in the dumps. I have to return to work soon. I thought that it would be a little easier this time seeing that I went through it already. I can feel my eyes fill up with tears when I think about it. May 7th I will be returning to work. I stopped at my office a couple of weeks ago so say hi to the people that I work with and brought the girls in with me. They already told me to stay away from my desk that it's crazy. I went on Maternity leave in Dec and they never hired a temp. Some people have tried to work some of my accounts but they have their own and have goals to make. Maybe it will be a good thing. I will have so much work that I won't have time to think. I just can't imagine being away from Madison. I am glad that I continued to keep Paige in her day care and she loves it 2 days a week. I really love the woman that is taking care of her. I know that she will be taking great care of both my girls I just don't want to be seperated from Madison. I know that I will get over it but the anxiety I feel approaching that day is so overwhelming :-\. I am very jealous of women that get to stay at home with their little bundles of joy. Consider your self blessed!!!

Well thanks for listening and am glad to hear that everyone is moving right along with their cute and huge bellies!

One thing for sure enjoy every minute with you little ones they grow up so fast!!!

Love you ladies and babies


Charity - April 27

Hi Nancy,

You aren’t being selfish about wanting to be with Madison, you are just being a loving mother. When you go back to work, will it be full-time right away or can you ease into it part-time? It is so hard to believe you have two little girls now. I remember when Chris and I first started dating and you were trying to have Paige. He was so happy when he found out that the procedure had been successful and was always asking his mom if things were still going well with the pregnancy because he was concerned there might be complications. Then along came Paige and she was absolutely perfect. Then last year he was so worried about you when the procedure didn’t work and he didn’t know what to say. Then in no time, you were pregnant with Madison and we all felt it was a miracle! Time does pass so fast and all the important things happen so quickly.

If you find anything that makes it easier to go back to work, please pass it on. I am not looking forward to having to go back to work either. I know we will get in a routine and it will all work out but I can only imagine how much I am going to miss her and I haven’t even met her yet. So I know it must be hard with Madison being almost 6 months old. We will be thinking of you!


lili246 - April 27

Thanks!! I am so exciedt and happy!! :)

I am sorry to hear that you get to go back to work very soon. I know it stinks having to leave your kids with someone else. I was bless to leave my son with my mom which we live together and there is noone better to take care of him but her.
I remember even though it was my mom the first day I came back to work I was because I was so attached to my baby boy that it was hard leaving him home, but what made me feel better was that my mom was taking good care of him so that was such a great relief. I always told my dh if my mom didn't want to take care of my son there was not going to be another choice but for me to stay home and take care of him because I am so bad at trusting someone else.

I know it is hard but it is also tuff just letting dh work and then be so tight on money everything is getting so expensive that it is unbelievable how some families can survive. I agree with you that those women who don't work are so bless and they should pass on the recipe.. For reals I am so jeoulous of the women and hope that I get to do that soon :)
You are right enjoy every moment of your lil bundles because they grow up so fast.

Have a great weekend!!

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - April 28


You are right around the corner!!

Are you ready?


I can't wait until he gets here. DH is more ready now then ever. You should hear and see him around here. It is so funny. He should be back before the birth.


Charity - May 1


Just got back from my OB. Everything is still good. My blood pressure was a little elevated but it had been a stressful morning and the doctor wasn’t real concerned. I am 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced. The doctor said with all the softening and ripening that has occurred since last week, that she thinks it will be this week. HOWEVER, if I do make it to my next appointment which is next Tuesday – then she said we would schedule an induction. She said the baby gains nothing after 40 weeks and there is an increased risk of still-born birth and she doesn’t want to take that risk. And I thought I was only 39 weeks but they are still basing my weeks based on my original due date – so I am actually 39 ½ weeks and will be 40 weeks this Friday. So by next Tuesday, I will be 40 ½ weeks. So I had not wanted to be induced because it is going to hurt more but at this point and with the risk – I think I am perfectly ok with an induction :)

Mahogany – when does your husband come home?

Lili – still feeling good? I was thinking about you this morning and I just all of a sudden had this feeling that you were going to have a little girl. It was the weirdest thing!


lili246 - May 1

wow girl you are almost there I can't believe it time has pass so fast that you are almost going to hold in your hands your lil one :) That is so exciting and wish that it could be me :)
Hey I had an induction with my son and for me it was very fast and I did very good, it did hurt bad but I think that all labors hurt so don't worry no matter what you are going to be with your lil one very soon.
I am planing to have an induction with this one so that I can have my lil one sooner I can't wait well not that soon but when I am at 38 to 39 weeks. :)
I think it is the best thing because you don't want to wait longer and then have a still birth like you said.
I will be preaying for you girl :) Good Luck and do your best!!
Hey really a girl that would be great :) I already have my lil boy and a girl would be awesome that way I would have the pair that would be awesome. So what made you think that?

Well girl good luck and keep us posted on what happens and how it goes. One good thing that I got from my aunts and I also did when I was in labor was that on every contraction I felt I would push that helps for the baby to come down faster. I know that the doctor doesn't want us to do that and they will say that doesn't help but believe me it really does help. I have pass that word along to my friends and they have been successful aswell so your should do that and I bet you will have your baby faster :)

Take care

Love Lili


lili246 - May 1

Hey girls what should I take or eat for those nauseas? I have been getting them on and off. Also I have been very hungry in the mornings did any of you experience this and what did you take for that. I had some cereal this morning but I am still hungry I will have a yojurt but I bet I will still be



Charity - May 1

In the beginning, I had to eat something every 2 hours. I would eat cereal for breakfast and then a little bit later a banana or apple. Then 2 hours later I would eat some yogurt. I just made sure I was eating something small every 2 hours and that helped me a lot. It kept my blood sugar up. I had lunch and then later a snack of some carrots or fruit. I drank one V8 a day too, to get my veggies in since I was eating more fruit then I was vegetables. I wasn’t real sick but I would feel better if I kept something in my stomach all the time. I heard Ginger Snaps were good if you were feeling nauseas.


lili246 - May 1

Thank you so much girl you have helped me alot.
I will go to the store and buy some fruits I haven't been eating fruits lately so I will go and do that. I get very hungry in the mornings and I do have some cereal but then 30mins. later I am hungry again and so on until I have my lunch at noon I fell much better. So I will do that try to eat more healthy aswell. ;)
I am having those nauseas I think I have had them more this time than with my son. But ofcourse every pregnancy is different. ;)
Thanks for your advice :)

Praying for you girl!!! :)


Mahogany Heart - May 1


He will be home this Friday then we are going to do the 3D/4D on Saturday and I believe they pull out again on Sunday. He said it will be a four week thing but he knows Chance will be here June 5, 2007 To God Be The Glory!!!


lili246 - May 2

I though of you today, I saw a very pregnant women that seems to have her baby anytime and you came up in my mind :) wow you are so close that it unbelievable time went by so fast. I still remember when your ticker said you were 7 weeks :) wow.
I am so happy for you girl please take it easy and do your best and pray that everything will be ok.
I will be praying for you :)

Hey girls, Did you know that Liz had her baby Samantha on april 13. So is a cutie a very pretty lil girl. Hope that she comes to the forum and shares her labor story it might help us :)

Have a great night!!

Best wishes to all of you!!

Where are all of the other girls this forum is getting very

Love Lili


lili246 - May 3

hey I had a dream that I had a lil girl!! Does that mean that I may have a girl. I heard that when you are pregnant and dream of the gender of your child that is what you are having..
Like when I was pregnant with my son I dream that I had a lil boy and that is what I had.
So hope that my dreams will come true!! :)

How is everyone else feeling!!
Charity you are so so close, good luck I am praying for you!!

Love Lili



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