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Amanda Ivey - May 2

I thought this site would be an awesome addition to ovulex board where preggers could compare notes, symptoms and complaints.

I am a success story from December ovulex board, I didn't try ovulex that long, but got my bfp the first cycle of preseed I am 6 months pregnant with a baby boy due August 17th. I have no symptoms right now other than a few sweet cravings and heartburn. Here are a few pics of my cutie at 19 weeks. photobucket is a great place to share your u/s images and other news with friends and family.

are a few cool Pregnancy websites:



Amanda Ivey - May 2

oh yeah cool baby blog for fun easy web page sharres with friends amnd family as you update.


NANCY - May 2

Has anyone picked out Baby names?

The main reason that I tested was that my (.)(.) s are sore and tingling.


Amanda Ivey - May 3

We have already decided to make our first son a second (Ronnie Ray Ivey) I have grown to like the names Aidan or Gregory Aidan, but I already have his hopes up and my mom said that it wouldn't be right to change it after telling him for 6 months he would be a second. Also you only get one first born.
Have you started to get sick yet? I don't remember getting sick until 7 or 8 weeks, but my sister has told me she was sick within the first month. Is this your first baby? Did you already schedule your annual? :)


NANCY - May 3

That is a really nice name.

This is going to be # 2 for me and DH. Our first is a little girl that I had through IVF. Her name is Paige Catherine.

So far so good for me. Not sick at all. knock on wood!!!
I remember from the first time getting really really tired. Not so much this time. By 8:30 I am tired and by the time I get Paige ready for bed and get her stuff ready for the next day i am wide awake. When did you start getting tired where all you want to do is sleep?

My first appt is on monday so excited can't wait!!!


Amanda Ivey - May 5

Sorry it took me so long to respond, we had unexpected houseguests :/ I hope youare still feeling okay. So this is your second, (love the name) Little girls are the cutest. Well we both know it's to early to know if you lucked out on the morning sickness or not, we'll know in a few weeks here, I pray that you do because I am sure you need the energy, me on the other hand I am a lazy bum anyway :) this is my first, so there's not much for me to do around here except for keep the house clean until I return to work. I don't think I started getting really tired until like my third month, now I sleep moderately, I am getting back to normal for a while, even my appetite has went back to normal for a minute. So your first appt is Monday, you are so lucky, they got you in pretty quick. Are you going to request an u/s or wait. I always preferred to wait. Did you have one with Paige early on? How was it the first month with her home, did she sleep a lot or keep you up? Did she eat a whole lot? Were you still as worried about how to do things or did that all go away once you had her home and it came natural or did it? Just wondering... so many questions :) :) :)



NANCY - May 5

I remember in the beginning being exhausted when I was pregnant with Paige. By 8:15-9:00 I would be out like a light!! I not sure about the U/S I guess I talk to the doctor and see what he says. I think they make appts for that. When I got pregnant with Paige she was an IVF baby so I had like 3 or 4 u/s in the first trimester. Before I gave birth to her I would say the last 2 month of preg I told my husband Oh my god the baby will cry we won't know what's wrong I was so nervous I looked at all these mothers and it was so natural. Once she came I felt a little better. You get into a routine.

It is the most amazing thing bringing her home I kept telling my husband that I couldn't beleive that we were parents


Amanda Ivey - May 10

Just wanted to bump up the thread for you guys



Amanda Ivey - May 10

Monica I am sorry to hear you had a rough day at work Monday. Try taking your prenatals right before bed that always worked for me. Everytime I tried to take them during the day I got more sick than I already was,
Oh have you heard from Andrea lately?



Monica - May 10

Oh good.......I didn't know about this board. This way I can talk without feeling a little guilty :-\

Amanda: I will definitely take my pre-natal vitamins right before bed from now on. That really sounds like a plan.......Thanks!
By the way, how much folic acid does your pre-natal vitamins have? The pre-natals that I bought over the counter contain 800 mg. The pre-natals that my doctor prescribed for me.......has half of that amount; so I am still taking my own until I finish the bottle. The folic acid is extremely important to me right now since my little one is in the process of doing some major developing.

Anyways, I haven't heard from Andrea in awhile. I think she posted something on the Ovulex board a few weeks ago, but that is about all.......

Take Care!
Monica :)


NANCY - May 10

I kinda felt bad too. Someone there said "Okay new mommies spare no details tells us about morning sickness and any other symptoms." Nobody objected but part of me still felt bad so I am glad that we have this board now.


NANCY - May 10

Monica what happen I am a day ahead of you now.

Amanda you are so right i take my vitamin at night all the time. I sit in bed take my vitamin lay down and go to sleep that way if it bothers me I am sleeping.

I keep thinking about it and I still feel bad that our discussions made someone stay away from the ovulex board.


Amanda Ivey - May 11

I know what you mean, but we all apologized so I think they are okay now. This thread was so that we could all talk to eachother about our pregnancies without it being an issue for those still ttc, I do hope we will get more ladies on this board soon. No need to beat yourself up about it your good :) :) :)

I have no idea how much folic acid is in the pills I was prescribed by my doctor. I probably had a lot more than what was in the pills anyway, I am a very big oj fan, I have slowed down now, but at one time during this pregnancy I was drinking I think about 3/4 of a gallon a day. mmmm mmmm good.

I don't have much news for the night everything is still fine, I have to go wash my chihuahua in a minute, I found out my husband didn't take her out at all today to walk her so I have to clean her and the cage. yaaay!!! ahhh well, no I take that back I think I will make him clean the cage. hmmmmm (sounds great)

okey dokey then love u guys, have a nice night, I will pray for you tonight please do the same for me.

://[/img][/url] >


Monica - May 11


Hey Nancy: The reason that I am a day behind you is because when I went in for my early ultrasound on last week, the doctor told me EXACTLY how far along I was by the measuements of the baby & the sac, and she said that I was 1 day I just re-adjusted my ticker accordingly.
Nancy, was the first day of your last period on 3/24/06? I was just wandering since we have the same due date. What did the doctor tell you that your due date was? Is it 12/29/06? I am just curious.......

That is soooo neat that Peaches & Amanda are due at the same time; and you & I are do within the same week!!

Where is Peaches everyone? We miss you!

I took my prenatal vitamin before I went to bed last night, and that really helped! Thank you for the advice.

Amanda: You mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you are in the army. Where are you stationed? Do you like it?

Much Love To All,
Monica :)


Amanda Ivey - May 11

Actually I just got out May 1st, but I was at Ft. Gordon Ga that's in Augusta I still live around here. Hubby was also in he just finished his enlistment in April. He leaves for Iraq in August ( I hope) and not sooner we are trying to see if money can stretch that long, we both want him here for the birth really bad. :( I prob won't be working again until late October or November. Oh there were certain things I did and didn't like about it, but I will admit the military takes good care and spoils you.
I was wondering about peaches too she's so quiet then she pops back up.



NANCY - May 12

Yes my last period was 3/24/06 and my dr told me my due date was 12/29/06. I go for an ultrasound on Tuesday so we will see what they say.

This morning I woke up and remembered my dream that I was so sick getting sick all over the place. I woke up and felt sick all day

Amanda I can't beleive it my husband was in Fort Gordon. I remember going down there to visit him for 2 weeks. I can't beleive what a small world. He was 31U Communication Spec. He was going to school there. He said he really liked it. What do you and your husband do there?


Amanda Ivey - May 12

Sorry you weren't feeling good today, but I know I don't have to tell you ( I will anyway) it's all for your little cutie. It is a small world, where are you guys now, yeah I know all the signal aits come got to gordon for school. I was stationed here as a military poice (hated it), my husband was in the same company as me, but he wasa quarter master and worked at a warehouse. We met here in like 03 when he came from Ft. hood Texas, but as of right now I am out and so is he, he is going to Iraq in August as a civilian contractor, hoping we can wait until then if not he'll just have to find another job.
Wow, they already got you in for an u/s that's really good, I'm sure everything will go great.

What are you doing Monica hope you are feeling better today. Oh where are you from? You guys might be delivering near eachother around the same time, man I would love another pregnant buddy close by.

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