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NANCY - April 1

Hello Ladies and Babies!!

I hope that all is well with everyone!! It's amazing I feel like it was only yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant and here I have my miracle and she is 3 months. I remember during the middle of my pregnancy you were all getting pregnant and now you are all getting ready for the blessed event. I wish you all a wonderful and as painless delivery as possible.

MH I remember after having Paige it took me so long to get pregnant with her that if I had as they call it IRISH TWINS then that would be wonderful. Good luck!

Monique how was your shower??

Charity So are you getting excited about your shower. You'll have to send pictures so I can see.

Doing good here. Getting use to being a mother of 2. I do find my self tired and try not to take that out on my 2 year old Paige. My new thing when she doesn't listen is telling her she has until the count of 3 and if she doesn't do what she is suppose to she has a time out in Mommy's bed(I don't want to time her out in her bed I just got her sleeping through the night 4-6 nights a week). The cute thing I wanted to share with you guys is that when I put her in my bed I tell her that when she is done crying and when she is ready to do the thing I told her she had to do to call me and let me know. When she is done crying she calls me and tells me "Mommy I am done crying" I go in and ask her if she is ready to change her diaper or what ever it is that got her the time out and she says yes and we go change the diaper. I am so amazed at how well it's working. At first I was yelling and then after that I felt horrible(I think it's a little bit of post partum). You know kids though what works today will be different next week.

I was going through Paige's things of when she was first born and then later I was nursing Madison and I felt so upset for her. When my daughter Paige was born so many people sent her things even if it was just a card that said welcome to the world. There were people that I thought for sure would send her a card or even a token gift to say welcome to the world and didn't. The more that I thought of it the more upset I got I just cried and cried. I couldn't control it. The feelings overwelmed me. I mean even down to my husbands parents didn't get her anything for being born. I just ran through the list and the more I thought of it I was hurt and discusted. I was finally able to calm down and think to my self I am being a little crazy. My mother called and she immediately knew there was something wrong and called my DH. I finally told him do you think I am being crazy. He said that he can understand me feeling hurt. I was much better when we talked about it later and did tell him that maybe it's still a little bit of post partum. Do you guys think that I am being crazy??
Thanks for listening



Monica - April 1

Hi Everyone,

I'm back!! How are all of the mommy's to be? It seems that time is winding down for the blessed events & I am so excited for everyone!!......

I do apologize that I haven't posted in awhile, but I HAVE been keeping up with everyone's progress.......
Well, little Joseph is doing very well. He is exactly 4 months old today & is about 13 lbs. He brings us such joy, and I thank God for him on a daily basis. We are planning to try for another baby very soon, as my husband and I are definitely in agreement for one more baby (hopefully a baby girl this time). We are not using any type of birth control right now, so when the Lord sees fit for it to will happen.

Nancy: Wow, it is amazing that little Madison is already 3 months! I can still remember when you posted that you were pregnant a few weeks after I did! My, how time flies.......
Anyways, I don't think that you are crazy at all for feeling the way that you do about everyone's nonchalant reactions to the birth of your second child. I have somewhat experienced that as well with certain individuals in my family & I find that to be a little unfair; but I have realized that people are people, and when I remember that......NOTHING surprises me ::)

Monique: How are you feeling these days? How was your babyshower up north?

Charity: Time is really winding down for you isn't it? How are your feet feeling? You know they say that after every pregnancy; your foot grows a half size each time. That certainly holds true for me, so I am not able to wear any of my closed-toe shoes comfortably anymore...

Mahogany Heart: How are you feeling? What kind of pain are you in? Are you just feeling heavy in your pelvic region, or is it something else? Please let me know so that I can pray for you specifically....

Have a Great Night!
Monica :)


Mahogany Heart - April 3


I have a lot of pain in my groin area and lower back. I can barely walk at times. It hurts to lift my legs to put on clothes or get out of bed. Going to Walmart or any store is a hard thing for me. I'm telling you it is so painful.


Charity - April 3

Hi Mahogany Heart – I know exactly how you feel!


babybop - April 5

Hello mommies!

The update from my babyshower: It was great. Although 113 people RSVP'd, I was thankful that only about 60-65 people showed up. It was a non-traditional babyshower (spouses and children welcome) because we came from out of town and it would be a good way to visit with people that we haven't seen in years. In addition, both sides of the family are large so we were anticipating not being able to do traditional babyshower functions. I barely made it thru opening gifts in time. Of course, what can go wrong will go wrong, the dj pulled out at the last moment, but that was ok since we really didn't have much time. I didn't even get a piece of my own cake.

You know what I noticed? People cannot help themselves from touching your belly AND the other thing is.....they can't resist buying clothes for little girls! I told everyone....please don't buy alot of clothes because she has more than enough already....sure enough, thats what we received. Alot of clothes and alot of the items for her nursery. Other than and gift cards, which was nice so we can save them for a rainy day!
It was like Christmas....everyone was taking pictures and video. I felt like a princess, and then suddenly I realized that it wasn't about me, LOL!

Braxton Hicks have slowed considerably. I am one cm dilated already and she is almost in the head down position, her head is next to my left pelvic bone and her feet are near my lower right rib. AND she's going to be another Mari lou Retton...she must think its a jungle gym in there. She also seems to become VERY active when I relax after work. Night and Day confusion? I have a feeling we are in for it!

Its so nice to see Monica and Nancy are back! I know its hard to post when you have an infant. I hope you guys don't hold it against me when I am gone for a little while....

I also got to visit my brothers 4wk old twin boys! They are so precious and they already have their own little personalities. I couldn't get enough of them.

Well, ladies....I have a Doc's appt today at 3. I hope all is still well with us. I am pretty sure nothing's changed, she's active as ever which is a good sign. I am emaciated! I hear all day every day how skinny I am or how small I am carrying.....I am smaller 8 mos pregnant than I was in 2005! I look tired and drawn and I am not gaining the weight I need to.....the doc says as long as she's healthy I am ok, but to try and drink ensure. Thats not helping. I have no appetite and I can't really eat alot or it comes back to haunt me, literally. So, does anyone have any other suggestions? Can I drink protein shakes from GNC?




Charity - April 5

Hi Monique – I am so glad to hear you had a nice shower. My co-workers are throwing me a shower this afternoon and my best friend is throwing me a shower next week – though both will be much smaller then 65!! I am not sure about the protein shakes - I would think they are ok but I just am not sure.

I had my last bi-weekly OB appointment yesterday and start the weekly OB visits next week. Everything is fine. They did my strep bacteria test and the results will be in next week but worse case, I just have to have an anti-biotic during labor. Blood pressure is fine and baby’s heartbeat was fine. The nurse said I might have a parasite or viral infection causing my tummy problems and that they could do a very invasive and painful test. I asked her if at this point in my pregnancy, did I really have to do this test. She said no and that she actually didn’t feel it was really necessary. She said to just tough it out and be sure to drink extra water and Gatorade. She said it was only a few more weeks and then it would start to clear up after the baby was born and the pressure was off my organs. What a relief!

Everything else was fine. I did tell her that my sister just had her baby 4 weeks early. She said to try not to have the baby in the next 4 days – if I do go into labor during the next 4 days, then they will try to stop it. However, she said after that – they wouldn’t try to stop it. She said the baby will be “cooked” completely by Saturday, in theory, and that everything after that is just plumping the baby up and bonus time for the baby. So she said it wasn’t a big deal, if I could just hang in there until Saturday. Of course, she doesn’t know that we don’t need the extra time to cook the baby – we need it to be ready for the baby!

Saturday night, after I heard my sister was in labor 4 weeks early – I was up until 2:00 am washing all of Rowan’s clothes and blankets and bassinet covers. I had been waiting until closer to my due date so things would be fresher but decided I needed to have that done or she would have nothing to wear. I have both of our bags packed about 90% as of Sunday. So she has a place to sleep right now and she has clothes to wear and a bag for the hospital.

So everything is still fine! Rowan has been so active the past few days that other people can see my stomach rolling. At home, I was lifting my shirt up to watch my belly roll when she got active. However, this morning I was in a meeting and I felt this hard kick, looked down and you could see my entire stomach just rolling – even with my clothes on. It was much more fun to watch her then to listen during my meeting!


lili246 - April 9

Well guess what???
I am back, got a BFP and I am very happy and excited. I hope that we start using this forum more often it seems to be alone.

Hope that everyone is doing well.

Love Lili


Charity - April 9

Lili - CONGRATULATIONS! I am SO happy for you!! How do you feel?


lili246 - April 9

I feel great, very happy and no symptoms up to this point!!
What about you? How are you doing, wow youa re getting so close!!


Mahogany Heart - April 10

Oh My God, Lili I'm so excited for you. You go girl!!! Take care of yourself.


When you keep the Faith you get results!!!

I Love you Girl!!


lili246 - April 10

Thank you Mahogany I love you to and I always haf my faith and look I am bless once again, thank god :)


Mahogany Heart - April 10

Wow Lili you founded out earlier then me. I was 4 weeks when I founded out and waiting to turn 6 weeks was a drag because that is when they had me schedule for my ultrasound to hear the heart beat. I'm so happy for you.

You are so blessed now bless others with your story.


babybop - April 21

LILLI!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Your patience, steadfast and unwavering faith paid off!

I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!



Charity - April 23

Hi all,

I am still here – waiting not so patiently. I know it is only 2 weeks more, at the most but I am so tired of being pregnant. Everything hurts and I can’t sleep anymore. But enough of my whining! Everything is fine with the baby. I am 1 ½ cm dilated and 80% effaced, so now I just wait. I have my next OB appointment tomorrow morning but I am sure everything is still fine. I can feel her being very active, so I know she is ok. I am just so eager to meet her!

How is everyone else doing?


Mahogany Heart - April 23

My Baby Shower was a success. I really had a good time and got a lot of gifts. To God Be The Glory!!!

I pray everything is going well with you all.


lili246 - April 23

wow so what is your due date? wow are dilating wow it seems that you are due anytime now. I am so happy for you and I bet you you are so axious to meet you lil bundle of joy. Keep us posted on what the doctor says tomorrow. I am sure everything is ok aswell. Have you though of doing a being induce now that you are full term now? wow I can't believe that time has pass that fast and you are almost there girl hang in there I know that those last weeks are the hardest when it comes to sleep you have a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable. I hope that you get to meet your lil one very soon.
Are you still working?

I was very patient because god told me that he was going to bless me once again and I beleived him and look I am blessed once again and I am sure this time will be a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I have so much faith!!! :)
God is big and he is protecting all of us!!

I am happy that you had a great baby shower I told you not to worry when you mention that noone might showed up and look you had a great one. I am so happy that everything turn out great.

Girs thanks for all your support have a great night!!

Love Lili :)



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