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lili246 - May 3

hey I had a dream that I had a lil girl!! Does that mean that I may have a girl. I heard that when you are pregnant and dream of the gender of your child that is what you are having..
Like when I was pregnant with my son I dream that I had a lil boy and that is what I had.
So hope that my dreams will come true!! :)

How is everyone else feeling!!
Charity you are so so close, good luck I am praying for you!!

Love Lili


Charity - May 3

Hi Lili,

I hope it does mean you are having a little girl! I don't remember if I dreamt of a boy or girl. I really wanted my first to be a boy but my DH really wanted a little girl. I am happy now it is a girl but now I am very determined we are going to have another one because I still want a son!


lili246 - May 3

I know what you mean about wanting the pair same with me. I already have my 2-1/1 year old son and I hope I can get the girl this time. So that I can have the pair and maybe stay like this for a while or maybe that is it. I want to experience both genders and hope that we can get a lil girl.
Go for it and searchf or the boy after this one, are you going to go for it right away or are you going to wait?

How are you feeling any symptoms??

Take care

Love Lili


Charity - May 3

I feel ok - tired and cramping, like a period but that is supposed to be normal.

As far as our next baby - if things go well with this one, we are going to start trying again in 6 months. I am not looking forward to going through another pregnancy so soon but we don't want our kids spaced too far apart. I am 34 and it took us 2 years to get pregnant this time - so we both feel we need to at least start trying very soon. We want to have at least 1 and probably 2 more. However, we have decided that if we haven't had a 2nd within 2 years, that we are going to go ahead and try to adopt while we keep trying to get pregnant.


Charity - May 3

Tomorrow is 40 weeks and still no baby. Everything I have read says I will just know when it is time but every little twinge or cramp I feel, I keep wondering if this is it!

Tomorrow is my last day to have to come to the office. I talked to my company and after tomorrow, I can work from home until the baby is born. I need to work as long as I can, so I can save my maternity leave for after the baby is born. Actually, working this long has been good for me because it has distracted me. I don't spend all day thinking about pregnancy - I can get lost in my work and then wait and obsess about the baby at night.

DH is ready for the baby too – even though he has NOT finished the nursery. I finally stopped nagging him about it. The nursery has everything in it and if it isn’t important to him to have it finished – my nagging isn’t going to speed him up. I have done all I can do with it and everything is washed and ready to go. There isn’t even much for him to finish, just a little bit of wallpaper border to put up. I guess that is what drives me nuts – if you get to 99% complete, why not just finish it?! Men! Oh well, I have finally convinced myself that the baby isn’t going to know the difference and I don’t want to get up on a ladder and finish it.

So things are ready. I even have the car seat in my car, which feels funny. It looks so weird to walk up to my car and see a pink car seat in it. Our bags have been packed for a few weeks and in the trunk. My toenails are done and I am giving my best effort to shaving my legs every day – just in case :)! I know it won’t matter once labor starts, but it makes me feel better right now to be prepared!

Hope everyone is doing well and that sooner, rather then later, that I have pictures of my daughter to post!



lili246 - May 4

That is good that you are planning to try for the next one soon. But why do you plan for adoption if you know that you can have kids on your own?
Well it is something that you and your dh might of decided and I respect that :)
I know how you feel that you want to work all the way and have more time to be with your lil one that is a good idea I actually did that with my son. I only had one week off and then the next week I had my son so I did work all the way. I did stay only with my son for 1-1/2 which wasn't that long but I am planning with this next one to be with my babies longer I hope it's just that it is hard here were I work because my old boss 85 years old can barely take an order and he will need to get someone to cover me up when I am gone. I hope he gets someone by then because I am planning atleast to be with my kids for 3 months I hope :)

So tomorrow you are 40 weeks wow when do you have your next doctors appoint.?
Make sure that you feel the baby moving all the time ok. I know that everything will be ok with you both I really wish you the best and ggod luck hope that you have a easy labor and deliver. Please keep us posted and show lots of pictures I am so excited for you :)

Take care

Love Lili


Charity - May 7

Just wanted to share that Rowan finally arrived! I will post more details later this week but I went into labor Friday afternoon. Rowan Elizabeth was born Saturday, May 5th at 4:48 am - 7 lbs 7.2 oz and is 19 inches long. She is absolutely perfect!

Charity and Rowan


lili246 - May 7

Congratulations!!! I am so happy that Rowan is finnaly here. :) I am so excited girl. I bet she is perfect all the way. Have fun and enjoy her to the fullest!!

Can't wait to hear how labor went for you girl, it seems that everything went well.
Good for you, keep us posted!!

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - May 8

Wow Charity I'm so happy for you. Can't wait for the details. I know you are happy. Post a picture.

I can't wait to hear about as well how your labor went.


Stacey85 - May 9

Hi Charity,
Don't know if you will remember me but you helped me out a while back,I just wanted to say congrats on the arrival of Rowan, I'm so happy for you!!

Stacey xxxxx ;D ;D ;D


lili246 - May 15

Hey girl just checking to see how you and Rowan were doing. I hope that you are having fun being a mommy and that things are going great with both of you. Take care and please keep us posted :)

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - June 3

Hello Ladies just letting you all know Chance was born May 31, 2007 @ 3:34PM wearing 7lbs and 9 ozs and 19" in length.




summer - June 8

Congratulations to you both, Charity for the safe arrival of Rowan and MH for the safe arrival of Chance. I am so happy for you ladies. :) :)

I am counting down my own days wen i can meet my own bubba :D


Mahogany Heart - June 8


Thank you. How far long are you?


angelz9 - June 8

mahogany Heart

congratulations and he is a handsome guy already .

also to charity ..
please enjoy ur blessings..


pm u last night luv ya


Mahogany Heart - June 11

Thank you Angelz9, he has really warmed my heart and I'm ready to start ttc again. I have to wait until my body heal first you know.



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