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lili246 - November 22

I am happy that your baby is doing fine. So you are 6 weeks that is fast I just remeber when you told me that you were pregnant time flys. I am happy for you and hope that I can come back to this forum and talk about my pregnancy, this will happen soon I know it I have faith it will. I just need to wait till two normal af's and then start trying again.
I am thinking of all of you and hope that everything is ok.



Mahogany Heart - November 24

Happy Thanksgiving and when next Thanksgiving come you will all have a new addition to the Family if you haven't already delivered your bundle of joy this Thanksgiving.

Love and Hugs

Keep The Faith

Supernatural BabyDust to our ttcs


babybop - November 24

Hi ladies and babies:

Nancy: Yes, I was measuring four days further than my due date, so they changed it to Memorial Day 5/31/07 instead of 6/3/07. All is well with the jelly bean!!!

Ladies: I have a dilemma (what else is new?). My mother is here for the Thanksgiving Holiday and she's been here since Monday, 11/20.....she's not leaving until 11/28. That in itself is a problem. We normally get along really well and we are very close. But I came down with strepp throat on Tues. with a fever of 101.3. Its since subsided but the effects of it has been lasting. In addition, I haven't had much of an apetite this trimester and I have lost 10 lbs. since discovering I was pregnant. I lost about 40 lbs. last year in an effort to get fit. So I was already 120 when I found I am 110. Since she's been here, she's done nothing but scrutinize my eating habits and my weight. I already am unhappy about the way I look because of the drastic weight loss. I was originally setting out to lose 20-30 get to an even 130. I surpassed that and lost more than I wanted, but in addition to that.....I am not comfortable at this weight. Because my appetite has been so fickle, I have been substituting whatever meals I miss with high protein Ensure and still taking my prenatal vitamins, as well as, snacking on cheese, yogurt, fruits, and raw vegetables. I do try and eat regular food and on occasion, I am able to finish a decent size portion of food, but it depends on what it is and when I try. The problem is, my mother thinks I have a eating disorder now and she is constantly badgering me. I had a panick attack this afternoon after screaming at her for thirty minutes, and broke down. I told her that I realize she is worried, I am too....but Doc assures me that all is well, my baby is healthy, and I am still healthy despite my concerns. I was WAY harsh to my mother but I cannot take the constant badgering and picking at me, with her snide remarks and comments. I really want her to go home now. I told her "Do you think that you worrying me and constantly hounding and upsetting me is any better for the baby than missing meals? I eat all day, snacks and such. I don't sit down and gorge myself with food....although at one point I did. Am I wrong for counter attacking my mom?

Let me know.....

Besides that, now her and my husband have teamed up on me and they've been talking about my beligerent attitude toward them....if they didn't aggravate me, I wouldn't be so mean.

How are all of you and how was your holiday...hopefully much better than mine.



Mahogany Heart - November 26


Has anyone had a Sinus Infection since being pregnant and if so what did you do because I'm in so much pain?


babybop - November 26

MH: Yes I have had a sinus infection. They've given me antibiotics to treat the infection and told me to take sudafed for the symptoms.


Mahogany Heart - November 26


Thank you for responding. How long after the antibiotics did you feel a different? I'm in so much pain.


Monica - November 27

Hi Everyone!!!....I'm Back! It has been awhile...

I flew to San Diego for Thanksgiving & had a great time. Everyone thought that I was crazy to fly so late in my pregnancy, but everything went very well. The 4 hour plane ride was a little uncomfortable however, but other than that.....I felt fine.
I am 9 months now & I am DEFINITELY feeling it everytime I walk for long periods of time. I feel ALOT of pressure in my pelvic area & I start having I can really tell that time is winding down now...YAAAAYYY!!!! :D

Nancy: How are you feeling these days? We are due date buddies so we definitely have to keep each other informed as to what is happening with our babies until we both deliver. Aren't you excited?!! :D

Babybop: I feel your pain in regards to your mother & husband; but I guess that ultimately they both mean well. I guess that they are both just very concerned about try not to stress out too much because as you know......THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Mahogany Heart: How are you? YES, I also got a sinus infection almost as soon as I found out that I was pregnant.....however I really didn't take anything for it; I just kind of let it pass. My nose was also always very stuffy, so I took nose saline drops for that.
I hope that you feel better soon....

Take Care Everyone!
Monica :)


liz - November 28


Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. :( I too had a very bad sinus infection around 13 weeks. I was to the doctor and prescribed antibiotics that I would take for 10 days. Unfortunatly I saw no relief and was back to the doc a week later. I was actaully worse. He prescribed some Nasonex but I was nervous taking it eventhough he told me that usually nasal sprays stay pretty well in your nasal passage. Anyway he recommeded the following to try and as it turns out it worked the best for me.

Steam - I would boil some water with a little bit of salt and then put my head over the por with a towel over my head to keep the steam in.

Vicks Vaporizer - This worked by far the best. I went to Walmart and bought a $10.00 vaporizer and the Vicks Vapor Liquid. I poured the liquid in the vaporizor eventhough it says not to. Plugged it in and it really helped to clear up my head and release the pressure.

I am still having sinus troubles and find myself using the vaporizer a couple of nights a week for a couple hours. It works great for me.

Good luck to you, I know how hard it can be when those nasty sinuses are acting up. ;)

Take care,


Charity - November 28

I think I finally felt the baby move last night ā€“ though I am not sure. I have felt little flutters occasionally the past few weeks but it could have been gas. Last night at about 2:00 am ā€“ I felt my stomach tighten and then I felt what I can only describe as a wave move inside my stomach and then what felt like a push from inside. It happened again at about 4:00 am. Since this morning, I have felt what might be little cramps but nothing I can say for sure.

Is this what the baby feels like at first? Was it a push from the baby or just gas? Or just a weird cramp? Iā€™m only 17 weeks ā€“ some books say I might start feeling the baby and others say it will be 20 weeks before I feel anything. I hate to get too excited about it if it just cramps.



lili246 - November 28

Do you know what you are having at this point? Or is it too early?
I have found out from people that say that if your baby moves very early in pregnancy you are having a boy and if it moves after your fourth month it is a girl. How knows if this is correct but thats what I have heard that girls are more lazy and they take longer to move.

Let me know what you are having.

Take Care.



June_First_2006 - November 28

Hey Charity,
In my first pregnancy I was having these little flutter sensations early in my pregnancy like 6-7 weeks and I thought nothing of it cause like you mentioned that the books say you feel movement around 20 weeks. It wasn't untill I was 12 weeks that I was able to know for sure if I was feeling movement, and that was during one of my appt. the doctor was checking for the baby's heartbeat and the baby kicked him, when he said that he was just attacked I started laughing and was like oh that's what that feeling was. That's when his movements felt a little irritable like cramps that would happen all of a sudden with some fluttering, until my body got adjusted then it became reassuring to me. It all depends on how in tuned you are with your body if you ask me. I started feeling my little one in this pregnancy yesterday and low and behold I am in my 7th week. So If you think it's gas, then that may be it, but if you have that strange feeling it's something else, then it's ur little one. I hope this helps.


Mahogany Heart - November 28

Monica and Liz,

Thank you Ladies so much. My Doctor prescribe me some antibiotics as well. I going through it you know with the car accident pain and now the sinus headache along with the car accident headache. I'm going to do it all. I just want to feel better. The nausea is still here. Like Monica says This To Shall Pass!!!

You all be Bless


Charity - November 28

Thank you guys! I think it is the baby - it just seemed too soon.

Lili - I don't know yet if it is a girl or a boy. I don't have my next ultrasound scheduled yet but the nurse mentioned it probably wouldn't be until I was 21 weeks. I am only 17 weeks now - just over 4 months. So it will probably be after Chrismas before I can find out. I have my next checkup next week - so I am hoping they let me schedule my next ultrasound soon.


lili246 - November 28

I am so happy for you that you have make it all the way. I remember that you were just a few weeks before me. But too bad that my lil Angel is in Heaven. I am waiting for my two normal af's to come so I can start trying again.
I hope that everything goes well with you and you lil one. take good care of yourself.

Best wishes..



NANCY - November 29

Hello Ladies and Babies!!!!

Heather How are you and little Justin doing??

Monique I know that it could be really frustrating to have someone constantly ask about you eating habits. When I tell people that I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant (and I haven't ate for 2 and gone crazy and ate just because I am pregnant) and gained 11 lbs the first thing they say is Does the Dr say that's OK. I guess people are just concerned.

MH I hope your feeling better. Are you OK when was this car accident?

Monica Doing pretty good? Tired you know all the usual stuff!! How are you feeling? When do you think you are going to go before or after Christmas? Do you have a preference? Is the nursery complete?

Liz How are you feeling? Did you find out what your having?

Charity I remember the first time being pregnant and everything that you feel you wonder what it was. Eventually you'll know. DH thinks it's great when I tell him the baby has the hiccups.

Honey How are you feeling and when is your next apt?

June1st How are you doing?

Lili246 I am glad to hear you are doing good!

I went yesterday for my Dr apt. Doing good moving right along. I have gained a total of 11lbs. Blood pressure 100/64. I had my first internal and I my cervix is closed. The baby's heart beat was 145 BPM. I now go to the Dr's every week. I keep telling him that I want to wait until after Christmas to have this little baby. On Saturday I was telling DH that there is so much to do. The nursery looked like a bomb hit it everything is piled in that room. We did Paige's rm and our rm so everything just got thrown in there. The bassinet wasn't down and put together. All the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes I wanted to wash and put away. He answer was what are you worried about we have 6 weeks. I said no we don't. I am 35 weeks pregnant if we didn't start this weekend next week we only had 4 weeks left. He couldn't believe that we are that close!! I am so excited I just filled out all my paperwork for work and my last day is Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11/30 What's funny is that was Paige's due date. 2 more days of work YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going by my due date my tentative day back to work is 5/7/07.

;D ;D[glow=red,2,300]YIPEE!!!!!![/glow] ;D ;D

Well I hope you all have a great evening



Monica - November 29

WOW!!! Lucky you Nancy! I will be working up until the very end of my pregnancy. My scheduled last day is 12/22/06, but I really don't know if I will make it that long. Everytime that I walk for a long period of time, I get ALOT of pressure, cramping, and mild contractions in my pelvic region......and I have to sit down immediately; so we will see if I go that long. I would really prefer to have the baby a week before Christmas, so that I can be home with him during the holidays.
My next doctor's appointment is this Friday, and yes they will also be doing the internal check-ups as well. I am wandering if I have dilated any because I do feel alot of pressure & stretching in that area.
I will definitely keep everyone posted! I am soooo excited!!!
The nursery is still not complete yet. We will be putting the babybed up on Saturday; so after that everything should come together very nicely.....

Monica :)



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