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Monica - November 29

WOW!!! Lucky you Nancy! I will be working up until the very end of my pregnancy. My scheduled last day is 12/22/06, but I really don't know if I will make it that long. Everytime that I walk for a long period of time, I get ALOT of pressure, cramping, and mild contractions in my pelvic region......and I have to sit down immediately; so we will see if I go that long. I would really prefer to have the baby a week before Christmas, so that I can be home with him during the holidays.
My next doctor's appointment is this Friday, and yes they will also be doing the internal check-ups as well. I am wandering if I have dilated any because I do feel alot of pressure & stretching in that area.
I will definitely keep everyone posted! I am soooo excited!!!
The nursery is still not complete yet. We will be putting the babybed up on Saturday; so after that everything should come together very nicely.....

Monica :)


lili246 - November 29

I am doing better each day. I am waiting for af to show up. I am going to wait two normal periods and then start trying again. I hope that I get pregnant fast. I am waiting af #1 to come and then have to wait for #2 and than start. SO I think that I will start trying again sometime in January hopefully.
wow you are getting close to birth I am so happy for you. I wish you the best and keep posted.

Love, Lili


babybop - November 29

Good afterthanksgiving, mommies and jellybeans!

MH: How's your mom feeling if you don't mind me asking, she's been in my prayers, as have you. It took two rounds of antibiotics for ten days each? I guess the build up of mucuous didn't help because they didn't know if it was still due to a sinus infection or my current pregnancy. But I was allowed to take Sudafed for the symptoms so my pain was was the nose-blowing that hurt!

Monica: I am sincerely trying to have patience. I cursed out my mom and mother in law and told them both when the baby comes, they have to stay in hotels from there forward. I felt bad afterward, sent them cards and bath & body gift would have been cheaper to just control my harmones, but if we could do that, we wouldn't be women, WE'D BE GODDESSES!!!

Nancy: I guess when you're pregnant, everyone seems to know what's best for you. What drives me crazy is that everyone has been pregnant and they want to compare your pregnancy to theirs.....we're not carrying our mothers' babies....this is a new age!!!

Love you guys......



NANCY - December 1

Good Morning Ladies and Babies!!

Just wanted to see how everyone is doing??

Yesterday was my last day at work. What a feeling it is great. Getting ready for this bundle of joy!!! The room is getting close not finished yet but at least there is some sort of order(everything is not piled in the middle of the room furniture is where is should be and everything else is piled in the crib). I did loads of laundry wow I do have to say if I do have a girl she will have a lot of pink stuff. If it's a boy we will need lots of boy clothes.

Heather thinking of you again haven't heard from you in a while it makes me nervous. I just want to make sure that you are ok.

Talk soon Ladies
Have a great day!
Nancy and Tyler or Madison


jiggidysgirl - December 1

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have been out of the writing game... I have been reading.

It has been a difficult road trying to get a divorce with an unborn child. He is going to give me whatever I want so I don't see why it is difficult but it has been. I went to an attorney yesterday that should have the paperwork done by today so hopefully I can have my husband sign and we can get it off to court. I will be glad to have that part over so I can move on.

With the pregnancy, I keep almost going into preterm labor. My cervix is really soft from other contractions I have had. On Tuesday they gave me a test where they can see if I will go into preterm labor in the next two weeks and that was negative but the doctor said that is not a for sure negative. I will take that test again in another two weeks. I guess he would be ok if he was born now but he would be in a NICU for a bit.

I am trying to separate from my husband's family because I don't need any stress from them when I give birth. I plan on letting them know a little while after the birth that the baby is here when I am comfortable with breastfeeding and such. I am looking into a doula for aftercare, I hear that is a huge help. The midwife that I have is wonderful and her husband left her when she was four months pregnant so she really understands.

I hope all is well for each of you!!! Nancy, how exciting that you are already off work. I have a cold lately that has been keeping me from work but I plan on staying in there as long as possible.

Take Care,


NANCY - December 1

Heather I am glad to hear from you. I wish that there was something more that I can do for you. I am here if you need me. I am glad to he that he is still safely snuggled inside of you. You have to remember to do what is going to make you happy and what makes you comfortable. Talk to you soon and glad to hear that your still cookin' that little boy!!



jiggidysgirl - December 2

Thanks Nancy,

Short of a hitman that could beat my husband slow and painfully I don't think there is much I anyone can do. :)

I am trying to keep my stress level as low as humanly possible in this situation to keep Justin in there as long as possible.

I go to the perinatologist on Monday and I am excited to see current ultrasounds of him. I think that will be good for me.

We are all getting so close to the end I can't believe it. Pretty soon we will be trading baby pics!!!



Mahogany Heart - December 2


I'm still under the weather. The car accident was on Oct. 27, 2006.


Mom is mom. I making sure she gets her meds like she suppose too. I'm still in pain from the sinus infection and the car accident pain.


Butterfly - December 3

Hello everyone,

I am new to this board but I was on the ovulex board a couple of months ago. I got a BFP drinking green tea. Now I am seven weeks, and I just found out yesterday that my very close cousin who is EXACTLY one month older than me, is pregnant also. We're so happy. We even share the exact same due date!



jay_nelle - December 4

Hi everyone! Been on the ovulex site I wanted to come here and get some advice from the pregnant ladies. I am going to take clomid here soon and I wanted to know if anyone has any success stories on it. I also heard about the Robitussin and want to know the directions on taking that to increase your CM. If anyone could give me any insite I would be thankful.




jiggidysgirl - December 5

Hi Ladies,

Jenelle, I took clomid and it worked with the IUI.

I went to my thirty two week perinatologist appointment and found out my baby already weighs 5.6 oz. I can't believe he is already that big. They said that is why I have probably been having strong contractions, that naturally my body is ready to have him. He is weighing four weeks early. I have to go back to the specialist in three weeks because they said they will only let him get so big. They said my nutrition must be really good and my metabolism really fast. They want to re check some of my glucose tests and maybe do more. I hated that test. I was hoping that is over.

So, I might be right with you Nancy!

Anyway, I will give you updates as I have them. Maybe Justin and I can spend Christmas together. God must know I need him soon.

Can't wait to hear other updates. We are all getting so close.



babybop - December 5

Heather: Wouldn't that be great? I told you that your husband is going to give you something that not even he can live up to....a wonderful human being to love you, no matter your faults, for all of your days.


Charity - December 7

Nancy – so glad to hear all is well!

Monique – Hang in there. You have to do what is best for you and the baby – even if it isn’t what your mother or mother-in-law wants. My husband and I keep having that discussion too!

Heather – You sound so strong and I know this can’t be easy for you. You are going to be a wonderful example for your baby – a strong mother.

We had our last checkup Monday and all is well. We finally got to meet our actual doctor, instead of the nurse. She seemed very nice. We have our next ultrasound December 22nd – so we will get to know by Christmas if it is a boy or a girl. I think it is a boy but my husband is convinced it is a girl.

Other then that, everything is fine. I am still tired and have been limping from the back pain but everything else is fine. The doctor says the limping is normal and of course, pregnant women are always exhausted.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



NANCY - December 8

Hello Ladies and Babies!!

I had another apt today and my cervix is open about a fingertip!! Dr. said that my first was late and we had to induce so there is a chance that I might go past my due date again. We'll see. Baby's heartbeat started out at 143 when we were first listening and went to 155. Head is high but facing down.

How is everyone else and your apts going?

We celebrated Paige's 2nd birthday yesterday it was great. She was so excited. She saw the gifts and he eyes lit up it was just to cute!!! I am going to try to finish my Christmas shopping Monday. I hope to get it all done.

My mother and aunt were asking me if I was ready. I told them that DH was ready for me to go on the 28th and I wanted to wait til the 1st. My mother laughed. I told her I needed time to get the Christmas stuff put away before my little angel comes.

I hope all is well for everyone!!

Nancy and Tyler/Madison


Amanda Ivey - December 9

2 more weeks and some days or less!!!!!!!! Nancy and Monica!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your labor and birth goes as easy as possible. I am so excited I can't wait for your birth stories!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Monica are you all ready? Nancy do you have any type of feeling on what the baby's gender is? I am predicting a boy. we'll see if I'm right/ :P


babybop - December 9

Hey everyone! Just came back from an impromptu doc's appointment....I actually went to sign up for childbirth classes and a tour of the hospital....and my doc said the tech had time to check if we have a present for Xmas.........IT'S A GIRL!!!!

I am in shock! It never even crossed my mind that I could be having a girl. I was so programmed to think that I am having a boy that I didn't even consider a girl...and waaalaaaa!

They also changed my due date again.......5/27/07.




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