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jiggidysgirl - November 14

Thank you all for the support. I am hanging in there. This group has been wonderful in so many ways through everything.

I went to see an attorney for my divorce but I can't seem to get a hold of my soon to be ex husband. I just wish he would get this over with quickly so i can move on. I don't know how long he would like to prolong this divorce.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I will see how things are going. My belly still feels really tight and hard which they say is not a good thing. Has anyone else experienced this? So, I will see what happens.

I also want to ask how soon they can try to deliver. I would really like this done as soon as he is healthy enough so that I can enjoy him and maybe that will help me remember that it is worth it.

I hope every one else is having an uneventful time. Many of us are in the final stretch. I can't wait to see the pics of all the babies outside the belly!!!

Take Care,


Charity - November 14

Hi June - Congratulations! How were you finally able to conceive? I know what you mean about the blood!!

Heather - hang in there. But be sure to take care of yourself and your baby in the divorce - don't just rush to get this over with. I know how much you want it to be over but don't give in to him!


Honey - November 14

I just want to say to everyone that I love being a part of this group. I love getting advice and giving it. This is just great.

Those of us that are going through hard time I pray for you and you families as well as your little babies soon to come.

Everything get better with time if you let it. It might not go as fast as you would like it to but at least you can have the faith that one day it will be over and it will be the past instead of the present.

God Bless everyone

Oh and our little Alexis is doing fine in my tummy. (Sometimes I wish she didn't move so much but then again I would probably think something was wrong with her if she didn't! LOL)



NANCY - November 19

Good Morning Ladies and Babies!!!!

I went for my apt Friday. Things are great. Baby's heartbeat was 155 bpm everything looked good. I went down a pound so I am up 10 lbs although you look at my belly and would never know it. I have another apt on Nov 27 the start of my internals yuk!!!!

Babybop How was your apt are you further along than you thought? I can see you getting bummed about DH working crazy hrs but think he needs to get the business off the ground. Talk to him and let him know how you are thinking maybe you guys can set aside some quality time together.

Heather How are you and baby Justin doing? How was your apt? I think I know what you are talking about when your belly gets tight. It feels tight and weird I feel like I am out of breathe I at times bend over to make it feel better(not really sure if that helps)

Honey I love the name Alexis. My niece is named Alexis Rose. We call her Lexy for short. How are you feeling? You are not far behind Monica and I you only have 3 months to go WOW!!!

Monica About a month left to go are you ready!!??!! Do you think that you are going to go before or after Christmas? I hope to go after. Is everything ready for Baby Joseph? How did his room come out?

MH How are you and buttons feeling? How is your mom doing?

June_First_2006 Did you get your results for your sugar test hopefully everything is good. Did you make your apt for your ultrasound? When is it?

Charity How are you and Chris doing?? When is your ultrasound to find out if Paige and Baby to be is going to have a girl or boy cousin??

I hope to get back on before Turkey day but just in case I don't I hope everyone enjoys their day with family and friends. Girls feed those little babies Turkey and all the stuffings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We all have our little miracles to be thankful for!!



June_First_2006 - November 19

Hi Nancy,
You're so close to having your little one in your arms, I'm so excited for you. Well After getting myself all pumped up for this freakin sugar test, I couldn't find anyone who would be able to take me in. So now I have to tell my doc about my situation and hopefully they will just be able to do it in the office or hospital next door sometime next week. My 1st official appt with the pelvic exam, fetal heart beat, and ultrasound is tomorrow, So I am excited yet a little scared, I can't forget the last time I went in for an ultrasound and found out I lost my son at 6 1/2 months. It will never stop playing in my mind. I am hoping all goes well with the pregnancy.


Charity - November 20

Hi Nancy – we don’t have another ultrasound scheduled yet. My next doctor appointment is December 4th but the ultrasounds are always on different days then the appointments – something to do with our insurance. We finally get to meet our OB this next visit – up to now it has been a nurse practioner. I think at our last visit the nurse mentioned it would be 21 weeks before our next ultrasound, which would be after Christmas.


Charity - November 20

Hi Sara,

My husband and I conceived using Ovulex and Amberoz – we had been TTC for 2 years. It only took (though it seems like forever) 2 months on Ovulex/Amberoz. We both had a few side effects the first few weeks on the medicine, such as moodiness and stomach issues. Just be sure to drink plenty of water –it seemed to help and the side effects passed very quickly. We are now 16 weeks pregnant!


SBOOTH96 - November 20

oh wow, congradulations!!! thats great! im so excited, me and my husband have talked about having kids for so long, and we've tried a couple of times but nothing came of it.. so i came across this and figured it couldnt hurt! i have to admit though i was VERY skeptical about it to begin with, and then i found the "shared journey" forums and read all the stories and how its helped so many people, i thought it might help us too! the only thing is i dont have (that i know of) any issues with fertility and my periods are pretty regular, do you think ovulex would still work us?? thanks for all your input and again, congradulations on your new miracle!!


Charity - November 20

Hi Sara,

We didn’t have any fertility issues diagnosed either. After 2 years of trying, we were ready to see a fertility specialist and decided to give this a shot before we went down that path. My husband’s cousin is also on this forum and she too used the Ovulex/Amberoz combo. I will let her share the details of their journey but she got pregnant on Ovulex/Amberoz within 2 months. I tell everyone I know that is having trouble conceiving about the products – I cannot say enough nice things about it. I even sent the company a letter – thanking them for helping us achieve this miracle.

I highly recommend it and you have nothing to lose by trying it!



SBOOTH96 - November 20


Wow,hey thanks a lot! I really feel good about our decision now.. I think if this doesn't work for me with 2-3 months, i will buy the amberoz for my husband and see what happens.. oo, im so excited now! Just hearing how it has helped so many people, including yourself, really makes me happy and confident that it will work for me too! So your just 2 months pregnant now, huh? thats so great!! How do you feel? Wish you all the best!


SBOOTH96 - November 20

wow, just realized i said youre only 2 months pregnant! i meant to say just 4 months! whoops, all this baby talk has me thinking (or not!!) kinda crazy huh??? sorry about that! hope to hear from you soon!


Charity - November 20

16 weeks pregnant today! It doesn’t feel real sometimes. Oh – I feel tired, cranky, have heartburn, pee 400+ times a day, etc. but it still hasn’t sunk in 100% that we will have a baby soon. We are making plans and arrangements and hearing the baby’s heartbeat was incredible but it just is so hard to imagine that we will finally have a baby. I think once I feel the baby soon that it will be more real. As far as pregnancies go, I think I am having a fairly easy one. I haven’t been real nauseous but I have been so tired. I am better in the morning. By the time I leave work, it is all I can do to drive home. I have read that the fatigue should get a little better soon!


SBOOTH96 - November 20

thats awesome! well hopefully your "easy" pregnancy will continue! please send me some of your lucky baby dust!!! thanks a lot and please keep me posted! i will let you know what happens with me too.. just started my cycle saturday so maybe this will be my lucky month!!


SBOOTH96 - November 20

ok, as some of you know now, i am new to this board but i still feel kind of stupid asking this question, but what is BFP?


June_First_2006 - November 21

Well I had my appt. on Monday. The ultrasound shows that I am only 6 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy instead of 8 weeks. Two weeks difference took me by surprise, but I am glad they are a little more accurate unlike my last ob/gyn I thouht I was 22wks when my son passed, come to find out I was 26wks. So they are really attentive at this office. The babies heart rate is 144hpm, so I was really excited and shock that it could be heard so clearly at only 6wks. They asked me plenty of questions about my present health and about what happened with my last pregnancy, so they can try to be more aware of what could have caused his passing. Also since I have asthma they went ahead and scheduled me for an appt. with a pulmonologist Dec. 1st to get a better handle of my asthma. I am really siked about this group of doctors, hopefully I will be able to deliever my child healthy and screaming this Take care.


lili246 - November 22

I am happy that your baby is doing fine. So you are 6 weeks that is fast I just remeber when you told me that you were pregnant time flys. I am happy for you and hope that I can come back to this forum and talk about my pregnancy, this will happen soon I know it I have faith it will. I just need to wait till two normal af's and then start trying again.
I am thinking of all of you and hope that everything is ok.




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