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NANCY - November 10

[move]Good Morning Ladies and Babies!!![/move]

Heather I am so sorry that you have to be going through this. I wish that there was something that I could say that would make you feel better. Who took you to the hospital? What did the DR say? I hope that there is someone that you can lean on during your tough time. As much as you are hurting about you marriage remember you need to try and relax so you can think about Justin so you can keep him in your safe little belly cookin'. It makes for a difficult situation the birth of Justin were his father should be. All I know is you need to think about yourself and the little boy that you are carrying. If it makes you upset to have him there tell he can't be there. That should be up to you.
If you need to talk I am here for you.

Stacey85 I took ovulex and DH took Amberoz for 2 months and now I am 33 weeks pregnant. I wish the best of luck to you and DH!!! Much baby dust your way!!!

Lili My thoughts are with you and your little angel!! How are you feeling? When you you go back for your check up?

Amanda How is that good lookin boy doing? He is so cute!!! Are you in a routine yet? How is your hubby doing?

Soon2bemommy Thanks if this baby is anything like his/her big sister Paige the baby will be getting lots and lots of cheek kisses too!!! I love giving Paige kisses on those baby cheeks of hers. How are you feeling? How did your last apt go and when is your next one?

Babybop thank you and how are you feeling? When is your next apt?

MH I was told that the baby is about 3-4 lbs. How is your mom feeling and how are you feeling?

Helen thank you and I can't wait I told the DR on Monday that I was ready he laughed and told me I had 8 weeks to go.

Monica I am so happy to hear that your shower went so well. You'll have to update your registry so that we can see what you still need. I remember doing that too. Somethings that were bought off my registry didn't come off for some strange reason. How are you feeling? How was your last apt and when is your next? Are you up to every two weeks or every week?

Charity how are you and Chris? Do you know where you are going to register? I see you were asking about carriages. I know my shower was a surprise. How do you do it will you know about it or will they surprise you?

My apt on Monday went really well!! Dr and DH mainly talked about football but we did get to squeeze some baby info in there. I gained 4lbs so I am up 11 lbs with Paige at 32 weeks I gained 12 so I am right on target. My blood pressure is good. I am ready to give birth I am so uncomfortable and my sciatica is killing me. Besides me being ready nothing else is the baby, his/her room, the bassinet swing the clothes. Just me so maybe I should start getting ready. We just finished our bedroom and we are waiting for the area rug. Just have to put everything away(I am suppose to be doing that now) that way we can start the baby's room

So on that note I will talk to everyone soon!!

Have a good one Mommies and Babies!!!!!!


Charity - November 10

Heather - I am so sorry. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


lili246 - November 10

I am so sorry to hear that. I know how excited you might be for your lil one, but with all of these just makes it a bad timing like you said. Hang in there, their are alot of girls who are single moms and they are doing fine. I know that you are smart and can handle something like this. But I don't understand what kind of man is you husband with respect it makes me mad because he should be looking forward to be with his lil one once he is born and be a family and he is doing all that bad things with another girl, and a 23 year old. How old are you?
Well I am mad and can't imagine someone can do that at this length. I know that you are strong and can do this on your own. So what are your plans.

I will be praying for you so that your baby comes out healthy and yeah try to keep him inside for a few more weeks, hope that this doesn't affect and the baby birth is preterm. I will pray for you so that you get bless and god gives you strength so you can take care of that lil one coming soon.
Take good care.

Love, Lili


lili246 - November 10

Nancy and Monica.
Thank you girls. I am feeling better. I know that my lil angel is doing well and watching over us.
I go back to the doctor this tuesday 11-14-06 afternoon so hope that I get good news. I'll keep you posted.

God bless you all and your lil babies.

Love, Lili


babybop - November 10

Hello ladies and babies!

I am sorry I have been MIA lately. I hope all is well.

Heather - I am so sorry that you're going through this, especially at this time. But I can offer you somewhat of a brighter thankful that there is an end in sight to your anguish and that you will be able to focus less on your husband's selfish ways (I am sorry if that offended you) and focus on the joys of having Justin! Your husband may have been the man in your life and now he's not there anymore....but he managed to leave you something more precious than your marriage...another person that will love you his whole life, unconditionally, and irrevocably, for all of your days! The only other man that loves you that way is Jesus (or the religious figure that you believe in)! Sometimes God has to take people out of your life and out of your heart to make room for the blessings he has in store for you! I know that probably doesn't ease the pain that you're going through, but rest assured all things are for a reason. Perhaps your angel baby would have been too much for you to handle alone and God knew that too (perhaps I am out of place for saying so but I feel that on this board, we've bonded in a way that we may be honest with each other). If he brings you to it, he'll bring you through it!

Lili: You are such a brave and caring soul. I am so glad to know that you are making peace with your situation and have the courage to try again! Baby dust to you!

Nancy: I am hanging in there. Thank you for asking! I have another doc's appointment today because they feel that I may be further along than they originally thought. I've been really bummed out lately. I think I am being selfish and emotional but I can't help it! Here's the situation: My husband recently purchased a limosine/livery company in lieu of more income when I have the baby. Because of this new company, he's constantly working past 9 PM and we hardly see eachother, he's my best friend! I guess I should be more understanding, but I miss him. Not only is he not around often, but he's in and out of town all the time. He's always going to networking coctail parties and things of that nature and he now has a life without me. He mingles with celebrities and beautiful women regulary, who don't complain that they're tired or look like they've just climbed out of bed like I do, and he's always "going to have a couple of drinks with a few clients". I know you have to smooze to get business but I am so sad because of it. I stumbled across emails from a female friend from New England that he once dated in college. While they aren't disrespectful or misleading in anyway, I can't help but be jealous that he finds the time to talk to her and he has no time for me. In addition, this afternoon will be my 3rd or 4th doctor's appointment and he's not been to a single one since we've found out because he's got a meeting or some kind of event going on. We haven't gone anywhere together in about a month. I just don't know what to do with myself because I am really sad about the situation but my husband is a provider by nature and won't be content until his company is in full swing so that I won't have to work much longer.

Am I being selfish?



lili246 - November 10

NO, I know that you need your husband as close as he can be at this time. During pregnancy all ldaies get sensitive and we take anything as a big problem it might not be a big one but the sensitive is still there and we just need to get the idea that you DH wants the best for his family and that he is doing his best for you to take care of your lil one after he is born and not even work anymore so you can take good care of your lil one. You should be happy at that, you'll have other days when he is with you all the time you'll see just try to understand him.
I know that if you find out that he ight be talking to someone else is something for you to get jeolous it has happen to me and I doo understand how you are feeling, just talk to him and let him know how you feel, you might be able to let him know what you like and don't like about what he does. He will find some time to go to your doctors appointments just give him some time. I know how you feel because my DH never went with me to the doctors appont. when I was pregnant with my first pregnancy, he only went when I had the ultrasound done and that was because he wanted to know the gender of the baby.
But there will be better days, just give it some time. God has bless you with your pregnancy and will be with you all the time.
You have been blessed and enjoy it as much as you can, lucky women.

Love, Lili


gavinsmommy - November 10

Hi Heather,

I am sorry to here about your dh and you. I know it is a devastating thing to go through because I myself was divorced for the same reasons. I have since remarried to the man of my dreams. Sweetie this is one of those pages in life that we don't want to turn but we have to. You have an amazing lil boy who really needs you. I am sorry but you need to focus on yourself for the sake of Justin. Your husbands childish skirt chasing should be put on the back burner. That handsome lil boy you are carrying is well worth more than your husbands immaturity. Mahogany is right about what she said as far as him burning this girl to. You need to plant your feet in the ground for your son regardless of your husbands desire to wander. These lil ones can sense everything that goes wrong with their mommies even on the inside. As far as letting your husband be at the birth I would have to weigh the fact of the stress he will bring to you in a time that you really don't need it. Pick up the pieces Sweetie and move on. You deserve better than this and settle for nothing less. You and Justin will be just fine. This lil guy already loves you and that should be all that matters. Please some how find the strength to not deal with your husband for both your sake. You have been through enough heart ache with the loss of Justins twin and you certainly do need this. You will be just fine. It won't be a healthy enviroment for Justin if he is in his life acting the fool he is. Remeber this handsome lil man is counting on you don't let him down.

(((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))

Keep your chin up and be strong. You are a women and that says it all as far as strength goes.

Take care and keep in touch,



Monica - November 11

Jiggidysgirl: You are definitely in my prayers, and trust me.....I DO understand exactly how you feel. When I was with my first husband, that is EXACTLY what he did to me when I needed him most. When I pregnant with our 10 year-old 1st husband started seeing someone else and even got her pregnant!! As soon as I delivered my baby at the hospital.....about 5 minutes later, my ex-husband was out in the hallway talking on his cellphone with "the other girl". My heart completely broke in the hospital that day.....and while I should have been elated with joy over the birth of my babyboy; I was extremely sad & depressed....... That was one of the most painful times of my life & it took me a long time to heal from it; but when I met my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ about 4 years ago.......He took my life in a completely different direction. NOW, I am married to an extremely caring man (even though he irritates me sometimes....LOL), and the both of us continue to seek the Lord on a daily basis in regards to our marriage, so that neither of us will be distracted by the "world's mess". If you know what I mean.
What you are going to have to do is to turn all of this over to God and let Him do something with it.......and if the marriage really IS over, then you are going to have to find a place in your heart to forgive your husband (so that you will have peace & be free to move on), and God will take you and Justin's life to an entire different level.

Now, that is probably not going to be easy to do, but if you do it......You will surely come out on top. You will have your own testimony, and you will be able to help some other young lady with this same problem in the future.....Trust me.
Whenever we go through things like this & are eventually healed from is not only for ourselves, but it is also so that we can help somebody else in the future.
The Lord said that "In this world you WILL face many trials & tribulations......BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER! I have already overcome this world".

Babybop: I totally understand what you are going through as well. My husband also works long hours, and we hardly spend alot of "quality" time together. I sometimes get a little insecure & afraid as well (especially because of what my ex-husband put me through), but I just try to think positive & I pray alot.......You need to really cover your marriage in prayer, so that there won't be any open doors for anyone to come in......
Feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Mahogany Heart: How are you feeling? How is the baby doing?

Lili246: I can tell that you really have peace now & THAT is awesome!! Because of your good attitude, I am sure that you will be blessed with another child soon!!

Take Care Everyone!
Monica & Baby Joseph :)


Mahogany Heart - November 12


The Prenatal Pills was making me sick like that. Buttons is doing well.


Amanda Ivey - November 12

Nancy the baby is doing good, he's taking his nap right now as we speak. (yay me!) :) Hubby calls me EVERY day. He's homesick....He'll be here in 2 more months so I'm holding on. Still working and all that, wanna have some time out with my peers, but I don't think that's gonna happen soon, not complaining cause I love my little snookum wookum baby waby munchkin wunchkin, yes I dooooo (okay I'm back) sometimes I just need a day off to see a movie or something I want to see Texas chainsaw massacre really bad!


lili246 - November 13

I am keeping myself strong, even though it's so hard to do it. I am doing it for my familye specially for my baby boy he needs me and that is the number one reason.
I have faith that god will bless me soon, without faith nothing is posibble. And I am keeping the faith because I believe in god and he send me a message letting me know to be strong and he will bless me soon, I just know it.

I am happy that you and baby Joseph are doing fine. Take good care of yourself for the benefit of the baby. Wow your time is getting closer and I am happy for you.
Best wishes.

Love, Lili


Honey - November 13


It only took us a month on ovulex. On top of that I didn't start taking it at the begining of my cycle it was something like 3 days after af started. I just took that and my over-the-counter prenatal pills.

Hope you have luck with Ovulex because we did!



Honey - November 13

I'm praying for you heather!!!

God Bless!



June_First_2006 - November 14

Hi all, I had my first prenatal appt. Of course you know the first day is full of questions and pricking and theivery of my blood. They are going to go ahead and estimate how far along I am by going by a 28 day cycle, so I am a week further than what's on my ticker. I had received a huge bag full of goodies...DH was having more fun with it than I received my flu shot and I have to make an appt. for the diabetes testing sometime this week, since I am at higher risk of getting it, so whooptie doo here comes the fun. But the extra good that comes out of all this is I get my ultrasound next Monday. So I will make sure to keep you posted about that and my glucose test. You ladies and babies take it easy. ttyl.


Amanda Ivey - November 14

Waitin on the babies to be here already I am getting impatient with you two Monica and Nancy only 4 to 6 more weeks yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pics and hear of your labor stories. I am so excited I wanna pop. I want pics! I want stories so please don't forget. Being that all of us started off waiting together, now I feel like I'm still playing the wait game only this time to see both your little beautiful babies and to finally find out what Nancy is having.
june how exciting I remember that first doc visit. Don't you just love the goody bag, I had numerous magz sent to my house every 2 weeks for the whole nine months. Do you have that book what to expect when expecting, if not it's a really good and helpful book, you should be able to find it at barnes and noble or booksamillion, That goes for the rest you little buddha bellies too, get the book :) LOL love ya's I'm getting sleepy


jiggidysgirl - November 14

Thank you all for the support. I am hanging in there. This group has been wonderful in so many ways through everything.

I went to see an attorney for my divorce but I can't seem to get a hold of my soon to be ex husband. I just wish he would get this over with quickly so i can move on. I don't know how long he would like to prolong this divorce.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I will see how things are going. My belly still feels really tight and hard which they say is not a good thing. Has anyone else experienced this? So, I will see what happens.

I also want to ask how soon they can try to deliver. I would really like this done as soon as he is healthy enough so that I can enjoy him and maybe that will help me remember that it is worth it.

I hope every one else is having an uneventful time. Many of us are in the final stretch. I can't wait to see the pics of all the babies outside the belly!!!

Take Care,



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