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Charity - October 6

It seems like everyone has an opinion on names! Even friends of my mom's friends - people I have never even heard of are now sending me names that they have prayed about and that are right for my baby! I try to just smile and thank them for praying for my baby and tell them I appreciate the thought - but my gosh. I can't imagine feeling I have the right to name someone's baby.

So is anyone having odd dreams now that they are pregnant? I have always had odd dreams and nightmares but I have been having some really odd dreams lately. They seem much more real then usual. Is it just me?



babybop - October 6

Congratulations Twinky! Welcome to BFP!!!!


Jade - October 6

Did anyone have a very faint line when they tested. I tested and it was very faint. Does that mean I am pregnant or not. I don't want to get too excited.


Charity - October 6

Congratulations Jade! You might take it again first thing in the morning but you are most likely pregnant!! My doctor assured me the home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate - even if the line is faint. Just means you caught it soon.




babybop - October 6

Jade: Welcome! Congratulations, I had a very faint positive on september 26....september 27, I had a blood test. I am now five weeks.

Congrats, Welcome to motherhood!


lili246 - October 6

Congratulations Jade,
When I tested I got a very faint line, that I thought I was dreaming of that second line but when I tested the next day it became darker, so I am pretty sure that you are pregnant. Congrats I am so happy for you.



NANCY - October 6

Congrats and welcome to the BFP'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are unsure if you have more test re test in the morning and if not and you want to buy a test then buy the one that actually says pregnant or not pregnant. That way you don't have to worry is there a line is is dark enough.
A couple of years ago when I tested it came up with the faintest line that you could imagine. Dh said it wasn't dark enough that it didn't count. So of course we went out and bought more tests and the line got darker and darker.

Again congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jade - October 7

Okay. So I bought one that says pregnant or not pregnant. And I guess I am offically pregnant. YEAH! Now I can be EXCITED!!!!!!!


NANCY - October 8

Hello Ladies and Babies I hope that you had a great weekend.

Jade congrats again!!!!! Doesn't that digital read out test make you feel so much better. There is no guess work.



Jade - October 8

Yeah Nancy! The digital read out was great. It really put my mind at ease. Thanks for the suggestion.


Amanda Ivey - October 9

Hi ladies,
I see there's a few new success stories on here...congrats to all you lucky mama's
Nancy and Monica,
times running short only a couple of more months until your little angels arrive so be patient winter is coming shortly no more hot summer days and nights.
I just wanted to check in with you all...have you heard from andrea or peaches at all?
My little man is growing and already scooting and holding his head up at 7 weeks here's a pic of him before a b-ball tournament here in florida..oh yeah I had to put him on rice because the plain milk just was not holding him he was eating every 35 min 4 to 5 ounces and when I added the rice he stopped being constipated and now is going daily he adjusted really well oh yeah also he sleeps from 930pmto5am then he goes back to sleep until 10am and stays up all day LUCKY ME!
lbums/i200/ronsmommy/ronron2.jpg[/IMG] r>


Amanda Ivey - October 9

Sorry I don't know how to resize photos


Monica - October 9

Wow Amanda....He is SOOOO HANDSOME!!!! How adorable, and I absolutely love his cute gear..... :D

You are so blessed!!!

Also, Congratulations Jade!!!! Welcome to the board.....

Monica ;)


Honey - October 9

Amanda He is the cutest little thing! LOL

You are lucky to have a baby that doesn't wake up continuously through the night! You are very Blessed.


How does it feel? :)



lili246 - October 9

Hi Amanda,
wow he has grown alot. They grow up so fast it's incredible.
Hey I notice that my son when he was 1 year old I was giving him regular whole milk and notice that he was contipated alot so I changed the milk to 1% and his been ok ever since no constipation or anything like that so yeah sometimes they get that and it's terrible seeing them suffer. Poor lil baby how is he doing now with the rice?

Take Care and take good care of him.



Jade - October 9

Thanks Everyone. It really is great finally seeing that BFP. I have to wait until November 13th for my first doctor's appointment. WOW. That seems like forever away. I just hope that everything goes well between now and then. It is hard not to worry about the unknown. Does/Did anyone else feel like that in their 1st trimester. I guess I just read or hear about all these women having miscarriages and I worry that will happen to me. I just have to stay positive!!!!!!!!



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