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Jade - October 9

Thanks Everyone. It really is great finally seeing that BFP. I have to wait until November 13th for my first doctor's appointment. WOW. That seems like forever away. I just hope that everything goes well between now and then. It is hard not to worry about the unknown. Does/Did anyone else feel like that in their 1st trimester. I guess I just read or hear about all these women having miscarriages and I worry that will happen to me. I just have to stay positive!!!!!!!!


lili246 - October 9

I know it gets scary listening about those M/C. I got so scared a couple of weeks ago because I discharge some watery fluid and that scared me so much. It happen to me twice and I was thinking the worse but then I started thinking positive because thats all you need to do. I haven't seen a doctor because I am waiting for my insurance approval from AIM. I should know sometime this week if I got approved. I hope so because I want to go and see a doctor and make sure everything is alright with my baby. Just think positive and everything will be alright.

take Care



Jade - October 10

Thanks Lili246. I am trying to stay positive. I hope that your insurance goes through soon. :)


lili246 - October 10

Yes, I hope so to. I should be hearing from them anytime now, hopefully today. I can't wait to have my first doctors appoint. I am staying positive.

Take Care



lili246 - October 10

Great news I just finish talkiing to the AIM program the insurance for my pregnancy and they said that I was approved and effective in Ocotber 16. So anytime next week I should be all set to make my first doctors appointment and check on us.
I am happy because I finally got approved and I can check that my baby is ok.

God Bless...



Charity - October 10

Hi Lili,

That is GREAT news! I bet you are so relieved!


lili246 - October 10

I am after what I have gone thru with that watery discharge that scared me totally. I want to go and see a doctor right away just to make sure everything is going just fine. I am staying positive and yes what a relief after all that. Just can't wait to go see the doctor.
So how are you feeling, hows everything coming along with you charity.

Take Care..



Charity - October 11


Everything is good but I am so cranky and moody. I have no patience with anyone and I am normally a patient person. I hope it passes soon - it is driving me nuts.



lili246 - October 11

Just take it easy, it will pass eventually. I know it happens. I get mad fast at anything and yes I do know how you feel, but it will go soon.



NANCY - October 11

Amanda he is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! How are you feeling. sounds like your in a routine. I hope all is well!!

Lili that's great. I think you should be able to hear the heart beat!!!!!!!!!

How is everyone?? Any apt updates. I go Friday. I think I am up 7-8 pounds maybe 9. I have this thing for strawberry short cake ice cream. I eat like 3 of them a day at work. I did notice that when I take my iron pill I feel so much better that day if I don't take it I drag really bad so I will chat with the dr on friday about that. My mom was a little worried about my blood pressure 90/55 she said that is low so I will ask about that too!! My cardioligist said it was low but he didn't seem to concerned. He is sending me for a ultra sound on my heart and neck before I give birth. I can't beleive that I am starting my 7th month it went fast but when I think to myself I have 3 more to go I feel like it's going to take for ever.

Charity I told you about my mood swings and seeing red when DH does something really really silly. He asked me how I was. I told him that I couldn't breathe, was really uncomfortable and my back was killing me. He said my back and feet hurt. I saw fire and said I don't care if you back and feet hurt. I finally explained how uncomfortable I was by telling him to shove a bounceing basketball in his stomach let it bounce on his bladder all the time and shove it up into his ribs so he can't eat or breathe. I know girls all that and he told me his back and feet hurt. I can admit it I was very very VERY moody at that moment.

I hope that gave you a gigle my mother thought it was so funny. Well talk to you later!!



lili246 - October 11

wow your almost to the of your pregnancy, wow time does fly and yeah those 3 more months will go by so slowly, thats what happen to me almost at the end, it seem that it was taking for ever, but youre almost there. Hang in there. About the back pain. OMG at my first pregnancy when I was in labor I thought I was going to die because I was having a terrible back pain that I wanted to stand up but they wouldn't let me, because I was almost to give birth. wow just can't imagine that again when time comes but all is just for a little while, it's such a relief when the baby is born, you forget everything after that. Well I am hanging in there to. I notice that I get a slightly pain in my stomach and thats a sign that I have to go to the bathroom, does anyone get that?
Well hope that once I have my first doctors appointment I can hear my baby's heartbeat.

Take Care..



soon2bmommy - October 11

Hello ladies and soon to come babies:

Sorry ladies I haven't been as active lately - I'm sorry - I'm still very tired and always sleepy.

Baby and I are fine, I found out last thursday I'm having a BOY! We are naming him Edgar - he will be a junior.

Congratulations to all the new momies and Welcome aboard the BFP Train.

Monica I miss you soooo much and I guess this really confirms that we are connected - BOYS. LOL

Nancy - good to see you are still hanging in there - November 30 is your independence day (Smile).

I was trying to catch up it's it true Mahogany heart is among us now?

Well ladies wanted to stop by and say HI - HI!


Charity - October 11

Congratulations soon2bmommy on a son! Edgar is a very nice name.


lili246 - October 11

soon2bmommy, your having a boy, that is wonderful. They are very cute but alot of work. Is this your 1st baby?



Monica - October 12

CONGRATULATIONS Soon2bmommy on the baby boy!! YES, I guess that we definitely are kindred spirits :)....
Also, Edgar sounds like a very noble name so congratulations again!!......

Take Care Everyone!
Monica ;)


Monica - October 12

Okay ladies....I logged off, but then I had to log right back on because I need some serious advice from you guys....

I was reading the previous posts about some of you being very moody & getting easily irritated......and OH MY GOSH, I too have been that way; especially towards my husband.
I tell you;lately, I have been SO FRUSTRATED with my husband. I mean every little thing that he does OR DOESN'T DO......I get extremely irritated about it.

Ladies, I am just trying to keep it real here.....
He is soooo nice to me, but he irritaes me SO MUCH. It was so bad this morning that I almost told him that I wanted a divorce & That Is Crazy!!!

I heard about the mood swings during the first & third trimesters of pregnancy, but I didn't realize that it would be so bad; especially towards my husband.
I would never want to divorce my husband....ESPECIALLY NOW, but I have been so mean to him, and he has been so nice to me.
I don't know what to do....

Is anyone else experiencing this? or do you know someone that is going through this?.......Please let me know so that I won't continue to think that I am just losing my mind.....

Thanks for your help,
Monica :-\



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