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cov1929 - October 5

Wow Twinky! thanks for your reply. I see alot of us here on the board suffor from very irregular periods. I have that same problem that I never know then am going to O. So happy knowing someone with irregular periods can get pregnant. Congrats once again.


NANCY - October 5

Hello Ladies and Babies

Congrat twinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lili did you ever figure out what the discharge was?? How are you feeling?? Do you still have the discharge or did it stop?

How is everone else feeling??

I am tired!!! I got up last night at 1:30 for a trip to the bathroom and didn't get back to sleep until 3:30. I couldn't get comfortable. I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Paige. I am going to start my count down. I start next week working 4 days a week and my last day of work is Nov 30. I so look forward to that!!!

Well off to work!!


Monica - October 5

Congratulations Twinky!!! Welcome to our board!!

Nancy: Do you sleep with a body pillow? I have had one for the last month or so and it has REALLY made a difference in the way that I sleep at night.......and my husband is completely thankful as well!!

Lili: How are you doing?

Have a Great Day Everyone!
Monica :)


lili246 - October 5

Nancy and Monica,
Thank you for asking. I never found out what was that watery discharge. I am still waiting for the responce back from the insurance I should be hearing from them pretty soon. I was just thinking if I had anything like that I would just so traight to the hospital or see a doctor asap. But thank god that I haven't had that again. I am feeling good just eating more and going to the bathroom more often which is no problem. I hope that my baby is ok. As soon as I get the approval from the insurance I will make an appointment with a doctor and have them check me right away. I am also drinking lots of water just in case is that fluid if I am losing.
But other than that I am feeling just fine!

Thanks for caring!



Honey - October 5

Hey guys!!!!! Long time no talk. I've been trying for weeks to get in here and it kept telling me that I wasn't logged in after I did log in.

Well quick update:

I'm getting huge by the minute
We're having a girl
And I'm getting huge by the minute!!! LOL

How is every one doing?



Honey - October 5

Congrats Twinky! How does it feel?

By the way I didn't feel pregnant till I felt my baby move. She moves around a lot really early in the morning when my son and I are getting ready for work and daycare and between 11am and 3pm. Any time after that I just don't pay that much attention because I'm on the go.


fiso - October 5

Hi Nancy, you are asking how is everyone sleeping? Well, I dread going to be d at night now, because I wake up every couple hours to pee and most of the time, it takes me an hour or more to go back to sleep!
No matter how many pillow I put all around me!
I've tried a nice bath, some aromatherapy, nice music, there is just too much going on in that belly!!
I'm 39 weeks, ready to burst any time now. Just keep in mind that it gets more and more uncomfortable!

Congratulations Twinky!!!!

Honey, make sure you take plenty of pictures of your belly. Teh weeks are going to go by so fast. We even took a little movie of my belly moving all by itself! I didn't want to forget that.

All the best to all.


sammy71 - October 5

Wow a baby girl. How perfect is that. I can't believe you are 19 weeks, it seems like just yesterday that you were starting Ovulex. Keep us up to date.



lili246 - October 5

Congrats you are having a lil girl. That is awesome. You already have a a boy right? Well best wishes and hope that all is well.



Honey - October 5

lili, sammy, fiso,

I'm sure glad you are all still so chipper. I love you guys and everyone else on this forum.

I've only taken about 3 pics so far and I know I'n slackin so I'll make sure I don't miss these months.

Oh and yeah I have a little boy he is so glad to be a big brother as the days go by.......

Well talk to you guys in the morning I'm getting off work now!




NANCY - October 5

Lili I' glad to hear that you are feeling fine.

Honey I'm so happy that you are having a girl. Kinda jealous that you all know what you are having. I know that I want it this way though I loved hearing in the delivery room what the sex was. I am still jealous of you girls though.

I have a body pillow but it doesn't help. I think that today I had those braxton hicks contractions. I should have called in today like dear hubby told me to. I just keep thinking only 4 days a week until nov 30

Fiso I can't imagine being more uncomfortable than I am now. I have almost 3 months left to go. DO you know what you are having. Keep us posted on when you deliver.

Amanda How are you doing??

I am going to try to turn in early tonight.
Talk to you all tomorrow


lili246 - October 5

Don't you know the gender of your baby?
I am also jeolous of Honey because she is having a baby girl. I also have one one and wish I would get a girl this time if I don't it's ok as long it comes healthy right?

I love all of you girls 2. Take Good care of yourself and your lil ones.



NANCY - October 6


I do not know the gender of my little angel inside. I also would love to have a little girl. I would love for Paige to have a sister. I think sister sister bonds are beautiful. I look at my mother and her sisters and my best friend with her sisters. I am so envious of the sister sister bond they have. You are right though as long as my little one comes out heathy(Dh and I just need to agree on a boys name)

Hope everyone is doing well!!!
Have a great day!!!!!



jiggidysgirl - October 6

Hi Ladies,

how are you all doing? It is so exciting to read of all these new pregnancies. Welcome everyone!!!! It really brings a tear to my eye remembering the excitement of finally finding out I was pregnant. Also to know that others have beat infertility. I pray that everyone on this site will know the same excitement and joy one day.

Everything is going fine here. It is raining now in Oregon which is nice so that I can cool off. I feel like I am my own heater lately. I went to the specialist two days ago and the baby looked great. He is already a pound and a half. He will be a big baby. They think everything else is looking fine and I should have a normal pregnancy from here out.

Tomorrow my friends are throwing me my shower. I am excited and sad. I am still having trouble with the memory of the baby inside that is gone but I am going to try to keep the excitement for the baby that is living.

I am feeling baby Justin kicking hard now and regularly. It is funny because he seems to kick a lot when my husband is talking. I told my husband boys are supposed to be Mommy's boys not daddys boys. I love sitting at work and seeing my belly go up and down in spots.

Have you all laid on your side and the baby starts kicking on that side. Should I be changing sides when that happens?

At the doctor we had a 4D ultrasound done and Justin opened his eyes and starred right at the screen. He is now looking like a baby and not a little alien.

Take Care everyone and let me know how things are going.



lili246 - October 6

I know that is the hardest ha trying to decide on the name, hopefully you and your DH will agree. As long as the baby is healthy thats all it matters.

God bless you girls!



Charity - October 6

It seems like everyone has an opinion on names! Even friends of my mom's friends - people I have never even heard of are now sending me names that they have prayed about and that are right for my baby! I try to just smile and thank them for praying for my baby and tell them I appreciate the thought - but my gosh. I can't imagine feeling I have the right to name someone's baby.

So is anyone having odd dreams now that they are pregnant? I have always had odd dreams and nightmares but I have been having some really odd dreams lately. They seem much more real then usual. Is it just me?




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