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Amanda Ivey - August 20

That's a good question Nancy! :) I am happy to let you guys know he's here! We just got home and we are doing really well I started labor on the 17th and had him on the 18th at 745 pm after 1 hr and 20 mins of pushing. he is 6;b and 13 oz Ronnie ray ivey II here's a quick shot...I am a little tired so I will post more later.



jiggidysgirl - August 21

Hello Ladies,

First, Congradulations Amanda!!! He is beautiful. What a perfect baby! I can't wait to hear all about it after you get some well deserved rest.

Nancy, I am almost 17 weeks now and I still have not felt the fluttering but I read that you don't always start feeling it as early with your first pregnancy. I am excited to feel that.

How is everyone else?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in my home town and then one in the bigger city next week at the perinatologist. I should have more updates. We are going to take the kids to the second appointment because hopefully we won't have any more suprises.

Take Care,


sammy71 - August 21


He is sooooo beautiful!

God Bless your new little family. Sammy71


Monica - August 21

WOW Amanda; He is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He seems soooo very peaceful & serene. Congratulations girl!! Was your husband able to be there? I really hope so.....
Congratulations again!! What a journey it has been for you!

Nancy: No not really. I can feel little Joseph moving around on the inside very well now, but my husband still really can't feel him kicking yet. My husband can feel him move from one side of my stomach to the other, as well as to ball up in a little knot......but that is about all. I am getting so excited! My friend is in the process of planning my babyshower; so now it all seems very real to me.

Ladies: I am trying to get my baby-gaga ticker back into my profile, but it is not working anymore. I initially took it off so that I could adjust the due date to 12/24/06; but now I am not able to get it back into my profile.
When I select my specific ticker & click "Select" to copy the code into my profile.....Nothing happens. I mean I can't even get the code.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Luv You Guys,
Monica :)


gavinsmommy - August 21

Hi Amanda,

Congratulations!!!!!! He is beautiful. 2 snaps on a job well done!!!! I am so glad to see that your husband was still home for his arrival, he has to be so proud of that handsome lil bugger!!!!!


NANCY - August 22

Amanda congrats he is adorable!!!! How are you feeling?? I remember when I had Paige I use to stare at her in amazment. I would say to DH Can you beleive that she is here and she is ours!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!

Monica not sure what is going on with the ticker Did you put it in the signature. I remember one time not putting it there and it didn't work.

Every thing is going good with me I just got back from Sesame Place we had a blast at least Paige did as long as the characters didn't come to close!!!

My next apt is on Sept 8th. Curious to see what I gained since I only lost a pound in the 21 weeks a pregnancy. I don't think that the dr is going to give me another sonagram but I am going to ask.

Well tomorrow is back to reality(work). Yuck!!!!!

When is everyone's next apt's? How is everyone feeling?

Talk to you soon!!!!!



lili246 - August 22

Congrats and thanks for showing a picture of him. What a cute baby boy. Lucky women. Best wishes and congrats again.

I hope I get a BFP soon! God Bless you all..



liz - August 23

Amanda -


He is absolutly adorable.



summer - August 25

Congratulations Amanda. The baby is so adorable. I cant believe Ovulex helped you to conceive that beautful little bundle. Keep us updated on how he is doing

Baby dust to all of us. we will get there.



jiggidysgirl - August 25

Hello All,

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are going to have 90 degree weather in Oregon so it should be nice.

Amanda, I hope that you are doing well and I can't wait to hear more about your experience and how things are going.

Nancy, no movement yet from here. Hopefully i start feeling things like you are.

I hope every one is doing well and I have all of those still trying in my thoughts and prayers.

Please also add my sister-in-law in your prayers. She just miscarried at 13 weeks and had to go through a D&C last night. It has been very traumatic for her. She has one child already but that has not made it easier.

We are fortunate to know what miracle this process is.

I have an appointment on Monday in the bigger city. I should be able to find out what the sex of the baby will be. I will let you all know.

Take Care,


Inga - August 25

Thanks for your prayers. My nurse said that I shouldn't be going by my BBT anymore. She's right. My beta more than doubled the day after I wrote my message. I stopped checking my BBT b/c I didn't need one more thing to make me anxious. I had my first u/s this week. Saw the fetal pole and all looked healthy. Too early for a heartbeat which we are hoping to see at our next u/s this wed (my birthday). That's when we plan on telling our families. I know its a little early but we can't wait.

thank you for your welcome. I am still alittle anxious and can't wait to see a heartbeat. This is our first baby so we are really excited.

Congratulations Amanda. He looks like a little angel.


Amanda Ivey - August 26

Thanks you guys for all of the congrats and compliments! I have been a little busy with him lately his dad was able to be there for the birth, but now it's just me and baby. I was so nervous taking him from the hospital, but I think I am doing a really good job so far now. I had to be induced and you guys were right it wasn't bad at all, being that I got an epidural at 2 cm (hee hee) I have no tolerance for pain at all and I started to yell on purpose ( maybe even exagerrate a little) until they heard me because I was really scared...oh yeah and sleepy I had alrady been up for a little over 17 hours. I slept all the way to 10 cm (yay) I would like my next pregnancy to go exactly the same way. I can't wait to do it all over again, but not to soon! I want to spoil him first. :)

I am glad to see you guys are all doing well in your pregnancies. Monica and Nancy your over halfway there!!!!!!
Inga your fine realx and enjoy your pregnancy :)
Heather, I'm sure you'll get your kicks soon enough you know it all depends on where your little snookums is in there. :)


NANCY - August 28

Hello ladies!!!

Yesterday morning at 6 am (at first DH wanted to kill me for waking him up) But he was able to feel the baby kick. He was thankful that I woke him. Last night and starting again tonight the baby is going crazy kicking and turning like crazy!!

How is everyone else feeling?? Hope everyone is feeling good!

My aunt told me that my cousin had to wait until she is 5 months pregnant to see how strong the heart was to see if they think the baby will make it. The baby has gastroschisis. The organs of the digestive system protrude through the abdominal wall. So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!

Talk to you soon


lili246 - August 28

Wow you got the epidural at 2cm, that was to soon, wasn't it usually from what i heard they give it till you have 5 cm open. That was easy going that you sleep through while waiting. For some reason I've heard from people that it is not good for you to sleep during the waiting time and after the waiting time no matter what because you might never wake up. I don't know why is that but I have heard that women after having there baby had taken a nap and had never waken up. That is scary so please all of you keep that in mind!
And see being induce was not to bad at all ha. I am glad that everything turn out great, thats true enjoy your baby and spoil him!haha
Have lots of fun with him, enjoy him as much as you can because they grow up so fast. I have a almost 2 year old and it seems that I just had him, but I realize that he grew up so so fast.

Well hope that all of you are doing great. Take care
And keep me in your prayers to get pregnant soon.



jiggidysgirl - August 29

Its a BOY! We just got back from the doctors. My step son was elated and my step daughter was devestated. It was an exciting morning.

After all we have been through I was just hoping it was healthy and it looks like he is very healthy. I don't even have to come back to see him for another 6 weeks which is great. No one has ever let me go that long without seeing them. That is a good sign. I still go for my monthly visits in my local town but now those have stretched to the month instead of 2 weeks as well.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Nancy, I think I would wake my husband too. I hope I start feeling something soon. I am excited for that.

Amanda, I hope to take your route of pregnancy that is great.



gavinsmommy - August 29


Congratulations!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I know he will be everything you want!!! You really deserve this after everything you have gone through. God Bless you and your lil one.




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