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gavinsmommy - August 29


Congratulations!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I know he will be everything you want!!! You really deserve this after everything you have gone through. God Bless you and your lil one.



Charity - August 29


New to this board but am SO excited to post. My Dh and I are an Ovulex/Amberoz sucess story! Two months on the combination and we just got our BFP!

I am only 2 weeks and 5 days - so it still hasn't sunk in. But I am looking forward to reading all the past posts here and catching up with everyone!



Charity - August 29

How did anyone handle telling at work? I know everything I am reading says to wait until the end of your 1st trimester. But I don’t know how I am going to do it! I feel like everyone looking at me can tell I am pregnant. Everyone that knows my husband and I know we have been trying to conceive for a long time. How do I handle it when they jokingly ask ‘If I’m pregnant’ without breaking into a goofy grin?

We told our immediate family right away because we couldn’t keep it a secret but we haven’t told our friends or extended family yet. When is it ok to tell?


Charity - August 30

This is probably a dumb question but I have to ask. My last period started July 27th and my conception date was August 11th. In my mind, I would be 2 weeks and 5 days pregnant. But everything I am reading says I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Why?


jiggidysgirl - August 30

Welcome and Congradulations Charity!

I was asking around about whether to tell or not in the beginning and I liked what one person told me. Tell everyone that you know you would want support from if something did, heaven forbid go wrong. I told family and I also told my supervisor and one close friend at work and that was it. But I had to tell work because our 8 week ultrasound showed twins which caused us to need a lot of doctors visits. This is all a personal choice and hopefully your work is supportive. I did not have many worries since they all knew at work that we were trying.

To your second question, the process of birth starts from the first day of your last period because part of the creation of the baby is the release of the egg and sperm. The age you are thinking is what I think they call gestational age but the doctors will start at the last day of your last period.

Keep us informed of your progress. I am guessing you will have your first prenatal visit in another month. Hopefully you are not having bad morning sickness.



Charity - August 30

Thanks Heather! I think the advice about who to tell is wise – if something did happen, you would need support from those same people. As far as work – it is hard not to tell but I think I am going to try to wait until my first doctor appointment. My first appointment is September 22nd – which seems like forever.

So far, I feel fine – a little tired and slight cramping. However, last night I had some real sharp cramps last night in bed – like shooting pains. But they only lasted a minute or two and everything seems ok.

I am a little disappointed that I don’t feel different. I always thought I would “just know” that I was pregnant but I had no idea.


jiggidysgirl - August 30

The first appointment does seem to take forever. I would call them with every twing and ache and they would tell me unless I am bleeding and/or cramping really bad then there is not much they can do.

i too always thought I would feel somewhat different. I did not even have that many pregnancy symptoms like others do.

I also found that pregnancy is different than infertility because you can go a long time without anything new happening where as infertility I was always measuring something in my body.

The first appointment will be exciting and you can write down all your questions for the doctor and you will feel more comfortable I am sure.



Honey - August 30


Your baby is sooooooo beautiful!!!! I showed a couple of people at work. Not like I though you would have an ugly baby or anything but I can't believe he is soooooo cute!!! :) Babies are just such a blessing!! I love babies!


Congrats on your little boy I can't wait till I find out what I'm having!

Congrats to the newcomers if I haven't said it before.

Sorry guys for being MIA for a while but I had a funeral to go to this past weekend and I had to go to Atlanta. I hate when family pass away because it doesn't bring my family together in a good way it always brings fights and arguments. I guess some things only make you stronger though.

Any ways on a happier note I have a doctor appointment in about 6 weeks to find out what the baby is. :)


Thats great your baby is kicking the mess out of you I wish I could feel mine! :)

God Bless everyone!


Monica - August 30

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone? CONGRATULATIONS to all of the new mommies!! God is good!
My baby & I are fine. Since my due date has been moved up to December the 24th, I will be 24 weeks on Friday & I am sooo excited! I can't believe that everything has gone by so fast....
I am feeling my baby kicking on a regular basis now, but only strong ebough a few times for my husband to feel.
We are in the process of planning for the babyshower which will be on 11/5, so I guess that I need to get registered pretty soon. I am planning to work up until the very last minute, so that way I can have more time to spend with little Joseph when he comes.
I can't wait!

Honey: I live in the Atlanta area. What part of Atlanta did you visit?

Nancy: How are feeling these days? Are you still tired all of the time?

Charity: Congratulations to you!

Take Care!


Monica - August 30


How in the world do I get my baby-gaga ticker back into my profile. I erased the last one in order to update the due date & now I can't get it back in.
Once I select the appropriate ticker that I want; I click on "get ticker" so that I can get the code to paste into my profile on line, and it takes me to the cord blood banking site. I can never find my code to paste.
Can someone help me & tell me what I am doing wrong? This is crazy......



Charity - August 30


When I did mine - I had to click on the 'Cord Blood' icon, at the bottom of the icon it says something about knowing about cord blood. It then took me to the code and I copied the 2nd code - the one for non-html sites.


Monica - August 31

THANKS Charity!!! It finally worked!

Thanks again.........


Honey - August 31


I'm not sure what part of Atlanta I was in but I know I wasn't in the city it was far away from any action. :) I remember a bowling alley called fun bowl and a sonic right next to it. Oh and my baby shower will be on 11/4. I wanted it to be before all the holidays. I didn't want it to overlap thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and Valentines Day so DH and I decided to have it in November. LOL


NANCY - September 2

Hello Ladies!!

How are things with everyone??

Feeling good. I have my next apt on the 8th of Sept. I can't beleive that I am going to be 6 months. It goes by so quickly.
I see some ladies are getting ready to register. Let me know I enjoy going in and looking at what people have registered for. You all know when your shower is. Mine was a surprise.
Well on this rainy Labor Day weekend so far just getting Paige's room ready so that we can move her out of the nursery. Then I want to give that room a good cleaning. So far she loves being in there and telling her Daddy that it is HER ROOM!!!!!
The baby is doing alot of kicking to my bladder not fun at all. The morning that my DH felt the first kick was the most active night. My cousin was actually shocked how hard the kick was his eyes light up. I feel the baby doing alot of turning. I wonder if this baby is going to have the hiccups like Paige did. Those felt funny!!

Did anyone go into to take the gender predictor quiz? I would love to know what the quiz said to what you are having. I went in yesterday they say 83% girl!!!!! If you girls get a chance let me know. I notice that everyone that I know who is pregnant or just had babies are having boys. When I was pregnant with Paige the same thing happen. Everyone esle knew they were having a boy I as my mother says like to be different and had a girl. I have my name for a girl Madison Nicole. As for boy names not to sure. Dh and I can't agree. We are so so on Kyle Hunter. I like Anthony Mason and Tyler John. If you know of any boy names let me know. I laugh we have a book of 10,000 names you think I would be able to find something.

I hope all is well with you and the babies!!!


NANCY - September 4

Wow it's been quite this weekend! I hope that is because everyone is out and about enjoying their Labor Day Weekend.

Well when I go to the Dr's of Friday I will have to tell him that I had a lot of pain on my right side. I couldn't touch my tummy at all it hurt. Dh and I went to the store and he was putting Paige in the car and I slid by and the door scraped my tummy it hurt. I pretty much rested this weekend laid on my left side and relaxed.
(Charity if you read this don't say anything I didn't tell my mother) Feeling good now though. I am able to eat better than I have been. I think that I am caring high so no matter what I eat I am so stuffed!

Talk to you all soon!!

Goodnight mommies and babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jiggidysgirl - September 5

Hello All,

We just got back from a trip from Bend. It was tiring. I don't like sleeping somewhere else right now.

The good news is that I finally started to feel the fluttering I have heard about. I was holding someone elses baby all weekend and I told my husband my baby is probably jealous already. It is nice to finally feel my baby regularly.

Nancy, we are naming our boy Justin Ryan. My husband's middle name is Ryan and his family all has J names so he wants to carry on the tradition. I liked the name Justin because it can't be shortened and sounded like a strong name.

It was a beautiful Labor Day for us in Oregon, 95 degrees. Can't wait to hear everyone elses labor day tales. Hope all is going well and uneventful (except the events we expect).

Take Care,



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