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lili246 - August 10

That is true, walk alot I mean ALOT! On my first pregnancy I did alot of walking that when I was at the hospital I had my son very fast that the nurse was shock because I dilated from 2 to 9 in no time. And that was because of all that walking I did. OMG I would get to the end of the day and I really felt tired but it was worth it, big time.
The best of Luck, I just wish I get pregnant soon!



Honey - August 11

Yeah Amanda,

Lili is right. I also had a very quick delivery with my first child because I walked all the time. Now I know you don't work right now so all you can do is sit and wait for the little guy! Right? Another thing you can do is squat all the way to the floor and push a little because really the pressure is what makes you dilate. Just give it a try but don't push like you're in labor thoughbecause you could rip, you can also get one of those yoga balls and roll on that while pushing a little. All of that will help. But just some encouragement, being induced isn't all that bad because I had that also. My son was 2 weeks early because he was going to be a 10 pounder and I'm just to small for a baby that size so they had me induced and it also made him come out quicker because your contractions are harder. I think you will be fine and if you have to get cut you'll probably forget about it as soon as you see that little angel! :)

I'm praying you have a safe and successful vaginal delivery!

God Bless



lili246 - August 11

I agree with Honey,
I was also induced with my first child because the doctor said that he was growing to fast. So at the time I went to the hospita and was induced, I did open fast but when at the time of the delivery of my son he couldn't come out so the doctor had to cut me alittle. I was fine ofcoarse it does hurt but once you see your child you won't feel that much, and it's all for a good cause. I just wish I were in your shoes on being pregnant! Don't worry girl everything is going to be all right. Just pray for you and your son to be in good health and have faith.
God Bless you all Pregnant women's!



Amanda Ivey - August 12

Lili and Honey thanx for the reassurance I am sure I'm just over worrying and that everything will be fine even if it doesn't happen as planned or by the book. I will just do the walking thing more and the squats and see how it goes. :)


grandmaof2 - August 12

Have a happy delivery Amanda

Not sure if I told you congrats on your little angel

God Bless You and Your Family


Amanda Ivey - August 13

Thank you for your good wishes :) I hope you recieve your little bundle of joy soon.

A Ray of Hope for me.....I finally lost my mucous plug last night.....yipee proof that my body is doing something! Anyhoo I am up right now because I can't sleep and my back hurts bad so I am probably going to drive 20 min to hardees and get a sausage biscuit and some OJ


NANCY - August 13

Hello ladies!!

Just got back from vacation had to do some catch up reading.

Amanda wow I can't beleive that you are only a few days away from giving birth. It feels like yesterday I was just finding out that I was preggo and you were a little more than half way through your pregnancy!! Best of luck to you. My motto is drugs drugs drugs. Good luck!!!

How are you other ladies feeling?

Monica can you beleive that we are half way through our pregnancies!! I see you jumped 6 days ahead of me now. A baby boy that's great! So how excited were you and the hubby?

Heather how are things with you?? Wow almost 16 weeks. You feel any fluttering yet??

Honey your out of the 1st trimester how are you feeling?

I see that there are 2 girls from the Ovulex site that are preggos Amie and Brite congrats!!!!!

For all others I am sending much sticky baby dust your way!!



NANCY - August 13

liz sorry congrats to you too!!!!!!!!!!! and welcome



Honey - August 14

Yeah Nancy,

there is a lot going on. We are waiting for Amanda's baby boy, you and Monica are at the half way mark, and I can't wait to feel my baby move, not to mention that we are getting new pregnancies almost every month and have you all noticed that they come in two's? Isn't that just great? LOL :)

God bless the bellies! LOL



liz - August 14

Hello all the mommies to be -

Amanda -
I hope you are doing well.
Hopefully your ds will take it easy on you!

Nancy -
Thank you very much for you congrats.

I am doing well. Nervous, anxious for the first u/s, still in disbelief. All these emotions and they just go round and round. I am sure you all know the feelings.

I must run, nap time is calling.
Take care everyone.


NANCY - August 14


I wouldn't worry to much about being induced or being cut. I was induced and cut. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I will admit after the drugs wore off I was a little bit uncomfortable but not as bad as I thought I would be. I think that most of it was because of the pushing. I was a week late and I didn't dialate on my own either. They put me in the hospital the night before and gave me cervidal (softens the cervix) and the pit (to get the contractions going).



Inga - August 15

Hi, I am new to this board. I was a lurker on the ovulex board. I have recently found that I am pregnant. Currently only finishing up my 5th week. I have a question and am hoping someone can answer. I am so in the habit of checking my BBT in the morning and ofcourse I saw my temps rise the highest they've been 98.5 but I have recently noticed a slight decrease in my temps. I didn't temp this past weekend so this monday when I saw it go down to 98.2, I became a little concerned. Has anyone been temping? and if so, have their temps done anything similar. I went in today for another Beta and will find out tomorrow if my numbers are continuing to double but I guess I was hoping for some reassurance.


gavinsmommy - August 16

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to let you know that one of our ladies from the ttc after m/c has lost another child. So please add Trina into your prayers and her poor dh.

All the best.


Honey - August 18


That is so sad! I'm praying for her and her family.


I'm not sure what to tell you because I don't test. You might just want to talk to a nurse at your doctor office to make sure because none of us will be able to give you a good medical answer anyway and we would hate to give you the wrong answer. I'm going to pray for you and I think you will be fine.

God Bless.

How are the other ladies doing today? I've been really busy the past couple of days at work. I have to go though because I have to help pay the bills. LOL :)

Take care!



NANCY - August 20

hello ladies!!

Congrats Inga and welcome!!!!

Just a quick note to say hello. Things are going good with me. I hope all is well for everyone else! Is any one feeling movement or kicking yet!!!!!!! This morning I felt the baby from the inside and I think from the outside. Monica can your hubby feel your baby yet?

Amanda is your baby in the belly still or in your arms??!!??!!

I can't wait I am taking Paige to Sesame Place!!

Talk to you soon


Amanda Ivey - August 20

That's a good question Nancy! :) I am happy to let you guys know he's here! We just got home and we are doing really well I started labor on the 17th and had him on the 18th at 745 pm after 1 hr and 20 mins of pushing. he is 6;b and 13 oz Ronnie ray ivey II here's a quick shot...I am a little tired so I will post more later.




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