Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - July 2

Congratulations girl, I am so happy for you hope you keep in touch :)

Sorry to hear what happened with your dh godmother. I net she is happen that if you have a girl you will name her after her. You made her happy :)

I don't blame what you did with your dh picking him up I would of done the same :)
About those nasueas it is all natural we just have to cope with them and hope they go away soon.

How are you doing girl? Hang in there we are almost over this nasueas and tiredness :)

Well girls I go to my 2nd OB appointment today this after noon and hope that everything is going well. I am excited to hear my baby and see him/her tomorrow :)
Yes I will find out what we are having. I want to know ahead of time. It is because everyone will be asking aswell. You know :)
My nauseas are still here they are not that bad, but yes I still have them. Hope they go away for sure soon.

I will keep you posted :)

Have a great day :)

Love Lili


MommyDreams - July 2

lili246 -- How many days past ovulation did you get your BFP? What were your symptoms?


Jess - July 2

Hey girls... Have a question. Since yesterday, I have been having sharp pains in my stomach:( I havn't had any bleeding, just the pain.... Do you think I should be worried??? Thanks for your help!



lili246 - July 2

well I know I get some kind of cramps in my stomach but they are not bad.
Are you having bad sharl pains? I should check with your doctor. I know I would get bad pains on my last pregnancy. Please check witht he doctor just to make sure. I know some women are different but just in case.

I was on 9dpo when I tested and barely could see a second line. I waited on11 dpo and got for sure the dark second line.
I wasn't having no symptoms at the time. I felt like always.

How is everyone else doing?


Mist - July 2

Thank You all! I am so excited and scared all at the same time! The only symptoms I have as of now is Sore Breasts and upset nausea .

At the time I was on my 4th cycle of Femara, I also was taking glucophage and I also was taking prenatal's and juice plus fruit and vegtable caps.

Ladies please keep in touch with me I am so nervous and never been so scared.

God Bless,



lili246 - July 2

Why are you so scared about? There is nothing to worry about for now but take good care of yourself. I know once we get close to our delivery date we get nervous but let me tell you I was nervous a fewm onths before delivery, once I was at the hospital I couldn't wait to have my baby and was very happy, ofcourse those labor pains are bad but lets not worry abou that for now. With faith everything will be ok you'll see :)

I have one more hour to go and then I am off to the doctor's. I am happy to go and hear my baby.
I will keep you posted.

Love Lili

Lte us know what you do, praying for you ;)


Shara - July 2

Good Evening Ladies

I am just in from class and I am about to drop dead. My dh went out with his brother to do some visiting since he had been gone for awhile. Yesterday, we gave my grandmother a happy 86th bday party and it was great. I, of course, went to only be a guest but my father made sure that it didn't happen. It is kind of hard to be laid back because I am the oldest and at the family functions I am expected to do things, in addition to that I haven't told anyone except my mother and mother in law that I am expecting again. Well anyways, everything was beautiful and I was happily nauseated the whole time, but with a smile on my face LOL. Classes are coming along and dh is finally bending to my whim of moving into another house- so that is becoming an exciting journey.

Mist -
Congratulations!!! Do not be scared of anything. You are naturally going to be nervous but you are not in this alone. Trust me when I say that we are here for you. Anything that you need help with that is within our knowledge banks we will share. I am praying for a safe happy pregnancy for you.

Renee -
We are in week two and get to test Saturday right? Only four more days to wait through- I am so excited for you - any symptoms yet!!!!

I am glad that you had fun in Florida. Being pregnant kind of dampers the whole ride thing, but just think you have another little one to chase in those same parks. So your opportunity will come around yet again!!!

I am glad that everything is going ok with you. I am sorry to hear about you and dh loss. I will keep you in my prayers!!
I have also had those sharp pains kind of like in the sides of my pelvis. My u/s tech told me that I had a cyst where I ovulated from and that it will drain and cause pain. If the pain becomes too intense then call the doctor. Have you had a u/s to see if you have the same issue. On the other hand, you are going into your fourth month- you might be having some intense ligament stretching going on. I would rest, get one of those rubber ice packs from CVS(it can be filled with ice or hot water) and place it on your pelvis. It does wonders for me and sometimes I take tylenol but don't make a habit of it.


Mist - July 3

Thanks Lili and Shara for all your love and support.

Lili, I can not wait to hear my baby's heart beat , I know I will cry but those will be happy tears :)

I guess I am so scared because I had a miscarriage in 2005. I think I will come out of this mode once I passed week 12




MommyDreams - July 3

lili246 -- What did your temps range from after ovulation?


lili246 - July 3

Hey Ladies,
well guess what?? I went to the doctor yesturday and the doctor had an emergency leave so she left well actually she was gone when i got there. I got mad at the girls in the office because they never called me to cancel they said they did but I don't see a missed call on my phone or not even a message. So I will inform the doctor about this.
I had to reschedule my appointment for today at 11:00a.m. to see my OB and then I have to go to another place to get my u/s done. The doctor doesn't do u/s there her machine broke and she hasn't repaired it.
I am happy that I will hear and see my baby today. I will keep you all posted later today. :)

I know what you mean about those happy tears once you hear or see your baby. I always do the same thing as well. I get so happy that I cry but it is all natural.

You are not alone here we are all sisters and part of the family. Whatever you need please feel free to ask.
I also had a m/c back in november of 2006. it is all natural to feel scare but we have to fight that and be strong and fight for our new miracles. With our faith and trust in god we will make it all the way with a healthy pregnancy. :)

Please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will be happy to send you my chart of when I got pregnant. So that you can have a better idea.

Have a great 4th of July!!!

Love Lili


Jess - July 3

Hey girls! Thanks for all the advice:) I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said that if it continues through tomorrow, then call and they'll get me in. I'm feeling better today. Even the nausea feels better:) YEA!! Hopefully it's gone for good!!:) Boy, would that make my day:) Glad to see that Lili is finally going to see and hear her baby today!! I can't wait to hear what's she's going to have:) Hope the rest of you girls are doing good. Anyone heard from Renee?? How is she doing??

Lili-any predictions on what you're going to have???



lili246 - July 3

Hello Ladies,

Just letting you know that I came back from the doctors
and the u/s.

I had the u/s done which it was a nightmare because you know I had that 32 onz of water and couldn't go pee I was suppose to have a full bladder I couldn't wait I had the water like at 12:30 and didn't go in until 2:15p.m. I though I was going to explored. But the good thing is that I did see my baby it was wonderful and see his heartbeat. :) That was the best. I know that my baby is doing good and hey there is only one baby there :) I know we wanted two but no not this time :)
No they couldn't tell the gender she said maybe within 2 weeks but don't know if I will be having another u/s soon. well see.

I couldn't hear the heartbeat the doctor didn't let me she seems always in a hurry but I didn't worry about it because I knew I was going to have the u/s done but next time and everytime I go to the doctor I will request to hear the heartbeat no matter what.

The good thing is that the baby is doing good. I am so happy about it. I have pictures hope that I can figure how to post them here and I will do so.

Have a great 4th and be safe.

Hope that you feel better and that it is nothing serious.

Love ya girls,



shan1234 - July 5

Hello Ladies, ;D

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July. I know I did. I just love watching the different fireworks light up in the sky. :)

I woke up this morning feeling good. I was not tired and not feeling sick to my stomach. Well, two hours later, I was eating breakfast and I took my prenatal vitamin, as soon as I did that I started to feel nausea. Could my prenatal be the reason why I'm sick to my stomach all the time? Should I ask my dr. to prescribe me some other kind of prenatal? What do you ladies think?

Lili -- I guess it was too early to tell the sex of your baby? Well, at least you got to see your baby and he/she looks healthy. That's all the matters.

Jess -- I hope everything is okay with you. How are you feeling today?

Shara -- How are you doing?

Renee -- Where are you?? :-\



lili246 - July 5

You are right for now all I wanted to know how my baby was doing and thank god he/she is doing good. I am so happy about it and excited to see my baby :)

hey I have heard that sometimes the prenatal vitamins does make you sick. Some doctors recommend to take them at nights. I always take me in the night. It seems to help. You might want to try taking them at night aswell.

I also had a nice 4th of July it just went by so fast. I am now at work and 2 more days for the weekend.

How is everyone else doing?

How are your cramps coming along?

Hope that everyone is doing well. Take care and keep in touch :)

Love Lili


Jess - July 5

Shara-I agree with Lili. I also heard to take the vit. at night to help with the nausea. Hope it works:)

Lili-Glad to see you finally got your u/s:) That kind of sucks that you couldn't find out the sex though... I sure hope they let you have another one soon, so you will know what you're having. I'm glad the baby looks healthy.

As for me, the sharp pains are a lot less. I only have them once in awhile. Compared to the all day for two days straight!!! That really gave me a scare:( I think things are back on track. I'm starting to feel a LOT better and now most of the time I just feel real hungry instead of real sick:) Yea!!! So maybe now I can really enjoy the part of being pregnant. My next appt. in next Thursday. I can't wait to hear my baby again:) I'm starting to have a little bump now too. It's very exciting:)!!! I can't wait to find out what I'm having so I can start buying stuff.

Hope all is well with you girls and take care of yourselves!!!:)

Renee- How are you doing???



shan1234 - July 5

Lili & Jess -- Thanks for the advice. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take my prenatal at night. ;)




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