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lili246 - June 12

I think at this time you maybe able to see kinda like a tadpole can't you? Did the doctor said that he could see the baby or just the sac?
I am praying for you girl and hope that the baby is ok. Have faith everything will be ok.
I was told that usually around week 7 you may be able to hear the heartbeat. maybe you have better luck next time you go.
Your numbers sound ok though.

Good luck and keep the faith.

Take care



meemee - July 2

Hi Lilli

Well...I dont have good news.
I went and had an ultrasound yesterday .BY my dates I am 9 weeks .
Baby was 6.3 weeks .No heartbeat .No yolk sac.
I have not had any spotting .
person who did the ultrasound suggested another ultrasound in a week or 2. Dr has prepared me for D&C.
person at ultrasound thought maybe i had my dates wrong.
Could i be 3 weeks off?
I dont know what to do.
I have letters from dr to go have D&C.
I honestly have not felt pregnant this pregnancy .
We wer so excited .
GOd help us and give patience to us and to everyone going through this .



lili246 - July 2

I know your feeling because it is the same thing it happen to me last time when I loss my baby. I was 2 or 3 weeks off aswell when they said there was no heartbeat and I had a d&c right away before I miscarry on my own.
I didn't feel comfortable that day from what they had said so I went to this u/s place that I know they charge cheap and had an u/s done there and they lady didn't look happy she knew there was something wrong and she suggested me to go see my doctor right away which I knew what was going on but I didn't tell her anything I wanted her to find out herself if it was true.

I would suggest you get a second opinion before doing anything. I have heard from ladies in the forums that there has been cases that it might of been too early and they don't see a heartbeat and then next time they do another u/s there is the heartbeat so I would order another u/s right away just to make sure.

When I had my u/s done that time they did a vaginal u/s they put something down there to get a better reading of the heartbeat but they couldn't cause there was no heartbeat.
I know it is weird but some doctors get mixed up and they want to do things right away I would recommmend you getting another u/s right away before you have the d&c done.
I know how you are feeling because it happen to me and it hurt so much but I had to do it because there was o way back to recuperate my baby :(

Let me help you were do you live? When was your last af? do you know when you got pregnant?

Did the nurse see a baby there? it is weired but check in before doing anything.

I do know that you should hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks by the u/s vaginally and see a baby by 6 weeks...

I am here for you girl and praying for you..let me know what happen and what you do.

God bless


justhai - July 2

ya they told my aunt the same thing that there was no heart beat or any thing she waited a little longer and now she is 6 months pregnant and the baby is healthy so hang in there everything will be ok I will pray for you


meemee - July 6

Lilli ,justhia

Thank you for your supporting replies

I had another ultrasound which confirmed no gowth and missed misc.Public system sucks.I got a referel from my gyno to to have D&C .Went to outpatients PH .Was told I was not a priority to go home and let it happen eventhough i wasnt bleeding or spotting.I couldnt bare to go through the slow process.Misc in 06 was only 7 weeks but a very slow and painful process.Luckily I have basic health insurance .$700 later ( co payment ) had D&C done in private hospital same night.

I dont know if I can go through this anymore.
Thank you for your support .
God Bless


justhai - July 6

I am so sorry to here that we are all here for you dont give up it will happen when the time is right that is what I keep telling my self this month is 2 yrs we have been trying just ask your spirit guides for help I do every night and some day everything will go right hopefully it will be someday soon god bless and again im so sorry take care


lili246 - July 7

I am so sorry and my most sincere condolenses for you my friend. I know it is so painful and something that wish it may of never happen. You know have another angel up in heaven watching over you. Keep your faith and hopes up it will happen for you again you just need to be positive.
It was worth having another u/s done just to make sure.

I went through the same thing. In my calculations I was 12 weeks pregnant and they said at the u/s that I was only 9 weeks so I guess the baby stop growing and stopped at 9 weeks. I also had a missed m/c I was feeling pregnant and then all of the sudden I didn't feel anything but like at 4 weeks pregnant I would wipe when I went to the bathroom and I would get a a brownish color that wasn't good I told my doctor and she said it was part of implantation or something like that but I knew it wasn't anything good because I would feel like if I was peeing and it was water coming out and when I would wipe it was brownish it just didn't hear anything good but the doctor said not to worry it wasn't anything bad. So then when she saw no heartbeat she did mention oooo that brownish postting might of been a sign that really mad me feel bad and I never went back to that doctor again because I didn't feel comfortable I felt like she didn't care.
I had a d&c two days later after finding out and it was hard to believe it that my baby was gone but I am now bless with another baby boy cause I always had my hopes up and keep praying to god to give me that strength to get pregnant again and I did.

So never give your hopes up and be positive. I am here for you when ever you need me you are not alone girl we are here for you always.

So what are your next plans?? I waited 2 months before I tried to get pregnant again. My m/c was in november of 2006 and then start trying again in february of 2007 and got pregnant in march of 2007 and had my bless baby boy december of 07 so everything is possible..

Love Lili



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