Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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shan1234 - June 25

Hello Ladies,

My dr. appt went well this morning. :) I heard and saw my baby's heartbeat - it was 126. I’m little concern about the heart rate because I believe that’s slow, but my dr. told me not to worry about it at this time, since we still in the early trimester. My baby measurement is 6 weeks 3 days or 5 days (I can't remember -- I was in shock that I was looking at my baby and hearing the heartbeat), so my ticker is a little bit off. I’m just so excited right now, I can’t stop smiling. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my baby and to hear the heartbeat. ;D

Lili – I have to agree with Renee, keep bugging the insurance office and doc office. I can’t believe they treat their patients like that. Good Luck!!

Renee – Good Luck, I hope you get a + this month. That would be a wonderful birthday present. I’ll be praying for you.

MH – Your son is too cute!!

Well, I'm feeling very tired today, so I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.



lili246 - June 25

Hey that is such a blessing to hear your baby's heartbeat and see your baby. I am so happy for you girl :)
So what is your due date? A valentines baby :)

Thank you I am going to keep bugging them no matter what it is unbelievable how long they are taking. I will let the doctor know next week when I go to my doctor's appointment so she can get the girls act together at her office.

He is so big wow times goes by so fast!

Girls have a great night and talk to you all tomorrow.

Love Lili


NANCY - June 25

Hello Ladies

Congrats to all the BFP and to all the new mommies!!!

MH is is adorable!!!

It is so hard to get on here now with work and the 2 kids. I just wanted to wish everyone much baby dust who is trying to become preggo and wish all the best to the soon to be mommies!!!!



Mahogany Heart - June 26


Thank you so much.

I was in denial about Chance being spoil rotten but It hit me when I had to drop my mom off to get her car and I had her drive my car why I sat in the back with Chance. As soon as I dropped her off and got in the driver seat Chance cried from that time to the time I got home in the driveway of the house. I crawled over the seat to get him and I brought him to the front with me. I held him in my arms and the crying stop then tears begin to fall down my eyes as I told him while kissing him "Baby you don't have to cry Mommie is here" I realize then my Blessing was spoil but not only by me but everyone that lives in my house. I was so against spoiling him and he is.

I love my Chance and with the help from the Lord we will work this thing out.

Hugs and Love


lili246 - June 27

hey girls, how are all of you doing?
My mommies to be how is everything coming along with you. Hang in there it will go away soon.

well girls I am feeling much better still feel tired but I am trying to do some walking to get some energy back.
Well I made my u/s appointment it will be for this coming tuesday.

Do you know why I have to drink 32 onz of water and do not pee an hour before I have my appointment? My mom was thinking that maybe I was going to have a vaginal u/s What do you girls think? Have any of you had to do this before? This is my first time so I am wondering.

well it will be a busy week for me this coming week. On monday I have a doctor's appointment, then tuesday the u/s and then get a day off yay!! :)

Well hope to hear from all of you girls. I miss you all :)

Love Lili


ttc+6 - June 27

I'm new to this site and am anxiously awaiting to be a BFP!

I am currently 11dp5dt (FET#1 - transfered 3 blastocysts, 2 'good' quality, 1 'moderate' quality - my clinic gave it a 20% chance of 'recovering fully in-uterine'; fresh IVF#1 BFN in Jan07 - transfered 2 'good' quality blastocysts) and had VERY light brown spotting (mostly just barely staining the tp when wiping) for one day at 7dp5dt... I am very tired, bb very sore, cervix VERY high, slight nausea and am just feeling very full and spacey!!

My fresh IVF cycle resulted in light pink/red spotting at 8-9&11dp5dt and heavy bleed 10dp5dt - very nerve wracking. I just knew I wasn't pregnant.

I feel very different this time and the most significant is my hope & resolve is far greater this time. I was very unsure and questioning EVERY little thing last time.

But, this wait is REALLY starting to get to me and was wondering what anyone's thoughts were about my symptoms??!! Anyone else have these and progressed to a BFP??!!

I test on Sunday (and with the lab closed, will not get the results until Tuesday - argh!) - should I get an HPT?


Shara - June 28

Good Evening,
Sitting here watching the fireworks with dd and wanted to stop in and say hello. I am glad that everyone seems to be doing well. I have nothing but joyous complaints LOL!! I dropped one of my classes today. I decided that I will slow down with this pregnancy. I am not going to run ragged again.

ttc+6 welcome and it does seem as though you are having some similar pg symptoms to what I had. But I was so anxious to test that I went to a community clinic and took a blood test 10dpo. I did confirm it with the doctor's office the next day but I could not wait. If you can test as early as Sunday then an HPT would pick it up also. Get the EPT digital those are great or the first response.

Since you are so earlier the bladder needs to be filled to press on the uterus and kind of spread it so that the u/s can be clear. More than likely - you will have the stomach u/s first to see what they can get and then you will empty your bladder and get the transvaginal u/s for follow up measurements and double check.

Chance is getting so big and adorable. I know that he is running thangs in your house.

You are helafway through the first week of your 2ww. Time is going to fly by - I know it is easier said than done but try to relax. I have taken up knitting and crocheting - call me crazy but trying to conquer something new has my mind going all the time LOL!!


ttc+6 - June 28

Thanks, Shana!

I'll just have to sneak it past my DH, as we were explicitly told NOT to get an HPT!!!

From your comment about testing on Sunday, it will be 14dp5dt on an FET, so it would actually be 20dpo (if using retrieval as 'ovulation' - my blastocysts were frozen on Day 6...) Is that early to test? I thought the best time to test would be 15dpo... I should have implanted (if that's what the beige 'spotting' was!!) about 8 or 9 days ago - would i have enough HCG to detect with an HPT?!

thanks again!


lili246 - June 28

Thank girl for your advice. I really don't know what they are going to do since this is the first time they told me to do that. I can't wait to see my baby. Hope that time goes by fast. it will be a busy week for me next week. Can't wait. :)

So how are you feeling? I am feeling better. The headache comes and goes I am really concern about that and worried hope that it is nothing bad. But I don't think I can check on that for now I guess I have to wait till the baby is born and have some test down in my head maybe it is some symptoms of migraine. Hope not but well see.

How is everyone else doing?

Have a great day.

Love Lili


Shara - June 30

Good Afternoon Ladies,

For those that did not know, my dh quit his job last month to move on to truck driving and has been gone since May 20th and was supposed to be home on the 28th (thursday). He called me and said that he had some bad news in that his ride to michigan had been missing in action and he was stranded and did not know when he would be home. So I took a shower and told him to have my directions from mi to illinois ready when I got out LOL because he needed to come home. He tried to talk me out of it but by the time he got tired of talking about it - I was already on the road :D So I got him home last night and I have truly been in heaven since. ;) ;) ;) ;) he is in for the next week and we have been in hold up in the house since we have been home. NO phones, NO visitors and NO interruptions!!!!
Well Little Squirt is making me more nauseous than ever and my fatigue is letting up I don't know if it is because I have been sleeping more. I dropped one of my classes last week that was killing me and I didn't need it right now. It was spanish class and my goal is to become fluent because we are planning to move to the Southwestern states.


I tested 10dpo and had implantation spotting the same day and got a BFP. It was a blood test though. But my pg before I tested 14dpo on HPT and got a dark Pos sign-I am not sure why you were told not to test but I would sneak one in if you are that anxious but you have to be ready for whatever you get. Your doctor may feel that you will not pick up an accurate result, but anyways get a double pack so that you can have one on hand in case but you will definitely be BFP I am pulling for you.


Don't run yourself too ragged. You need to be resting as much as possible and let others step up to the plate for you. I am excited for your ultrasound and I hope that everything goes well for you!!!!


Did you get your u/s and find out how many. How have you been feeling. I haven't seen you in awhile.

Shan - How are you feeling!!!!


Jess - July 2

Hey girls!!! Sorry it's been a long time since I last posted. I've been busy. I have still been sick in the mornings and at night:( I think the mornings are getting a little better.... I have to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours or I get so sick:( Anyways, I have my third appt. with the OB on the 12th and hoping we can plan my next u/s to find out what we're having:) My husbands aunt just died last Saturday and she was also his Godmother. We decided that if we have a girl, we will name her after her. We were pretty happy that we were able to let her know before she passed. From what we heard... She was happy as well.

Lili-glad to see you're finally going to have your u/s!!! You should be able to tell what you're having by then!!!! Are you going to find out???

MH-Your son is beautiful!!!! I'm so happy for you!

Shara-glad to see you coming along ok. ALSO glad to see you and dh had some time alone:) Hang in there with that sickness. It sucks, but it's all worth it in the end:)

Renee-how are you doing girl!!!! Any signs or symptoms???? I'm praying for you!!!

If I missed anyone, sorry!!! Hope you're all doing well:)



Mist - July 2

hi ladies its 3 a.m. and i just got BFP!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! I will write more later I was so excited I had to share!

GBU all



Yukon Queen - July 2

[quote author=Mist link=board=4;threadid=4202;start=90#37550 date=1183362267]
hi ladies its 3 a.m. and i just got BFP!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! I will write more later I was so excited I had to share!

GBU all

OMG! This is beautiful! Am really happy for you,this is one moment that we all pray for.
Congratulations and stay blessed! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 8)


shan1234 - July 2

Hello Ladies,

Sorry, I have forgotten to mention that I was going to Florida to Disney World. That’s why I haven’t been posting lately. I had a wonderful time out there; the only bad thing was that I couldn’t get on any rides. It was a nice vacation to not think about work. I’m still sick sometime in the morning or evening (it’s either one or the other). As long as I keep food in my stomach, I’m not sick, but sometimes I don’t feel like eating and I try to force myself to eat, two minutes later it’s in the toilet. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. What do you ladies think?

Jess – Sorry to hear about your husband’s aunt/godmother.

Lili – Yeah!!! You’re going to see your baby tomorrow. Are you going to find out the sex of your baby? Keep us informed.

Shara – We have to keep our heads up with this morning sickness, but like Jess mention earlier it will be worth it at the end.

Renee – How are you feeling? One more week to go…..Keep us posted.

Mist – Congratulations girl!!!



Jess - July 2

Shan-Thanks. It was real hard on dh:( Because they were so close, I really think my pregnancy is for a reason.... And that is why I think God is going to give me a girl so we can name her after his Godmother/Aunt. Glad to see you had a good time in Florida. That does suck you couldn't ride any rides:( I love to ride roller coasters! I'm a big thrill seeker:) Sorry you're not feeling so well. I'm the same way...I have to keep food going in every 2.5-3hrs or I get real sick.

Mist-Congrat's girl!!!!!!!! How long have you been ttc?? What were you taking?



lili246 - July 2

Congratulations girl, I am so happy for you hope you keep in touch :)

Sorry to hear what happened with your dh godmother. I net she is happen that if you have a girl you will name her after her. You made her happy :)

I don't blame what you did with your dh picking him up I would of done the same :)
About those nasueas it is all natural we just have to cope with them and hope they go away soon.

How are you doing girl? Hang in there we are almost over this nasueas and tiredness :)

Well girls I go to my 2nd OB appointment today this after noon and hope that everything is going well. I am excited to hear my baby and see him/her tomorrow :)
Yes I will find out what we are having. I want to know ahead of time. It is because everyone will be asking aswell. You know :)
My nauseas are still here they are not that bad, but yes I still have them. Hope they go away for sure soon.

I will keep you posted :)

Have a great day :)

Love Lili



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