Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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shan1234 - July 5

Lili & Jess -- Thanks for the advice. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take my prenatal at night. ;)



RNORST - July 5

Hi girls. How are you all doing. I was off of work for a few days, we went on a small vacation, it was nice but went by fast.

Mist, Congrats!! Try not to worry, thats not good for you or the baby. Just trust in God!!

Shara, Jess, Shan, Lili, and all the other wonderful ladies, Thanks for making me feel welcome here.
Well I test in less then 2 days now!! I test on Sat 7/7/7 I hope its my lucky number. I dont have alot of signs like last time, so thats good, my hopes are not up. I want this so bad, but I just dont know it this is going to be my month?? I want to think postive, but I dont want to get hurt again like last month. Last time I had so many pains and was sick a few days, this time I had a pain that lasted a min on sunday and that was it?? My boobs just started to hurt yesterday, but just a little, they are swollen, but they dont hurt like they did last time. But then again, ever time I think about it, I pray to God and tell Him, I'm laying at His feet and to help me not think about it. So maybe I'm not noticing as much as last time. The 2ww has actully went by really fast!!! My temps today was 98.8. Last month my temps dropped a little on 13 dpIUI, so I knew it was a BFN. Tommorrow will be 13 dpIUI. I'm not worrying about it at all, I'm trusting in God to do what ever is right for me. I'm very very relaxed. Thanks for all your support.

Love Renee


Mist - July 6


Do not worry sis your turn is coming soon, God see's your hearts desire and be patient and keep the faith he will honor his word!

I felt just as you did. But when I found out last Monday I really had no physical signs. I had some signs though that was kinda strange.

We found a pink rose on our vehicle and we asked all of our family if they did it and no one did. Strange.

I also had a dream the night before I tested that I was in a doctors office talking about prgnancy. Thats basically why I tested, I about fainted when it turned positive, I woke my dh up and and I was like, "what does this say?" lol

I have my first appointment today, I was told I would be weighed, my blood pressure would be taken and a urine pregnancy test would be taken and I would have to give a brief on my medical history. I then would be booked to have an ultrasound at my 10-12 week point.

I am very excited and nerous all at once, I pray that God keeps this pregnancy healthy and to carry to term. I also pray that all of my lovely sisters on this board become pregnant very fast!

Thanks for all the love and support,



amyjoy - July 6

I am not pregnant, but I take prenatals and they made me very nauseus when I took them in the morning. I take them at night now and I feel no side effects from them at all!


RNORST - July 6

Mist, Thank you for your encoruagment. I cant wait to test tommorow. How did the doc appt go? Good luck.

Love Renee


Mist - July 7


I am excited for you I pray you get your BFP!

My doctors appointment went good. They took my weight and did a brief medical history and a urine sample. She said my test was very positive :)

Then she scheduled me for an ultrasound 1 day after dh birthday. Which he is excited about July 24th 6:00 p.m. They also gave me a huge bag filled with free samples baby magazines and a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

My question is why the Ultasound so early? They told me 10- 12 weeks but I will only be about 8 weeks when I have it. They told me my next ultra sound after that would be during week 20! That seems like forever!

Love & Hugs,



RNORST - July 7

Well I tested this morning and got a BFP!!! I'm so excited. I called the re and they dont answer there phones on Sat. So I called the doc office here in town and I just got done with a blood test. I dont know what a good level is?? I was sick last night and thought I was getting the flu. Thank you so much for your prayers. I will let you know my levels on Monday. I hope this all works out. Thanks again girls.

Love Renee


Shara - July 7

[center] ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;DCONGRATULATIONS ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D[/center]
[center]I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU- GOD IS SO GOOD!!!![/center]

I am so emotional for you right now - I am glad that God answers prayers. See I told you that you were not meant for February but you got a March baby!!! Take care of yourself and whatever is going on - get it taken care of so that you can relax and take care of your new bundle!!!!!!


Desperate 2 B Mom - July 7

I'm PREGNANT!!!! I just took a test, took Ovulex for 1 month and I just got a MAJOR POSITIVE!!!! I am soooo excited! OMG I'm FINALLY PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!


Mist - July 7

Rennee & Desperate 2BMom,


Congrats! 3 cases of great news in one week!

How are you two feeling? I am little sick right now, uugh but well well well worth it!

YAY !! Celebration times!!

TY God for all of these precious miracles!!

Love & Hugs



RNORST - July 7

Desperate Mom, Congrats!!!!

Yeah, GOD is SOOO good. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

We all 3 are going to be close in our due dates!!!

They just called about my hcg level and it was 259.82??? I'm 14 dpIUI. Is that good??? I was not home so they left a message at home and they are now gone so I dont know if that number is good or not. Well anyways I'm leaving it in God pericous hands.

I was sick last night, tought it might of been the flu but it was morning sickness, because I feel the same way now, it comes and goes. Thank you Jesus, I couldn't wait for m/s!!!!

Love Renee


Mist - July 7


That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am suppose to be due March 2, 2008.

I found this chart, about hcg levels, looks like your doing fine!

7 days 3 weeks 0 to 5
14 days 28 days 3 to 426
21 days 35 days 18 to 7,340
28 days 42 days 1080 to 56,500
35 - 42 days 49 - 56 days 7,650 to 229,000
43 - 64 days 57 - 78 days 25,700 to 288,000
57 - 78 days 79 - 100 days 13,300 to 253,000
17 - 24 weeks 2nd trimester 4060 to 65,400
25 wks to term 3rd trimester 3640 to 117,000




Desperate 2 B Mom - July 8

You all have my upmost promise that you are in my prayers! Ovulex worked for me, I was trying to conceive for 7 years total off an on, we would try for 4-5 months and give up, got stressful. We this last time decided to go all out and do the OPK's, Ovulex, BBT, etc... This was our first month on Ovulex and I really think that is what did it! This time around we tried for a total of 3 months. I am so excited! We are all gonna have stories very soon, I just know it. You girls deserve it sooo much! Just so you gals know, I had and have no real symptoms at all! I took a pregnancy test 2 days prior to missed AF and NEGATIVE. I took one the day of my missed period, and NEGATIVE! Then today I am 2 days late so I decided to go and try again, took 3 tests today and all POSITIVE =) I am so nervous now though! I feel like I should go and lie down for 3 months and not move until my first trimester is over! We are very close together. I dont really think I feel pregnant yet though. I have a few things that make sense like my favorite food doesnt even sound normal, and my sleep is not so good, and I am WWAAYYY tired. When did you girls feel pregnant? Oh well, time for bed. I am sssooooo excited. I guess 7-7-07 was good luck after all! Well, if ya have any questions please ask. I am so sorry if I seem scatter brained I am still in MAJOR shock! Love ya gals =)



RNORST - July 9

Desperate Mom and Mist, How are you feeling? I feel pretty good. I'm sick off and on. When I was preg with my son I had m/s right away and its the same this time. My boobs are sore and heavy and bad heartburn. But I LOVE all of it. I think the sicker the better.

Mist, thanks for the chart, I think it looks in range??

I went in for a 2nd blood test today and they have not called me back yet, every time the phone rings, I get execited and hopes it them.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers. Lets keep praying for each other!!
Love Renee


RNORST - July 9

Well girls the lab just called back and my numbers doubled!!!!! Sat it was 259.87 and today it was 516!!!!!
Praise God!!!

Love Renee


shan1234 - July 9

;D ;D ;D ;D CONGRATULATIONS Renee & Desperate 2BMom!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Renee -- I told you this was going to be your month. You had a lot of people praying for you. I'm so happy for you. ;D

Desperate 2BMom -- That's wonderful, Ovulex worked for you. Hopefully, we will get more success stories from the Ovulex forum.

You ladies, take it easy and take care of the little bean that's inside of you.

Once again, CONGRATS!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D




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