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RNORST - January 8

Well I have not wrote in a while because I had my baby. My water broke for no reason on Sat the 23rd, I went to the hospital and was on bedrest. They were hoping to keep me in the hospital for 6 week, well I started to run a temp and was getting an infection so they did a c-section on thursday night at 8:00. I had a little girl, her name is Jaylee Dee she weighed 2lbs 9 oz and was 14 1/2 inches long. She will be in the NICU for 6-8 weeks, She is doing very very well. She is in Gods mighty hands and He is taking great care of her. We have alot of people praying and I know thats why she is doing so good. Please pray for my little girl.
Love Renee


Marina - January 8

Renee,thank's God your little girl doing fine!You didn't expect her this early,but congradulations anyway!And everything will be good,we all will pray for you and your baby.How are you recovering?It must be very stressfull time for you.


Marina - January 9

Hi everybody,
I have a question,if you can share your expirience.
I've read somewhere on this forum(but can't find this info anymore),that girls usually show faster heartbeat than boys on u/s.I s this true ? Some of you are far in PG,so you probably have an answer by now.
If you know ,can you please share what was yours baby heartbeat ?


bdantonio - January 9

marina they say boysshow higher heartrates. With this pregnancy i had a real high heartrate at first then the second trimester it went down its usually in the 140's unless shes up and active. So its just an old wise tail, and the heartrate will change as you and the baby get bigger

Rnorst: When was you due date?


Alexa - January 9

Hi Renee,

Its great to hear from you Congratuations! what a cute name Jaylee, I can imagine how scared you must of been! I will pray everyday for her to be strong and healthy and to be home with the family where she belongs! your son must be so thrilled!

Shan, Shara, Jess how are you girls? are u still hanging in there, keep in touch and I hope you are all doing great!

Nicholas keeps me up most nights he loves to eat eat eat he weighs well over 9lbs already and is only a month old LOL I call him my little pork chop!

Take Care and keep in touch! God bless your daughter Renee!



Shara - February 7

Good Morning Ladies,

I thank you for all of your prayers and support!!! My little pooderman is here (Lloyd C. Lewis Jr. V) and I am so happy about that. I had him on January 16 ,2008 - 6lbs. 14.5oz and 20 1/4 inches long. Little man had a rough delivery and a short hospital stay but through blessings and mercy he is at home with us now causing so much havoc. He is not a crying baby but when he grunts the whole house and any company we have comes running. I can't help but stare at him all day and night. I can't sleep sometimes for tryng to get used to his noises. I am grateful for this blessing. My dh came home for two weeks this time and he is due back on the road Monday, he is not looking forward to that at all but we have to move forward. I am sitting out of school this semester which worked out perfect due to how I took classes last semester. Even with the hospital stay I aced those classes so I am entitled to a much deserved break!!
I will post pictures soon and I promise to get caught up on the post! ;D


Alexa - February 12

Hi Shara,

Congratulations on the birth of your son Lloyd, I hope you and the baby are doing great and hope you are getting some sleep! LOL

Lili will be back on here in a about a month when she goes back to work, I keep in touch wtih her often she and the baby are doing well...

I can't wait to see a picture of Lloyd!



lili246 - March 3

Hi Girls I am back, sad but the truth it is hard coming back to work and leaving 2 kids at home but the good thing is that they are in good hands with my mom so that makes me happy.
Today is my first day back to work and I see that this forum is very quiet lately where is everybody????

I will come back to read everyones post...

I miss you all!!!

Love Lili

Alexa I will make a new thread


Alexa - March 5

Hi lili,

Hows it going? I am doing well Nicholas is going to be 3mths old already in 3 days can you believe it, he smiles and laughs alot and he has a cute little girraffe that he likes to play with when he is in his swing he always tries to chew his tail...

I try to schedule him the same everynight I put him to bed at 8pm and he now sleeps till 4am then goes back to bed till 8:30...he has changed so much I remember he use to cry for hours before he would go to bed, now he eats and goes right back to sleep where before it would take me almost 2hrs to put him back to bed so he has changed alot, we are working on going shopping for some reason he doesn't last in his carriage before he wants out...hopefully by summer time I can teach him to like shopping LOL...

How is Angel doing..



lili246 - March 5

I am glad that you finally got in touch I was worry about you it;s been a long time we had talked.
I am glad that Nick is doing good it just takes time and good that he sleeps for a long time. You need to send me more picutres of him :)
That is nice that he is smiling and laughing that is cute.

The other day I heard angel laughing and I felt so happy it is just wonderful seeing them smile and laugh :)
He is doing good he sleeps for a straight 5 to 6 hours and he does go back to sleep right away so that is good.
He has a stuffy nose and I think it's because of the weather.
But otherwise he is doing good.

wow I can't believe he will be 3 months yeah angel will be 3 months aswell this monday the 10th it is amazing how time flys.

Actually Angel is very good when we go shopping he sleeps most of the time and he behaves great. I think he loves
But yeah when he wakes up he wants us to hold him and he is ok he won't cry he loves seeing all those weired people on the

Glad to hear from you and hope you keep in touch...

yes I am back to work UGH!!


Alexa - March 19

Hi Lili,

Hows it going? wow this thread is very quiet since everyone had there babies, How is Angel doing? Nick is doing great he is laughing all the time and loves to grab for his little Giraffe that he loves so much, he is sleeping from 9pm till 6am so I am finally getting some sleep, I am sure things will get better when he is on his cereal in a few weeks, he has his 4mth appt in April which is right around the corner...

He looked like me alittle bit when he was born now he looks exactly like his father! His hair seems to be getting lighter, its amazing how much they change in just a few weeks! talk to you soon!



lili246 - March 19

Glad to hear from you. Angel is doing great he is sleeping great aswell not that good like Nick but he wakes up I feed him and then he goes back to sleep right away which is good. He is a great baby he doesn't cry that much and he is also laughing. He looks just like his older brother everyone tell me that they could be

Yeah they are getting close to their 4 months check up I hope they don't get that many shots again, poor thing.

Yeah this thread is very quiet lately now that I am back I feel only cause there is no one to talk to except you once in a while. I wish they all come back and we can share out baby stories. I sure miss them all.

Have a great day

Love Lili


justhai - March 26

Hi everyone just want to share my story I have 2 little girls 10 and 5 we have been trying for one more for 19months now and it stopped working my husband has a lower sperm count and ovr weight but in the last 2 months he changed his eatting habits and lost over 60lbs hopefully this will improve his sperm count I am just frustated with not getting pregnant and wanted to give up but after readding everyones success stories it gives me hope to still try so I guess I just want to say thanks for keeping my hopes up everyone


Alexa - March 26


I know how frustrating TTC can be, I spent many trips back and forth to the RE's for 2.5 yrs we had tried as many as 6-8 failed IUI's our RE suggested our best possible chance at my age was to proceed with IVF and sure enough our first try worked...

If its something that you really want more than ever never give up and always keep the faith, Iam here to tell you that nothing is impossible! Good Luck and keep in touch!

Hi Lili,

How is Angel doing? Your very lucky the weather in Cali is so nice, its still cold here in Boston today we are getting some rain mixed with light snow grrrrrrr



lili246 - March 26

Alexa is right nothing is impossible so don't give up for nothing. Keep trying and have faith it will happen. If you go back on all the post the girls have made you will find most of them were trying with no success until they got bless and yes have lots of faith it will happen for you don't worry we are here for you and let usk now if you need anything. We are all ears. :)

Angel is doing great he is not sleeping the best at night but yes he wakes up like 1 or 2 times per night to eat and goes back to sleep so that is good but like you said that Nick sleeps all night long that is great Angel doesn't do that.
Do you know how much Nick weights? I know ANgel is getting heavy can't wait to find out how much he

Have a great day and hope to hear from all the girls soon.
Miss you all!!!

Love Lili


Alexa - March 26


I don't know how much he weighs his 4mth appt is in a few weeks he is a big boy he fits into 6-9mths pj's he is very long...I can't believe they are almost 4mths time went by so quick...

Last night he slept from 9pm till 6am he wakes up about the same time as my husband gets ready for work..I am sure Angel will start sleeping for longer periods of time how many ounces are you feeding him? maybe if you give him alittle more milk he will sleep longer.....




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