Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Alexa - March 26


I don't know how much he weighs his 4mth appt is in a few weeks he is a big boy he fits into 6-9mths pj's he is very long...I can't believe they are almost 4mths time went by so quick...

Last night he slept from 9pm till 6am he wakes up about the same time as my husband gets ready for work..I am sure Angel will start sleeping for longer periods of time how many ounces are you feeding him? maybe if you give him alittle more milk he will sleep longer.....



justhai - March 26

thank you for the support my husband and I are going to LA to see a dodger game this weekend and im suppose to be ovulateing so hopefully it will work we will be by are selfs all weekend relaxed and in dodger country so thats a good thing lol


lili246 - March 26

WHere do you live?
I live in California very close to LA :)
That sounds like a great time for you to concieve good luck and don't stress, it will happen have faith :)


lili246 - March 26

Well he eats around 6 oz sometime 5 before he goes to sleep. How much do you feed Nick before going to sleep? Does he use a pacifier?


Alexa - March 27


I feed Nick 4oz of formula and 1 ounce water so a total of 5oz I am still doing that since he had gained 3lbs in 1 month and the added water is always good for constipation, very rarely do I feed him 6oz..

He doesn't like the pacifer he plays with this little yellow giraffe its always in his hands and he puts it in his mouth alot...

Last night he woke up at 1am hungry and then slept till 7am he hasn't done that in over a month I probably jinx myself..LOL

My daughters Birthday party is next weekend so I am going to be busy planning that everything is going to be Island Princess theme...



justhai - March 27

I live in sacramento I hope it works this weekend my best friend just had a baby 2 months ago and my sister just had one 2 weeks ago the messed up thing was they were not even trying and it worked for them they were both shocked lol so its my turn now


lili246 - March 27

That is how it always works girl then you are not planning it it;s when it happens and when you are stressing about it it doesn't happen so try to relax and just have faith it will happen to you and you will get pregnant I know it will happen so relax and don't think about it.
I know when I stopped thinking about it that much it was when it happen so it works.

Angel is eating alot sometimes I give him 4 oz and doesn't get full he eats up to 6oz sometimes before going to bed so he is eating more than Nick and he doesn't look that chubby I think he is a good size baby. I think Nick is even chubbier than Angel I know Angel is tall aswell. But he wakes up most of the time to eat he eats
I do give him water aswell but I guess he wants to be
Angel liked the pacifier but ever since I started working my mom stopped giving it to him and he doesn't want to take it anymore I think it is a good idea because I know that Angel sometimes wants to have something in his mouth and I hope he gets the pacifier back...grrrrr.

So next weekend you are having the party for Alexa that is great.. We will celebrate my moms b-day aswell next weekend on april 5 that is her realy bday so we will be having parties the same day, is Alexa's the same day?
HOpe everything turns out great if you need anything let me know ok. ;)

LOve ya and Have a great day


P.S. Yesturday it got scary we had a small earthquake here in California hope we don't get more..UGH scary..


jeni_turner - April 2

Hey all! Just wanted to share our great news: BFP!!! I'm pregnant! Praise God!
I am 5 1/2 weeks now. We go on the 15th for an ultrasound.
Anyone know about beta numbers and twins? My number quadrupled when it should have doubled! Any info??? We are dying to find out!


Arabsrcool - April 2


Congratuation!!!! that is wonderful. I asked my nurse about the beta #'s and multipes b/c my first number was 461. She said until you have a u/s, you really cannot tell how many you are having. I found out yesterday I am having one!! I am so glad!


jesswantsafamily - April 2

hello ladies!!! im pregnant!!! im due oct 14th we have been having ultrasounds about every 4 weeks since we had the miscarriage we have another tom and the hubby got us a fetal heart doppler so we can hear the heartbeat at home!!!

Congrats to the BFP!!!!



lili246 - April 2

Hey girls congratulations I am so happy for you all and I can't wait to hear more good BFP. That is great that you got that bfp and enjoy your pregnancies I pray god that everything goes well.
Please keep posted.

YAY that is great the droppler is a great thing to have and worth every penny of it I bought one when I was pregnant and I would hear my bbay's heartbeat everyday just to make sure everything was ok aswell.

Keep posting and good luck best wishes

Love Lili


justhai - April 2

congrads to your bfp hopefully I will be next we had the whole weekend to ourselfs and the ovulation kits said I was ovulating so hope it works


lili246 - April 4

Hey girls,
If you know Jade she has been here before but not lately well she had her twins yesturday 4-3-08 at 5:05 and 5:06p.m. A girl and a boy.
How lucky she is to have her pair she must be very happy and she sure is a lucky girl.

Keep her in your prayers.

How are my pregnant ladies doing? How are you all coming along with those m/s?
Good luck and have a great weekend.

Love Lili


shan1234 - April 11

Hello everyone. ;D I have not been on this site in forever, so I have to catch up and read what’s been going on.

I had my baby girl a month early due to blood pressure issues…blood pressure wouldn’t go down, so I was on bed rest for a week, still blood pressure wouldn’t go down, my baby girl and my life was in jeopardy so dr. had to induce. Olivia Ann was born January 14, 2008 at
7: 30 pm, with no complications – I thank God every day for her. ;D

Sorry I didn’t go into details, but I have to be in a meeting in 15 minutes, just wanted to let you ladies know that I’m back on the forum and I will be posting more often. ;)

Congrats to all the BFP and new mommies. :D



Alexa - April 11

Hi Shan,

I am sorry you had to go through such a trying time, at the same time I am so happy to hear Olivia is doing great! its been very quiet here for the longest time it would be nice to hear from everyone again!

My son Nicholas is doing great he is 4mths old already and is on Cereal can you believe it! it seems like yesterday we were all pregnant and sharing our stories..

keep in touch!



lili246 - April 14

Hey girl welcome back I am so happy that everything went well and thank god that she was ok. I am happy to hear from you it's been a long time. I sure hope all the other ladies stop by to share their stories.

Congrats and welcome back.

Love Lili



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