Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Jess - December 11

Alexa-Congrats girl!!! I'm so happy for you:) It must feel so great to be able to look at your little gift from God. As far as your daughter is concerened.... She'll warm up to him in no time:) My sister just went through the same thing. I don't know how far apart your's are but my sister's kids are only 14mos apart!!! At first she was real jealous of the little guy and cryed and threw a fit everytime my sisters attention wasn't on her. Then she started to realize that he wasn't going anywhere and he was there to stay:) Now she gives him hugs and kiss's all the time and has adjusted well. She started to do better about 3wks after he was born. SO hang in there girl!!! She'll come around.

Keep us posted on your recovery and your experiences with the little guy:)



DianaGR - December 12

Hi ladies,

Just a note to say......
Alex- congrats on the birth of your angel, a beautiful present to take home for Xmas. Enjoy!
To the rest of you ladies in waiting I hope that all goes well and that by the NEw Year you will all be holding your angels. For the rest of us........ hope 2008 will be our year!




RNORST - December 12

DianaGR, I hope you get your gift in 2008. Keep the faith and never give up. God is Good, he will bless you, you just have to trust in Him.

Alexa, Congrats!!!!! Your dd will come around, I know its probably hard on you. How old is your dd? My son will be 6, I hope he gets along with his new baby sister. So how are you feeling, are you really sore?

Glad everyone is doing good, we are getting closer and closer with each passing day. I will tell Lili that all of you said Hi, and congrats.

Love Renee


Alexa - December 12

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to stop in and say I appreciate each and
everyone's support in here, I always say if my journey
to motherhood came easy I would have never met all you wonderful ladies that I appreciate so much..

Thank you for all your well wishes

DianaGR, please please please don't give up on your dream nothing came easy for me either but I believed that it would happen and I never gave up, please keep in touch and let me know how your doing!

Love Alexa


RNORST - December 17

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing? I'm doing good went to the ob on Friday and every thing looks great! Thank God! We got a pretty good 3/d picture of her face, but I cant firuge out how to get the picture on here?
She weighs 2 lbs 2oz.
Love Renee


Shara - December 18

Good Evening Ladies,

I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks fine. I have not dilated anymore than I was when I was in the hospital so that is a good thing!! I am going to see high risk doctors for the rest of this one. I went and had a growth ultrasound today and he is 4lbs and 9 oz at 32 weeks and 5 days so me and dh are ecstatic. I am glad that is thriving well and his heartbeat is excellent. I even walked away with a picture of his face - so I am excited about that!!!
Other than that - I am just waiting and trying to get ready as much as possible. It is kind of hard when you are on bedrest and others have to pitch in but I am trying my vest. I hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays and enjoying getting closer to our due dates! ;D


Alexa - December 19

Hi ladies,

I have been so busy with Nicholas he is doing great and is already 7.7 he likes to eat like every 2.5 hrs boy am I tired I am recovering well from the C-Section I think I was in more pain being pregnant than with my C-Section I haven't sat down yet, LOL, the weather has been so bad here that I have been stuck in the house since we brought him home except to go to the Dr's..

I want you all to know that I am thinking about all of you daily, I am very happy to see that all your Dr.'s appt are going great ...

I will be checking in on all of you soon!

Take care everyone!


Jess - December 24

Merry Christmas Girls!!! And have a Happy New Year!!!:)



Alexa - December 24

just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy baby new year!



Shara - December 26


We are still hanging in there with our blessings! Take care and try not to do so much this holiday!!! ;D


Les23 - December 26

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Les23 - January 2

Is there no one on here anymore?


Marina - January 3

You guys need fresh BFP's buddys now since everybody almost made it to the end!


Jess - January 3

Hey girls!!! Hope everyone had a good New Year:) I wasn't lucky enough to have a New Year baby.... Hopefully soon I will be holding my baby boy:) I go and see the doc on the 7th, but I'm hoping he'll come sooner than that. I see we have a newbie on here. Congrats Marina!!! Is this your first pregnancy?? For all you other girls, hang in there and stay healthy. My husband just fell sick with a severe cold and is going to see the doc this afternoon. I'm trying everything not to catch what he has... Hand washing is number 1 in this house right now!! LOL!

Lili and Alexa-hope things are going well for you girls and your new addition!!!:)



Marina - January 3

Hi Jess and everybody else,
I'm not new here,I just post on 2ww here and there and was picking at your forum since I'm out of 2ww to see what's in my future.I'm now on page 13 with you,reading all your expiriences throgh the pregnancies.I hope you wont live us,newbies, after you have your babies,everybody was so helpful !This si my 3d PG,I have 13 old son from past marriage,so it's kinda new-it was so long time ago.
Too bad your little one didn't want to be the New Years baby... My friend had her little girl 30 min before New Year-we all drove her to the hospital from our New Years party,which ended up with shampane in 'labor and delivery",too bad they didn't let us do the fireworks like we planed.We think she went in labor from all this laghing and teasing her on New years Eve about having a baby,her water broke one hour after they arrived to the party at 8 p.m.(well,she was having contractions for a week and this was her 4th child,so it happened very fast)
I wish you all well and easy labor!


RNORST - January 8

Well I have not wrote in a while because I had my baby. My water broke for no reason on Sat the 23rd, I went to the hospital and was on bedrest. They were hoping to keep me in the hospital for 6 week, well I started to run a temp and was getting an infection so they did a c-section on thursday night at 8:00. I had a little girl, her name is Jaylee Dee she weighed 2lbs 9 oz and was 14 1/2 inches long. She will be in the NICU for 6-8 weeks, She is doing very very well. She is in Gods mighty hands and He is taking great care of her. We have alot of people praying and I know thats why she is doing so good. Please pray for my little girl.
Love Renee



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