Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Jess - December 6

jesswantsafamily-I'm so sorry for your loss girl:( Keep your chin up and keep praying to God to let you have a baby when HE is ready. God will bless you with a baby again, just try and stay positive and give it another go. You're in my prayers:)

Alexa-Hey girl!!! Tomorrow is the big day for you!!! I'm so excited for you! Soon you'll be holding that beautiful baby boy in your arms:) God bless you and good luck tomorrow. You're in my prayers!! Keep in touch:) Thanks for keeping us updated on Lili, tell her good luck for us:)

Shara-glad to see you're doing ok. Stay rested and keep baking that little bun in your oven:)

Welcome all newbies and good luck during your pregnancy's!!!:)

Well, I went to my doc on Tuesday and he said I'm closed but my cervixs is very soft which is good news. I'm not sure if he tried to rupture my membraines or not, but DAMN!!! It hurt like hell when he went up there to check me!!! He was up there twisting and moving his hand all over the place up there!!! My sister thinks he may have tried to rupture my membraines. He said he realizes I'm in a lot of pain and some women have great pregnancy's and others have bad ones, and I'm at that point where it's bad:( He said he's not going to make me go full term and we're going to take it week by week now and really keep an eye on my blood pressure. So hopefully I'll have some good news with in a few weeks. He thinks the baby is around 6lbs already so I'm ready for him to come. This morning I had this gross looking glob in my underware, not sure if it was my mucus plug or not.... I guess I'll just wait and see if I have anymore come out or not.

Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you later.



bdantonio - December 6

Jess i lost my mucus plug with my first at about 35-36 weeks and i still didnt ave her until 39 weks


Shara - December 7

I am so excited foryou. WOW 6 lbs already it looks like you have a big one coming!! It won't be long now - be sure to take it easy. With my dd - going to my weekly appointments my doc would be very harsh when checking me. The second time he did I went into labor that night/early morning losing my mucus plug. I think he did it on purpose myself because I even spotted after my appointment - so you are not imagining anything lol!! Good Luck I am praying for your healthy one.

Congratulations!! I am sure you are holding your lil one by now. Enjoy your blessing!!

Ladies I do not have Lili's email so the next time one of you ladies speak with her- let her know that I am praying for her and I hope that everything goes well!!


Jess - December 10

Hey girls! I just got home from the doctor and he said I will be have my baby in 07' not 08'!!:) He said the way my blood pressure has been and all the pain I'm in, he thinking one day in the week after Christmas. I'll know a for sure date on my next week appointment. I'm so happy I'll have my son before the new year!! I'm just in too much pain to stay pregnant that long...:( So I was really glad to hear the doc say that today. Just wanted to keep you guys posted. Hope all is well with you girls:)

Alexa-Hope you're doing well and enjoying that beautiful baby boy!!!:)



RNORST - December 10

Well Lili just e-mailed me. They induced her last night, still no baby, she is dialted to 2. So hopfully a baby by this evening.

How is everyone else doing? I'm doing good, I have a ob appt on Friday, looking forward to it. Last time I went the baby weighted 1 lbs and 12 oz, She was suppost to weigh between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pound, she was the upper number, I wonder if she will be bigger then my son?
Have a great day.
Love and prayers


bdantonio - December 10

Jess wats your actual due date?


Jess - December 10

Renee-tell Lili she's in our prayers and good luck!!!:)

bdantonio-Jan 8th


bdantonio - December 11

jess so they want to do you like a week early?


RNORST - December 11

Lili had her baby last night at 6:25 pm. They are doing well.

Love Renee


jesswantsafamily - December 11

hello ladies
i just thought id give an update well i ended up in the emergency room twice after the everything because they didnt get everything during surgery but im doing alot better now thank god i miss my lil angel everyday but DF has been wonderful through everything DF and i have decided we are going to try again i just pray to god nothing goes wrong when we get our BFP again. christmas will be very hard because df brothers GF is pregnant and our due dates were only a few days part and its hard to even see them but i hope everyone is doin well.

congrats to all u ladies about to have ur lil ones


shan1234 - December 11

Renee -- Tell Lili Congrats :). We want to see pictures.

Alexa -- How are you doing girl? I know you're holding your baby in your arms right about now. ;D

I'm so excited for Lili and Alexa. It's just letting me know that I'm getting close before I can hold my little girl in my arms.

Jess -- I know you're excited. You'll be holding your baby in a couple of weeks. Keep us posted.

Shara, Renee, and Bdantonio -- we're getting close!!!! ;D


Jess - December 11

Hey girls!! How is everyone doing today?? It's very cold and snow is on the ground here in Arizona:) I'm pretty sure that I will be brought in as an induction by either the 26th or 27th of this month. I'll be exactly 38wks on Christmas day. I just can't believe how sore I am everyday.... I try and do stretching and do some excercising to loosen my body up, and I must say it does help a little. Besides being really sick the first 12.5wks of pregnancy and now hurting everyday since about 7mos along, it's been a pretty good pregnancy:) My glucose test came back normal and now my betta strep test came back negative. All good stuff! So as long as I have a vaginal birth, I only have to stay in the hospital for 24hrs. I've already washed Isaiah's bedding and packed his bag and mine for the hospital. All I need now is him in my arms and I'll be a happy mama!!!:) I'll know for sure by next Monday what day exactly I'll be induced on, so I'll let you girls know.

Renee-Tell Lili we said congrats!! And that we're so happy for her:)

jesswantsafamily-glad to hear you and dh are going to try again:) Keep you're faith in God and he will bless you with a child when it's the right time. You're in my prayers.

Glad to see everyone is getting so close to holding their little one's:)



Alexa - December 11

Hi ladies,

My precious son is here now at home he was born on
Friday December 7th at 10:40am C-Section he weighs
7lbs 2.5oz and is 20" long he and I both are doing great its hard to believe my trying to conceive journey is over and my family is now complete everyone enjoy your aches and pains its amazing what you miss when its gone its strange not being pregant...its a very special gift to be pregnant and once your not you miss it...
My daughter did fine with everything in the begining
but is now jealous and had to sleep with me in the'
hospital last night and is now sick because someone came and visited when they were now I have to worry about the baby and her...and I hope my daughters personality becomes normal again it hurts my feelings for her to feel that way she kisses and hugs her brother but you can tell she feels left out...

My sons name is Nicholas Tyler!

Jess, Shan, Renee,Shara I hope all of you are well and wish you healthy and happy babies I will keep checking in on all of you,if you give me your email address I can
send you a pick of Nicholas



Shara - December 11

Alexa - Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Now be sure to take care of yourself and your little ones. Your dd is going through something as natural as losing a tooth. Once the baby is there for a minute and the newness of a little one around she will perk up in no time!!! She just needs to as involved as possible with the little man. Let him sleep with her for a night - she'll lighten up LOLOL ;D You can email me at [email protected]

Renee - Tell Lili Congratulations and take care of herself also. I know that she is happy now!!

For me - I am glad that I getting closer. He is a little heavier than I expected to feel but he is growing normally only 2 weeks ahead of schedule lol. I am just resting and doing what needs to be done. I can't wait for Christmas - is everyone here ready !!!


bdantonio - December 11

Shan1234: we are about the dsame distance away from the end. I dnt know how you are doing but im on bedrest. However I went to the dr today. She doesnt think i will make it to my scheduled c-section which is 2/13/08 at 39 weeks. However she said at 36 weeks i can get off bed rest. Anytime after 36 weeks i can have the baby she said. When is your due date?


Jess - December 11

Alexa-Congrats girl!!! I'm so happy for you:) It must feel so great to be able to look at your little gift from God. As far as your daughter is concerened.... She'll warm up to him in no time:) My sister just went through the same thing. I don't know how far apart your's are but my sister's kids are only 14mos apart!!! At first she was real jealous of the little guy and cryed and threw a fit everytime my sisters attention wasn't on her. Then she started to realize that he wasn't going anywhere and he was there to stay:) Now she gives him hugs and kiss's all the time and has adjusted well. She started to do better about 3wks after he was born. SO hang in there girl!!! She'll come around.

Keep us posted on your recovery and your experiences with the little guy:)




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