Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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GonnaBAMomma - October 1

Lili..hey sweety! I am very glad to hear from you. This is not my first one. I have a daughter whom is 9 and a son whom is 7...I had cancer and was told that I most likely could not conceive again...well I am 17 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby girl! I have felt her move a lot more than I thought I would actually. It isnt punches and kicks yet. More like a bowling ball inside of me rolling around. I feel little pushes here and is amazing. You are almost done already my goodness time goes by quickly (when it isnt your pregnancy :) ) How are you feeling..I cant wait until I start showing. Okie Dokie back to work.......bye sweety!


ChristinaL - October 2

Well guys, Im only 3 days from seeing/meeting my little baby boy. My c-section is scheduled for Oct.4th, so Im anxiously waiting. It took me and dh so long to get pg that is just soooo hard to believe that in a few days we will be able to hold our baby boy! I thank God every day for him. I see my doctor tomorrow for my last appointment before the c section. Its so hard to believe Im here at the very end. just days away. This is my first baby and obviously my first c section, but it will also be my first surgery/hospital stay so Im a bit nervious about that! But all will be worth it once I have that little angel!! Glad to see everyone and their little ones are doing well!


lili246 - October 2

Ok thanks for refreshing our minds you know with alot of things going on I kinda
Yeah I can't believe that I am so close it is such a blessing that I am very happy and ofcourse nervous once I get closer but all is worth it.
I am glad that you are feelign the baby move that is such a exciting feeling I always look forward for that :)
My baby boy moves alot and I love it :)
Take good care and hope that you are doing great :)

Congratulations girl I am so happy and excited for you, wow only a few days more and you will be holding your lil one in your arms. Hey you better let us know when you have the baby and if you can e-mail me a picture. I love lil ones they are such an Angels and hope that you get some free time and send me a picture.
Let us know how everything goes and good luck I will be praying for you.
So when what day is it and what time so that I can be thinking of you at that time.
Good Luck!!!!

Have a great day ladies.....

Love Lili


RNORST - October 2

Hi, It's good to hear from you!! I go to the doc on Oct 12th, the ob thinks I'm also having a girl. I'm starting to feel my bowling ball roll around It's such a awsome feeling. I'm not showing that much either, just a little, I cant wait to get a big tummy, so I dont just look like I'm gaining weight. I'm wearing maternity pants today and it feels soooo good. Good luck and keep me posted on how you are doing, we are very close on our due dates.

Christina, Good luck on Thursday!!!! How exciting!!! A new baby, whats he going to be for halloween?

Love Renee


GonnaBAMomma - October 2

Renee, Hi hun! I am so happy you are doing good. I love the feeling of the bowling ball...hahaha! I wish it was a little more frequent..seems like when I a busy thru the day it is so light that I dont feel them always. hear ya, I waer maternity clothes once in awhile as well because I am in this weird stage of not looking pregnant but not fitting in my normal clothes. I look like I just ate 3 pizzas a day and for snack a bowl of ice cream. I feel like I want to wear a shirt that says "not just chubs....actually a baby in there" :) We are very close in due dates...I am going to be induced with this baby like I was with my son and so I will have her the end of February. I cant go naturally because they are scared I wont make it to the hospital. When my babies are ready they tend to just come. My mom delivered my son and a nurse delivered my daughter after I coughed and she decided to Anyway, talk to you soon girl =)

Christina, that is so exciting. I can not wait! The next few months are going to go by slowly I think. Keep us updated!


lili246 - October 2

OMG really that happened to you with you kids while the were being born. I mean you are very good at delivering the babies soon then.
So you had your two kids naturally? You don't have c-section right?
I was induced with my son aswell and I think that is a good idea because you don't get surprises. I mean right now when ever I feel some pain I get scared so imagine when I get close and labor decides to come I will be in panic I just prefer to be induce that will make me feel better and prepared.
So how soon can you be induced? I will talk to my doctor and see if I can be induce this time aswell.

Time for me is going by fast. I know those last weeks go so slow for some
I am due december 14 praying to be due earlier so I won't miss my sister's big b-day

Have a great night

Love Lili


GonnaBAMomma - October 2

Lili...yeah my labors are always crazy so the doctors try to make them easier. My kids like to come into the world with a bang. With my daughter I went into labor and they told me no and sent me home. Then like 9 hours later I was walking down the hallway and had such a strong contraction it actually made me fall. So my mom had taken me back to the hospital because it is like 30 minutes away. I got there they were going to send me home again and my water broke. So they kept me...then they said oh well you are at 4 cm so it will be awhile....30 minutes later I was MISERABLE and said I felt her coming with a few bad words ::) in there and then the nurse walked in and I coughed and out popped her head...5 seconds later she was there...hahaha!

My son, I went to the hospital because they were going to induce me so that didnt happen again and I was fine no pain medication and going thru "normal" strog labor contractions. I started becoming the devil again and saying bad things and so my mom grabbed a nurse and said she did this with her daughter i think she is going to have him....the nurse checked and said oh no she is at 4.5 cm only. So they left and my mom and my boyfriend felt about 20 minutes later I sat up on the side of the bed and looked at my mom said one not so nice word threw my self back on the bed and out popped my son in mid mom luckily caught him and my poor boyfriend stood there and looked amazed. Needless to say my deliveries should be in t.v. comedy that is my story! And no I have never had pain medication...nor have I ever had to push....will try not to with this on as well....I just dilate from 4 cm to 10 cm within minutes and it takes me hours to get to the nurses never believe me when I say the baby is coming I guess....My family has bets as to how the labor will go ;D

I am so excited for you..December will be here so soon...I will keep my fingers crossed you make it to the party =)


lili246 - October 2

OMG those are incredible stories I can't believe it girl you sure are fast. Fomr 4 to 10 within minutes that is just incredible I just wish I would be the same. The sooner the better and and the faster so you have not had any pain medication and sounds like you don't need it girl. You are lucky that you are a fast

That is nice that you will be induce this time. Hope that everything goes well this time for you.

Thank for those prayers they will sure help. I can't wait to meet my lil boy. It will be my second boy I am around all men :)

Have a great night and thanks for sharing your stories they sure are amazing and I agree with you they should be on the t.v.

Love ya



Alexa - October 3

Hi ladies,

Hi Lili, How are you doing? I am doing good hanging in there I have to say my lower right side is killing me I think the babies head is on my Siatic nervce everytime I get up in the middle of the night I can't stand up right away I feel like my legs are going to collapse,

I pretty much have everything I wanted to get done, I bought my daughter winter clothes, I bought my son's bureau and he has all of his outfits and pj's ready the only thing I have left to do is clean my daughters old crib which is in the basement and her swing too...

How about you did you buy any outfits or did you save your sons clothes, I am going to reuse some of my daughter pj's that are in white, light green and yellow I saved all her white Tee shirts and white socks...

My OB appt is in 2 weeks then after that I go every two weeks then every week.....

How cold does it get winter time where you are in California it gets pretty cold here in Boston sometimes we can hit zero degrees its mostly in the 30's, my daughter is a spring baby so I was able to take her out
the only thing that stinks about December is that I can't go out for walks to get some air and excercise with the baby

I can't believe we are almost 30 weeks along!

Hope everyone is doing good!



RNORST - October 3

Wow, at last labor goes fast for you!!!! I had my son early (3 1/2 weeks) So my ob also thinks I will have this baby at the end of feb. With my son I was in labor for 15 hours! You sound very lucky.
When's your next doc appt?
Love Renee


lili246 - October 3

hey girl nice to hear from you. I missed you buddy :)
Wel lI have not bought anything yet. I have only bought some things for the crib and thats all. One of my friends besides Renee gave me a gift and she gave me a pair of shoes and some boy clothes. I actually have some small clothes from my son and I might use that the rest of the clothes it's big that won't be able to fit the baby. I actually send most of his clothes down to Mexico to my cousin she has a 2 year old son and my son's clothes just fit perfect to her son so that works out great. I just want to make sure that it's a boy. Dh wants to go and have the 3d/4D u/s done anytime this month but I kinda wanted to wait until next month but I know thet baby is all develop with all his parts by now so I might schedule and appointment within a few weeks.
My son's b-day was a success he had lots of fun last saturday he is now 3 years old :)

I am sorry to hear that you are having some pain you know I am carrying the baby up hugh and my lower part belly is still like jello I think the baby is up high I know it sounds funny but I guess it's normal, they say some carry high and others low I guess.

I am feeling great right now I am sleeping very good thank god and hope I stay this way I am enjoying my nights now that I can I know it will get uncomfortable once we get closer and closer.

I know can you believe it almost 30 weeks and after 36 weeks we can have the baby anytime right? How exciting I can't wait.

I am worry right now and want to catch up on paying some of my bills because I won't be getting money once I get on maternity leave I will apply for disability while I am off those months so I won' t get behind.

The weather here is nice for now but is is getting cold in the mornings. It doesn't get that cold here I think it gets only about 40 degrees I think so it's not bad.
I hope by december it's not that cold though.

Have a great day

Love Lili


GonnaBAMomma - October 3

Renee, hey there sweety. My next dr appt is actually today at 4:40 p.m. So it's soon =) I love hearing her heartbeat it makes me so happy and daddy gets excited also. You go early too we maybe will have our babies the same time. I hope your labor goes quick also. I dont know how some mommas go over in their due date I would be pulling my hair! My doctor wants to induce me on February 29th but I cant decide if having a leap year baby would be a "cool" thing or! I wonder if you will have your bubba that day =)


Les23 - October 3

Hello ladies. It is good to hear that everyone is doing good. GonnaBAMamma we are due the same day!! I have a feeling that your delivery will be a little faster than mine!!
Next week we have the U/S to see what we are having!! I can hardly wait!!
My cousin told me that she thinks I am having a girl because I am so moody and that is the way she was when she was pregnant with her daughter. I prefer to think of it as I am just more intune with all the stupid people of the world!!
I for some reason think that we are having a boy. I am always refering to the baby as him or he. So if it is a girl I had better get used to calling it a her or she.
I am feeling pretty good. I am now starting to get all the advise from people that I do not know. You just gotta love it. I feel as if I am under a microscope with people it is like they just wait for you to drink that coffee so they can tell me how bad it is for the baby. As if I do not have the feelings of being a bad pregnant person on my own I now have help with it from complete strangers. My DR does not think that my morning coffee is hurting anything.
Also I am not feeling him all that often. I think I am just busy at work and do not notice. I am just waiting for the days that it is very apparent as to what I am feeling and there is no doubt about it. Well I should go for now.


RNORST - October 4

Gonnabeamomma, You know Feb will be here very soon, I cant believe that tomorrow, I will be 17 weeks. Hey about one or two more weeks and we will be 1/2 way done!!!! How big were your other kids? My son weighed 5 lbs 4 1/2 oz. He was tiny. Let me know how your appt goes today.

Les, Hey I will also find out next week what I'm having for sure. My ob thinks its a girl, I think its a girl also.



lili246 - October 4

Hello Ladies,
How is everyone doing today?
Well I am doing good today, feeling great.
I had a question to ask hope you can help me.

Well at times I feel the baby move down on my lower belly like pushing down on my bladder and then I feel a slightly pain down in part. I know I felt this with my son but you know I get concern for anything and I wanted to ask if any of you had this happening to you aswell.
it;s not all the time it's only at times I feel the pain down in my part.

Have a great evening...

Love Lili


Alexa - October 4

Hi Lili,

I really think its normal I told you I had pressure down very low and it actually kept me from walking for a day
I waited for my OB appt they did the internal exam and took a culture to make sure the pressure in the vaginal area and rectal area were normal I guess the culture would tell them if you were going into early labor within the next 2 weeks but I wasn't it was normal, they told me my baby's head was resting on my pubic bone and thats why I couldnt walk that day it seems now that his had is on the right higher side of my belly so he is just moving around I really think your feeling this because the baby is sitting in a very uncomfortable position.....

I wouldn't worry to much!




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