Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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shan1234 - September 24

Hello Ladies,

MommyDreams -- Congrats on your BFP!!! I'm so happy for you!!! ;D Take care of yourself these next 9 months.

Shara -- Congrats, you're having a boy. ;D Do you have any names picked out yet?

Renee -- I hope your doctor is right, I hope you're having a little girl. So far, I'm the only one that's having a little princess (I can't wait to see her). ;D I'm trying my best not to start shopping until my next appt, which is Oct. 18. I have to admit it's hard, but so far I'm doing good.

Lili & Alexa -- You ladies are so lucky it's getting close to see your baby. I'm so excited for you guys. ;D

Well it's time for me to go home, so I hope you ladies have a great evening and I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.

Love ya,


Jess - September 25

Mommydreams-Congrats girl!! Good luck with the pregnancy!!!:)

Hey girls!! It's been awhile... Just wanted to pop in and say hello:) I see everyone is doing GREAT!!! Glad to see that the m/s is going away. That's always a plus! Things are going good so far with me, my doc appt is on Oct 9th and can't wait. I love feeling my baby kick!!! It really is the best feeling in the world!! Thank you GOD!!!:)

Talk to you girls later!


Alexa - September 26

Hi everyone,

I am glad to hear everyone is moving right along!

Renee, my m/s is gone but it does come and go at different times of the day or if I don't eat something on time I feel sick, but its nothing like it use to be, sounds like you could be having a little princess I was about 17wks when they told me I was having a girl so maybe they are right! and now I feel blessed that god is giving me a son, its a great way to end my long journey ttc my children!

Shan wow you are 19 weeks already time sure does fly by I am happy that your worries are over and now you can enjoy your pregnancy!

Lili, happy to hear all is well I have a slight cold and now its turned into a head cold but its been getting better I am just happy it wasn't a bad I don't take iron pills my level is only 1 point below the normal I was told to only take iron if you are really below the normal because iron can build up in your system so I am not at that point yet I am eating alot of spinach and greens my next appt is in late October which is another month they will check my iron level again after that appt I go every 2 weeks and then the last month or so I go every week they already assigned all my appts in advance so I don't have to worry about it, I am still deciding what day in December for my C-Section but I haven't picked a day yet! they want me to schedule a day pretty soon, it can only be exactly a week earlier than my due date..I watch my 4D U/S everyday he smiles alot in the video its just a great video to have I can't wait to meet him!

Have a great day everyone!



RNORST - September 26

Shan, I know its hard not to shop yet, I already warned dh when the doc says for sure its a girl, I'm going out and buying an outfit.

Alexa, So when did you start feeling your son move and flutters? I have been feeling 2-3 movement per day now, it feels like a flutter or a hard ball rolling against the inside of my tummy. So when is your due date, I know its in Dec, so when will the c-section be?

Love and prayers to all


lili246 - September 26

Hello girls well I have to let you al know that yeaturday almost everything went well at my doctor's appointment. First of all the glucoses test cambe back ok and I don't have to worry about that thank god.

But the doctor told me that I have gain 9 pounds in 3 weeks and that is not good :( Well I need to blame mcdonalds for those chocolate chip cookies I've been eating every I will stop that and will not be eating anything at night except my glas of 2% milk. I was drinking whole milk and she said that was not good.

Then she said that my homoglobin was at 9.8 so I have anemia..UGH what else ha... well I have been taking my iron pills 2 per day now I have to take 3 per day but I will not. I am just eating more of those foods that has iron that will help alot. I don't want to be taking alot of those pills I don't like taking any pills at all no matter what. So eating lentils, black beans will do it;s thing and hopefully it will be normal.

So like I say Ladies not to good ha, but now I have to watch over my weight I don't want to gain that much weight it will be hard to lose them after birth..UGH

Bu the best thing is that we heard the baby and he is doing great :)

Well with my son I never took any iron pills and I never had anemia. This time I started taking iron pills and then I show that I had anemia??? I dont get it but o well I will eat healthy and eat those foods with iron. Hope I ge to the normal range.
I am scared gaining alot of weight so I will watch over that also.
So hey you should plan your delivery date soon. I would say the sooner he better, so let us know when you decide.
Glad to hear that you and the baby are doing good.
Hope you don't get sick take good care of yourself. I do wake up with a stuffy nose but that is all I hope I don't get sick.
My dh is thinking of going to do the 3D/4D u/s sometime next month well see. I can't wait to see my lil one again :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


MommyDreams - September 27

Hey everyone!! My pregnancy is going alright. Cramping is slowing down and my appetite is through the roof. My question is when you all were around 5 wks pg, did they do an exam or did they wait until you were almost 12 wks?

When did you all start showing?


lili246 - September 27

Glad to hear that you are doing good. Wha kinda of exam are you talking about?
I know when you first go into your first doctor's appointment they do a papsmear and b/w and ask you all those questions.
I started showing probably when I was pass 18 weeks, I thought I was showing before but it was that fat that I had on

How is everyone else doing?
have a great day :)


RNORST - September 27

Mommydreams, My ob never did a exam, like a pap smear on me, they just asked if I had any ab-normal pap smear and I said no, so I was ok to get one after the baby was born.

I'm almost 16 weeks, I'm showing a little, but maternity clothes are still too big.
Are you having any m/s?



shan1234 - September 27


I’m still happy for you. I know how long it’s been for you to finally get your +. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well.
My first appointment was just like Lili; my doctor did a pap smear, b/w, and asked questions about my medical and family history and DH medical and family history.
I’m just now starting to show…Yes, at 20 weeks. I have a small bump; it just looks like I ate a really big meal. :)

How is everyone else doing?

Let’s talk about something – baby nursery theme? Are any of you ladies having a baby shower? If so, where are you going to register (Baby R’ US, Baby Gap, Target, etc….)?

I’m going for a Winnie a Pooh theme for my nursery. I’m going to registered at Baby R’ US and Target after my doctor’s appointment next month…I can’ wait. ;D


baby#2 - September 28

Hello to all you mommy-to be. I'm just dropping in a note to say I will be praying for you all and that you all will have healthy babies. Take care of yourself and don't forget to bring some of that ***SUPERNATURAL BABY DUST***our way (ttc crew).

God Bless you all!!!!


MommyDreams - September 28

Hello everyone! Well I talked to the nurse today and she said they did not do an exam because I'm still early. They're not going to do a full exam until my next appt. on Nov 7, when I'm out of the m/c zone. I can't wait!!

I'm not having any symptoms except a few cramps here and there, increased appetite, and tender/fuller bbs. Other than that I feel like normal.


Alexa - September 28

Hi girls!

Hi Renee, My due date is December 14th the same as Lili's I haven't scheduled my C-Section date yet hopefully I will pick a day before my next appt, I felt the baby move around 15 wks just like you did, How are you feeling?

Hi Lili, How are you feeling? I am just eating foods with iron in it but they say the best and fastest way to get the iron up is the iron pills, but I am not at the point where they want me to take them yet till I am well below the the normal level, I am sure your iron will go up soon...Just think how close we are to our due date you must be getting very excited as I am too! ;)

Sorry for the late post I can't log on here all the time I am having trouble so if you don't here from me thats why

Hope everyone is doing great!



RNORST - October 1

Alexa, So, you will have a brand new baby boy for Christmas!!!! I will be waddling around at Christmas, I cant wait. Well, I'm feeling good, the m/s is pretty much gone, I do get sick some times at night at about 8-9.
I really felt the baby kick this weekend. I love that feeling, I cant wait till they get stronger and stronger. So how are you doing? When do you go back to the doc? I go back oct 12th for a head to toe u/s. The ob said it will be a u/s for about 1/2 hour, I cant wait.

Have any of you girls had this: A weriod bitter, sour, metally taste in your mouth, that almost make my tongue feel numb?? When I get this my stomach hurt and I have that same feeling in my tummy all the way up my throat all most like heart burn, but different?? Has any one else had this before??

Prayers, Love and Hugs to all


GonnaBAMomma - October 1

Hey there I am so hoping you remember me. I have missed you guys so very much! I lost my computer in New York and so I had to get a new one and then had to create a new account because I couldnt remember my So first off CONGRATS to all the BFP's I am so proud of all of you for not giving up and staying so strong. I found out I am having a girl on Saturday =) Her name is going to be Lilah Rae. It was very cool they do this heat camera thing so you could see the babies parts and then you can see either a "turtle" or a "hamburger" as the nurse called it. Well she had every girl part she needs! Otherwise I am great and the baby is moving lots. I missed you girls (lol...I said that already). I just wish I would start showing already =) I am here for you all for ANYTHING! MMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAA! I have lots of catching up and reading to do sooo I guess I better be going ;D


lili246 - October 1

Well welcome back we are glad that you are back with us. I sure remember you girl and I am happy to have tou back with us. So are you feeling the baby move?
Congrats on a baby girl, so is this your first one?
When are you do? Well take good care and hope that everything is going well.

You know that Alexa is my due date buddy we are due the same day. But since she will be having a c-section then she will probably have her baby sooner than me.

My due date buddy how are you feeling today? Hows the baby boiy doing, is he kicking alot? How is your tummy growing?
Well I am doing good and had a great weekend after my son's b-day party he had so much fun :)
So have you decided what date you are having your lil one, remember the sooner the better :)

Have a great evening and hope that everyone is doing well.

Love Lili


GonnaBAMomma - October 1

Lili..hey sweety! I am very glad to hear from you. This is not my first one. I have a daughter whom is 9 and a son whom is 7...I had cancer and was told that I most likely could not conceive again...well I am 17 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby girl! I have felt her move a lot more than I thought I would actually. It isnt punches and kicks yet. More like a bowling ball inside of me rolling around. I feel little pushes here and is amazing. You are almost done already my goodness time goes by quickly (when it isnt your pregnancy :) ) How are you feeling..I cant wait until I start showing. Okie Dokie back to work.......bye sweety!



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