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Alexa - October 4

Hi Lili,

I really think its normal I told you I had pressure down very low and it actually kept me from walking for a day
I waited for my OB appt they did the internal exam and took a culture to make sure the pressure in the vaginal area and rectal area were normal I guess the culture would tell them if you were going into early labor within the next 2 weeks but I wasn't it was normal, they told me my baby's head was resting on my pubic bone and thats why I couldnt walk that day it seems now that his had is on the right higher side of my belly so he is just moving around I really think your feeling this because the baby is sitting in a very uncomfortable position.....

I wouldn't worry to much!



lili246 - October 4

Thank girl I know this is maybe normal because I remember feeling it with my son aswell but you know we worry for anything and I just pray that everything goes well.
So how are you feeoing today? have you decided which day you will have your c-section?

Have a great night

Love Lili


Jess - October 5

Hey girls! How are you all doing? I have a wierd, yet kind of embarassing question for you... Every time that dh and I have sex, the next day and sometimes a day and a half, I don't feel my baby move:( Do you think something bad is happening when we have sex?? I'm almost tempted to not have sex anymore because I'm so freaked out about it. Have any of you experienced this before? I think I'm going to bring it up to my doctor on Tuesday and see what he thinks as well.

Thanks for the help.


lili246 - October 5

Hey girl you know I am one of those women that don't desire having sex while pregnant but I have to to keep my dh happy you know. But Telling you the truth our last sexual intercourse was back in July and have not had sex since then just because I just think that I will harm the baby or something bad can go wrong you never know so thats why when I get closer to my due date I just avoid it.
I don't know if there can be a problem having sex and then the baby not moving.
But let me tell you because I had a bad argument with dh 2 days ago and since then I have not felt the baby move that much I do feel him but not that much like other days. And I am in the same situation like you right now. I am worry if there is something bad but I pray not because I have hearing my baby's heartbeat which is good but I think having somekind of an argument is not good so avoid that ladies.
Ask your doctor if you are still worry about it. But it could be normal.

Have a great weekend ladies!1

Love Lili


Alexa - October 5

Hi ladies,

Just dropping in to say hi and see how everyone is doing I am doing good last night I had sharp pain down very low I guess the baby was pressing on a sensative area hubby suggested I drink orange juice to get the baby to move in a different spot after awhile it finally worked..

I have horrible heartburn other than this I am hanging in there...

Jess I would ask the Doc I am not sure they always ask me if the baby is constantly moving or moving less than normal so to be on the safe side you should maybe even call Monday....I am sure everything is fine...

Lili, Hope your doing well and your belly is cooperating with you! My baby was very naughty last night boy was I hurting but it went away with in 1/2 hr it was like his foot was going to pop out of my you know what..LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!


lili246 - October 5

Do you always feel the baby move alot??
Like I said 2 days ago I had a bad argument with dh and since then I have not felt the baby move that much. I do feel him moving but not that much.
Could this be normal you think? I was feeling the baby move alot but after that happen I don't fell it move that much either. I heard his heart beat yesturday and that made me feel better I but I am worry aswell.


have a great weekend..

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - October 6

Hello Ladies,

How is everyone? I pray that you all are fine. DH and I are officially on the ttc trail again. Until then I will keep you all posted.


Alexa - October 8

Hi Lili,

I read your post I hope everything is fine and the baby is kicking away, I feel the baby kicking me all the time almost non stop, but I do remember one day maybe a month ago he wasn't as active I drank some orange juice or something with sugar in it and woke him up...
you can always try that for next time!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, Lili we are almost 31 weeks along time is getting close....

We took our daughter to a fair they have every year its a really big one it runs for like 2 weeks they have the largest pumpkin and farm animals rides, games etc...well the pumpkin this year took first place it was 1,680 was huge....

Anyways we decided to play a water gun game you have to squirt the water on the bulls eye and whoever gets there first wins well all these dads came in on the game and hubby was playing also I picked the number 7 gun and beleive it or not I won, I was thinking thats the day I wanted to have my baby so I have decided since it was a lucky number and win I would have the baby on December 7th...We picked out a little boy wearing a baseball hat and outfit that said Red Sox thats our Baseball team here in Boston...

Have a great day everyone...



Les23 - October 8

MH - so you are trying again!! That is great. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.


lili246 - October 8

My due date buddy for now because now you have decided that you will be having your baby on the 7th that is great so have you told your doctor about it yet? Hey that is great I wish that I could have my baby sooner aswell. I know they say you can have it 2 weeks earlier or 2 weeks after so praying for the earlier. Everyone keeps telling me that it seems that I am due anytime by belly has grown alot and I hope it is very lcose I can't wait to meet my lil one.

So how are you doing girl? Well I am not doing so well I had a sick weekend with a cold. Today I am feeling better but I hope that I can feel great. I called my doctor and she said that I can take sudafed for my cold but I don't like taking anything when pregant so if I get worse I will but not now I think it is going away and hope it does. My lil boy is still sick he also has a cold and the cough but here we are hanging in there.

Can you believe it we are almost 31 weeks you now pass the 36 weeks we can have our lil ones anytime from then I can't wait but I also worry about those labor but it is all worth right? :)

Well girl have a great evening :) Keep me posted on how you are doing.
By the way the baby is moving alot again that is always a relief but I will consult that with my doctor just to make sure she is suppose to order an u/s at 7 months and she has not done it at this point so I will ask her on wednesday and probably if I tell her baout the baby she will order it sooner. I will keep you posted I have used the heartmonitor to hear my baby almost every night it is a great relief hearing my lil one :)

Hey girl it is nice to hear from you :) I miss you so much so what are you doing this time on TTC? I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted :)

Love ya



Shara - October 9

Hey Ladies,

Just dropping in to say hi and to see how everyone is doing!!

For me - School is going a lot smoother which a lot lifted off of my shoulders for this semester!
My BH's are picking up with full force at times and the baby is all over the place, he especially likes to kick the bone at the bottom of stomach right above my groin area. It is something about it that he likes in there that he jumps stomps away constantly. Other than that my dd is patiently awaiting talking to my stomach every night and she kisses my belly saying that she has to show her brother she loves him - I think it is cute. My dh does the same thing - they do it so much that when a stranger reaches their hand out I want to bite it off. >:(

My baby does not move either after sex. He balls up right in my side and stay there forever with no movement whatsoever. Me and dh laughs at it - my doctor says that I have probably rocked him right to sleep. Unless you have a specific direction to not have sex and you have then don't worry but ask your doctor anyways to put your mind at ease.

I am with you on the whole not wanting it during pregnancy thing. I am a maniac any other time but now is not the time for having sex appeal but what can you do. DH acts like he is going to go in the corner and explode somewhere (excuse the pun ;) LOL!)

Alexa - my mom bday is the 3rd of december - you are going to have a sagittaurius on your hands - as sweet as pie until you irritate them too much then watch out!

MH - I am praying for you to get that BFP. I know that 2ww is killing u right now but hang on!!

Well ladies - good night and I will post again soon!!


lili246 - October 10

Hellos Ladies,
How is everyone doing hope all is ok with you and those lil ones :)

I have a doctor's appointment today at 3:15p.m. I will keep you posted on how it goes today. Praying that everything is ok with my baby.

Have a great day..

Love Lili


Les23 - October 10

Just came back from the Dr. and it is a BOY!!! I am so excited.


RNORST - October 10

Les23, Congrats on a boy, Boys are very special!!! They are alot of fun and very busy all the time, My little boy is almost 6.

I will find out Friday what I'm having I cant wait.

A question for all you girls, I'm almost 18 weeks, my tummy last week looked bigger then what it does this week?? Has this happen to any one? I though I would bet bigger and bigger each week? I still have a little tummy, but not as big?? I was worring, but I have been hearing the heartbeat every night with my monitor.

Love Renee


Jess - October 10

Hey girls! Thanks for all the info on the sex thing....:) I went to the doc yesterday and also had another u/s. The baby is now 2lbs4oz and looking very healthy they said. I asked about my little question, and they said having sex shouldn't cause any problems for baby... They said he's probably just moving at night or in area's that I can't really feel him.(Scare tissue areas) I was just happy to see and hear his little heartbeat:) He is in the craziest position right now!! His toes are right up to his nose!!! LOL! It looks so uncomfortable! So right now he's in the Frank Breech position. I sure hope he's able to flip head down ok... It just looks very awkward. I do not want to have a c/s because I have a very low pain tolerance. But if it has to be done to have my son, I will do it. He still has plenty of time to flip, I just hope he does.

MH-Good luck on the TTC!!

Les-Congrats on the boy!!:) Looks like a lot of us are having boys!!

Renee-as long as you're still hearing the heartbeat, I wouldn't worry about the size of your tummy. Doesn't you doc measure you every appt. to make sure you're where you should be?? Mine does. Anytime you measure under what you should be, the do an u/s to make sure baby is growing like he/she should. Try not to worry unless the doc brings it up... God will watch over your baby:)

Hope the rest of you girls are doing well.



Alexa - October 11

Hi Lili, I am doing good my tummy is getting bigger and heavier only 7 more weeks to go who knows maybe you will go into labor around the same time as my C-Section.

I hope your son is feeling better my daughter had a slight cold a couple of weeks ago I just scheduled her to get her flu shot for this year...

My daughter has Ballet today, I don't know how much more running around I can do, just going to the market is getting to be too much, hubby is having surgery on his hand Friday so I will pretty much spend the entire day at the Hospital, its day surgery so I will bring him home late afternoon...

Les23- Congrats on your little boy!

Renee- I wouldnt worry I didn't really start showing till after 5 mths and I also remember thinking the same thing that I looked bigger one day and smaller the next thats completly normal...

Hope everyone is doing well...




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