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RNORST - September 6

Alexa, Yes time is going by fast, I cant wait to start showing more, so I dont just look Wow you are 6 months! How old is your daughter? I have a son who is 5 1/2 , he is in kindergarden. He loves it.



Alexa - September 6

Renee, my daughter is 3 now! did your son go to pre-school how old was he when he started going...I was going to put her in this year but with me having another baby in December its going to be too much stress for me with recovering from a C-Section and worrying about her, so I decided to enroll her when she is 4...she is very social and smart she even knows how to go onto Noggin and and plays all the games...she even just learned how to write a few letters of the Alphabet so I try to teach her new things everyday!

At this point everything is tight on me and I hate feeling the tightness of clothes I can't wait to meet my son and have my body back at the same time!



RNORST - September 6

Alexa, My son went to preschool when he was 3 and then when he was 4. Here, we send kids when they are 3 for one day a week for 2 hours, then when they are 4 3 times a week for 2 hours. I'm sure your daughter will be fine going to preschool at 4.

So what day in dec are you due? Will you have a baby by christmas?


lili246 - September 6

Didn't you know that Alexa is my due date buddy december 14, but since she will ba having a c-section she will be having the baby earlier than me.

hey due date buddy :) DOn't worry I am in the same situation with my son. He is also 3 or will be this 29 of september and I was thinking of sending him to preschool but like you say having a baby and then him going to preschool will be to much, besides he has been having some accidents on peeing in his pants I think he just wants the attention because he has a feeling that a new baby will be in the way soon and he will not be getting as much as he used to. So yeah I didn't want to send him like that I want to make sure he is well potty trained so that he can go to preschool or else they won't admit him. But don't worry we will be 2 sending our kids to preschool at 4 that is a good age I think.

Do you work?

Well have a great day!! I get to do the sugar test today I will be going after work at 5p.m.

Love Lili


Alexa - September 6

Hi lili, Good luck with your sugar test I am sure you will pass with flying colors! I use to work I am home with my daughter there would be no way I could go to work with soon to be 2 kids, I admire everyone who does I am sure mornings are not easy...Alex has accidents too
we went to her Ballet fitting today there were a ton of kids there, the teacher came up to me and asked me when the baby was due, she told me that the classes would end sometime around the very end of November and that the next set of classes starts again in December...Grrrrrrr I talked with my hubby he told me that he could get out of work and take was so cute when the teacher came up to my daughter she said would you like to watch my Ballet moves and started to show her...LOL

Hi Renee, I am thinking of scheduling it around Dec 7th when they do a scheduled C-Section they plan for around the 39th week..which is scary to me my daughter was 40wks and 4 days late she was 7.4
so I am scared at 39wks my son will be tiny...I might ask for a U/S before to make sure that my son is a good weight!

Belly rubs for everyone! :)



lili246 - September 6

Thanks I have not been to the doctor yet but will be doing that very soon. I am off from work at 5p.m. so should be heading down there very soon.
Well I know what you mean I am so thankful that I have my mom with me and she is the one that takes care of my son ever since he was born she has been taking care of him. After birth I stayed with him for 1 month 1/2 and then went back to work full time. And with this one aswell I am planning to go back to work. But this time I am planning to take atleast 3 months off after having the baby so that I can help my mom you know two kids gets much harder ;) So well see I would love to stay home but I am one of those moms that likes getting her own money and buying whatever I want to my kids so I don't think that I can live withour working because I love spending money and I am sure dh won't have enough for me to

Have a great night and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Love Lili


lili246 - September 7

hello Ladies,
Well is everyone today? It's been very wuite lately hope that all of you are doing good.
Well I had the sugar test done yesturday not bad I drank fruit juice and it was very cold so I drank it all at then the b/w after an hour. I will get my results at my next doctor's appointment in 3 weeks.

Has any of you had a pain only in one place kinda like a burning sensation and if you move it hurts? Well yesturday I had that happneing to me and I still feel it alittle. I remember getting that also when I was pregnant with my son and the doctor told me it back the baby's bone that was sticking out and hurting my skin. So I just try to give myself a massage and got my son to give me one aswell which helped alot :) But it does hurt I need to be careful when I move.

Have a great weekend and hope you all are doing great!!

Love Lili


Les23 - September 7

Does anyone elses back hurt. My back hurts so bad!!! It feels like I need to get it popped. I try standing and stretching and sitting and stretching, and nothing is working. Arms over the head and stretching you get the idea.!

I am so ticked off with AT&T. They have called this office at least 7 times this week. They want to talk to my boss and she is on vacation. I have told them this and told them this and they do not understand that it means not to call until next week. We do have their service just not long distance so I am guessing that it what they want to talk about. I am ready to tell the boss lady we need to switch everything away from them just because they have been a pain in the ass this week. The majority of the calls were today!! I just yelled at the last guy that called and he hung up on me!!!
So anyway the mattress came in for the new baby bed finally it has been 3 weeks!!!! I am not setting the bed up yet since it will be a while before I need to use it and I do not feel like dusting something else right now.

I know that this is TMI but last night I was telling the Dh that i really hope that my boobs do not go away!! I have never been really big before and now I am like a C and I am liking it!! I do not think that the chances of my keeping them are very high though!!

Does anyone else itch? I itch in a different spot every day it seems like. One day it is the belly the next my boobs and so on. Anyone else have this problem?

Well I suppose I should go and finish up some work. I hope you all have a great weekend.



Les23 - September 7

I just noticed that I moved up a baby. This is so fun.


lili246 - September 7

I have not had the back problem yet but will very soon I think it is just common in every pregnancy with all that weight that we are carrying.
Right now I am having some pain in my upper right side belly like something rubbing me and I think it is a bone fo the baby and it burns and hurts when I do something I have to be very careful but still hurts. Have you had this before?

About the boobs well my boobs are still the same I have not grown them yet and that worrys me because with my son I didn't get enough milk and I really pray that I do have more this time.

Where do you work at? I know I get those calls aswell and I do hang up on them they never understand they keep calling and calling I guess thats their job but it gets annoying and when they keep calling I just hang up on them..GRRRRRR.

Take care


mickey - September 9

This has been a crazy week. I had a normal week at school (wk Aug. 27) and then I drove to the lake on Fri. It took 5 hours to get there, what a drag! It is only 200 miles. I spent a nice relaxing weekend on the lake, floating in the water, riding on the boat, enjoying great food, friends, and family. Mom and I went to hagerstown outlet mall to go shopping for birthday presents and we found so much! We spent so much money but I got a lot of clothes that will last me throughout the 5 - 6 months. I was tired all week. Tuesday morning came way too fast. I had to work extra to prepare for missing school on Wed and thurs. Wed DH and I went to Dr Kramer at 8 and had a good visit. The baby's heartrate was 153/bpm and is now 9 oz. The baby is healthy and is growing perfectly. I haven't felt him kick yet but I saw him squirming and he kept covering his face and sucking his thumb. The Dr also confirmed what the tech was worried about, the placenta is resting on my cervix. This can cause me to not be able to deliver vaginally, and I cannot have sex or excersize for the next week for the fear of spotting. After this visit we went to Dr behram my blood pressure is back to normal 102/60. I have gained two pounds since the last visit. Dr Behram used the doppler to listen to the baby and answered some questions, everything I am concerned about is normal. We talked about the placenta and she said that 90% of the time as the baby grows the placenta will move away from the cervix. I'll keep my fingers crossed. So, thur I had a math meeting and back to school night and fri was back to noraml. i went to a friend's house for a cookout but couldn't stay to go to a concert because I was just too tired.


Alexa - September 10

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to stop in and say hello, hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Lili, How are you doing today? I was reading that your having some burning pain, this hasn't happened to me but it sounds like maybe the baby is leaning on a nerve or something, my Dr's appt is next week seems like forever since my last appt, I think they made my appt like 30 days since the last one, I can't wait to till my appts are every 2 weeks, that tells me I am getting closer, Is your baby moving around alot, I am telling you my daughter never moved around as much as my son is its almost uncomfortable he moves all night long without stopping, I haven't been sleeping good, I have alot of pressure from the weight of my tummy and all my ligaments in my legs are loosening up and are very sore....

Take care


lili246 - September 10

Hello ladies hope that you all had a great weekend!! :)

Mine wasn't that excited since I was suffereing from that pain since thursday.
I feeling that I am having is like some burning in my right upper side of my belly almost close to my belly button. it feels like if it's burning and when I cough or even laugh it hurts. basically I have to be careful and not move around fast I hae to be careful so I won't hurt myself. I had this feeling with my son but not as bad as this one.
I went to this massage lady and she said that one of the baby's feet was rubbing my skin and that was the cause of the pain. She gave me a good massage on saturday but it still hurts I will wait and see if it goes way if not I will go back with her to get another massage.
Have any of you girls had gotten this pain before? it can be very uncomfortable :/

I am sorry that you have not been sleeping that good. I have been lucky and have had great nights lately, I hope I can be lucky and keep having good nights. :)
My next doctor's appointment is september 25 at 3:30p.m. I can't wait either. I know every 2 weeks will be very close..
The pain is still here and it hurts so I am keeping myself more calm and trying not to move around that much.
What is funny is that if I lay down the pain will go away so that is what I basically did the whole weekend I would go and lay down in bed and tha pain would go away but once I woudl walk around it would come back. I hope it is nothing bad. You are right it could be some kind of nerve that the baby hit and is now in pain, who knows I just pray it goes away because it is very uncomfortable.

have a great day..

Love Lili


shan1234 - September 10

Hello Ladies, :(

Sorry I have been MIA. I see everyone is doing great with their pregnancies. I wish I can say the same. To make a long story short, the doctor’s are concern about my baby. I don’t want to go into details at this time because I may start crying. I now have to wait until Sept. 18, for my test results. Please pray for my baby’s health at this time. My DH and I would really appreciate it.

Praying for a miracle (healthy baby).



lili246 - September 10

I am very sorry to hear that you are going through a bad situtation. Girl you know that we are all here for you since day one and we will always be. I will pray for a healthy baby and when you feel better please let us know whats wrong. At 17 weeks seem that nothing can go wrong youa re pass those risky first 3 months. I hope that it is nothing bad. Please let is know I know anything concerning the baby is always something to worry about but keep us posted ok.

God bless you and the baby and praying for a healthy baby.

Love Lili


RNORST - September 10

Shan, I'm praying for your baby, you and your family. I'm so sorry, I pray every thing will turn out fine. Just trust in God, it's His baby, He will help the baby and do whats best. Your in my thoughts and prays. When you feel better please let us know whats going on.

Love Renee



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