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RNORST - August 31

Hi ladies, how is every one. I think I'm starting to feel a little better. I hope so. It would be nice to have a nice long weekend without getting sick. I have a ob appt on wed. I hope he can tell the sex?? I have heard you can see at 12 weeks then I heard 15 weeks or more? Maybe its if the baby is laying just right?

Have a great weekend!


lili246 - August 31

Hello Ladies,
Well I guess all of you are now on your 3 days weekend. I hope that you all are doing good and those lil ones inside. Big hugs to all and hope to hear from you all on tuesday.
I will enjoy my 3 day weekend to the fullest :)

God bless you all!!

Love Lili

P.S. I already recieved my heartbeat monitor..YAY!! I hope it works. I will try it later today I can't wait :)


Jess - August 31

Renee-glad to hear you're feeling better:) You won't get a good positive result at 12wks what you're little one will be... It's best to wait until at least 15wks or more so you know for sure. I'm so glad to see you are doing good in your pregnancy. I bet Will is very excited about getting a new sibling:)

Lili-That's great that you got a doppler to hear your babys heartbeat:) How exciting.... I wanted to get one as well, but dh wasn't to fond of it. He said that I would just drive myself crazy if at any point I couldn't find the heartbeat. He's probably right:) I'll just leave it all in Gods hands to watch over my baby everyday. And that of the doctors... Sometimes I try and hear my babys heartbeat with a stethascope. They say if the baby is positioned right, you can hear it's heartbeat after 20wks. No luck so far.

I am so happy that everyone on this forum is doing so great with their pregnancies. God has really blessed us all:) Soon we'll all have our little gifts from God in our arms and be forever thankful to the man up stairs. God is GREAT!!!

Hope all of you have a great holiday weekend and stay safe.



Louise00 - September 4

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Lili - I still have slight spotting and have had my first scan to make sure everything is okay. My ob picked up the heart beat and I saw this little flicker. I wish my DH was there to see it. She said its still early days but everything looks great. She can't explain why I have spotting but says she has another patient who is 36wks and has spotted her entired pregnancy. Hope that's not me!

Have a great day :)



Alexa - September 4

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Lili, How is my due date buddy doing, I am doing well
so far I have my monthly OB appt next week I have to do the glucose test but the great thing is I don't have to drink that horrible drink that everyone is talking about my ob's office gives you the Gourmet Jelly bean test..LOL you have to eat 18 jelly beans 45 minutes before you go in and nothing to eat or drink after you take them..they even give you the jelly beans...LOL
when are you taking your test? My son is kicking me like crazy 24hrs a day, I sure hope he will be a good sleeper when he is born! my daughter slept like 4-5hrs a night after the first 2 weeks..and she never cried or was fussy during her teething time, I don't even know what I will do if this baby is different...

RNORST, how are you doing? How is your M/S?

Jess, haven't seen you on here in awhile, when is your due date? its so hard for me to keep up with everyone
since there are so many great new BFP's on here!

Have a nice day ladies!



RNORST - September 4

Alexa, Hi, I'm doing good, thought the m/s was going away, but I dont feel so good today. I go to the ob tommorow, hope every thing is good. How are you doing?

Louise, I have heard about ladies that spot the whole way though, I guess as long as your not cramping, good luck.

Jess, so you found out the sex at 15 weeks? My ob does u/s every appt, so I will see if he can see any thing if not I will be back in 2-3 weeks for another.

Love and prayers for all the moms and babies.


lili246 - September 4

Hello ladies,
Glad to hear that everyone is doing great! :)
I had a great weekend but you know they always go so fast..UGH!!

I know what you mean about the monitor I had used it 2 times and it sure works well.

Yes I have heard the same thing aswell for some reason some ladies bleed on their intire pregnancy and I guess it can be normal. But please take good care for yourself.

Hey my due date buddy nice to hear that you are doing good. Hey that test sounds great I prefer taking those jelly beans aswell you sure are lucky.
I think that I will have that test done today I have a doctor's appointment today and I am sure they will do that glucose test today so well see hope it is not that bad and doesn't take that long..UGH I don't like waiting specially in her small office where you barely
and this hot weather..UGH I will let you know if I take it or not?

Well ladies have a great day!

Love ya


Jess - September 4

Alexa-hey girl!! I'm due on Jan 8th. I see you're about to do that wonderful sugar test.... My sister just had hers done and she failed:( So now she has to be on a diabetic diet for the rest of the pregnancy. She's due Nov 20th. She's also having a boy like the rest of us:) It's so crazy.... I have about four girlfriends at work and they're all having boys too!!!:) Hows your sleeping going?? My sucks!!!:( I'm up every two hours changing positions and going pee. My hips are KILLING me!!!:( Now I feel like I have a misplaced rib or something.... I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow and I hope that helps...

Lili-Glad to see your monitor is working great!! How exciting to be able to hear your baby every night before you go to bed... I bet that really puts your mind at ease:) I can't believe I'm almost 6mos and you and Alexa only have 100 or less days to go!!! It's seems to be coming faster and faster every day:) Do you girls have your nursery's set up yet?? If so, what theme did you go with?

Renee-how did your appt go?? Are you feeling any better?? I hope you start feeling good here soon:)

How is everyone else? I'm so glad to see everyones pregnancy is looking up!!:) What kind of baby names is everyone throwing around??



Alexa - September 5

Hi Jess,

OMG I have the same problem as you sometimes when I try to turn over my stomach feels sore from the weight of the baby, and sometimes I wake up on my side and my hip is burning with pain from the weight also I am also up peeing all night....

I had been going to the Chiropracter it was great they actually did muscle massage too they used this machine with probes to relax my muscles in my upper back I stopped going I was hooked and went like 2x a week
but I had to pay $20 co-pay ea time it was getting expensive...and he would adjust my spine too but it made me sore for days after....

Have you picked out any names yet? I have a few that I like but haven't really decided yet...I am having a scheduled C-Section because I already had one with my daughter so thats what they usually like to do the second time around, so it looks like I would have the baby a week early!

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment we rent from my dad its a good size apartment but my daughters room is all pink..LOL I am going to have my son stay in our room in a pack n play, we were looking for a house till I got prego I decided it would be too much to pack up and move now so hopefully in the spring time....did you pick out a theme yet?

Take care of your tummies everyone!



Jess - September 5

Alexa- I can't wait to go to the chiropractor today... He also charges $20 a visit, but right now it's well worth it if it helps my pain..... Hopefully I'm not in a lot of pain after the adjustment like you were:(

We have picked out our sons name:) It will be Isaiah Keith and his nursery theme is zoo animals. And it's all in light colors. We did it in a theme that could work for a boy or a girl. That way when and if I ever get pregnant again, we won't have to look for another set. They are way to expensive!!!

So you don't want to try and deliver VBAC? Why did you have a C/S with your daughter??



lili246 - September 5

Girls, Just letting you all know that everything went well at my doctor's appointment yesturday. We heard the baby and everything is well. I have to go back tomorrow to do the sugar test after work, you drink it and then have to wait for an hour for the blood draw so I will be doing that tomorrow. UGH!
It also seems that I will be having another u/s at 7 weeks so that should be coming soon.

Jess and Alexa,
I guess peeing is a problem for all us pregnant I also have to wake up every hour seems like it to go pee, but I have been sleeping well lately so that is good :) I know it will get harder so well see.
We just have to hang in here.
Time seems to be going by fast which is good. I can't wait to meet my lil one and I bet you all are to. HOpe time goes by faster... ;)

Well ladies have a great day and take good care of those lil ones inside. :)

Love Lili


Alexa - September 5

Hi Jess,

I could try VBAC but there is a slight risk for uterine rupture which is like 1% but with my luck! this way I can make arrangements that my daughter can be there with me before my surgery and my parents can be there too , with my daughter I went into labor at 2am and my parents arrived just after my daughter was born this time I want everyone there before hand....

I guess they say that after being adjusted you get sore thats what happened to me they say its normal for that to happen, my insurance has gotten even better since my daughter was born..I had to pay $100 a day that I stayed in the hospital up to $500 I was there 4 insurance now has me pay a $100 co-pay and the rest of the stay is of no cost to I am very happy about that...

I had to have a C-section because while in labor my daughters heart rate really my OB thought it was the best thing to do.....

Lili, I am happy to hear your appt went well I still have 2 weeks till my appt they do my sugar test at 27 weeks..I am looking forward to eating the Jelly beans :) I think after this appt I go every two weeks!



lili246 - September 5

Hey I know what you mean about wanting everyone there before hand. I know I will be having dh with me and probably my mom again she is always with me she even goes with me to every doctor's appointment that is such a blessing.
I know I will be having my son with me right after the baby is born. I can't have him with me there while in labor because he will be running around all over the place and making me more So yeah I am just sticking with my dh and my mom to be with me. ;)
I go tomorrow after work to have that sugar test done I hope everything turns out good. I don't like that b/w
By the way that screeing test APS of whatever it's called when they do some b/w to test if the baby has any defects well the doctor told me that the b/w came back ok and that there is nothing wrong with the baby. So if god willing I should be having a healthy baby :)

Well ladies have a great night and take good care of those lil ones :)

Love Lili


RNORST - September 6

Hi ladies, Looks like every one is doing great, God is great!!
Well, my doc appt went great. I'm thinking its a girl?? They had a good picture between the legs and we didnt see any thing, I go back in 2 weeks, I dont know why so soon, maybe since he is a high risk ob, but thats ok thats all the more that I get to see the baby. He will check again in 2 weeks to see if its a girl??


Alexa - September 6

Hi Renee,

I am really happy to hear things are going well thats so great you are already 12 weeks is time going by fast for you? sometimes I can't believe I am already 6mths along, time is sure flying by, my daughter is taking Ballet lessons and I am taking her for her uniform fitting today she is quite excited about it!

Take Care everyone!



RNORST - September 6

Alexa, Yes time is going by fast, I cant wait to start showing more, so I dont just look Wow you are 6 months! How old is your daughter? I have a son who is 5 1/2 , he is in kindergarden. He loves it.




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