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RNORST - September 10

Shan, I'm praying for your baby, you and your family. I'm so sorry, I pray every thing will turn out fine. Just trust in God, it's His baby, He will help the baby and do whats best. Your in my thoughts and prays. When you feel better please let us know whats going on.

Love Renee


Alexa - September 10

Hi Shan, you and the baby are in my thoughts and prayers also, you have to believe that the baby will be just fine, I know its hard since I had a very rough begining but everything always works out in the end we will all be thinking of you, please let us know how you and the baby are doing!



lili246 - September 11

Hi Ladies,
How are all of you doing?

Well I am doing good, just dealing here with the pain in my upper tummy next to my belly button. I was doing some searching on the web yesturday and I found out that it could be round ligament strecthing. They say most women get it and others don't, sometimes most of them once they get it it won't go away until you give birth others it does go away and usually you feel it more in your 2nd pregnancy. I know I felt this with my son but not as bad as this time I can barely walk, sit, cough, scream or laugh it is very painful and once I lay down it goes away. It is not harmful for the baby so that is good to hear.
I hope you don't have to go through this because it does hurt very bad.

I am praying for you and your baby, lets us know whats going on once you feel better girl, we are all here for you in the good and bad times. Praying for your baby and god bless!

Where are all those other ladies, Shara, Leslie, Jess, ect. please stop by once in a while atleast and let us know whats going on with you girls and those lil ones inside. Any concerns and symptoms let is know so that we can be prepare or try to help you girls. We miss you all.

How are you doing, have you ever felt this kind of pain before? How is your tummy growing? Most people say that I will be having twins because my tummy is getting very
Besides the pain I am feeling good, praying this pain goes away because I can't handle it anymore.

How are those m/s coming along? They will be going away very soon so hang in there girl all is worth is. thats why I am here hanging on this painful burning and like I read on the web it says that there is nothing you can do anout it, it is just your stomach strecthing and they can prescribe trylenol for the pain and that is all, but I don't like taking anything besides my prenatals..

Have a great day and hope that you all are doing great.

Praying for all of you ladies!! God bless!!

Love ya all and babies....



Alexa - September 11

Hi lili,

When I get pain its a sharp jolt of a pain that comes and goes but doesn't last long they say its ligaments stretching and nerves getting pushed on too...

I do have some stomach pressure then I have to go pee so I am hoping its just the baby sitting the wrong way...I have a Dr.'s appt next week so I will ask to make sure the pressure isn't anything to worry about since it comes and goes, I swear my tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday!

My hubby wanted me to call this place where we had a 3D/4D ultrasound done from 3yrs ago they don't appear to be around anymore so I researched online and found a place right near my house so I made an appt for Sunday, I am very excited to be able to see my son's little face, its about $175 and they video tape the baby moving around.and give you 6 color pictures,I hope you feel better with your tummy pain!

Renee, I hope your doing great and your M/S is gone I still get nautous from time to time but its nothing near as bad as I had it...

Take care everyone!


lili246 - September 11

You are very lucky that you are not getting this pain that I am getting it is very painful and I hope noone gets this because it is very uncomfortable.
Hey that is very excited to have one of those 3d/4d u/s I can't wait for mine aswell. But we have planned that we are going at 8 months by the begining of november we are having one done. That is nice that you have one close to you. I also have one close to my house and it cost $85.00 for the 3d/4d u/s with a 15 min. video tape and 6 color pictures aswell I think. But it is nice it's all worth it and I can't wait.
I will be having another u/s at 7 months which will be very soon can't wait for that.

Is the baby moving alot? mine is and I love it :)
Do you ever get a message when you are pregnant so they can put your baby right in place? I know you are having a c-section but those massages are good so that the baby won't bother you because they do when they are not in correct place. I had one done last saturday and maybe another very soon because this pain is still bothering me and the lady told me it was because on of the baby's feet was rubbing my skin and that was the pain for, don't know but well see. Praying this pain goes away soon.

Love Lili


Alexa - September 11

Hi Lili,

The baby is in so much Amniotic fluid I am surprised they think its the babies foot? with the baby moving around alot I wonder why the pain is in the same spot..Did you ask your OB? or the Message person? I bet the entire baby is pressing on a nerve...

My son moves around all day long and its starting to get very uncomfortable his feet are mostly hanging around the right side of my waist and its starting to get sore there..this pregnancy is alot harder than with my daughters and I went full term 40wks and 4 days late..

I can even feel him having the hiccups alot my stomach starts to jump consistantly for about 3-4 minutes .

Ya we live in Boston eveything here is expensive I went to have my 3D with my daughter at 7mths most of the pictures of my daughter were of her smooshed face against my uterus so I figured going alittle sooner while there is more room would give us a better picture of my sons face!

I hope your pain goes away soon maybe if you try rubbing your belly or use a warm cloth on your belly will help the baby move around....



lili246 - September 11

I have not called my ob yet. I was planning to do that if I was still feeling the pain by wednesday and see her on thursday to see what she says, but right now I kinda sell sore and I am trying to do all my best and move around that much and be very careful. I know I get the bad pain in the afternoon. Like I said once I lay down the pain goes away so maybe that is a sign that I need to rest more?
I do think it could be the babys foot because I fell tha pain in my upper belly that is where I have very hard and it seems that I have the baby up high so it could be who knows. Like you said it could also be a nerve since they are moving alot maybe he got one of my nerves and thats why I have the pain. But if I stay this way it will be great I don't want that awful pain again.
yes I do rub my belly especially where it hurts and it does help some but not enough. The best remedy is laying down, it would be ok if I would be at home all the time but it gets hard while I am at work, yesturday I wanted to do that with two chairs but it was uncomfortable and waited until I got home.

I pray it goes away becayse my son's b-day is september 29 and I am planning to celebrate his b-day with a family reunion. Dh and I bought him a inflatable jumper can't wait until he sees it he will have a blast he loves to jump he is always messing up my

By the way this pregnancy has been much harder than with my first one. First starting with those bad m/s, then this pain that is terrible. My mom said she was surprise that on my first pregnancy I was like if nothing was happening and I never complain. Which on this one I am complaining about the m/s I had and now this pain. it's ok as long as everything comes back ok with a healthy baby.

Well hope that you and your baby are doing good. Take care.

Love Lili


Jess - September 11

hey girls!!

Lili-sorry to see you're having a lot of burning/pain in your tummy...I'm not sure what it might be. I was kind of thinking it was some kind of heartburn. Have you tried any pepcid or tums when you get that burning feeling?? Did you pass your glucose test?

Shan-also sorry to hear there may be something wrong with your baby:( Hope it's nothing too serious... You're in my prayers and when ever you are ready to talk to us, we're here for you:)

Renee-you still having m/s?? I hope it's getting better for you. Other then that how are you feeling?

I hope the rest of you girls are doing well:)

I went to the docs yesterday and everything went well. I didn't like my weight gain though... LOL They say I should be 12-15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and I was 20!!!! Not cool! I told dh that we will walk every night no matter what!!! The doc said he wasn't concerned at all. But it still bothered me. I have to do that glucose test on my next visit and I'm also going to have another u/s done that same day. I can't wait to see my baby again:) He's really starting to move around alot. Last night I had a glass sitting next to my stomach and he kept kicking it. It was so cute:)

Talk to you girls later-


RNORST - September 11

Lili, Well I thought the m/s was getting better, but this week I have been getting sick about 6:00 and still sick when I go to bed. My ob told me last wed, that I have about a week before hcg levels drop down, that would be tommorow. My fingers are crossed. Is the pain any better today?

Alexa, The m/s sickness is better then it was, but now i'm getting sick after work, which is better at least I can lay down. I hope by the end of this week I will be done. The 3d u/s are really neat. My ob does a u/s and 3d u/s every time I go in. I'm very lucky.

Jess, the m/s is getting better, but I have been sick at night time now. Other then that I feel great, do get some pain if I get up to fast.
Dont worry about your weight gain, you were not that much over. I cant wait to start feeling the baby kick. when did you feel the first flutters and when did you feel the first kicks?

Love Renee


lili246 - September 11

Thanks for the help girl it is nice to hear from you and that baby is doing good. That is always a relief.
But the pain is only in one spot in my upper right side next to my belly button. Like I said Ihave been doing some research and found out that it could be ligament streching or a nerve and that is the burning/pain feeling. They say that usually women with their second pregnancy feels more the pain than their first pregnancy. Today it is not that bad, it does hurt but I think not as much as before. I am trying to rub my belly and take it easy I am doing everything slowly and hope I don't get it back, hope it's going away. The good thing is that I am feeling the baby move alot so that is good. I was thinking if I was still feeling that bad pain I was going to go see my OB if it doesn't go by tomorrow I might call in and get in on thursday and see what she says. I know I felt this way with my son but is wasn't as bad as this one.
I don't think it could be heartburth because the heartburn is usually in my chest so this might be comething else. I was scared because some women have said that they have gotten ulcer while pregnant I hope this is not my case.
Well see how I feel by tomorrow today is better than those past few days so that is good.

By the way I will found out about my sigar test at my next doctor's appointment on sept. 25, so well see till then it is not bad. :)

Yeah you should be at the end with those m/s you are doing good girl by hanging in their and you know all those m/s and those pains that I am getting might be bad right now and we pray that they go away but I guess that at the end everything is well worth it so that is one thing that keeps me happy atleast handling this pain but then thinking that in 3 months I will be holding my baby in my arms and that is a blessing and wellworht going through this. I don't have much to go only a few more months and they should by by fast which is good :)

Love Lili


Les23 - September 12

Shan, I am praying for you and your baby. I hope everything turns out okay. September 18th seems like a long time away I am sure. Let us know how everything goes.

As for me I am going to my appointment today. I can hardly beleive that it has been 4 weeks already since my last one. I am sure it is going to be uneventful. I will let you know. I think I have maybe gained about 4-5 pounds since my last appointment. But I am not pooping on a regular basis TMI I know!! So I am going with 2 pounds being the food I have consumed. Earlier in the pregnancy I was having very bad problems with this and my stomach was getting big from not going at all so I started calling it my Poop Pouch!!!

We have a mouse in the house. We have lived in our house for 4 years and have never had one. But we used to have a cat so maybe that is why they stayed away. Well she is gone now so I am thinking they are like YEAH we can run free in here!!
Our kitchen is in the basement. The house was originally just a basement home. So yesterday we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and DH was like do you hear that? We could here that little disgusting rodent moving in around in the drop ceiling. I was like are you sure it is a mouse and he was like or it is a HUGE spider. So I am going with Mouse. I bought a whole bunch of traps and glue things yesterday. I put one of the snap traps under the stairs but nothing yet. DH put some of the glue ones up in the ceiling this morning. I was not about to push on of those ceiling tiles back and have the unwelcomed guest (that would be the mouse) fall on me!!!!
Seriously the mice just do not understand they should ask if the can come and visit. I am not a hotel for every free loading rodent that wants to stop by. The least it could do is pay some rent or give me grocery money. But now it just sneeks in and makes itself at home. Sounds like my in-laws!!! It may be related to them!!
Just kidding. Okay enough about the mice those little creeps!!

Last night I had a horrible head ache. I went to bed at like 7:30 to only wake up at 3 with a back ache. I tried to look as horrible as possible so Dh would rub my head or something but I guess I was not pathetic enough for I got no rubbing action. SO I got up at 3 and went into the living room and watched some show about hot dolphins and sharks eat schools of fish. Also I learned a lot about Jack fish that eat along the barrier reaf. I am really more intellegent today and really grateful for the back ache. Now I can paticipate in all those conversations people have about sea animals.

Well I am going to go for now I have to get ready for the big appointment. I had to shave this morning.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!


Les23 - September 12

Well I went to the Dr and everything is looking good the heart beat in the 150's.
She proceeded to tell me that when they did the ultra sound back in July at 7 weeks they saw some bleeding around some membranes but it is nothing to worry about and it is probably gone now. I was like if I did not need to worry about it then you should not have told me!! I am now thinking about it. If I do not need to know something do not tell me!!!
On October 10th we find out what we are having. I am super excited.
Also they have changed the due date ahead one day I am now due on March 8th. Which I am not sure how mom is going to take this. That is the day my father passed about a couple of years ago. Maybe it will make it a happy day for her.

Well I hope everyone had a good day.


lili246 - September 14

Ladies how is everyone doing? I am doing great and very excited because I am now 27 weeks..YAY!!!
Also I have a busy weekend on planning and buying all necessary for my son
b-day party. Also the pain is almost gone and I feel great today.

Have any of you girls that are this close as me. Have been having some streching feeling in your belly? I have been feeling like if it is streching and my belly will and that is always at nights and it kind hurts alittle. But besides that I am feeling great and I am feeling my baby move every moment and I just love it :)

Well I have a question? I have been reading some information on the cold blood banking, has any of you girls have planned to bank your baby's cord for any future use. They say it can save the life of one of your family members if they ever get sick. I am not sure how much it cost but in one article I have it says one time payment of $1,800.00 that covers for 18 years I want to make sure about that price because I am planning to do something like that just in case. We never know what can happen and I might do it once I find out what is the cost. YOu can also make them in monthly payments, so well see. I will keep you inform of what I find out and if any of you know more please give me some info.

Have a great weekend and hope that everyone is doing great.

Love ya


shan1234 - September 17

GOD IS GOOD!!!!! ;D ;D ;D

I have received my results from my amino and the results came back negative….THANK YOU GOD!!!! ;D ;D

Thanks ladies for the prayers. ;D

Now I’m ready to talk…

I received a call from my OB/GYN and she told me that there may be a chance of my baby having Trisomy 18 based on my blood test results and they would like for me to see a specialist as soon as possible.

So, we went to a specialist, come to find out my chances of my baby having Trisomy 18 was 1:40. So they started the level 2 ultrasound and the baby looked fine, the doctor didn’t find any signs of a T18 baby, so he wanted me to go ahead and get an amino since I was at high risk. Thank God my test results came back negative. I’m just so happy right now, I feel like dancing. ;D ;D

Oh guess what…..I’m having a girl!!!! ;D ;D

Next doctor’s appt. is Thursday (Sept. 20), can’t wait to see my baby girl again. ;D ;D

Once again…GOD ID GOOD!!!! Thank You God!!!! ;D ;D

I have to get back to work, talk to you ladies later.

Love ya,

This is what I was face with before I knew my results...I didn't know that this exist until now...

What is Trisomy 18?

At conception, 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes from the mother combine to create a baby with 46 chromosomes in each cell, two of each type. Each chromosome holds a particular "position" in the cell and carries certain genetic material. A trisomy occurs when a baby has three chromosomes in one position instead of the normal two.
The most common trisomy is Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome, where a baby has three of the twenty-first chromosome. Trisomy 18 is the second most common trisomy and occurs when a baby has three of the eighteenth chromosome. This results in 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46 in the affected cells. It is this extra genetic material that causes the problems associated with Trisomy 18.
Trisomy 18 is also called Edwards syndrome (or Edward's syndrome) and occurs in about 1:3000 live births. Unlike Down syndrome, Trisomy 18 is usually fatal, with most of the babies dying before birth and those who do make it to birth typically living only a few days. However, a small number of babies (<10%) live at least one year.
Most trisomies (about 95%) are full trisomies. That is, the extra chromosome occurs in every cell in the baby's body. This type of trisomy is not hereditary, and is not due to anything the parents did or did not do, and it is by far the most common type. In most literature, Trisomy 18 means full Trisomy 18. Another type of trisomy is Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome), which occurs less frequently than Trisomy 18. Although full trisomies may occur at any position, the extra genetic material usually causes such problems that the baby cannot make it to term. As a result, these three trisomies: 21, 18, and 13, are the only full trisomies that have ever led to a live birth.
There are also partial and mosaic trisomies, which are much more rare. Mosaic trisomies occur when the extra chromosome is present in some (not all) of the cells, and partial trisomies occur when only part of an extra chromosome is present. Some partial trisomies are translocations, usually caused by a parent's translocation, which may be hereditary. For more information, see Translocations from the Centre for Genetics Education.


Alexa - September 17

Hi Everyone,

Shan I am happy to hear everything is fine! I went through the same thing being high risk because of my age (41) speaking to a genetic counselor before my bloodwork and level II U/S really made a difference for me so the worry wasn't to bad...

I just had my 3D/4D U/S yesterday and got to see my baby boy he is so adorable he smiles alot and was sucking his thumb the U/S lady (who goes to my church)was really good to us she gave us the platinum package and charged us for the cheapest one it includes 50 still pictures and a live 4/D DVD, and a CD so we can print pictures for family....

My son is in the Vertex position his head is down very very low he moves around so much he is causing me alot of pressure and soreness, I am happy that I have my OB appt this week to make sure my Cervix is closed..hopefully after this appt I go every 2 weeks, well see...

Hope everyone is doing well!



lili246 - September 17

COngrats girl I knew god was with you girl. I am happy that everything is well. :)

hey girl glad to hear that you had the 3d/4d u/s done that is great. So you got that many pictures? wow that was a great price and you are very lucky.
So hey if the baby was in good position can't you have him normal? I know you had a c-section but I also have heard that some ladies have had their second baby normal delivery even though their first was a c-section?

Can you feel some pressure down there? I sometime feel some pressure and then makes me want to go and pee because I can feel that the baby was moving and I guess he is pushing on my bladder or something that makes me go and pee.
I will ask on my next u/s to make sure if the baby is in good position. I am wishing for a normal delivery this time aswell.

Hey girl send me some pictures so that I can see them. I can't wait to have mine taken maybe by next month.

have a great day

Love Lili



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