Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - August 1

Yes I know that my lil angle on heaven will take care of my angel here on earth and I am very happy about it, that is why I am naming him after my lil angel :)
hey that pillow's price is not bad. I will do some seaching. I had a great sleep last night. I had miss those good sleeps and felt very good :)
Hey maybe it was a kick. It had happen to me before it is a all of a sudden kick. I feel my baby kick and when I touch my belly to feel it he stops it is very funny. :)

Hey we have the same doctor's appointment next tuesday I just have a regular doctor apoointment and get my results from the last blood test they did.
Hey I am happy that they can vidoe take the u/s I know we were watching it the other day and it is such a blessing to have that to show our lil ones when they grow up.

Renee has been very busy at work, hope that we hear from her soon. We miss her ;)

Have a great might girls and babies :)

Love Lili


Shara - August 2

Hello Ladies

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been finishing this semester of classes and is enjoying a well deserved three week break. I see that some of us are already half way there - congratulations. Be sure to get rest and drink plenty of water - this summer is miserable and I usually enjoy the hot weather but I can't seem to stay hydrated but I am trying and enjoying this whole not having m/s anymore. I got to see one of my new little cousin's the other day and he is so precious I just wanted to eat him up and take him home with me. I have really huge breasts (tmi- lol sorry) so when I picked him up from crying and laid him up there he was out like a light with his mouth open LOLOLOLOLOL!! I see some ultrasounds are coming up and some have passed - congrats on the new men we are welcoming on the board and the boys and girls we don't know about yet!!!

Ladies -talk to you later!!!


lili246 - August 2

Hey nice to hear from you girl. So are you going to continue school while you are pregnant? I did that with my son and I felt very tired. How can you handle that..?

Hello girls good morning and hope that all of you are doing great and so are those lil ones :)

Love Lili


RNORST - August 2

Hi, girls. Sorry its been so long since I have been on. I have been very busy at work, plus I'm sooo sick. I cant wait to get over this m/s. Some times I feel like I'm going to I praise God that I at least have a 20 min break every once in a while now.
I seen my ob for the first time yesterday. They did another u/s and every thing looked very good. Baby was growing really good and the heart rate was good 165 bpm. They even did a 3D u/s which it just looked like a tadpole. I go back to the ob in two weeks for the full exmaine. My ob told me that the m/s is only going to get worse... until week 12 or 13. I dont want it to get any worse. My m/s stopped right at 12 weeks with my son. Oh, since I had my son early, he thought I would have this baby at about 36-37 weeks?? So that would be the end of Feb.
I hope all you ladies are doing well.
Love Renee


lili246 - August 2

wow you you will be having your baby early that is good. After 36 weeks that is consider full term right?
hey that is good that everything went well I am so happy for you. Hang in there I know how you feel about those m/s, are yous till taking that medicine they gave you?

If you ever get a bad heartburn like I did yesturday. Especially the girls who like to eat things spicy. Well yesturday all day I had a very bad heartburn and didn't know what to do until at night I told my dh about it and he told to drink a glass of milk and that will help to go away and it sure did. So I recommend drinking a glass of milk if you ever have heartburn. I had it yesturday and it was very bad so if you ever get it you know what to do ok ;)

Love Lili


Les23 - August 2

Hello all I just thought I would drop by and update on what is going on with me. I have had no morning sickness which I am thinking is great. The only complaint I have is constipation and I am super tired and night but everything else is going great. I am already getting to big for my pants. I am only 8 weeks I am thinking this has something to do with the constipation.
Anyway I am happy to hear everyone is doing well


Shara - August 2

I am glad that everything is going ok with you - I agree with that whole costipation thing. Have you had a u/s yet?

I am going to go to school this semester and then online for the spring. I am not looking forward to the hassle but I was working a plan that I can't put on hold. I prayed that God would give me the strength -hopefully I will get a miracle!!!


Mist - August 3

Hello All,

I am glad to see eveyone is doing good :) Just dropping by to catch up a bit!

Thats great you seen your baby! That is a wonderful feeling and to hear the heartbeat!! So you will be due close to me! Cool, lol

I still have some m/s but hopefully in a couple weeks that will all be gone.

ok I am out for now take care!



mickey - August 3

[quote author=lili246 link=board=4;threadid=4202;start=270#38867 date=1185919518]
Did you get your u/s done? I am praying for you girl, keep us posted.
Hey I wanted to let you know that I did ask the tech at the u/s place and they don't have any other place they do u/s for this cheap by their company. You might want to do some rearch and look for anything cheap in your area.

Hey girls this place where I had the u/s done they are now doing the 3D/4D u/s for only $ 75.00 that is very cheap and I will go and have that done later in my pregnancy. I am so excited to do that.
Has anyone done that in the past?

Have a great night ladies and babies :)

Talk to you all on wednesday.

Love Lili

Lili - thanks for thinking of me. I went to the high risk dr for my 1st trimenster screening on tues. They were able to find the baby very easily, and the tech measured it at 14 weeks (rather than 13w1d) wow! she didn't claim that timing though, I said that I'm tall and she said that that could be taken into consideration. The u/s showed two hands, leds, feet, eyes, brain hemespheres. It showed a stomach, liver, fingers, spine. The heartrate measured 150bpm. The neck measurement reduced our risk of downs from one in 300 to 1 in 1800. So my dr confirmed all of these findings. I got all call from the nurse with the blood work yesterday and the downs went down to 1 in 4000 and the trisomie 18 is now 1 in 10,000!! these #'s are all considered normal and the dr is very happy and upbeat, he even gave me a high five! I don't go back to him for 5 weeks ( which makes me feel like he's not worried) I have to reschedule my regular ob appointment (don't know why, just got a call) . But that is supposed to be late next week. ;D

Well all this news made me so happy I got dresseed up and went out to a nice meal w/ dh. Ohh it was also the first day with NO m/s. what a great day. I told one of my dear friends and she took me shopping yesterday. Found out what size I wear in a maternity brand name, so I can spread the news for my b-day on the 22nd. :)

So girls I'm now 13w4d and i've had 4 days w/out m/s except a little at bedtime, so there is hope out there. :o

Also for those girls who are suffering fron constipation... I ate a can of green beans and aspearagus one night for dinner and the next morning... problem solved. :-*

Congrats on your u/s!! I read that it's a boy:) how fun.. I've always thought that I wouldn't want to find out... theory...I don't open my christmas presents before christmas. But after yesterday's shopping trip.. I am a bit torn. Then there's the whole theme for the baby's room. BOY am I confused w/ so many decisions. :D



lili246 - August 3

I hope that everything goes well for you. It will be hard but you can do it! :) Good luck!! and hope you get that miracle you are looking for :)

Nice to hear from you girl. I am so happy to hear that everything went well at the doctor's.. That is always a relief and I bet you are as happy as you can be. Everytime I come out of the doctor's office after hearing my baby I feel great and very very happy. I am so thankful for what god has given me. I can't wait to meet my lil men in 4 months :)

How are my other girls doing??

Keep in touch....

Love Lili


Alexa - August 3

Hi Ladies,

My computer was down all day yesterday so I couldn't

Lili, we only have 4 more months time is going by fast but not fast enough..LOL I don't have a ticker but I am going by seeing yours since we are due the same time....LOL

Hi Jess, my back upper back still hurts but last night was the first night in almost a month that I have slept all night...but I did wake up all must be the weight from my tummy or our new mattress that we bought...

Its so hot and humid today, I live in Boston where is everyone else from....

Take care of your bellies everyone!



lili246 - August 3

Yeah you can always look at my ticker since we are due the same day :)
Can you believe only 4 more months time has gone by fast for sure but you are right not that fast. I can't wait.

I live in Costa Mesa, California and it is like 86degrees here it is hot.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! HOpe that everyone has a great weekend.

Love Lili


Shara - August 4

Hey Lili

Me and dh are looking for a new change in scenery- we have always wanted to move out of Michigan. I can not stand Michigan winters arrrggghhh. Can you tell me a little about where you are and how you like it? Is it a place for a 10 year girl - how are the neighborhoods??

In addition, where are the rest of you gals from and how are you liking it??


mickey - August 5

Hey guys,
I live in the Baltimore/Washington Metro Area. DON'T move here! Everyone is always working, stressed out, rude, in a hurry, etc. I want to move, and I'm from here. Augh...


Aamanee - August 6

hello everyone, i never posted on here before...but i been following all of ya`s journeys for a couple of months.
well me and my husband was tryin 2 concive for nearly 2 28 and had a miscarriage in 2003, he is 36 and no when nothing was happening i started to panic, i wanted to get some tests done but my hubby said no lets wait for another 6 months...frustrating!!!! well he dont belive in treatments but i was surfing hard looking for what would be best. Any way,
as i said i was checking in here 2-3times a day, and then we had to change internet provider so i was offline for about 2 weeks...during them 2 weeks...guess what girls...i took a test AND IM PREGNANT!!!! And i never even started taking ovulex...all i did was PRAY PRAY and PRAY...and trust me God do listen!!! I also took black seed oil, and evning primrose....and yes a lotta sex!!!
Thank God, We are so happy and so pleased, and now im just praying that these first 3 months will be fine...i am a bit nervous as i want everything to work out. Im only 6 week and 2days, so its still early days but im so happy, i guess y`all know what im talking about!!! I dont know whan im getting a scan or any examination, i see most of u are in the u.s and im in the u.k and it works a bit diffrent.
anyhow, I hope all of you are well and in the best of health..and will have healthy pregnancys...Take care of u and ur bellies,Well i made a ticker not sure if it will work yet!!!



lili246 - August 6

Welcome and Congratulations Aamanee :)
You are right God does listen! We have so much faith in him.

Hello ladies how is everyone doing?
Well I am doing good. Tomorrow afternoon I have my doctor's appointment. I can't wait to hear my baby :)
He is starting to move alot more everyday and it is just a great feeling :) I am always looking forward for that :)
I did have to fight with that heartburn for 4 days in a row. But like I said drinking milk helped alot.
I heard that when you get hearburn it's because your baby's hear is growing. Have anyone else heard this before?

Well hope to hear from all of you soon. Have a great day :)

Well I love it here. We are so close to the beach like 10 mins. away. It doesn't get very hot like other places you can always feel the brezze of the ocean which makes it nice.
I've been living here in the same area since I was 6 years old and I am so attached here.
Since we are in the city it does get crowded, but you have alot fo fun places to go to like you said for a 10 year old girl. We have alot of theme parks, water parks, and lots of fun places.
The people here are nice ofcourse I think at every place you find someone rude that doesn't have a life but that is very common I think. But it is a nice place to live. O by the way to buy a house it is very expensive that is one of the most expensive things. I know you can get a cheap house somewhere else but here they keep going up. But other than that I love it! :)

Take care

Love Lili



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