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lili246 - July 31

Hey girls,
Just letting you all know that we are having a boy!!!!


JasJulesMom - July 31

Congrats on the boy


lili246 - July 31

Thanks JasJulesMom :)

Well girls I will be around my 3 I will look for the girl maybe within 3 years. I want to have my kids every 3 years apart so praying to get the girl next time and that will be it for me. I need to pray hard.

How is everyone else doing?

Hope you all are having agreat day.

Take care

Love Lili


lili246 - July 31

I know how you feel because I am haivng trouble sleeping at nights aswell.
I wake up to go pee and I have a hard time going back to sleep and I just toss and turn aswell.
I do the same sometimes I wake up and I am sleeping on my back which I know that is not good. So I lay on my side aswell. Hey where did you purchase your pillow at?
I might look for something like that and hope it helps.

Do you feel your baby moving yet?

I am starting to feel my baby move more it is a very exciting thing. I look forward for that everyday.

If this can be of any help. I did use ovulex a year ago and then had a m/c. I stopped using them after my m/c and never took them anymore. I did blame ovulex for my m/c and god knows if that was the cause but I didn't feel comfortable taking those pills after my m/c I tried to concieve on my own which it did help. :)
Good luck to you.

Renee, Alexa, Shara, Shan and all of my other girls how are you all feeling? I am always thinking of all of you, hope that you all are doing good and so those lil ones inside :)

Have a great day :)

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - July 31

Hello Everyone,

Just dropping in to update you all. Chance had his 2 month old shots today and I'm telling you he was crying up a storm. DH was in the room I just couldn't take it. I came in when she gave him the liquid by mouth. You talking about a baby mad at the World he is mad. I pray when he wakes up he will be in a better mood. The Doctor said he is a little over weight 13.5 but other than that he is very healthy and on target with development.


Jess - July 31

Lili-Congrats on the little slugger!!! Do you have any names picked out yet?? How long have you been feeling the baby move? I bought my maternity pillow online. I just googled maternity pillow and I just selected the links and searched through the selection. Prices weren't bad either:) Glad to hear everything is good on your side:)

Alexa-Congrats on you baby boy too:) Do you have any names picked out?



lili246 - July 31

Hey we have some things in commom. Our due date and our boy :) That is funny.

Thanks, what was the price for you pillow? I might search for one as well.
I just started feeling the baby move like last week. I am so excited and looking forward for that each day :)

Have you been feeling your baby move yet?



shan1234 - July 31

Hello Ladies, ;D

Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted. This m/s is really getting to me. I can't even stay at work for a full day it's so bad. I will have to catch up later, just wanted to know the sex of Lili's baby....

Lili – I know you’re excited to finally know the sex of your baby. Congrats!!! Also, how exciting to feel your baby move…can’t wait until that day come for me.

Talk to you ladies later.



Alexa - July 31

Hi ladies,

lili, congrats I am so happy for you wait and see how your boys are going to become best buddies....

I have felt the baby move since about 16 weeks now its like he moves around all day long, I can even see my stomach move now from time to time when he gives a quick kick...but really I can't sleep at all and my back is bothering me so the sooner December comes the happer I will be to finally see my baby...

Jess how are you feeling?

Shan I hope it passes soon for ya I know how you feel I had M/S for 2.5 mths....just keep saying that its only temporary and it will pass in time....

Take care of your babies Ladies!



lili246 - July 31

Thanks girl you are such a sweet heart :) For caring :)
I pray that those m/s go away soon. I know how you feel because I felt the same way but you are getting very close for them to go away so that is good. Hang in there you just have a few weeks more or even days so it should get better.
It is such a blessing when your baby moves I am so happy.

Yeah I am so excited I know that my son will be very happy to have a lil brother to play with. I know sometimes boys want some company and that will make me feel better.
I know they will become best buddies and I thank god for this blessing :)
You are very lucky to get the girl this time. Are you going to have more babies?

In memory of our last m/c dh and I are planning to name our son Angel, we are thinking of a second name. So we are thinking about it.

Have a great night ;)

Love Lili


lili246 - July 31

Did you get your u/s done? I am praying for you girl, keep us posted.
Hey I wanted to let you know that I did ask the tech at the u/s place and they don't have any other place they do u/s for this cheap by their company. You might want to do some rearch and look for anything cheap in your area.

Hey girls this place where I had the u/s done they are now doing the 3D/4D u/s for only $ 75.00 that is very cheap and I will go and have that done later in my pregnancy. I am so excited to do that.
Has anyone done that in the past?

Have a great night ladies and babies :)

Talk to you all on wednesday.

Love Lili


Alexa - August 1

Hi Lili,

I have a 3yr old daughter and Iam having a boy so this will be it for me I was 35 when I got married I always wanted 2 kids..Thats so great we share the same due date and we are both having boys! I will have to send you a pic of me and my daughter one day!

Jess, thanks for the congrats I have a few names in mind but we haven't made any decisions yet!

Have a great day ladies!



lili246 - August 1

Yeah 2 sounds good. I am 25 years old and I think that I will go for the 3rd baby and see if Ic an get a girl. But that will be within 3 years I think. I want to give everything to my 2 boys and enjoy them as much as I can. You know they grow up so fast and once you notice they will be all grown. That is why I waited 3 years to have another one. I never though having kids after kids was a good idea that is why I waited this long.
So I might try for the 3rd if not the 4th and that will be it. If the next one I would get a girl that would be it for me with my 3 kids if not I might go for the 3rd and see what happens. I think more than 4 kids is enough. So we shall see.
Yeah it is nice having a due date buddy and we both having boys that is great. We lets share pictures. You can always email me :)

How is the rest of my girls doing? I am always thinking of all of you and those lil ones :)

Have a great day.

Love Lili

By the way I had a very good night rest last night. I slept like a baby :)


Jess - August 1

Ok. I'm starting to get real mad at my internet!!!:( I want to scream. I typed in things to be posted and when I hit POST it said error and lost everything I wrote!!! NOT happy!!! I'm going to try one more time and if it doesn't work, I'm loging out.


Jess - August 1

Lili- That's a great name! I love it!! I'm sure your past angel is going to watch over your new angel:) That pillow was only $40 and worth it. I think it has helped out. I thought I felt a kick last night while I was trying to sleep, but when I woke up, I wasn't sure if it was a dream....:) I can't wait to feel the baby move all the time:)

Alexa-I'm doing good. I'm still waking up tired and stiff. I started taking Tylenol PM for the last two nights and think it has helped out a little:) How is your sleepless night's going?? Any better?? Good luck on those baby names:)

I'm going to get my level 2 u/s on Tuesday. I'm so excited to be able to see my baby again!!:) I will find out for sure what I'm having by that day. Like I said before though, I'm almost positive it's going to be a girl:) I already bought her an outfit:) LOL!! It's so cute. I did keep the receipt though.... Just in case. I also called the place yesterday and asked if they could tape the u/s, and they said they do and they give it to us to take home on a DVD. I'll end up watching that thing everyday!!!:) LOL!

Shan- I hope your m/s ends soon. Mine lasted for 13wks..... Go to the store and buy some Ginger Root. I heard that helps a lot.

How are the rest of you girls??? I haven't seen Renee on this lately.... Is everything ok with her?? You girls stay healthy and take extra care of yourselves:) This is the time you should be pampering yourselves!!!:)

Love ya girls!!


lili246 - August 1

Yes I know that my lil angle on heaven will take care of my angel here on earth and I am very happy about it, that is why I am naming him after my lil angel :)
hey that pillow's price is not bad. I will do some seaching. I had a great sleep last night. I had miss those good sleeps and felt very good :)
Hey maybe it was a kick. It had happen to me before it is a all of a sudden kick. I feel my baby kick and when I touch my belly to feel it he stops it is very funny. :)

Hey we have the same doctor's appointment next tuesday I just have a regular doctor apoointment and get my results from the last blood test they did.
Hey I am happy that they can vidoe take the u/s I know we were watching it the other day and it is such a blessing to have that to show our lil ones when they grow up.

Renee has been very busy at work, hope that we hear from her soon. We miss her ;)

Have a great might girls and babies :)

Love Lili



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