Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - August 6

Welcome and Congratulations Aamanee :)
You are right God does listen! We have so much faith in him.

Hello ladies how is everyone doing?
Well I am doing good. Tomorrow afternoon I have my doctor's appointment. I can't wait to hear my baby :)
He is starting to move alot more everyday and it is just a great feeling :) I am always looking forward for that :)
I did have to fight with that heartburn for 4 days in a row. But like I said drinking milk helped alot.
I heard that when you get hearburn it's because your baby's hear is growing. Have anyone else heard this before?

Well hope to hear from all of you soon. Have a great day :)

Well I love it here. We are so close to the beach like 10 mins. away. It doesn't get very hot like other places you can always feel the brezze of the ocean which makes it nice.
I've been living here in the same area since I was 6 years old and I am so attached here.
Since we are in the city it does get crowded, but you have alot fo fun places to go to like you said for a 10 year old girl. We have alot of theme parks, water parks, and lots of fun places.
The people here are nice ofcourse I think at every place you find someone rude that doesn't have a life but that is very common I think. But it is a nice place to live. O by the way to buy a house it is very expensive that is one of the most expensive things. I know you can get a cheap house somewhere else but here they keep going up. But other than that I love it! :)

Take care

Love Lili


shan1234 - August 6

Congratulations Aamanee!!!! ;D


Shara - August 7

Congratulations Aamanee!!!

God always delivers as promises!!! I am so happy for you. ;D ;D ;D ;D


JasJulesMom - August 7

Congratulations Amanee!!!


meemee - August 7


Congratulations .God Bless you and protect you and your baby .Send some of those strong prayers our way so we may get that BFP too .
So Happy for you and everyone here .
Thank you Ladies so much for your positive advice and resurance to the ovulex board.We so need it sometimes .
You are inspiration to us .Reading back on your posts .It gives me the strength to keep going because you all were where we are now. I hope we will be posting BFP real soon.
I pray for you all a healthy pregnancy.A healthy delivery and a healthy baby .
May Gob Bless you all
Keep sending prayers and babydust our way .


Aamanee - August 7

Good Morning everyone,
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone...i hope you are well and u and ur bellies are in the best of health. and my sisters without bellies...for now!!! i hope u in the best of health as well and just b patient and keep on trying and pray.
Im feeling ok, oh well i havnt been this happy since when...but as it goes im worring a bit just want this 3 months 2 pass...did anyone else keep on worring? i know its more sucsessfull pregnancys then M/C but whoa...i cant help it...
thats it for now.

have a good day!!!


Aamanee - August 7

i lost my there some how u can save it?



Alexa - August 7

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to drop in and say hello and hope everyone is doing well....

Aamanee congratulations to you! we can all understand the nervousness you have but as time goes on you will feel more reassured that the baby is fine....

Lili, how are you feeling? Hope your tummy is growing nice and big! I am still up all night and can't sleep most say its a hormone thing ...must be very beautiful there in California!

Take care of your bellies!



lili246 - August 7

I am feeling very good. I had heartburn for 4 days in a row and seem to be gone for now. I did drink milk and it did help with that heartburn so if you ever need anything for heartburn just drink milk.
Yeah my tummy is growing but it is still not that hard. What about yours?
I go to the doctor today to check on my baby I will let you know how it goes.
I am able to sleep at nights there are sometimes that I can't.
Have you been having problems with your daughter? I am having problems with my son. He starts crying at nights before bedtime. He gets in a mood that OMG I can't handle him he starts crying and crying and until he gets tired he finishes and everything starts all of a sudden just for any reason. He has been doin this for days now and I don't know why I think he is getting jelous or wants our attention. But it is very hard for us dealing with that and don't know how to control it.
Any ideas??

Well ladies have a great day today and I will keep you posted in how it goes today at my appointment.

Love Lili


RNORST - August 7

Congrats Aamanee!!! How are you feeling? Any m/s yet?
Good luck, try not to stress about the first 3 months, Just keep trusting in God!!!

So how is everyone doing? I have been busy at work and havn't posted in a while.

Well as for me, I'm still having m/s, but these last few days haven't been as bad as they were. I firgure that I have 3 1/2 weeks of m/s left. Hope I make

Love Renee


Alexa - August 8

Hi to everyone,

Lili, since its before bedtime it could just be that he is over tired and thats what all the crying and fussing is about, my daughter will not go to bed before 9pm I usually let her go to my room I will put on some cartoons or she will bring me a book and she would just fall asleep then I bring her to her room, maybe you can just read him a book in his room or yours that way he has some attention.and will fall asleep too.. I know its hard my daughter is usually good but yesterday she was very difficult....

My stomach is not hard either it feels harder when I stand up but when I am lying down it doesn't feel tight yet, I think my uterus is slightly above my bellybutton at this point, since my stomach is not completely hard I am sure its normal, its funny how much you forget things even when you have had a child before, I hope your appt goes well your so lucky you have appts so close together I have to wait till next week..Can you believe we are now 5mths along...:)

I haven't gotten any heartburn yet, but I have heard if the baby has hair thats what causes it but they also say its hormones heartburn started at around 7-8mths and she had alot of hair when she was born...

Take care everyone!



lili246 - August 8

Hello Girls,
Hey my appointment went well yesturday. The doctor has a new nurse and when the doctor is not there the nurse will take care of me and that is good. I like that because most of the times that I've been at the doctor she is not there she is either late or at the hospital so I feel much comfortable.
Well my baby's heartbeat was 153 bpm the nurse said it is a healthy baby so that made me feel so much better.
The doctor prescribed me some iron. She said that the baby is taking all mine and that I need to take extra so that I would have any white spots on my face and that is usually anemia. So I will go to the pharmacy today and get them.

Now they gave me my appointment within 4 weeks apart. It usually was at 3 weeks then last time was at 2 weeks and now it went back to 4 weeks I guess this is normal and since everything is going well then thats why it's that long now. My next appointment is September 4 at 3:30p.m. I can't

Well girls hope that you are doing good.

Alexa yeah it is nice that we are 5 months now. Wow that is good that time is going fast. I know that once we are closer it will go slower but I can't wait.
About my son it is way before I out him to bed so i don't know whats going on with him. I guess he wants all the attention he can get right now. So I don't blame him.
Yeah my tummy is tight when I am standing up and when I lay down it's not. But I am sure that it will get hard soon. The doctor measured my belly to see how the baby was growing ;)

Have a great day and take care of those lil ones :)

Love Lili


Charity - August 8

Hi Lili,

Just came by to check on you and saw all was well! I am so glad! Have you felt the baby kick yet? Do you know yet if it is a girl or a boy?



lili246 - August 8

Thanks girl it is nice to hear from you. How is lil Rowan doing? wow she is 3 months already time does go by fast. I am happy for you :)

Well yes I found out that I am having another lil boy. I am very happy because everything is going well with my pregnancy. I just went to the doctor yesturday and thank god that my baby is healthy. I am so excited because the baby is starting to kick more and more each day. I am always looking forward for that.

Well girl take good care of yourself and the lil one and please come by and visit us more often.

By the way are you back to work? How is Rowan doing with the daycare?

Love Lili


Jess - August 8

Hey girls! How is everyone doing?? Well, I went for my level II u/s yesterday and found out we were having a BOY!!!:) One thing they did notice, was that the baby has a 2 vessel cord. They said everything else looks good and normal. I got a little scared because I know that it should be a 3 vessel cord.... I got pretty emotional in the office:( They tried to reassure me that everything will be ok. But it still bothered me... I go to see my OB tomorrow, and go over the results. The doc who read the read the report to me, said that I'll probably just get a lot more u/s to make sure baby is growing like he should. I will probably get my next u/s in a month from now, but will know tomorrow for sure. I'm a little worried even though he told me not to. I'm happy that I will be able to see my baby more often, but scared at the same time. I read up on the internet about 2 vessel cords to get more info., and found some reassuring results and some not so reassuring... I guess I'll just have to wait in see. I already know this baby is a miracle and God will take care of my son:) I have prayed to him and asked him to please watch over my baby for the remainder of the pregnancy. Please pray for for everything to be ok for my baby:) I know all of you prayers helped me get pregnant, and now I need them to make sure my son stays healthy and strong.

Aamanee-congrats on you BFP!!! Take good care of yourself and that little one.

Love ya girls,


lili246 - August 8

Sister you need to have faith and be strong. I don't know much about that but I will pray for the baby everyday and you'll see that everything will be ok. Be positive and be faithful everything will be just fine.
Please keep us posted on how it goes tomorrow.

Congratulations on the new baby boy!!! That makes us more girls having boys I guess we are winning..YAY!! ;)
It is nice that you found out what you are having. I know I was so anxious to find out I couldn't wait any longer.
Have you felt the baby kicking yet? You will enjoy that it is so exciting. I always look forward for that :)

Good luck and I will pray for that baby boy. Everything will be fine.

Love ya Lili



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