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Ange - November 6

I would continue to take EPO until at least CD14-15. It is very good for your CM and to strengthen your uterus. You don't get any sign of ovulation to know when you have?

I see the herbalist every week. My mother in law told me about her. Epo is evening primose oil check out the babyhopes link. I got my fingers crossed for the ultrasound. I only have one tube and ovary left.

you like the babyhope site I do too. Alot of information.

Welcome, Sounds like you have something wrong with your thyroid. Do you have cold feet and feel tired?

DOctors don't mention these cause they are not medically tested. Don't worry about the litter and the cat just have you dh clean it when you get pregnant.

Congrats on your BFP! I wish you all the best with you little blessing.


ticklinivory - November 6

I found false unicorn at a local health food store in the ticture form but you can find it online in the pill form. Good luck in your search.

Thanks. No I usually can't tell. I've been getting cramps since my period began. I stopped bleeding last week and still get off and on cramps. Well, tomorrow is day 14 for me and I didn't take it this morning because I didn't see your post til now.

Congrats on the baby! To a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Baby Dust to all,


RNORST - November 6

Hi girls, how's everyone?
Lili, how are you doing, your still in my prayers.

leslieann, what did you find out? Please let us know.

June 1st, congrats, I think one of the most important things is to relax. I'm going to work real hard on relaxing this month.

Ange, when do you go to the doc? I'm praying for you.
Keep your head up.



RNORST - November 6

Kitty, welcome to our group. Have you only seen one RE? I went to my first Re for 1 1/2 years, did a iui with clomid and had no luck, they had no idea what was wrong. I went to a new Re for a second opion, and they did a u/s and found the problem right away. I had surgrey last month and going to start trying this month and hope it happens soon. It's not a bad idea to go see some one new.

Boysmom, welcome, It's so nice to have new people. How long have you been trying? When you took clomid before how many months were you on it, before the bfp?



buddygirl_12006 - November 6

Hello everyone

I stop by to ask you women about Ovulex. I'm thinking about trying it. My husband and I been trying for about a year. And I believe the problem is that I have irregular cycles. I've read some sad stories and some good ones.



RNORST - November 6

Hi thanks for joining us. I have been on ovulex for like 2 months now. I have not had any problems. It did help reglulate my cycle. My cycles are not irreglar but one month I would start on the 5th of the month and then the next cycle would be like the 8th and so on. Every since I have been on Ovulex I get my period on the 1st every month now, I even had surgrey to get some placenta tissue removed from my uterus, I thought that my cycle may be off from that, but again I started right on the first. My dh and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years, I also have a son who is 4 1/2. I will keep you in my prayers.



Jade - November 6

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Butterfly~ I had long cycles and irregular. I never knew they were irregular until I went to RE. I would have like a 30 day, 31, 35, 38 etc. I guess it is supposed to be within a day or two each cycle. I was hoping the ovulex would shorten them up some, but instead I had bleeding for 6 weeks.

Boysmom~I had abnormal bleeding with ovulex and I felt bloated and some headaches. I had to stop the ovulex bc of the bleeding but I have heard it gets better after a while of taking it.

Kitty~ I think that fertility dr wouldnt recommend those for you because they are medically tested.

Coconutt~ HOw long did you bleeding last when taking ovulex?

June1st~ Congrats on your BFP!!! That is exciting news!

Ange~ Let me know about the ultrasound. I will pray for the best!!!


Jade - November 6

Oh! I read a great book that someone recommended to me. It is called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. . . .has anyone else read it?


RNORST - November 6

Jade, was the book good? I have not read it. Did it have a lot of helpful info? I have read miracles do happen, and it was helpful.



buddygirl_12006 - November 6




June_First_2006 - November 6

Thanks everyone for the congrats, and RNORST relaxing is the best thing to do. Even tho it will be hard try not to think about having a baby so much, you don't want it to end up feeling like a chore...the intimate part that is.


Jade - November 6

Renee~I thought it was really good. I found it very helpful. It just gives you alot of info about charting temp, cm, and cervix position. I guess alot of people read it for ttc and use it for birth control as well. It seems really promising. I havent heard of Miracles Do Happen.... how is it?


RNORST - November 6

Miracles do happen, is a e-book that you can down load. It talks about eating right, dealing with stress, charting temp, cm, cervix postion, vitamins to take, drinking alot of water, excerizing and so on. It also talks about building up your dh sprem count, by having for-play every day, a few days before you O, but not letting him get done, that is suppost to build up sprem count??

Girls, I'm so excitied to try this month, I don't want to get my heart broke again. I sould have nothing wrong with me now. I would love for it to happen this month, so we could tell everyone on christmas eve. I have been taking ovulex and drinking green tea, I'm also trying to relax, but I want this to happen this month so bad. I need to start yoga, to help relax. I should O around the 15th or 16th, 10 more days to relax. Good luck to all of you wonderful people, thank you for all of your support.

Lili, If you need some one to talk to e-mail me at [email protected] I miss talking to you.

Leslieann, what did you find out?

May God bless you all, you are all in my prayers. This will happen in God perfect timing, we have to be pateint.



Butterfly - November 6

Jade, thanks for letting me know about your cycles. I think that I won't take Ovulex after all. I think I am going to do like June_first, just relax, take vitamins (me and DH), drink green tea, eat right and we are getting more excercise.We're also making the BD a lot more romantic (for us) than just the procreation ritual it was. I feel in my heart that my healthy baby is around the corner so I am just going to stay positive and be easy.

Thanks everyone, see you guys lata.

Baby Dust to all. Especially the Newbies!!!


lili246 - November 7

Thank You very much for your support. I had come back to work after all that has happen to me. I want to forget that terrible nightmare that I had live through it and forget about it and hope that it will never happen again, never.
I will always have my baby in my heart and will never forget him/her. I makes me so sad think about it that one day I was the happiest person and from one day to the other I became the saddest person on earth. but with all you good prayers I have survive this tragety and pray for my lil angel that he will be protecting us from heaven.
I really feel that I am at home with my family you ladies had made me feel good after all this. Emotionally I am still sad but working things out and trying to understand Gods decisions he only knows why he did it and it might been for a good reason.

Thank you I really miss talking to you aswell. I am feeling much better trying not to cry and instead smile because my baby is in good hands (GOD) he will take good care of my baby and one day I'll see him and find out how he might of like like.
There are alot of ladies who had gone through this and had been such a support in this difficulty days.

Thank You Renee, LeslieAnn, Butterly, Jade, June_First_2006 and all of you all ladies that had made me feel better. I love you all and once again thank you.
I am back on this board and together we will get through this and god will be bless us all with a lil one soon!
Have Faith!!

~Love, Lili


Ange - November 7

Hello Ladies!

Lili I am glad you are back I hope you are feeling better did you see the poem I found. I thought of you when I saw it. It is beautiful I think it is back on page 7. Since we go through pages so quickly here it is getting hard to keep up. Your butterfly is all around us. Love to you and your family.

Renee, I have my ultrasound on the 20th. That was the earliest they had available. This will be your month Renee. I know it! I wish all the babydust to go to you this month. Try yoga! it is relaxing and remember to breathe we all tend to forget that.

Denise, Do you always get cramps? Have you had a laporoscopy done? Try Black cohosh - this is an antispasmodic which relieves cramping. You may take this herb in the first half of your cycle from menstruation to ovulation.

Buddygirl, Welcome I think ovulex works best on women who have irregular cycles. It is worth a try I can not use it cause I have hypothyroidism. Have faith! Take care

Jade thanks for the support I have to wait 2 weeks before I get the U/S wow that is long. I heard of the book you are talking about it is supposed to be great.

I went to the herbolist again and got more tea. YUM it is different this time. She said I was healing so she was able to give me other herbs this time and promised my tea would taste different. She didn't say BETTER? Well I will try it tomorrow too late now to boil and prepare.
Take Care Babydust to all of you!



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