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Mahogany Heart - October 20

[size=5][glow=red,2,300]A NEW CRISP BOARD!!![/glow]

[glow=blue,2,300]SUPERNATURAL BABY DUST[/glow][/size]

[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) ::) :P :-*[/move]


Ange - October 20

Hello Ladies,

MH thanks for the new board. How are you doing? I love the pix of your little blessing.

Renee, I have been reading latley but not posting. How are you doing? Are you feeling your self again? I am feeling bloated once again but not getting my hopes up again like last month. But I have been feeling mid cramps very mild here and there.

Lili, Glad to hear the baby is doing good.

I have being doing research for IVF lately. We don't have it covered by our insurance so it will be very expensive. I will continue my herbs for another 2 months and they start for IVF!

Well ladies I hope all are well.

Baby dust to you all!


wantababylots - October 20

Hi everyone. Im glad we got a new board! It didnt take us long to get through the last one..

Jenelle-- I am also in metformin and i start clomid this next cycle. if only AF would start. I am almost to day 60 in my cycle. (still BFN) but I am taking progesterone to help it come faster and then i will start clomid--

I also had that question-- Would anyone advise to use ovulex while on clomid??? Or is that bad?

My Dh birthday 23rd birthday is coming up next month and that would be the greatet present in the world-- a BFP!!

Good luck to everyone and have a great weekend!!


lili246 - October 20

I am sorry that you are going though all of this with no success. Have faith in God he knows when it will be your time. You should take it easy and dont' street yourself much, thats something that doesn't help you at all. maybe if you take a break and take all that stress out it will help you alot. Let it happen by itself and surprise you. I have experience that stressing too much is not a good thing. so hang in their girl and have faith.
I wish you the best.

We are both doing good, hope I can hear my baby's heartbeat in 2 weeks, can't wait. So hows everything with you?

I am feeling good today, happy that it is friday, you know I get dizzy when I am at the computer that much, so better get off for a few hours. I hope that you get lucky this coming month. I'll keep you in my prayers. have faith.

have a great weekend!



positiveGirl - October 20

Hello All,

I can't believe that we got thru the prev thread so fast. :D

I have been reading all the posts regularly. I was wondering if any one has heard of FALSE UNICORN root.

Here is the website I came acorss. I am not sure if I had prev. mentioned. http://www.angelbabybaskets.co

I wish Baby dust to all!!!
PositiveGirl ;D


Ange - October 20

Wannababylots. I was thinking mixing the two is a not a good idea. But I am not a doctor also not a fan of clomid.

Lili, That is great news I have tears in my eyes wow to hear your baby's heartbeat you must me counting the seconds till the day. I am doing good trying not to get my hopes up to high. 8 days to go!

Positive girl, I checked out your link wow! that was a touching story. I am going to try it! for sure

Baby dust to all and have a great weekend!


lili246 - October 20

Keep the hope your turn will come soon, just be patient and let it be a surprise. You know the last month that I had AF, I tried to relax and took it easy, I found out that stressing doesn't help at all. So what I did was just taking my ovulex pills and drinking green tea, while taking my temps. every morning and when I notice the egg white CM, I BD and then the next day but I kinda relax and did everything with pleasure and not think about all of this was because I wanted to get pregnant. I did see the CM and notice that I was on my most fertile days but I stopped thinking about it until the day I tested I saw the faint second line and I thought I was dreaming of that second line until I showed my DH and he did see it, so I think that all that help because I didn't stresses myself and it did really help me.
So take it easy and let it surprise you.
Take Care and have a great weekend.

God Bless you all and lots of baby dust!



Mahogany Heart - October 20


You are welcome for the new board. I'm doing fine. Just a little stress over my mom being sick. To God Be The Glory she is fine.

Thank you about the Picture. I call it my spot. Buttons is doing fine I suppose so. I will post Buttons new picture when we go back to the Doctor. I know I'm too tired. Wish DH was home but he's not. He will drop in tomorrow for a short. I'm so weak. Lord give me STRENGTH.


springs - October 21


Thanks for setting up a new board.

I have posted in a while....well that's because there hasn't been much going on. I'm on CD 26 and I still haven't O'd yet. It has been a long and frustrating month. o:(

I am thinking about stopping Ovulex I have been on it since 7-30-06 and nothing yet.

My prayers and best wishes to all! Thanks for letting me vent.


Mahogany Heart - October 23

Keep The Faith!!!

Smile and keep on loving you.


springs - October 23

Thanks Mahogany Heart!! I will! ;)


tross - October 23

Lili, Monique, thanks for the encouragment. I'm just going to work my butt off to get in shape, get some adoption information, and enjoy the life I have with my hubby and my beautiful little boy.

Congrats Lili on hearing the heart beat,so excited for you.

And thanks Monique for your thoughts on adoption. We've thought about it for a long time...we just need to find a way to raise the money or get involved with oganizations that help out a little.



sammy71 - October 23

Hey all.
I've been pretty busy lately so haven't posted but wanted to let you know I'm scheduled for my laproscope Friday, Nov. 17th. I'm anxious, nervous, excited etc. Keep me in your prayers and pray that this works for me. At least I hopefully will have a real diagnosis instead of "unexplained infertility".

Baby dust to all and special wished to Mahogany Heart and Lili46



lili246 - October 23

I am keeping you in my prayers. I hope that everything goes well and keep the faith. I wish you the best and hope that this surgery helps you with your infertility.

Best Wishes..



lili246 - October 23

We actually couldn't hear the heartbeat, I will go back to the doctor next Tuesday and try to hear it, if we can't the doctor will do an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is doing fine.
So hopefully I can hear my baby's heartbeat next tuesday for the first time.



wantababylots - October 23

why arent you a fan of clomid??

Anyone else have experiences with clomid??



Ange - October 24

Hello Ladies,
Mh Is your mom ok? Is she in the hospital? I know how it feels to have a sick parent my mother was in the icu last christmas for 3 weeks. I hope we get to see the next cute as a button picture on your next ultrasound.

Lili, How are you both doing? Your still in my thoughts!

Cali, I used clomid during my 4 iui my left ovary was very over stimulated by it. I was rushed to the ER and had to have both the left ovary and tube removed. The tube was just repaired 1 year before to the day with laporoscopy. They said my ovary was the size of a tennis ball and blue. But that was just me it don't mean that would be your case. Since then I am afraid of it since I only have one left now.

Well a little about me.... I am feeling very gassy in the lower pelvic region(TMI maybe) but I am wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. I have a hard time sleeping and a bit of nausea at times. Besides that I have the normal bbs pain, hungry alot more. Maybe PMS! Probably! Anyways still looking for the unicorn root can't find it here anywhere.

Take care all Babydust to you



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