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LeslieAnn - November 3

Jade~ I was also kind of scared when I started the Clomid because I've heard a lot about side effects. I haven't really had that many side effects. My skin broke out like CRAZY the first month, which was annoying but I survived. I also get a lot more cm around ovulation, and then the rest of my cycle I get less than usual. I went on Clomid to see if it could lengthen my LP, and so far it has (or I'm preggo, I don't know which yet 'cuz I haven't tested). I usually have an 11 day LP and I'm on 13 now and no pre-AF spotting yet. So either way I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Well, still no AF for me. I had a teeny tiny bit of brown yesterday so I thought it was all over. But now I'm back to creamy cm, and no spotting. I am going crazy wondering if AF is coming, but I'm still too much of a weenie to test. I will probably buy a test tonight and take it tomorrow morning with fmu. If I don't chicken out. I just do not want to see another bfn. :(

Well, everyone have a happy Friday!



Ange - November 3

Thanks for the info on the geritol I will give it a try next cycle. The tea (herbs) I am drinking is what can I saw WOW YUCK but it does something to my body that did help even if it was brief. I have two more days before I go back and she will give more.

Sounds like good news to me! Brown discharge is always a good sign just before your period is due. Take the test! Don't chicken out... do it! Babydust to you! I wish you lots and lots of babydust! Let us know!

Herbs are great for men there are alot of fertility blends out there to help male here is a link to check out for men http://www.wholefamilyhealth.com/artic
is one for women

you taking your vit-herbs in one pill or are they all separate?

How is everyone else doing today? I am very happy it is Friday.

Have a good weekend


Jade - November 3

It does sound like this is your month. You are so strong to not test. I know what you mean about not wanting to be disappointed with a BFN. It is so depressing when you see it. But hopefully you will get a BFP this month with the clomid. I am still just waiting for my cycle to be back to normal. I am temping this month after my m/c and so far it is nothing like normal. Maybe i ovulated or maybe not. Usual pre-o temp is 97.6 and now it is 98.0. usually after o it is around 98.3. so am i just lost. cant wait to get back to a normal schedule. I have irregular cycles anyways, so do you think clomid helps with that???

Who is it that you go to for your herbs? Is it a mix that you mix with water or something? Have you noticed any improvements? Sounds pretty disgusting but I feel your pain with the geritol.....

Have you tried the pill form of geritol? I didn't see any when I went to get some last time, but it sure would be nice to take that instead of the nasty liquid!!!


ticklinivory - November 3

I am taking them all by themselves, that way I can control how much I take. Maybe I need more of one than of the other and I didn't have that option with the ovulex.

I haven't tried the geritol at all and haven't looked for it. I did buy the false unicorn today in the liquid. I didn't want to wait for the pills to get here from the internet, come to find out that it doesn't taste like anything in Welchs Grape peach juice.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the test. We would like to know as much as you.

Happy Friday to all and happy bd for all,


Kitty - November 4

I am new to this site. I put in the key word Ovulex and was wondering if Ovulex XII was the same as Ovulex. I just started taking it October 19. I read about it on the internet and was desparate. My husband and I have been ttc for 2yrs 2 months. We had 1 miscarraige, right after we got married and then never were pg again. I went to a fert. dr. from 2/06 until 8/06, had 2 unsuccessful iui, then decided to take a break from fert.dr because of the frustration and dissappointment. I'm wondering if there are any success stories with Ovulex out there?


Jade - November 4

What is false unicorn root and what is it supposed to do? I haven't heard of it? So I guess it is supposed to taste like Welsh's Juice and it doesn't?


Ange - November 4

I am going to a chinese herbolist who has had her teaching in China. It is amazing the stuff they can cure with herbs nowadays. She checks my pulse, asks me to stick out my tonque and taps my stomach and then she can give me the proper herbs. It is all written in chinese characters so I have no clue what it is. I then go to the counter and wait for my herbs and a little old lady about 80 with a hand made scale takes all kinds of different herbs out of these tiny little drawers in the walls. KInda looks like safety deposit boxes. Hands me three packages. When I get home I put one into a pot with 4 cups of water and then boil till it becomes one cup. YUM!!! I have been feeling better since taken it. I will continue for a few more cycles this way. I am also taking EPO, prenatals, flaxseed, b6, green tea

That is good! Do you know to stop taken EPO after ovulation because it causes your uterus to contract. It is advised to start flaxseed oil after ovulation to replace the EPO.
Good luck I hope you ovulate soon! What CD are you on?

Wecome Kitty! Ovulex XII is just our forum number cause we tend to fill them up quickly around here. I think ovulex is great but I can't take it due to hypothyroidism. I am taken most of the stuff in ovulex though. A couple other good things to take are green tea, and geritol I here both have good results. There are success stories they have just moved to the bfp forums. Keep strong stay postive.

I just came back from the doctors and I need to do more blood tests and have an U\S ASAP. He is concerned about my chemical pregnancy that I had 10 days ago. So monday I go for the blood test and call for my ultrasound. He felt something I could tell by the look on his face he is concerned. But he said nothing just for me to go asap.

Take care all BABYDUST!........


ticklinivory - November 5

It's just an herbs to help with fertility and also prevents miscarriages. You can take it into the end of the first trimester. I doesn't really taste like anything in that juice. It would taste horrible in water. If you google it you will find tons more about it than I could ever tell you.

Thanks for the tidbit. I guess I should stop taking it now then since I don't know when I ovulate and am on CD12. I was wondering why my uterus has been feeling wierd the past couple days, it's been twinging a little. Thanks! I either thought I was ovulating or pg. I guess it was neither. I'm already taking flaxseed, maybe it will bring down my appetite a little. I know it works as a good natural diuretic. I just want to do everything right so I'm not hurting anything. It took me a good two days to hunt down what things to take and when. Good luck with the ultrasound, hopefully nothing is wrong. I will pray for you.

Happy Baby dust to all,


Jade - November 5

Hi. I tried Ovulex for 1 cycle. I didnt have any luck with it. It caused abnormal bleeding for me, but I have heard alot of people with success stories.

That is really cool about the Chinese Herbalist. How often do you have to go see her. How did you end up finding her? I haven't heard of EPO-what is it? I hope everything goes well with the dr. When I had mine, the dr wouldnt even see me. I had to go to the ER and then get a referrel to even see him. It is good that your dr cares so much.

Where did you get Unicorn root. IS is something you ordered online. It sounds like really good stuff.


Butterfly - November 5

My DH and I BD earlier this week, but about 3-4 days later I am feeling very tender below my bellybutton and I am have some periodic, light, sharp pains in that region as well. It still feels like the pain you get when you are o, but that's over for me. I think I am just going to wait on AF.

Coconutt- Congrats on getting married, I just got married on Sept. 22!

RNORST- I got your e-mail, thank you very much. I really wasn't taking temps b4 I got out of bed.

Ange- baby hopes website is about to become my new addiction.


Butterfly - November 5

Jade, when you tried Ovulex, were you periods alread normal? I want to try it if DH and I don't concieve by February, but my cycles are very regular and I am now scared b/c I heard it was for when your cycles are not-so-regular.

BaBY duST 2 aLL!!!


boysmom - November 5

Hi I'm new all this posting stuff but I 've was looking online to find out info on ovulex side effects and came across everyones olds posts about side effects and no one every mentioned swelling in thier hands or feet. I have been on it for about a week now and have noticed my hands and feet feel swollen. the past few days I have been having hot flashes. I have taken Clomid in the past and was succeful two times. I did not want to go that route again wanted something natural. I am not thinking very positive after reading everyones posts. I was thinking for ordering the 3 bottles for $137 but it does not seem to be working for anybody. tell me what you think.
Thanks Stacey


Kitty - November 5

Jade and Ange,
Thank you for your response on ovulex, I will continue to take it.
All of you ladies are very informative. I am very thankful I came across this site. I am going to buy some false unicorn root tomorrow!! I just wonder why my fertillity dr. didn't mention geritol,ovulex, and false unicorn root?
Again thank you very much for the info. God bless you all in your journey to becoming pregnant. I do have one more question... I have a cat, and a lady I work with says I should get rid of her, my husband does her litter box so I didn't think there was anything else about a cat that would prevent pregnancy, but if anyone knows anything about this, please inform me..

Baby dust to all ( I love that!!)


coconutt83a - November 6

when i was on ovulex i had light bleeding and i always felt like my ovaries are tingling.... i took it for like about a month and a couple weeks


June_First_2006 - November 6

Coconut, Hi there and welcome. I was on Ovulex for about a month and a half before I ended up stopping on Sept. 12th, 2006. I had false pregnancy symptoms and my period was a little late and lasted a whole lot longer. Then I just started taking only prenatal pills and drinking green and relax on the whole trying to have a baby and just had fun, no ovulation tests or recording my basal temp. I also made the hubby take some daily vitamins. Found out last week that I am pregnant. So to figure out the next action you should take, then just sit down and work out the pros and cons of ovulex. What I can say tho is that ovulex made me more able to produce more cm and gave me a longer cycle, even after I stopped.


Ange - November 6

I would continue to take EPO until at least CD14-15. It is very good for your CM and to strengthen your uterus. You don't get any sign of ovulation to know when you have?

I see the herbalist every week. My mother in law told me about her. Epo is evening primose oil check out the babyhopes link. I got my fingers crossed for the ultrasound. I only have one tube and ovary left.

you like the babyhope site I do too. Alot of information.

Welcome, Sounds like you have something wrong with your thyroid. Do you have cold feet and feel tired?

DOctors don't mention these cause they are not medically tested. Don't worry about the litter and the cat just have you dh clean it when you get pregnant.

Congrats on your BFP! I wish you all the best with you little blessing.



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