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Ange - November 7

Hello Ladies!

Lili I am glad you are back I hope you are feeling better did you see the poem I found. I thought of you when I saw it. It is beautiful I think it is back on page 7. Since we go through pages so quickly here it is getting hard to keep up. Your butterfly is all around us. Love to you and your family.

Renee, I have my ultrasound on the 20th. That was the earliest they had available. This will be your month Renee. I know it! I wish all the babydust to go to you this month. Try yoga! it is relaxing and remember to breathe we all tend to forget that.

Denise, Do you always get cramps? Have you had a laporoscopy done? Try Black cohosh - this is an antispasmodic which relieves cramping. You may take this herb in the first half of your cycle from menstruation to ovulation.

Buddygirl, Welcome I think ovulex works best on women who have irregular cycles. It is worth a try I can not use it cause I have hypothyroidism. Have faith! Take care

Jade thanks for the support I have to wait 2 weeks before I get the U/S wow that is long. I heard of the book you are talking about it is supposed to be great.

I went to the herbolist again and got more tea. YUM it is different this time. She said I was healing so she was able to give me other herbs this time and promised my tea would taste different. She didn't say BETTER? Well I will try it tomorrow too late now to boil and prepare.
Take Care Babydust to all of you!


ticklinivory - November 7

I don't always get cramps, but I think me getting cramps has something to do with my cycle and my hormones trying to normalize themselves. If I have cysts in my ovaries still it could also be them popping and going away. I have never had one of those done and hopefully I don't need one. My HSG was supposed to be done this cycle but there were scheduling issues with the clinic. I was pissed about it because I would like to know if anything was blocked or whatever other problems I have. Thank you for your advice. What herbs are you on and when do you take them?

Glad to see you back and ready to go again. We were all a little worried about how you were feeling. It does take time to mend from something like that. My prayers are still with you and your family.



LeslieAnn - November 7

Hey everyone! How is everyone's week going so far?

Lili~ It's great to have you back, I hope you are doing a little better at least. You are so right, will see your baby again someday. Hang in there!

Renee~ AF came the night before I was going to test. So I'm not preggo but my LP did lengthen by a couple days, which is why I wanted to go on clomid, so that's good news at least. I see my RE on Wed. so I'll see what he suggests. It sounds like you have made some progress, at least they did something for you. Hopefully this is your month!

Ange~ I've read that book and found it be pretty helpful. I read it awhile ago before I knew anything about ttc and it really helped.

Good luck to everyone this week! Welcome to all the newcomers. This board is growing so fast, it's awesome!



RNORST - November 7

Lili, Hey girl, it's good to have you back. May God give you only the peace that He can surpass to get though this. I'm still praying for you, keep the faith and be strong. Are you going to try again or wait a while? What ever you do please don't give up. After my m/c I was preg the first month we started to try again. OK no more on that. It's good to talk to you again.

Ange, what are the doc. looking for in the ultrasound? Good luck. Does you drink taste any better?

Leslieann, I'm sorry about af coming. Keep me posted what the re says on wed.

Denise, what cd are you on now?



buddygirl_12006 - November 7

Thanks for that comment. I can't wait to start, the only thing that i'm worried about is the problems that I may have in the process. But I believe that it really depend on how your body react to the pills. The only medical thing that I have is ASTHMA. Do anyone think that I would be in any high risk if I become pregnant. Also I've been taking Prenatal pills for about a couple of days. And the only thing that it have done for me is to make me sleeping.


lili246 - November 7

Thank you so much girls, your support was such a help and I am feeling better physically, it's going to take a while mentally.

Yes I saw the poem and read it, I am going to print it so I can have it with me. Thank you for everything. I know that my butterly will always be with me.

I am feeling better. I am hanging in here at work and trying to be the strongest girl in the whole world. I will never forget what happen because it's something that will never forget and will have my lil angel in my heart forever.

It nice to have you back, you have been out for a while. I know that I will see my Angel someday so I feel good about that. I am sorry that af has come and there we go again, have the faith and you'll make it soon. God has something saved for each of us.

It's ok I like to talk about this what has happen because every person gives me advise and it helps me alot. We want to try for another one right away, but we are not to sure, what are our chances for our third pregnancy? Do you know anything about what might happen after one m/c?. So did you get pregnant a month after your m/c and was your pregnancy ok. Is that when you had Will? Please tell me more about it. I need some advise of whether I should wait ir should try again right away?
Any suggestions girls?

Thank for everything.

Love, Lili


Rachy - November 7

Hi guys,

I just read that you m/c Lili - i'm so sorry to hear that, I really am. How far on were you? I have missed a lot of the messages i'm afraid. So sorry, big hugs



Rachy - November 7

Lili I just read the messages - I'm so very sorry. You are in my thoughts and prayers. BIG HUGS to you xxxxxxxx


ticklinivory - November 7

Today is CD15. Should be hitting the 2 week waiting period. I hope I o'd. Haven't really checked, but we've been bd every other day. I'm hoping this cycle is it, if not it's off to next cycle. I'm using pregesterone cream so if I don't get pg, I shouldn't have to wait for af. I go in for another test on CD21, that will let me know if I let an egg go. I felt a little fast twinge yesterday in the morning on my lower left side. Bad thing is we didn't bd sunday but bd'd last night. I hope your cycle is going fine for you. Your big O day should be coming up for you soon, right?

I know it would take me a while to get over something like that, but you are doing the right thing. I know your little one is taken care of where he is and watching over you. I personally would have to start trying again right away because if I lost something like that I would feel empty until I got one back. We are all here for you!

Baby dust to all,


Rachy - November 7

Can I ask you guys if you think these could be symptoms?? I am 11dpo and convinced i'm not pregnant for one reason or another but i have some symptoms (probably all in my head) so I wondered if anyone on here knew anything about them.

About 4/5 dpo I had some really bad cramping that lasted arounf 1-2 days and also a very very small amount of dark spotting. A couple of days later I had some pink CM but nothing since.

My bbs are quite tender, hot and heavy and i think they are slightly larger too.

I noticed that i sometimes also have excess saliva which is quite a bizarre feeling let me tell you!

Also up until the last couple of days i was getting frequent mild headaches.

I no longer have the af type cramps that i have been getting since ovulation - finally they started to settle.

I have tested but BFN each day - amybe its too eary at 11dpo?

What do you think?

Thanks so much xxxxxxx


ticklinivory - November 7

I know how you feel being in your head, I do that sometimes to myself, but sounds like pg. Wait until your af is due and test that day if you don't get af.
Good luck to you! Crossing my fingers for you, Denise


lili246 - November 7

Rachy and Denise,
thank you girls, it's a hard thing to believe and realized that I am not pregnant anymore. But god knows why he did it and I understand but it takes me a long time and today it will be a week that the doctor gave me the bad news. Wow I can't believe it that one week has passed, it seems that it just happen yesturday.
I would like to try and concieve again but I am scared that it might happen again. I will pray to god for something like this not to happen again. Because it's something that I couldn't or wouldn't handle anymore.
I do believe like you Denise that I will feel better until I have another baby. It will remind me of my lil angel and if I get twins that owuld be even better. I will pray hard for God to listen at my dreams.

Take Care and thank you once again.



RNORST - November 7

Lili, when I had my m/c, it was only at 6 weeks, I did a u/s to make sure everything was out and I was fine. They told me to wait a couple of months. The very first month that we started to try I got preg. with Will and everything went fine. I think you may be a little more fertile after a m/c? If I was you I would try as soon as you can start, God my have a baby planned for you.

Denise, what is the test called? is it a u/s? Good luck this month I will say my prayers for you. Are you going to get the hsg done next month, if you are not preg?
My O day should be around nov. 15 or 16th. I can't wait.

Rachy, Good luck to you. Do you ever spot in the middle of cycles? When is af due? I would try to wait to test until af was due? I know its hard to wait. I'm praying for you.



RNORST - November 7

Lili, God know how much you can handle. When I was preg with Will I started to spot at 3 1/2 months, I was so scared, but everything turned out fine. You need to put all your trust in God, He will do what He thinks is right, and after all He is the creater of everything. When you get preg again, you can't worry about what happen that will not be good on the new baby. When I got preg with Will, the doc knew I had a m/c before so the did a u/s at 8 week, which was nice. So I wonder if they would do that with you also.
Love and prayers to ya!



lili246 - November 7

Sorry but I am not sure what a u/s is?(means)
The doctor told me that I can start trying again with in two months, I go back to see her next tuesday so I will talk to her about it. I really want to try right away but my mom she said that I should wait and let my body recupurate from everything that has happen. I don't know what should I do maybe I will wait atleast two months and then try again, but I am scared that I will take forever to get pregnant again. like it happen last time. I hope that I am most fertile this time and won' thave any problems trying to conceive. I know that God has good news for me and he will bless me with a healthy and fine pregnancy next time and that will be soon.
I still have the faith and will never lose it because remember with faith everything is possible. I've always told you girls and I will never lose faith because after all this god had something for me. And for all of you girls because he knows how much you are lookiing forward to get pregnant.
Did your doctor told you anything when you got pregnant after the m/c, I mean like why didn't you wait till two months had pass or say that there might be risk of another m/c? I just want to make sure I do the right thing and not suffer something like I just did. you know how sad it is and hope that noone ever lives through this sad thing.

god bless all of us!

I think that we will try to concieve on our own without any ovulex for right now, I hope that we can make it withour them. I will only do my morning temps. and green tea and thats it and see what happens.



chrissy - November 7

Hello everyone I found you guys. I am just letting everyone know I am here. I have been on ovulex for 2 months and still nothing. I will never ever give up though. Keep in touch everyone. I know I will. Anyone have any toughts or advice please let me know.




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