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Butterfly - November 14

Hi everyone,

I would like to start by saying thank you to you all for your support and encouragment. Sunday 11/13/2006 I decided not to wait on my period to come because my DH and MIL kept nagging me to do so. I got a BFP and I am so happy because my birthday is this month. This is the happiest b-day present ever. In about a week, I am going to the doctor. Wow.

June_first, When I read one of your posts, you were saying how you stopped "trying" so hard. Well I tell you, the week I made up my mind to stop caring about Ovulex and other shit (b/c it was making me mad) was the week I think I got pregnant. Plus, I decided to do a stripper dance instead of "ho-hum and boring" missionary in the dark BD. It was fun. It seems like after my husband and I stopped trying, God was like "finally you let me handle it!" :)

Thanks girls for all of your support.
I'll keep in touch from time to time.



Ange - November 14


Congrats on the bfp girl!!! You did it! I am so happy for you and your dh. I hope you will come back often to visit. OMG! I have goosebumps I am so happy for you!
Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile I am so busy at work it is crazy.
I need to relax by next month. It would be great to conceive during x-mas holidays.

Renee, How is it going? It sounds like you have already had your O if you have breast tenderness. Keep BD it will be your month,

Lili how are you? I am still thinking of you.

Welcome Luvagirl! Sorry can't answer you question I am not on ovulex. Maybe someone else can.

Babydust to all you ladies


RNORST - November 14

Lili, thanks for the info. I ordered some yesterday, I got 15 opk and 5 preg test for 16.95 plus free shipping, suppost to ship the same day and get them in 2-5 days. Hope I get them by thur. I would love to met your family by picture, If you e-mail me your address, I will send you a picture of us. My e-mail is [email protected]

luvagirl106, I never notice my boobs hurting around O before I was on ovulex. But if they hurt it is probably a sign that O is coming, mine hurt about 5 days or so before O. Good luck.

Ange, I don't think I have O yet, this last 3 months I notice that my boobs get sore about a week before O, (they are not real sore just a little if I touch them, it's diffferent then after O, it's werid) then it goes away and then comes back a week after I O. My temps are still 97.7 today, so I hope to O on wed, thur, or friday.
How are you doing, did you decied to try this month? What cd are you on?

Butterfly, I'm so happy for you. Thats what I need to do is relax and don't worry about it. I also need to relax and have fun bd, and get rid of the stress. Keep in touch with us and let us know how its going. God bless you and your new family.




lili246 - November 14

Congratulations, your lil butterly is on the way! I am so happy for you and you DH. Take good care of yourself girl and of the lil baby. I wish you the best and hope that you send us lots of baby dust. So is this your first one?
I know that when you stop thinking about it and relax things work out better. That is something that I am going to do this time relax and take the stress away, because I know that I can do it with DH and not take any pills, I am not even thinking about ovulex I have that as my last option.
Hope that everything goes well, God bless you. See I told everyone of yout hat God has something reserve for us and you are the first one, hope to hear more great news.
Best wishes!

I will send you a picture as soon as I can. My email address is [email protected]
So have you O yet? Keep on BD and take Butterly's words od not stressing and relaxing that really helps I know it does, so take it easy and enjoy it. You will be bless soon. So hows your lil baby boy? Take good care of your family I have to wait till tomorrow wednesday to go to the doctor and see how I am doing. I'll let you know what the doctor says.
God Bless your family
I am happy that you ordered some of those strip hope that they help you as well. I need to reorder more for me. but I will wait for a couple of more weeks and reoder.

God Bless everyone of us!

Keep the faith, God has something reserve for everyone of us!



positiveGirl - November 14

luvagirl06 - I was on Ovulex for 2 1/2 monts. Yes, sometimes boobs did hurt and also some tingling sensation around ovaries, feel sleeps, appitite increased, AF came on time and even I O on time. Except last month it delayed my O and also AF as that's what it's suppose to do.

Butterfly - A VERY BIG CONGRATS!! My MIL and my DH too keep telling me to relax. The whole month I am fine but around AF I get little nervous as I don't want to see AF :)

Lili - How are you doing? am gald that you had a good time with your family on your dh's birthday.

We all should get into the habbit of meditation and deep breathing and also visualize happy thought of bcoming pregnant. :)

You all take care


lili246 - November 14

Positive Girl,
I am always keeping positive, just like you say on your name.
yes, my lil family had a great time together. I am doing better and feeling better each day.
I will try to relax and be positive and let God bless me when he thinks it's the best time. I know that when we do things in a hurry they don't turn out the way we want them to be, I am saying them for experience. So when I start tryting again I will relax and let things happen on it's own.

Take care,

Love, Lili


RNORST - November 14

Lili, Thanks for your address. I'm not to good at sending pictures e-mail, but I'm going to try to firgue it out. I have not O yet. I'm going to do another opk at lunch, hope some thing comes up now. I should O wed, thur, or maybe even friday. I think it will be thur? My son is doing just fine, he is getting excitied for Christmas. How's your pride and joy? Let me know what you fine out at the doc. Ask alot of ques.

Postive girl, the best thing for us is to relax and meditate. I tried yoga and its hard, and the 4 years old running around didn't help either.




lili246 - November 14

Goog Luck Renee, Hope that you get bless soon. I will keep you in my prayers.
I had a call from one of my friends and she said that yesturday was 2 years that her cousin passed away from a car accident and they had a mass for her remeberance and she said that they prayed for my lil Angel in Heaven they prayed for my lil angel and that made me feel so good. I know that all of you are here for me and are helping me being strong. I really thanked her so much for what she did and I will never forget that.

I'll talk to you all on wednesday.

Have a great evening.



lili246 - November 14

I mean Good Luck Renee, sometimes I want to speed up my typing and not notice my errors.



jerseygirl - November 14

HI Girls,
I've been reading for a few weeks, and just now decided that I was thru with being a chicken and write.
Well DH and I have been trying for almost 5 years to get pregant, and like so many of you, never in my life did I think it would take this long. I am 33 and my husband is almost 40...we have "unexplained infertility".
We went thru 2 COH Cycles last year, then in Dec 05 I had a Uterine Fibroid removed (almost 16" in size) and have done one more COH Cycle in June of this year and still no baby. Very dissapointed but haven't given up hope. Found Ovulex 3 weeks ago and have been taking ever since. I feel no difference at all since starting it...hope this will be the "miracle drug" we've been waiting for. 8)


lili246 - November 14

Welcome, I am happy that you found this forum it will help you alot and if you have any questions please fell free to ask and if we can we will answer. You find out that this is your second home and get attached to these like I did. I am so glad that I found this forum because all the girls have been with me in the good and bad time.
What is a uterine fibroid?

Take Care



RNORST - November 14

Lili, I did the opk again at lunch and no line at all, I'm wondering if the opk are bad. So I went to the drug store and bought some a differnt brand, I have got a + before on this brand and then the same time a - with the clear blue easy kind. This brand is like accu-clear? I live in a small town and we don't have wal-mart yet, they are building it now, so I had to pay 18.63 for 6 opk test strips. I can't wait until the ones I ordered get here on thur or friday to test. I will wait another 30 and then test again.

jerseygirl, Hi and welcome to our group. I also had unexplianed infertility and then I swicthed RE and found out that I had a retain plcenta in my uterus from my son that I had 4 1/2 years ago. I had surgrey and this is the first month I get to try. O is getting close. What cd are you on? Good luck and God bless you.


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Jade - November 14

Lili~ I know your pain about the driving class. I had to take it a few years back for a ticket.

Renee~ I know O is coming soon for you and hopefully for me too. Let me know how the new sticks work. Where did you order them from?

Butterfly~ Congrats on the BFP!! That is sooo exciting.

Welcome Jerseygirl and luvagirl.


RNORST - November 14

Well girls, I just did the acca-clear brand and at least I have a line, I knew it would not be postive, but at least I know it's working. I hope that the line is darker tommorrow. I will keep you posted.

Jade, I have not got the new opk yet. I should get them thur or friday. But I hope to O on thur. I ordered them from early-pregnancy-test.com. I got 15 opk and 5 preg test for 16.95 with free shipping. Today I had to buy some at a drug store for 18.63 and I only got 6 test. Can you try this month? What cd are you on?
Good luck.

God bless all you ladies, I'm praying for all of you.




Butterfly - November 15

-I'll probably be away from the formum for a while to concentrate on DH and the baby on the way. Thanks again for you all's love and support.

Thanks everyone, for the kudos!!!
***Many blessings and BABY DUST TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!!***


Butterfly - November 15

Oh, and yes this is my 1st.



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