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Rachy - November 11

I'd also be interested on more info on false unicorn root if anyone has any?

Lili - how are you? i do hope you are feeling ok. xxxxx


ticklinivory - November 11

My temps went up to 98.0 yesterday morning. What does it mean when you see spotting on CD19. Wasn't a lot just when it wiped today. I shouldn't be starting af yet!
Thanks all,

Ange, congrats on the + opk! Maybe this is it!!!


Jade - November 12

Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Denise~ It sounds like maybe ovulation spotting. Some people have spotting around implantation time. Or it could be implantation bleeding, but if your temps just went up it may be too early for that.



positiveGirl - November 12


LeslieAnn & Rachy - No problem LeslieAnn :)
I was googling to find about FertilityBlend and I came across "False Unicorn Root" (FUR). This is the link made me to try it out.


This is called female herb. It is very good reproductive toner. increases fertility and prevents miscarriages. strengths ustrus. Helps in removing Ovarain cysts. You could google by typing "False Unicorn root helps in Concieving" and you would come across many articles related to that.

however it should not be consumed in large quantity as it cause nausea. The dosage should be followed. Some say to take it after Ovulation and some say it does not hurt to take from AF to Ovulation. This is my second day of FUR.

Yesterday was my CD14 and got +ve OPK and to my surprize when I checked this morning AGAIN I got +ve OPK. not sure if it due to FUR(since it is only 2 days) but I thought of sharing it with you all. This is the first time I have got 2days +ve OPK.

I hope this helps. Sorry, since I keep reading so many sites I don't remember them all. I'll keep posting as I come acorss. there is lot of inof on this.



ticklinivory - November 13

Now I don't know what to think. I'm getting cramping and my temps are back down to 97.1. I didn't have any spotting this morning when I woke up. I wish I could figure this out. When would I know for sure that it could be af. I never had a cycle that acted like this. Thank you Jade for your insight and help. I really wish I knew what was going on. I have my CD21 tests today so I will see what those say.

Congrats on the positive. I'm taking FUR also and this cycle is like none I've ever seen before.


lili246 - November 13

Thank you for asking, I am feeling better each day because I know that I will be bless agian soon. I just have that feeling and with my faith I think that it will happen very son.
Hope that you have faith to.

Love you girls,



RNORST - November 13

Hey girls, today is cd 13 for me. O is getting close, my boobs are tender and I'm having some cm, it's kind of like ewcm, but not as much as usual, maybe tommorrow.
Temps are doing good this morning it was 97.8 right where it sould be, hope to see a raise on thur. or friday. I will go to lunch in 15 min, and I'm about ready to pee my pants, going to do a opk at lunch. I know it won't be + yet, but I dont want to miss it.

Jade, my new re found that I had retained plcenta in my uterus from my son 4 1/2 years ago. I'm glad you got into a different one, that stinks you have to wait until Jan. I will pray that time will go by fast and that you don't even have to go.

Lili, how did your class go? I'm glad the B-day went fine and I'm glad that you are doing better. And thanks for your prayers, I'm still praying for you and everybody also.

Leslieann, my cycle is going pretty good so far, sould O on wed or thur. Good luck this month, keep the faith and it will happen. How many months will they let you be on clomid. My re said I could only be on it for 3 months, they won't let me do clomid by itself they want me to do IUI with it.

Denise, let me know what you find out at the doc today, I will be praying for you.



lili246 - November 13

I am doing better thank you. The class was very interesting. The bad thing that I was havinf a terrible headache that last half of the class time and the worse was that saturday very early in the morning I woke up throwing up and I don't know he reason for it, hope that everything is ok with me. I got worry because I don't know why this happen.
I am feeling good today and had to reschedule my doctors appointment for wednesday morning so hope that everything goes well. I will keep you in my prayers so this could be your month. Good Luck and start bd now so that you have better chances.
Best wishes.

Love, Lili
Thanks for the prayers..


RNORST - November 13

Lili, I'm glad you are feeling well. My Mom kind of had the same thing and was sick yesterday and was throwing up and now today she is fine, at least it didn't last long. I have bd the last two nights getting ready for O. I have read to start bd like 5 days before O. So I started on Sat. My dh sprem count is good, so I don't think it would hurt to do it everyday. I just don't want us to get bored with it when its really O time. I know a girl that was having trouble getting preg, her and her dh would bd every day of the month, and she got preg that very month. Everyday would be alot, well I guess there would always be sprem there waiting for the egg.

I'm begining to think that opk are a scam. I use to use anwser brand opk, and had ok luck with them and then I thought last time I would get the name brand clear blue easy brand. The last time I used a opk I got what I thought was a + from the answer brand. So I tried the clear blue kind to see what it said and there was a line but it was so light, I couldn't hardly even see it. I have no more anwser kind left only clear blue easy kind and I did it at lunch thinking a light line would come up, because I have tender boobs, some cm, and I'm getting pretty close, but there was no line at all. I will see what it says tommorrow. When I look on peeonastick.com the lady on there had a anwser brand opk and put it under the kicthen sink water and it came up postive on one side of the line. I don't know what brand to use or to trust. Oh, well I got preg the first 2 times with out opk, I can do it again.



lili246 - November 13

I don't know what is it about getting sick, yeah mine was just one time and thats all I felt good the next day so maybe it's a virus going around or something like that.

Well about bd you know it did happen to me at sometime. I would bd around the closes days to O and then when I was most fertilr I kinda got bored and not enough energy so I would missed those important days. But now it will not matter I will bd those days before O and then past O just to be on the safe side. But thats after when I get the permission from my doctor.
I have some opk strips that I got over the internet that they are very cheap and don't cost alot. They did help me on my last pregnancy when I saw the two dark lines I bd that day and then the two other days and they did help thats when I got pregnant. I will continue to use them and see if they help again, hope they do.
Well keep bd and don't give up the more bd you do the more chances you have and I will be praying for you, hope that this is your month and get that bfp. As soon as I can I will try again and see what happens.

Good Luck this month I will be cheering for you sister.

love, Lili


RNORST - November 13

Lili, what website did you buy the opk? and what brand where they? I just need to order some. I just don't have any luck with clear blue easy and after that lady got a + for tap water with the answer brand. I will buy some from where you bought yours, let me know, thanks.
It's so nice to have you be one of my best friend and I have never even met you, thanks for being there for me.

Thanks to every one else also, I couldn't make it each day with out all of you and all of your support, You are all truely my greatest friends. Together with the help of God we will make it though.



Jade - November 13

Hello Ladies!!!!

I had no luck with answer opk. I could hardly tell if the lines matched in color or not. I used Clear Blue Easy and I could read them a little better, but who knows if they work or not bc I had 5 positives with those this month. I think it may be because my cycle is all messed up.

Lili~ I hope that you are feeling better. What kind of classes are you taking???

Denise~ Doesn't it really suck when you don't know what is going on with your cycle. I am in the same boat as you right now with my cycle. Hopefully you bloodwork will say that you ovulated this month.

PositiveGirl~ Have you had any side effects from the FUR. Have you heard of many success stories from it??

Have a great night!!


RNORST - November 13

Jade, thanks for you your info. I hate to give up on them. Have you tried any other brand? I might order some over the internet. I just wish if I ordered them today I would have them by thur. I hope your cycle hurrys up and get normal.




lili246 - November 13

The website I order my test strips and I think they work fine but I am bot sure what brand they are ...lol
Is www.accuratepregnancytests.com
I have order some tests for opk and pregnancy test and they work ok for me, hope that helps.
They don't take long for deliver.

You are my best friend even though I have never met you, but hope to do it at least by picture one day. I love you all and we are a family and yes together we will make it all the way through with faith.

The class I took on saturday was a traffic school class because I got a ticket in september..lol

Love, Lili


luvagirl06 - November 13

I have a ? I have been taking ovulex for bout a month My AF was on the 3rd and my breasts started hurting on the 11th. Is this a common effect of ovulex?


Butterfly - November 14

Hi everyone,

I would like to start by saying thank you to you all for your support and encouragment. Sunday 11/13/2006 I decided not to wait on my period to come because my DH and MIL kept nagging me to do so. I got a BFP and I am so happy because my birthday is this month. This is the happiest b-day present ever. In about a week, I am going to the doctor. Wow.

June_first, When I read one of your posts, you were saying how you stopped "trying" so hard. Well I tell you, the week I made up my mind to stop caring about Ovulex and other shit (b/c it was making me mad) was the week I think I got pregnant. Plus, I decided to do a stripper dance instead of "ho-hum and boring" missionary in the dark BD. It was fun. It seems like after my husband and I stopped trying, God was like "finally you let me handle it!" :)

Thanks girls for all of your support.
I'll keep in touch from time to time.




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